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A Royal Visit.(UK2 and Calizorinstan)Closed

United kingdom2
10-07-2007, 05:42
A Royal Visit to take Place

Today for the first time The United Kingdom2 will meeting with Calizorinstan. Both nations have had a strong relationship with each other over the years and now today Princess Hannah will be making her way to Calizorinstan to meet with President Arnold and First Lady Arnold. The twenty year old princess will be making her first royal tour of within a nation. The princess will be meeting the President first at the airport and will meet with the people on a walkabout. Other plans might have been made between the two people without the media knowing of the plans but the princess will meet the First Lady. We bring you live with Tom Patterson who is in Calizorinstan International Airport awaiting the princess,

Thank you Andrew. Today is a dream no British royal would ever have at a young age but that has come true to today for the second heir to the throne of the United Kingdom. Princess Hannah to many people are the luckest girl alive right not to tour Calizorinstan. The United Kingdom and Calizorinstan share a bond that no person can break both of these nations as they have shared army and navy information and a number of royals have met with army officers and other important people in the country. Her Majesty the Queen was expected to make a royal tour but as she is currently in the Falkland Islands still celebrating UK day and as Prince Charles who will become King some day but the poor boy got a cold and the person who was left for the job was Princess Hannah. The princess's plane will land in about one or two hours. Andrew security in this nation is very tight and very tighter in awaiting the royal visit and It was very hard for me to enter the country as well. Well I'll bring you more updates on the Royal Visit of Calizorinstan.

Well thank Tom. We will bring you updates on the Royal tour as the Royal plane lands soon.

Two Hours Near Calizorinstan

Princess Hannah sat in her seat as the Royal plane made it's way to the seas of Calizorinstan. It had been a very long and tiring trip and now she had heard from th pliot they would land in less than thirty minutes at Calizorinstan International Airport. It had been her first royal visit and tour and she was scared she would make a big mistake in handling it. She was only twenty was a very young royal to do something like this but she had courage in her selve she would make her country proud in greating there friends. Two F/A-18E/F Super Hornets were with them half of the airtime but when they reached Calizorinstan airspace they left. It was a hard ride but she felt the plane land and she knew she was at the airport. She quickly got up and waited for the plane to stop.
10-07-2007, 14:31
President Arnold walked over to the airstairs to greet Princess Hannah and said "I am President Jack Arnold, and we shall be meeting First Lady Jenny Arnold shortly, I presume you are Princess Hannah.." He walked her over to the Ford Excursion awaiting them, with 4 ordinary looking Suburbans behind them and he explained that those were the security, plainsmen, so that potential assasins couldn't tell where the security was.

He drove them off to the mountain retreat and said "How's Prince William doing, my son went to an Imperial Prepetory School with him, in Scandanavian Empire..."
United kingdom2
10-07-2007, 15:22
Princess Hannah smilied and walked down the stairway as she saw the hundreds of people waving and taking pictures. She laughed and contiuned to walk down the stairs. She quickly got into the car and drank some water before saying anything. "My cousin is doing well and his wife also." Hannah drank some more water asked him a question, "Where are we going".
10-07-2007, 15:56
President Arnold smiled and said "To our little mountain retreat we use for such occasians as this, it's 40 minutes from here now, but the scenery here is beautiful.." He smiled as he noticed a privately owned Piper Aztec landed at Gilliespe Air Field, and sighed and said "How's weather back in UK2 Hannah?"
United kingdom2
10-07-2007, 16:12
"Ah, weather back home is nice since it's summer, very warm all over the country". Hannah put on her sunglasses and looked out the car window and smelled the air. It smelt nice and remembered a smell back home. She could see people waving at the car and watching them as the car reached the retreat. "Will we go to into the city tomorrow. I would like to see your people".
10-07-2007, 17:18
Jack nodded and said "Yes ma'am we will go into the city tomorrow, ah here we are.." He hopped out, and led her into the retreat house, to the living room couch and table and said "We have almost every kind of drink, let me know what you'd like, and I'll get it..."
United kingdom2
11-07-2007, 03:36
Hannah sat down and rested for a few minutes. She then answered him,"Can I have some rum and a half a cup of whisky". Hannah almost fell asleep but fought it to talk some more with President Arnold.
United kingdom2
12-07-2007, 01:35
12-07-2007, 01:40
Jack got up and gave Princess Hannah her rum and whiskey and made himself a Root Beer Float with a bit of rum in it and grinned and said "I applaud for trying to keep yourself awake..."
United kingdom2
12-07-2007, 06:42
"Yep but I do feel a bit tired right now." Hannah quickly drank her whisky and rum and said good night to Jack. She walked into the room she would be sleeping in and quickly jumped in her bed. Tomorrow wouldn't be a good her as she would be meeting thousands of people with no one by her side.