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Leocardian International Security Forces

17-06-2007, 10:11

Within years of modernization, Leocardia's People's Liberation Army had finally reached its level where it can depend on its own with the adequate funding it will receive by next year. Leocardia had also funded a strong, well-equipped special forces units that are specifically trained to handle urban warfare, counter-terrorism, and special operations missions. And with even more extra funds, Leocardia was also able to develop its very own emergency response defensive military force. With all this domestic protection, it was now thought that Leocardia needs its very own international security force to provide its allies the aid it needs with soldiers that are well trained for types of missions like this.


The Leocardian International Security Forces currently consist of 50,212,051 soldiers. It ranks in the international scale index as one of the most prominent troop force in the world.


50,212,051 Elite ISFs
3,000 Challenger 2's
5,000 Type 84 MBT
1,000 Type 99 MBT
25,000 MOWAG Eagle IV
50,000 M1121 TOW Armoured
1,000 Su-30MKI
1,500 F-15K
1,000 Tu-160
1,000 Super J-10
35,000 Rekustan Elites
125,000 Rekustan Infantry
1,500 Rekustan MBT-55
3,000 Rekustan MBT-98A/S

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