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The New Vetakan Cabinet (Profiles/MT)

31-05-2007, 00:42
The Vetakan Cabinet

With the complete destruction of the Vetakan Cabinet and the only surivior being President Scarlet Rogers during the Vetakan-Swan Rebellion at the hands of the Evil James Swan a new Cabinet was urgently required as a result President Rogers formed the Second Cabinet below is a brief profile of their responsibilities and respective departments it was hoped by actively publishing details of the Cabinet the Vetakan Government would be more approachable and the International Community would be able to contact members of the Vetakan Government more comfortably:

Name: Scarlet Rogers
Title: President of the Free Dominion of Vetaka & Supreme Commanding Admiral in Chief of the Vetakan Defence Forces

Responsibility: Commander in Chief of the VDF & Political Leader of Vetaka

Scarlet is the only surivior of the original cabinet prior to the rebellion she is also the last surivior of the Freedom Party Cabinet which fought during the Vetakan Civil War. Scarlet currently holds a commanding lead over her opposition in the Opinion Polls and is highly regarded both upon the Domestic and International Scene. Is a member of the White-Phoenix Tribe and won international aclaim for being the only Vetakan President to star in a Underwear Commercial which in turn led to the "President Porn" pictures being released to the world. This picture was taken prior to the "Big Push" in the Vetakan Civil War. Scarlet built her career as the infamous Vetakan Foreign Affairs Secretary she aclaimed international fame for telling Strator to mind his manners.

Name: Katrina Fielding
Title: Vice President of the Free Dominion of Vetaka & Vice Supreme Commanding Admiral in Chief of the Vetakan Defence Forces

Responsibility: Vice Commander in Chief of the VDF & Deputy Political Leader of Vetaka


Married to Defence Secretary Sam Fielding Katrina was appointed Vice President for her level headed and moral thinking in any situation. Marge has children and is renowned for her ability to deal with situations whilst babysitting.

Name: Sam Fielding
Title: Secretary of Defence

Responsibility: Handles all Political Military Affairs and executes all orders issued by the military


Refused to Write One. However Sam did have a one word to say "Doh" this was as he manged to lodge his tie within his Printer

Name: Shrek
Title: Secretary of Foreign Affairs
Responsibility: Head of the Vetakan Diplomatic Staff, Directs all Embassies and is the first point of call for Foreign Leaders requiring Information about Vetakan Interests

Shrek was asked to become Foreign Secretary for his Diplomatic Skills and his appearence in general it was hoped Shreks appearence portrayed everything Vetaka stood for this being Freedom, Truth, Honour and Peaceful.

Name: Mr A Dean
Title: Secretary of Domestic Affairs and Justice
Responsibility: Head of the Civil Service, Head of the Justice Department directs all Vetakan Domestic Policy

Mr A Dean was picked for the role of Domestic Affairs for his abilities to compromise and get the required results he was also picked for the job for being a Warrior against Criminals Dean as shown in the Picture was once an Officer of the Vetakan Police Force.

Name: Dr Henry Fawlty
Title: Secretary of Treasury and Buisness
Resposibility: Directs the Vetakan Economy, Writes the Budget and Encourages Business

Henry use to run his own buisness and manged to stay afloat with only one guest so thus it was decided his skills could not be wasted in the private sector he often suffers from Stress.

Name: Jane Smith
Title: Attorney General
Responsibilties: Attorney General of Vetaka

Renowed for her hardcore show "Judge Jane" she migrated to Vetaka looking for a new career the Vetakan Government decided to make her the Attorney General.

Name: Albus Thumbledore
Title: Secretary of Education
Responsibilities: Directs the Education System of Vetaka

Widely regarded as the best teacher at Vogwarts Dumbledore became Secretary of Education for his skills and experience but also to encourage Wizardardy openly within Vetaka.

Name: Dr Lee Ears
Title: Secretary of Health and Human Services
Responsibilities: Head of the Vetakan Healthcare System and Head of Social Welfare

Refused to Write One. However did say "Monkey Boy"

Name: Tim Saylor
Title: Secretary of Energy and Science
Responsibilities: Head of the Energy Department, Also Directs Funding into Civilian Science Projects

More Power!!!

Name: Dr White
Title: Secretary of Enviroment and Peoples
Resposibilities: Head of the Enviroment Office and Also Head of Peoples Office


Pending (OOC: Tired)

Name: Classified Known as Z
Title: Secretary of Homeland Protection and Civil Security
Responsibilities: To do what is required to protect the Vetakan People from Internal and External Terrorism


Classified- Official Secrets Act 2007 0909
Green Hawk
31-05-2007, 00:47
OOC: I... Love... Every... Single... One... Of... Them... :D
31-05-2007, 00:57
Your President is hot >>


"Animarnia hearby requests more pictures of your president for the purposes of erm..." Rene looked confused for a moment as she tried to think up at least a plausable valid reason. "Research into the Vetekan cabinate" she added onto the note with a note she looked at the general.

"They'll buy that right?" she said.

"Maybe" he returned with a smile smoking his cigar.

"By the way General; did you manage to get hold of any 'president porn'" she asked the General simply coughed and handed Rene a off yellow file; she picked it up and headed to the bathroom to relive a rather sudden itch...
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