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Vote to decide UFAN Issue (Closed to all except UFAN Members)

29-05-2007, 01:13
United Federation of Allied Nations Issue Vote:

Name of Issue: Vote on the membership of the Second Empire of Hataria


The Second Empire of Hataria currently a High Council member has recently faced Major Hostile action from the nation of Blub and various Blub Allies due to the Second Empires continued actions the Conflict was worsened and alot of relations both between UFAN members and UFAN Alliance with other Alliance itself where damaged furthermore numerous United Federation of Allied Nations members have begun to call for the Expulsion of Hataria or the Hatarian Resignation as a result in order to protect the Reputation and Respectibility of UFAN it has been decided that Hatarian Membership will be put to the vote.

Vote Details:

UFAN Resolution 2:

Should The Second Empire of Hataria remain a UFAN Alliance Member?

Option 1: Yes
Option 2: No
Option 3: Abstain


Closed to all except UFAN members UFAN has 17 members so hopefully 17 votes. International Opinion is welcome
Green Hawk
29-05-2007, 01:20
I vote for no and I am pulling back my fleet. Maybe if Vetaka doesn't mind, I send the fleet to help fight off a certain rebellion.

Thomas Glower
President of Green Hawk
British Londinium
29-05-2007, 01:22
OOC: Was I accepted into UFAN?
29-05-2007, 02:35
We officially, and regretfully, vote nay on permitting Hataria to remain in UFAN; they must be expelled. Hataria's diplomatic conduct in this has not been sufficient to live up to their Loyalty Oath obligations to progress their government beyond its old, needlessly provocative habits. However, we do not recommend punitive Federation action at this moment because, frankly, Hataria's enemies seem more than ready to do that. We cast this vote in utmost sorrow; but all the same, it must be cast for Honor's sake.

In Sadness and Obligation,
Christine Friedrich
Deputy Commander-in-Chief, USSW War Office
Deputy Party Secretary, Wagdoggie Revolutionary Party
Deputy General Secretary, USSW Revolutionary Command Council
Secretary-General, United Federation of Allied Nations
Aurum Domus
29-05-2007, 02:43
We vote no. Hataria's stubborness almost caused a huge war that would have cost millions of lives. We wish to see them turned into shiny plate glass although we won't do this since we do not posses nuclear weapons.
29-05-2007, 06:42
Initially Kampfers voted yea on this petition. However, after reviewing the facts, we vote nay. Unfortunately, they should be removed from UFAN.

OOC: Sorry, but now my vote is on the wrong one. What actually happened was I thought the vote was say "yes" if you want to expell him, not say no if you want to expel him.
Free shepmagans
29-05-2007, 06:56
((OOC: I believe there is an option in the polling system that allows you to see who voted what, in the future, you should probably use that to prevent outside influence. I'll be leaving now.)