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Greal (Factbook)

22-06-2007, 07:57
History of Greal

Greal was founded in 1836 after a 5 month war with the French. Greal made itself rich by selling Gold and steel throughout the world. In 1908, Greal was hit by a depression, so the Greal government began handing out money. In 1970,a man called Scott Walker was elected president, he began killing people everywhere, his army slaughtered alot of people. In the 1974 election, he won again, lots of people say that he rigged the election, after winning again in 1978 election, the people went to war against him. The rebellion's leader was Bill Watson, he beat Scott's troops after a bloody 3 year war. Bill became leader of Greal and everyone didn't care about a election anymore.


Land size: 3,800,035 square miles

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Greal's Army


Greal has a standing army of 12.5 million (Not including Foreign Forces) right now and alot more in reserve.

Tanks and Aircraft

The Greal government has also refused to report information on the tanks and aircraft, the Greal times esimates that there are 70,000 tanks in the army. (That is unreliable)
The most popluar Tank is the Iron Curtain or Nakil and the most popluar fighter is the GNC-21 Shark fighter.


Ever since nukes were invented, Greal started making a massive number of nukes. Greal currently has 70,000 nukes. A large number are in cold reserve.


Because the country has a long seacoast, the Greal navy has thousands of ships under its command. The Bull class carrier is the most popluar carrier.

Foreign forces

Greal has currently 5 million foreign troops under its command. (1 million trdient horde, 3 million Zamper) Most of the Foreign troops are currently stationed in bases funded by Sons of Lenin.


The General in Chief of Greal's armies is currently General John Heart. He made himself famous during the rebel war, he was known for having large numbers of troops crushing anything in his path.

SOL Tanks
SOL GNC-5 "Iron Curtain" Main Battle Tank
SOL T-62 Main Battle tank
SOL T-90 Main Battle Tank
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Exports and Imports

Greal has a high trade surplus according to this.

Emergency Treasury

Greal has a large amount of money in the emergency treasury for war and depression. according to a esimate, Greal has 25 trillion in its reserve. (None of the Treasury has anything to do with the budget.)

Budget Priority

Law and Order are government Priority because the Greal government spends time to arrest people and mainting order.
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