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Declassified (FT Frigate)

New Kratna
06-07-2007, 07:14
Edited July 13/14 2007

Classified: Top secret
Key: *****

Korvishk Class Frigate Mk IV

The Kratnen Research Counsel along with Kratnen Galactic Industries has been given the aproval of the Imperial Navy to release the details of the Korvishk Class Frigate Mk IV

Research and Development
With continuing breakthroughs in weapons research, power management, Armour, sensors, and computerized command systems it soon became apparent that simple retrofiting of the older models would nolonger be a workable solution for some of the more complex systems. While the older Javink class models are still servisable in there own right the Korvishk Class is both faster and more heavely armed than its predicesor.
The Mk IV is actualy the othe only one to make it out of research and development, the original three designs failing to meet the requirments set out by the brass in the Kratnen Imperial Navy.

The Mk IV measures 100M by 50M by 25M and is equiped with single port and starbourd docking ports wich are the only access points to the interior its sleak design and sharp curves alow it to stand out from most bulky blocky ship designs of the past although technicaly capable of atmospheric flight the lack of any sutable loading ramps make this unadvisable inless suitable docking faculities are present

Drives & Power
The most notable advancement made in the development of the Mk IV was the condencing of the Fusion reactor the older reactors being massive affairs hanging off of the tail end of the vessals with the actual drives almos looking like an after thought and nearly as large as the reactor its self needing an almost equil amout of power to sustain there own fusion torches. however with the new devlopments in both reactors and power managment and distrubution the primary reactor for the new Mk IV is small enough to actualy fit inside the frigate proper with only the exaust ports of the four Dual Utik Fusion Drives in evidence. the smaller more efficient Gefalik Fusion reactor provides enough power to power all four of the conventional drives as well as haveign enough to power all of the primary systems such as weapons systems, sheilds, life suport and sensors, as well as all the secondary systems although power must still be diverted from the main drives inorder to charge the ever hungry Hyperspace Modual.

Weapons systems *edited july 13/14 2007*
The new Korvishk Class Frigate is the most heavely armed of all the new frigate types carrying an impresive total of 24 manned turrents (18 Tachyon and 6 Particle)capable of sending out a withering hail fire out over an impresive distance of 10Km with 100% accuracy thanks to the advanced targeting system, though significantly farther for larger targets such as capital ships super capital ships and dreadnoghts up to 100KM in weapons trials both on moving and stationary targets. while the origional Tachyon weapons were a masive drain on power reserves keeping them of fthe list of refits for the older class of capital ships. receant breakthroughs have finaly made this a feasable weapon, its moderatly high power consumption kept in check by the new fusion power plant and with the development of more advances focusing coils the power usage to dammage ratio was now at high enough leavels for a truly awsome weapon. the crown jewels however are the 6 Partical cannons (turrent mounted) which are the direct result of an experement in particle physics gone wrong. origonaly ment as an experement in finding another power source the the chainreaction of the energized particles nearly tore a hole in the unarmourd reasearch station, as it was the several sections of plating it burned through where testament enough to its power. soon after word got out the millitary seized all research data and classified it. the the cannons that are the result of the millitarys added research are slow fireing so as to prevent overheating thus dedicating them to an anti-capital ship role which is what there good for though should a strike craft be unlucky enough to be hit buy the spectacular blasts your best bet is to orgonize a memorial as a funeral would be pointless. its multiple turents not withstanding the most deadly weapons on board are the 4 forward mounted anti-mater torpedo launchers. while largly inefective against the smaller faster moving strike craft the torpedoes are a significant threat to other capital ships. the standard disadvantages of a limited amout of torpedoes (72 in the case of the Mk IV) have been reduced to a minor inconvienience with the development of the quick release "magizenes" with the assistance of a tug and a nearby suport vessal reloading the racks takes a matter of minutes. rather than the involved process of docking with a supply depot. the new point defence system it the only fully automated weapons syestem on the Mk IV Utalizing traditional lasers as no one wanted to trust more advanced weaponry to a computer.

Sheilds & armour
while the sheilds have remained relitivly unchainged since they where first installed on earlyer vessals advancements in power consumption have alowed the newer moddles to maintain there efectiveness for longer periods of time under heavyer fire although they are still largly inefective against kinetic weapons although advancements are being made to deal with this issue. untill the development of an energy sheild efective against Kinetic weapons advancements in armours are continuing to be made the Mk IV being equiped with the newest advancements in ablative armour as well as the new power absorbing mesh followed by a thick crystal polymer composite, interwoven with advanced ceramics. this combined with the energy sheilds give's the new class of ships the best chance of serviving most combat situations.

theKorvishk Class Frigate Mk IV is equiped with the most advanced array of both active and passive sensor systems avalable and as such are able to detect all but the most advanced of cloaked vessals. although a research ship is still required fore more detailed scans of most spatial anomalys.

Command/automated Systems
anoter major advancement made to the Mk IV is the automation of many of the systems the most notable exeption to this is the Laser turrents. while every trial run of fully automating the targeting, tracking and fireing systems proved everybit as effective as the developers could have hoped the Navy quickly said no as the benifits to moral from haveing the crew intimetly involved in the defence of the empire outweighed the slight increse in accuracy. even without the advanved tracking and fireing systems the targeting systems give the gunners enough of an aid to balence out the drawbacks.

Ship Stats
Dimentions: 100M X 50M X 25M
Crew: 144 Officers and crew
Weapons: 18 Tachyon cannons (turrent mounted) A-S, 6 Partical cannons (turent mounted)A-C, 4 Torpedo launchers (72 torpedoes)A-C, Laser based Point-defense system A-S
Energy Sheilds
Ablative and crystal polymer composet armour

Kratnen Galactic Industries press release

With the declassification of the Korvishk Class Frigate Mk IV we at KGI after negotiations with the Kratnen Imperial Navy Have receaved authorization to Sell a limited number of these vessals. In agreement with the KIN these "for sale" models will only be equiped with the origional design specs and Standard Laser turrents not the newer upgrages currently in use by the Kratnen Imperial Navy.

Ravenika Jorishka
Kratnen Galactic Industries
Sales manager
weapons devision

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Why are you using lasers? Modern Tech is very close to using MTHELs-- Mobile Tectical High Energy Lasers already. Standard lasers are rather underpowered in future tech, grasers-- gamma ray lasers, ion cannons, and particle beam weapons might be a bit more up to date. A standard howitzer has a range of 50 KM, a railgun in the DDX destroyer close to 400 km.
New Kratna
13-07-2007, 01:31
thanx for the imput i didn't realize my information was out of date in regards to the lasers i think i'll go raid freelancer fore some new guns or atleast some insperationanyother input is welcome i'm always willing to hear what others have to say inorder to improve
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14-07-2007, 07:58
well as promised i updated the weapons sections although i kept the weapons ranges relitivly the same based on the fact you have to see it to shoot it as my primary weapons systems are manned insted of automated like most while i sacrifice range numbers and the boost to ships moral make up for that loss.. in my opinion
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