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Ando-Trephin Motors (includes functional link!)

08-07-2007, 09:16
Only the Best

Ando-Trephin Motors has just been created with the merger of Ando Motors and Trephin Automotive, the two largest automobile producers in ViZion. Out of this comes world class cars in the way of everything from sub compact 3-door hatchbacks to full-size trucks to ultra luxury sedans and super cars.

Ando-Trephin Motors is looking to expand its sales across the globe by entering new markets. We are also looking to sell to notable people in government positions as well as the rich and famous.

Ando-Trephin Motors is also looking for automotive companies who would like to come under the umbrella of this company, thus also recieving help from the overarching company, ViZion World Corporation, among the most profitable corporations world-wide!

For more information on Ando-Trephin Motors and its vehicles, please refer to the website provided below! It will inform you of all the information you require! If it does not reside on that website, you may also use the email listed below as well! (
Email Ando-Trephin! (

Thank you,

Hiroshi Ando
Chief Executive Officer

OOC: NOTE! The link and email above ARE FUCTIONAL! So check 'em out! :D