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The Fedral Union
11-07-2007, 07:34
“The time has come to move on Mr President ..” Said a mysterious voice , Jack was laying in bed his windows shut and tinted black, the room so quiet even a sound of a drip of water would travel miles upon miles. He lay there in his night clothing, his closed eyes peering up to the ornately decorated Ceiling. He suddenly burst up from his slumber, his eyes wide as he looked around his hands pushed in to the cushion bellow, dribbles of sweat falling from his fore head. His dream was almost as real as any thing can get..

He sighed and jumped up from his bed opening a curtain and uniting the windows automatically , He gave a gentle smile as he saw cranes and ships constructing massive Arcologies and buildings , massive buildings miles upon miles high under construction, infrastructure , mad tubes of glimmering white and chrome metal could be seen being erected throughout the new city, the president was in an executive pod over looking the progressing construction , he peered over to the blue endless sky , he breathed in gently relaxing, as he saw the rays of the sun hit the majestic structures of the newly birthing city. The capitol building looked a lot like the old US capitol, with chrome and marble like super structures around the older marble like structure, a building like the white house was also being constructed on a wide massive avenue , with an elevated tube running down the middle. The industrial sections of the city contained massive fusion reactors, Droid factories, advanced manufacturing facilities, plasma steel mills. For miles upon miles high tech facilities showing the Unions continued industrial might. Thousands upon thousands of harmless steam stacks began to appear in these massive complexes. The island off shore of this city was being filled with forest, and lunch Arcologies, as well as industrial Arcologies .

The new capital was not undefended on the contrary, the first line of defense are four hyper gates poisoned out side the system, the only way in and out for any ship. The second line of defense was, massive FTLI and DIS enveloping most if not all of the system , the third line of defense would be six massive super fortresses equipped with previously bought warp cannon technology, heavy disruptors, tubo phasers, and super massive photon torpedoes, and quantum torpedoes . the fourth line of defense would be, massive drone ships filled with anti matter, and huge asteroids equipped structural integrity fields and engines to push it up to fractions of the speed of light. The final line of defense would be massive G.O.D cannons around the system and New Washington, with several more star fortresses, a dual layered hard shield and massive ground based disruptors. As well as fleet of 500 ships stationed and poisoned in the system. Solar shields were erected around the sun To prevent sun crushers or nova bombs from attempting to destroy the system, natural defenses included several highly radioactive and shrouding nebula. Secret projects included massive teleportation systems, going to be positioned around the planet orbital and ground, so if these entire defenses seem to have fail, the planet it self might be able to escape though this, to another system perhaps. New Washington would be the new capital, the grand defiant capital of the Union. Trade would be regulated via civilian hyper gates as well, large and powerful ones but not as powerful as the military gates. Pre fabricated transit systems and junctions would be transported via hyper gate or ground star gate to hurry the construction of the global transit network. Ship yards would be constructed in orbit.