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Announcement from GASN Headquarters: The End of an Era (ATTN: World)

13-06-2007, 17:30
Sir David Koslin, Director of the GASN, ascended the marble stairs to the central podium of the General Assembly. Whispers and murmurs were audible throughout the room as to why the representatives of each member nation had been called upon on such short notice for an emergency meeting. It was apparent, however, that a look of remorse fell about Sir Koslin's face.

"Friends.", he began. "The GASN has stood for so long as a bastion of freedom and a defender of the righteous. I am afraid, however, that this era has come to and end. As of twelve noon today, the Imperial Senate, in an emergency meeting decreed by His Imperial Majesty Robert II, declared to cease recognition of the Charter of the Global Alliance, and has pulled all support and endorsement for the Global Alliance of Sovereign Nations. Thus, it is with regret that I inform you all that I must resign my commission as Director of the Global Alliance. By my order, the charter has been nullified. GASN no longer exists.

"It all started when the first signs of instability began to show through, and an ideological split occured. As Freekish tanks rolled across British Londinium, insults and gibes rolled across the Assembly floor. I knew from that point that GASN did not have long to live. I did not think it would end like this."

Koslin looked down, his voice cracking as he tried to maintain his demeanor.

"By noon on the sixteenth of June, all GASN personnel are to vacate the premises of the GASN headquarters here in Cravna, and those who are not still currently allied to the Empire through an alliance organization must immediately either report to their consulate if their nation possesses one here in the Empire or return to their home nations. Representatives of allied nations will be given proper accomidations by the Imperial government until a solution is worked out.

"On the seventeenth of June, the Cravanian government will officially reacquire the lands which the GASN complex sits on. I do not know what they plan to do with it, however rumors of offering it to NATO as a domestic consulate here in Cravan are running rampant and it is entirely possible.

"I must thank each and every one of you for your service in this organization. Although it has come to an end, new horizons open up as our nations part ways. Perhaps we may cross again personally in the future, I do not know. But until that time, may peace and luck be on your side.

"Thank you, and good day."

Silence had fallen on the room, and without even offering to accept questions Koslin stepped down from the podium, and briskly walked from the room. Koslin exited the Assembly building, and made his way through the courtyards and complex grounds towards the central office building without paying any attention to those around him. He was going to begin packing his things immediately, as to keep his mind off of the fact that he just brough one of the largest alliances in the world to a close.

"And to think GASN didn't even go down with a shot fired.", he thought with a snort.

GASN was no more... And as an old era closed, a new era was about to begin.
13-06-2007, 17:37
Vetakan Foreign Office, New Theeb, Vetaka:

The aide whom burst through the door of the Office of Vetaka's Foreign Secretary pratically knocked over a rather large Plant that lay balanced on a filing Cabinet embarassed he handed the Foreign Secretary a File and left. The Foreign Secretary sensing a problem read the file and looked up and uttered:

"Good God"
13-06-2007, 17:52

For the first time in either of their lives, Gehn and Jim shuddered visibly. They had always been powerful men, and very few things scared them. Even odder, was that Jim was petrified, being the muscular, crazy man he was. He uttered out words that only made everyone in the throne room go pale.

"By God almighty. This new era will be one of war. Everything is building up for a catastrophic war between alliances. And I am afraid to say it is not just two alliances, but untold multitudes. Christ save us."
13-06-2007, 18:07
Praetorian Palace, Vetalia City

"There appears to be another...curious...development in the GASN, sir." Procurator Sechin mused as he and the Praetor sat in the luxurious study on the top floor of the palace. The soft lighting of the room played on the marble and granite stonework of the walls and floors, creating an odd effect that gave the room the surreal atmosphere that Praetor Melnikov enjoyed.

"Oh?" the Praetor replied, already disinterested in the activities of yet another alliance.
"Yes, it appears that the GASN has been...dissolved. The compound has been appropriated and the membership expelled."
"Dissolved!? For what reason?" Melnikov leaned forward in the plush leather chair, setting down his glass of wine ungracefully and nearly knocking over the decanter in the process. He was now genuinely interested.
"We're not sure of that yet, sir. The Ministry of State suggests that it might be due to-"
"War. There is going to be a war...I know it. The GASN is collapsing because of internal conflicts...we've seen it before, although never on this scale. That is why these alliances are always such a terrible idea..."
"What do you suppose we should do?"
"Well, other than bolster our military-"
"Already underway, sir."
"-then nothing. We sit, and wait, and see what happens. Patience is a virtue when half of the world goes up in war."
13-06-2007, 19:03
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13-06-2007, 19:06
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Steel and Fire
13-06-2007, 19:15
"GASN, too?"

"Sigh. What the fuck is going on here? It's like there ain't no stable alliances left save Gholgoth anymore."

Aaronson wrinkled his nose at the sound of that name. "Tell me again?"

Rutherford nodded. "Well, CAD's fucked. I doubt it counted as an alliance in the first place, but with the Kregaians killing each other, Bornerifreudia leaving, Doom getting invaded, and nobody much of importance left it's practically a non-issue. SL's fucked... look at them, the anti-Doomani and the pro-Doomani infighting so much that they've forgotten the entire purpose of their fucking alliance. 'Democracy and freedom' my ass. GASN's now officially fucked; it had an em-dee-pee with Gholgoth and shared members with the Es-ell, so it would have been fucked anyway. NATO might end up stable, or it might fall apart for the third time.... poor track record, and so much of the membership is either Gholgoth or ex-SL that it's not even funny. Gholgoth is sticking around, unless Questaria and Praetonia and their bitches manage to put a dent in it; and even so it won't be a major one."

"In short, it's business as usual," Aaronson said. His position in the old regime had been high enough that he'd had access to the news media. GDODAD, the old NATO, NWO, RWC and its successors, CACE and its puppets, Metus, the Woodstock Pact, OMP, and a variety of other names flashed across his mind; one thing all of this history shared, however, was the constant and unending tide of wars, rivalries, dissolutions, reformations, and pacts that seemed to flow around and between alliances.


"So what do we do?"

"We either use it as an excuse to kill something... or we wait."

"I recommend wait."

West Corinthia
13-06-2007, 19:23
The representative from West Corinthia sat in silent awe as the news was delivered. The Corinthians had long taken assurance in the fact that GASN would protect their sovereignty, but now the world was a much more dangerous place. As whispers broke out among the other general assembly members, only one thought repeated in the representative's mind, "Oh, f***!"

He whipped out his PDA and quickly emailed the news back to the Imperial Palace in Kydonia.

The news was received similarly in the capital. A messenger delivered a letter to Czar Ptolemy I, who read it quickly, then collapsed onto an ornate, antique couch and whispered, "Oh, f***!"

But there was no denying that something big was about to happen. Therefore, the armed forces were immediately ordered to mobilize...
13-06-2007, 19:25
Shalcoria, USS- The disintegration of the G.A.S.N. came as a complete surprise.

Shalrirorchia, of course, had little to do with the Alliance itself. The U.S.S. and the G.A.S.N. had met formally on only two occasions...and on each of those occasions, the communications had been terse, simple. The United States of Shalrirorchia did not interfere in the affairs of the Alliance, did not even have agents observing the inner works of G.A.S.N.

Minutes after the dissolution, however, frantic telephone calls, emails, and faxes began flying from one end of the capital to the other. State Department officials screamed at Shalrirorchian Central Intelligence (SCI), demanding an explanation for the reason why this came as a complete surprise to U.S.S. diplomats around the world. S.C.I. headquarters in turn screamed at its' regional managers. Within two hours the screaming was being done on the individual agent level.

By the end of the day, Shalrirorchian President Shanu Aeri was reading a hastily-drawn up report regarding the situation. She was not pleased by what she saw. Though they had little information about the specifics of the breakup, the implications were staggering. One of the world's most powerful alliances had imploded. It was clear that in the days to come, significant geopolitical shift would take place.

Aeri rather hoped that Shalrirorchia would not be caught in the landslide.
Melkor Unchained
13-06-2007, 19:44
"Okay. So what does this mean? How should we take this?"

The Easterling Foreign Minister shruggs lightly. "Well it's hard to say just yet," he starts. "David Koslin may not have had any idea how to maintain a healthy international alliance, but he seemed to know what he was doing with that statement."

Serik Teteriuk, the Captain of Althalon's Vzj'Nakai corps, leans forward and clears his throat. "He's right. Koslin doesn't implicate anyone and he's careful to not delve into the specifics. It's pretty obvious under the circumstance that the 'ideological schism' occured largely along the pro and con sides of the recent farce the Freeks called an 'invasion.'"

Teteriuk was a large, moderately scarred man who had seen many years in combat. Prior to the rebellion he held no notable post; serving as a battlefield arms runner. An early convert to Althalon's cause, Serik drove a massive Orc host out of southern Dunland, and earned his status as a top military advisor a short while later.

Teteriuk had been present when Althalon's host finally broke the seige of Daturias, and he earned a special place in his leader's heart both for his gritty demeanor and because the massive Dunlending had saved the Angsiyan's life twice in as many weeks. Ever since the rebellion, it had been Teteriuk's responsibility to ensure that the administrative side of the government ran harmoniously. His duties were numerous and ranged from guarding the Angsiyan to affairs of State.

Kit nods to the massive Vzj' Nakai captain. "With occupation costs being what they are, tensions are mounting rapidly. Most nations will probably either start drawing lines in the sand--which means new alliances--or they'll pull out and go their seperate ways."

The Foreign Minister pauses and reaches for a glass of water. It dangles from his fingertips for a moment as he continues. "At any rate, it takes attention off our deployment, which is probably a good thing." He sips. "The Foreign Office has perceived no international acknowledgement of our movement and no answer has been forthcoming, not even from the Freeks."

This surprises the cabinet. One of Althalon's ministers, a small man with wide jowls, leans forward. He had always reminded Kit of a frog. "They've said nothing?"

Kit nods and lowers his glass. "That is correct. People either didn't notice, or are waiting to see how it plays out."

"Either way it's to our advantage," breaks in Serik. He slants his shoulders and leans towards the froglike minister. "If they don't know what we want, the less likely they will be able to withold it from us."

Open Diplomatic Communique to all nations

"Arda had no relations with the GASN for the duration of its existence; nevertheless we extend our sympathies to Mister Koslin and the rest of the GASN." Kit's voice is loud and concise. "It is truly piteous when petty squabbles ruin the work of fine minds and fine men," he continues, slowly raising his chin towards the end of his sentence.

He shifts his weight and lifts a finger. "However, when differences such as these arise, all must be careful to restrain themselves; lest one fall victim to the same hatred they purport to stand against.

Please accept Arda's condolences, but heed our desire for peace."

Tiloka Kit,
Foreign Minister of the Five Kingdoms
13-06-2007, 20:21
Official telegram to the Cravanian goverment
It is with great sadness that I hear that you have made the decision to disband the Global Alliance of Sovereign Nations.
That having been said, we understand, and respect, your reasons for doing so, and hope that we shall remain allies, regardless.
-president Eduard Gurashoy
Raven corps
13-06-2007, 20:26
Colderon could only laugh as the news of the G.A.S.N's fall reached his desk. The G.A.S.N. was to be a beacon of hope among to masses, but was now only just a faded memory as the Alliance fell into hell and back. Now there was almost nothing to stop the inevitable onslaught of conquest would soon before this poor world and cast it into the hell it deserved.

Colderon picked up the phone and gave a general announcement to all garrisons . One that would rock even the most sound of people and minds..

" This is Colderon Jason Zion. Begin Objective 0. All garrisons are hereby activate. All naval units to full alert status, and SF are to report to your handlers."

Colderon slowly put down the phone and turned to look back at his wall of screens... His ominous hand slowly reaching for glass of Kornosian Blood wine. Then a quite request came from behind the chair..

" Aegies I want you to be avalible at all times now. With this announcement comes perilous time ahead. And I do not want to be caught off guard."

Aegies nodded and turned away from him and exited the room.


"Garrison Activation..... Objective 0" is all the flashed up on a screen in the main control room in the Xantias Garrison. The controller long gone since it was typed. The garrison was in full gears as the unit containment chambers slowly warmed up slowly releasing the SF troopers from within. The deathly red glow from their eye protectors was like looking into a cave of werewolves. Thousands of them all looking forwards as the all became active from being nearly frozen alive and being kept alive by machines.

The factories in the garrison worked overtime getting to the items they needed up and ready making sure not to make mistakes.
13-06-2007, 20:28
Imperial Palace, Acaria

"I don't like how this is going down Cole. Not at all. Sure, the Cravanians, and GASN nations as a whole, have never been very close friends to Alacea. But now that the alliance is dissolved, there is only 3 major blocs left; The SL, Gholgoth, and NATO. And everyone knows NATO is just an extension of Gholgoth. Now that GASN isn't there to stand in the way, there's hardly a scapegoat left to stop a world war. We, and many other alliance members, hate Gholgoth and most of NATO, they hate us back. There's just not a puppet to meddle in between them anymore, as many GASN members were either with Gholgoth or the SL."

"I agree, my Emperor, totally. The sun just got a little dimmer across the whole world."
13-06-2007, 20:54
It is sad news that an alliance as strong as the GASN is now disbanded because of a small petty dispute within it's ranks. Even though The Shazbotdom Empire wishes that this didn't have to take place, we will stand with our friends in Cravan through any troubles. And thus we must come to a decision here soon. Several nations who were members of the GASN have said things that I feel are inappropreate.

We will debate things here and come to a conclusion shortly about if we will continue relations with several specific GASN Nations after the things that they have said. This will also most likely mean the restriction of Embasies in the Shazbotdom Empire for these nations, or possibly these nations being kicked out of their embasies perminantly.
Aurum Domus
13-06-2007, 21:22
War Room, High General's Palace, Goldton, Aurum Domus

"So the GASN is no more....first the DC now this. I sense a great war is about to begin. It might also mean that the UFAN will rise and become the most powerful alliance, we can only hope."

"Do you want me to ready the troops High General?"

"No, just raise the alert level for now. Make sure the fast response squads are ready just in case."
The World Soviet Party
13-06-2007, 21:51
Official Diplomatic Communique
To: Ex-GASN Headquarters
From: President Alejandro Aszenmil

Well, damn, it's sad to hear GASN's breaking up guys. It was nice while it lasted.

I'm sure, however, that we'll work something out, in the end, and solve all this.

Alejandro Aszenmil, President of The World Soviet Party.
13-06-2007, 21:58
OOC: Damn! I join the DC, and it promptly breaks up. I apply to join GASN, and it breaks up too!
13-06-2007, 22:06
Benard I was dressed in clothes that complimented his dark complection, hair, and eyes. He stood behind the podium calmly with his eyes locked on the camera crews and speechwriters all bustling around, he was annoyed by the commotion, agravated with the grip who kept nearly poking him with the mic he held, and none too happy about the state of the world today.
"We are ready to begin when you are sir." one of the people finally said.
In response, Benard merely cleared his throat. The witten speach appeared on a moniter in front of his face but he ignored it and stared directly into the camera.

"To all nations formerly of the GASN The Kingdom of SaintB extends her condolences. It is always saddening to see an alliance fail, and even more so to see the peaceful work of a man such as Sir David Koslin to end in failure. In this turbulent and dangerous world the GASN was a beacon of light in the darkness, a haven for hope and peace, a place of respite for the war weary. What the GASN stood for is still there, the message they treid to convey is still heard. David Koslin, your work has not been in vain.
I would like to offer the world words of caution... we must all err on the side of peace. Until the ripples felt by the loss of the GASN have subsided even the smallest of conflicts may lead to an uncontrolable torrent of bloodshed that could grip the world. We must all be on guard, wary, and concious of our own actions lest we insite something beyond our own control."

Benard let the words sit a moment on the air waves around the world as if that would help them permiate before he continued.

"The GASN is no more, but there are other world alliances whose goals reach for the same outcomes, who are just as deserving of fine peace loving nations as was the GASN, perhaps in time one of these Alliances will grow to fill the void and prevent strife amongst us all, we can only hope.
Finally, I would like to take this time to extend the invitation to join the World Economic and Military Alliance. Our position is also one of peace and prosperity, we encourage trade, economic growth, and military advancement between all members of the alliance. As yet WEMA is small, consisting of less than a handful of nations but with your support it can grow stronger, and in effect make the nations involved, and perhaps the entire world, an even better place to live in harmony."
13-06-2007, 23:25
When Emperor Baker, one of the original GASN charter signees, saw this report in his morning News Paper, he dropped his cup of coffee.

"Jesus," He whispered. "What now?"

An aide within his room shrugged. "Mein Herr, I have no idea."

Baker merely shook his head.
13-06-2007, 23:29
OOC: He dropped a cup of hot coffee on himself, damn, that's gotta hurt.

OOC: Yeah, but I think hes too upset about the GASN collapsing to care about it.
The World Soviet Party
13-06-2007, 23:30
When Emperor Baker, one of the original GASN charter signees, saw this report in his morning News Paper, he dropped his cup of coffee.

"Jesus," He whispered. "What now?"

An aide within his room shrugged. "Mein Herr, I have no idea."

Baker merely shook his head.

OOC: He dropped a cup of hot coffee on himself, damn, that's gotta hurt.
Pan-Arab Barronia
13-06-2007, 23:35
on behalf of

"It is with great sadness that we must observe the ending of the GASN alliance. Whilst we were not ourselves members, nor did we desire to be, we have always appreciated it's great work and it's dedication to it's members.

We wish all members of what was GASN to long and prosperous times, and that it's work may never be forgotten."

Statement by Her Excellency the Chancelloress Santina Verona-Barron
13-06-2007, 23:46
-The phone rings on the president's desk. "Yes?...ok put him through..."

The news is brief. "Your telling me what?! GASN has dissolved right after we petitioned them for military aid? Well this is just great... arg....yes.... yeah that's right.. Ok.. Guess we'll have to go the Sovereign League. Ok."

Ramzan Urmev hung up the phone. He banged his fists on the desk and grumbled to himself.

The World Soviet Party
13-06-2007, 23:55
-The phone rings on the president's desk. "Yes?...ok put him through..."

The news is brief. "Your telling me what?! GASN has dissolved right after we petitioned them for military aid? Well this is just great... arg....yes.... yeah that's right.. Ok.. Guess we'll have to go the Sovereign League. Ok."

Ramzan Urmev hung up the phone. He banged his fists on the desk and grumbled to himself.


OOC: Or, you know, other alliances?
13-06-2007, 23:58
Ebon Tor, Magna Casa, Aequatius Prime

President Holden hurried about his office, examining the many dossiers currently under the Republic's microscope, when an aide from the State Department entered the cluttered office, a manila folder in his hand, "Mister President, there's something here you should see."

"What is it? Another report on that fucking Eurasian mess?" Replied Reid angerly as he motioned the aide inside the office, the young man edging his way past the end tables littered with papers, "Give it here, let me see!"

"Here you are, sir," Said the aide as the president took hold of the folder and looked over it quickly, reading the text before handing it back.

"A long time coming..." Reid said as he trailed off in thought, "The Eurasian debacle was definitely the deathblow to the organization's credibility. Now get out of my office!"
British Londinium
14-06-2007, 00:40
OOC: Sweet! I was a deathblow to something!
The People's Sovereign Republic
Official Communiqué

Open Declaration:

For years, the GASN was a symbol to the people of British Londinium. It was a symbol of hope, of internationalism, of progress. We will be sorry to see it go.

But at the same time, the GASN's time had come. This once grand alliance had deteriorated to the point where it was unable to provide assistance for its members, allowing them to succumb to invasion and occupation without lifting a finger. With that in mind, good riddance to the GASN.

But this does not change our relations with states formerly belonging to the GASN. We intend to maintain our relationships with all nations that were in this group.

The Rt. Hon. Sir Alistair Davidson, MP
Prime Minister of British Londinium
Lord Sumguy
14-06-2007, 00:45
In the Office of The Hegemon:

Lord Sumguy was sitting in his office, reading the paper and drinking coffee, when he came across the newspaper article annuoncing the dissolvment of the GASN. He spilled his coffee, and it barely missed his lap. This is bad news, the collapse of an alliance is never good for the internatinal community. He turned on the intercom to his secretary's desk and said: "Please send an invitation to join the Hegemony to every nation that was a member of the GASN. We need to keep as many of those nations united as possible, or they will ear each other apart."

"Yes sir, i will send an invitation to each of them."
14-06-2007, 02:47

"This disbandment of the GASN hurts greatly. I wish that there was something that I could have done to prevent such a global tragedy. For long I had openly supported most of the GASN's functions, but now that the GASN is no more..I can only salute the honorable many whom were fine members of the GASN. I hope that the GASN can find new strength in the future and become one of the greatest alliances that I know.

The Nation of Dephire and its people have gone through many experiences with each and every nation within the GASN. Having such an alliance drift apart so suddenly leaves a void in my heart. Live long, nations of former GASN, live long and be free."
West Corinthia
14-06-2007, 03:16
Official West Corinthian statement

While this situation saddens me deeply, I understand why it was inevitable. The GASN had evolved into a very different organization from what it was when West Corinthia originally joined it. For some reason, we were hesitant to take action against our foes.

I am proud to say that West Corinthia was a member of the GASN. As Czar, I am proud to have served alongside my fellow GASN member nations. During this period of uncertainty, we can only hope that one day the Global Alliance of Sovereign Nations will be reborn into what it originally was. However, until that time comes, I would like to solidify diplomatic ties with our former fellow member nations.

West Corinthia hereby extends the following offer to all former GASN member nations:
-A military alliance
-Open, free trade
-Exchange of embassies

For now, and until we feel secure, the armed forces of West Corinthia shall remain on full alert, with all active duty units mobilized.

Czar Valerius Ptolemy I
Hurtful Thoughts
14-06-2007, 03:35
OOC: Kinda sad, and ironic, that I'm perhaps the last person to figure this out... As I was scratching my head why the GASN offsite didnt work...

Although the Hurtians have long considered leaving GASN, the complete disbanding of the alliance came somewhat as an over-the-top act. It was stipulatesd in some dark corners of the government that it had to deal with the Soviegn League and Gholgoth tensions nearly boiling over, which, essentailly, was tearing the GASN apart while, at the same time, dragging its name through the mud.

Some say it was bound to happen, as it could have been seen as an alliance of otherwise polar opposites, both religiously, philisophically, and idealogically.

PROHT moved on.
14-06-2007, 03:55
President Herbert's jaw dropped.

"Oh my God," he muttered under his breath.

It was the worst possible news.

"At least we still belong to ADAN, sir," spoke his assistant.

"Shut up! We were respected members of the GASN. This is horrible news, and there is no silver lining to any of this. Order all Asgarnian GASN personnel to the consulate general's office in Cravna," Herbert ordered...
14-06-2007, 04:16
President Adair read the news as he sipped an aged Cognac.

"Well, this is an interesting development," he stated to his Foreign Minister, Ms. Aiden O'Doherty. "This will affect the balance of power worldwide."

"Yes, there is going to be war on an unprecedented scale. This is going to be quite dangerous for us," Ms. O'Doherty replied, while making notes to send her updated intelligence to the Department of Military Control as soon as she could. "I suggest we order an increase in pace in the launch of surveillance satellites and military defense satellites and increase our military alert status."

President Adair took a deep sip of his cognac and shook his head. "No, no increase in alert. We are a peaceful nation and if we bring our military up to alert we'll just instigate action against us. Increase the pace of satellite launches. We have enough Cothrom rockets to run two launches per day for a month or so. I'll be sure the order is to space command by the morning. In the meantime, let's draft a reply to let people know our position." Adair finished his cognac and walked around his desk to sit next to his fiancee.

"Alright my president, whatever you think is best," she replied.

Official Governmental Communique from Descartesland Central Control


Descartesland had no relations with the GASN during its existence but we still extend our sympathies to Mister Koslin and the rest of the GASN. It is a terrible state we find ourselves in when our Alliances dissolve over squabbles and petty differences.

Though the GASN has dissolved, the people of Descartesland hope the peace it fostered can last. In the event that these differences become too much to handle alone, the Diplomats of Descartesland are available for any negotiations that might be needed. We offer our Embassy Row in our capitol of Erringore for neutral ground in any conflict, no matter how large or small.

Officiall Signed:
President Cailean Adair

14-06-2007, 05:21
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New Ausha
14-06-2007, 05:33
*Ministry of Foreign Affairs*

Long had this alliance stood, as a rock, steadfast against the tide of oppression and corporate greed. And now, this era is too end, as we see the end of the greatest alliance too ever be formed, the Global Alliance of Sovereign Nations. But by no means must this herald the end of alliance, the end of our international fellowship. Henceforth, the Grand Confederation of Nations is formally announced. Though it is an infantile announcement, we still await for co-founders and sponsors for such an alliance. We do not look too replace the GASN in any manner, rather too rally its former members into fellowship.

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