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Overdue Overthrow (Open)

11-07-2007, 06:11

Troops of the Aliquancian Army have have stormed the Heptarchy Parliament building in the city of Godiva, the Aliquancian capital, after talks between Queen Acheron and high ranking members of the security services broke down.

"It is a final push to clear the path for a stronger nation" said General Gordon Saxton, personal spokesman for General Alec Janssen.

The monarch of Aliquantus, Queen Acheron has been overthrown after a coup by socialist hardliners. Lord-Admiral Sofia Moholland was shot down by hardline soldiers as she attempted to tell a crowd of soldiers to resist the takeover.

The military has occupied the capital and arrested many military and government officials including the Queen.

As the military advanced protesters and military forces opposed to the coup tryed to halt the advance through the city resulting in many firefights and casualtys.

'Mass Exodus'

Many commanders of the Royal Navy left the country this morning taking most of the Aliquancian navys power out of the hands of the army and intends to scuttle or move ships to The Armed Imperial Kingdom of Gataway. Every port, including civilian ports have been occupied by the Army to capture traffic and assets from escaping.

'Media Freedom'

After today the Aliquantus Media Broadcasting Association will be halting the news sevice and will cease the website maintenance as a week long curfew comes into effect.
11-07-2007, 21:14
Immediately after start of Aliquantian rebellion, Supreme War Council had fastly gathered.

Vesse Põhjakotkas, First Citizen of Olmedreca, was angry:
“Well, gentlemen, I am sure that we all can agree that another communist government in Mediterranica is really last thing we want. Now I want to hear why intelligence did not warn us earlier about that?”

General Tormilind from Military Intelligence clearly felt uncomfortable:
“I must admit that we miscalculated. Possibility of such coup in Aliquantus was considered minimal. Also rebels succesfully kept extreme secrecy, most likely number of main organisers was very small.”

Põhjakotkas spoke now more calmly:
“Ok, that coup must have came as huge suprize to everyone, including Gatawans and Aliquantians themselves. But now we need to decide how to act. Your suggestions?”

Admiral Hanno Odavars from Navy started speaking:
“I suggest we put Aliquantus under blockade, their navy supports old government so they could not really do anything against that.”

General Kuldvõti from Army said:
“Why only blockade, it may easily result annoying stalemate. We should move our armed forces in and crush those socialistic rebels before they manage secure their control over country. I assume we could also expect support from Gataway, although we could go on with such operation aslo alone.”

Foreign Minister Lembit Tuleplaneet had radically different opinion:
“That may result agressive reaction from othe socialistic states. But maybe we should actualy try to establish good relations with this new government. Of course their socialism is problem but probably we could work around this.”

“And we would sacrifice our good relations with Gataway as result.” disagreed Tormilind. “I suggest we wait to see reaction of other states, especially Gataway.”

Põhjakotkas saw that others did not have any new proposals and said:
“Probably that is best choice indeed. But we just can not wait and do nothing while situation progresses. I suggest we will allow and help all Aliquantians who do not support old government, that means mainly members of royal family, and loyal officers and politicians, to take refugee in Olmedreca. Of course majority of them will probably go to Gataway but rebels probably expect this and try to cut all routes to Gataway as fast as possible, so they may need alternative route. Any objections?”

As nobody protested he continued:
“Good, Ernst, Lembit and Hanno, you will be in charge of this. Use our embassy in Aliquantus, use our spies who are in Aliquantus, use trustable Olmedrecan merchant ships that are in Aliquantian ports and use our submarines that are close to Aliquantus. But at same time keep low profile. We do not want to escalate situation at the moment.”

Official statement:

Indomitable State of Olmedreca demands that rights of citizens of Olmedreca who are currently in Aliquantus, must be respected, and any attempts to stop them from returning to Olmedreca, will not be tolerated. That also means that Olmedrecan ships that are currently in Aliquantus must be allowed to leave without incidents.
11-07-2007, 21:28

To: Leadership of Socialist Coup


Greetings. The Red Empire of Wanderjar is glad to see your struggle for freedom from Capitalistic Oppression and desires to support you in your endevour. We are willing to send forces to support you should you feel it necessary. We eagerly await your reply.

~Minister Zitsev, Ministry of the Revolution
11-07-2007, 21:33
Official Londim Response

The Four of Londim do not condone the actions of the coup undertaken in Aliquantus and state on record here our support of the rightful Queen and the government that have been illegally removed. Let it be known should the Queen and her government not be reinstatedor at least released and given free passage to our lands military support of the Coup opposing forces will initiate.
North Calaveras
11-07-2007, 21:41
News of another revolution came to the NC, president Kash's attempt at agressive communism and trying to unite the socialst nations was going smoothly for the moment.

the 5th Red ops(500) wouild drop in the capital and give the rebels weopons and provided defence of the city. This would be followed by a small airdrop of iron curtain battle tanks.

The men prepared there equipment for the jump. 5 tanks were being loaded onto the planes.
British Londinium
11-07-2007, 21:46
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Kensington, British Londinium
Mediterranican and Pacific Affairs Bureau
0612 hours

"Oi, look at this."

Vincent Oberti disinterestedly looked up from his computer screen, past the dull grey walls of his corner office, giving a vaguely blank stare at the youthful woman standing in front of him. She handed him a piece of paper, still warm from the printer. "Alice, this from LBG Monitoring?"

"Yeah," Alice said. "From our Aliquantan bureau. Apparently there's some kind of revolution." She shrugged. "What do I do with it?"

Vincent's bland expression morphed into an angry glare. "Look, I know this is your first day, but let's think about this. A civil a fellow MU nation...that could destabilize an entire region. Where do you think this goes?"

She began to stammer incoherently. Vincent cut her off. "Forward this to each of the Ministries, the Parliament, and the military branches."

As Alice began to open the glass door, Vincent said, "And I'm sorry. Too damn early, don't you think? Once you're done, we'll grab some coffee. How's that sound?"

"Good, sir," the woman replied.


Cabinet Chamber
Aedifices Parliamentarii
Kensington, British Londinium

"Ladies and gentlemen, I am afraid that some of our worst fears have come true today," Consul Alistair Davidson said to the assembled cabinet and military leaders, who sat anxiously in their gilded chairs. The beautiful murals on the ceilings, or the polished wood paneling on the walls was lost to them as they were far too busy thinking about the report from the MPAB. "A civil war in a Mediterranican nation. This is an extremely troubling development, and, though we are already socialist, a successful and unchecked uprising could spur the more radical leftist elements of the Republic to initiate their own insurrection. We must respond forthwith. That is not in question. But how we will respond is."

A distinguished man with greying hair and sharp, patrician features, Chancellor of the Exchequer Ajeet Visweswaran replied promptly.

"What we must do is establish courteous relations with the new government, whilst offering to house any refugees; at the same time, we must infiltrate Aliquantus and do everything possible to learn about the situation and the rebels' weaknesses until we are capable of reinstalling the Aliquantan leadership."

Nods and murmurs spread around the room.

"A brilliant plan, Mr Visweswaran," the Consul said approvingly. "And a plan I agree with."


Official Communiqué

To General Alec Janssen:

At this time, the People's Sovereign Republic has no desire to wage war or otherwise depose of your government. However, we do ask that Londinian citizens be treated with respect, and would like to know your designs for Aliquantus.

The Rt. Hon. Sir Alistair Davidson, MP
Consul of British Londinium
The Horned Rat
11-07-2007, 21:57
The manlings. They continue to make war amongst themselves. That in itself is a good thing, but we do not profit from this besides a few less to fight ourselves. The ones who were overthrown had some form of monarchy in charge, the new organization is more communist. That is not how we like things in this world that we shall ascend to. Correct this problem with whatever seems appropriate.

That was the message in its entirety except for the attached intelligence reports and other useful data necessary for an operation like this. If things escalated it could be a debut for the SSWD's new, and expensive, "clone soldiers".

And if this operation was successful, at least according to the Council, then his branch would acquire enough funding to finalize the Alpha and Omega towers that were currently sitting on their southern border, waiting to be unleashed on Gronde.

The Under-Empire had finally dusted off its media-equipment and began broadcasting its official statement about the newest revolution.

The Council of Thirteen fully supports the re-establishment of the former Queen Acheron and the abolishment of this socialist movement. If the peaceful and rapid surrender of the armed forces located within Godiva, we will take military action to replace the rightful establishment.