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Confederate-Hurtian Crisis

Blackhelm Confederacy
19-05-2007, 15:21
A small electronics store in downtown Paradise City had a small crowd gathered in front. In its large front window, several televisions had the news on. The TV's flashed by images of sailors, many badly bruised, most in foreign uniforms, bearing the insignia of the People's Republic of Hurtful Thoughts. Reports of unlawful searches as well as impressment and other illegal seizures of ships were all over the news. The crowd was growing angry, as were other crowds across the nation. Rallies were springing up outside of the offices of senators, the largest one of course beig outside of the Confederate Senate building itself, were over a thousand people demanded that the Hurtian fleet be removed.

Within the Senate building, the reports of impressment and unlawful searches and seizures of sovereign ships did not go unheard. The main floor was a mad house as half of the senators demanded that the Hurtian fleet be engaged and removed immediatly, and the other half was unwilling to risk a war with the Hurtians.

The entire issue played on the xenophobic nature of the Confederate people. On one hand, there was a massive foreign fleet just off of the coast, a fleet that was supposedly harming native Confederate civilians for its own benefit. On the other, people were not willing to go and fight yet another war, and they also did not want to have aything to do with these foreigners. And so the nation was split.

Meanwhile, the Griffincrest Second Fleet waited for its orders. With the Hurtian fleets blocking the passage to Redemption, there was nothing more they could do unless the board authorized a strike on the fleet. Should such a strike be authorized, however, the GSNF First and Tenth fleets were ready in Redemption to move to the aide of the fellow fleet.

With the threat of conflict on the horizon, Chancellor Lucius Blackhelm sent out a message to the Hurtian government.

"It is with regret that I inform you of the situation here in the Confederacy. While the fleet, as I see it, poses no great threat to the safety and security of my nation, many others do not feel this way. For the safety of people of both of our nations, I wish for you to remove the fleet which you hae stationed of off our coast. While we understand that it was placed there for the benfit of the Confederacy, it looks as if it is now doing more harm than good. I do hope that this does not damage our relations any further.

- Chancellor Lucius Blackhelm"
Hurtful Thoughts
03-06-2007, 19:11
Hmm, a moment of serendipity...

I already pulled out forces from the blockade.
(And claimed it was from some agreement someplace)

Still, the place would be monitored for any bullying by non-government radicals within your nation...

Kinda odd that recently you started RPing the construction of your sea wall, which I already took advantage of by setting up additional checkpoints in front of your own checkpoints with a minimum of ships...

I still hav about 8 destroyers (Katana class Mod H) and 16 submarines (Tango class) cruising around by your gates though, but that is far less than the 3 fleets I had there earlier. And they are now just shadowing suspicious ships...

I guess having some passengers watch a tango surface and then adjust the trim to dip the bow just under the water in a courtly manner could become something of a spectacle...

And at night they could fire off some fireworks rather than standard flares...

Kinda like going out to watch whales /w/ fireworks display...
Blackhelm Confederacy
03-06-2007, 19:25
Since you pulled out I was going to let the thread go.

Those destroyers, however, still threaten Confederate sovereignty.


The Confederate Sovremenney class cruiser CNS Godhammer, along with a pair of accompanying Um al Maradim assault ships exited through the sea wall via the Paradise Gate and began to make their way towards the last known location of one of the Hurtian destroyers. Any enemy vessels too close to the sea wall would need to be removed.
Hurtful Thoughts
03-06-2007, 21:50
About 1,200 miles off the coast of Paradise city

A young officer stood near the bow of one of the new sleek Katana class destroyers that had been used to both replace and supplement the bulk of the Hurtian Navy, it wasn't the best ship in the world, but it wasn' half bad...

The officer was considering why, of all the ships, it was this and a very few others, stuck out here chugging along next to an invisable shoreline beyond the horizon.

To refresh his memory, he had a crumpled telegram ( in his hand.

The main reason being, that it just was not considered in the Hurtian Government's best interest to just up and leave, and that the smallest force they would leave was 2 destroyers per gate, plus maybe a submarine here and there...

It was a hopelessly massive stretch of sea to cover, but they made the best of it, mostly by running an Mi-17 as AEW to increase the RADAR horizon, and sending some little raft or helicopter to check any that deviated from the sea lanes for distress, while the ones on the sea lanes just passed by 'Hurtful Thoughts's smallest fleet evar!' While the crew simply stood on deck at attention, saluted, and then went about there duties...

He wondered what would happen if a fleet actually decided to come through that gate intending to either chase them off or sink them...

Little did he know, that he was going to find out...
5 minutes later, he was at the bridge, as the communications officer he was informed of a pair of naval vessels coming in hard and fast, nothing spectacular, but these were Blackhelm ships, and he wasn't deaf and dumb to the Hurtin/Confederate issues around him, they wanted them gone...

"Ensign, open a channel"

"Aye sir, may I take this one? It clearly isn't that big of a deal, only 3 ships..."

"Oh alright, but if things get out of hand, I'll be taking over, in the meantime, I'll check in with the gunnery crews and have them ready some fireworks for tonight's show..."

The Captain was a bit eccentric, so it wasn't that bad that the fate of the entire Hurtian crisis hung on his shoulders instead...

*Opens channel*
"Good afternoon sirs, this is Ensign Burt, of the FF-1389 Katana class Mod H guided missile frigate, currently stationed roughly 1,200 miles off the coast of Paradise, to how may we serve you?"

A passing able seaman giggled... She was cute, but now wasn't the time, though he wondered why she only appeared at the worst times possable... Plus, it wasn't considered right for an officer to be mingling with the enlisted, erm, 'men'...
Blackhelm Confederacy
03-06-2007, 23:08
The response was quickly sent back.

"This is Captain Flavius Greenglass of the CNS Godhammer. We have orders to clear all non-Confederate warships from our waters, as well as to ensure that trade into and out of the Confederacy remains untouched by foreign vessels. Your ships pose a direct threat to Confederate sovreignty and security, and as such we must remove you. You can either surrender your vessel, or be fired upon. Bear in mind, you are still within range of the Khan missiles along the sea wall, and air support is not far away. Resistance is not something either of us need. Prepare to be boarded."

As this message was being sent, the pair of assault ships zipped out far ahead of the Godhammer, their crews preparing to board the Katana class vessel and bring the crews back to the Confederacy. Onboard all three of the Confederate ships, the sailors all hoped for the best and prayed that there would be no exchanges, but these were pressing times, and nobody was sure if they would need to be the ones to open up with those first shots of what could become a war nobody wanted.

Inside the Godhammer, the men in charge of the missiles prepared to open up if it came down to it, torpedo tubes were loaded in preparation of a submarine ambush, and on the deck, turrets were loaded and trained towards the Hurtian vessel.
Hurtful Thoughts
04-06-2007, 02:28
"Radar reports hows 2 ships closing fast..."

The ensign had to think, and fast...

"I'm pretty sure your soverienty does not extend out to international waters, any act of aggression would be percieved as an act of war, please slow down your approach. In the meantime, would you like us to move further from your coast, closer, or to stay here?"

Around the end of that message another ship interupted:

"This is FF-1265, Captian Butch speaking, is there a problem here?"

"Captian Butch of FF-1265, this is Ensign Burt of FF-1389, we currently have the situation under control, thank you, apparently there is a misunderstanding as to our reletive location from Blackhelm Confederacy's territorial waters, sir"

"Ensign? What happened to you Captian? What position of the ship are you from?"

"Communications, sir. The Captian is inspecting the gunnery crew on deck for an, erm, nightime display for the enjoyment of the crew."

"Mind if we watch?"

"No sir, we wouldn't mind one bit, though the exact location isn't quite figured out... Perhaps we should ask Greenglass..."

"Greenglass? Who's he? The intirior decorator?"

"No sir, he's the Captian of a Blackhelm Naval Vessel called the 'Godhammer', a Sovremenney class battle cruiser if I'm not mistaken."

"Then my apologies to Mr. Greenglass for the misunderstanding, so what does he want?"

"He wants us to move, sir."

"To where? We're already in international waters..."

"That was what I was asking him, please, sir, be quiet unless you happen to have a diplomatic envoy onboard...."

"As a matter-o-fact we do... Let's see, he's somewhere on this roster..."

"Mind ceasing your transmissions until you find him, sir? Your radio is drowning theirs out, we can't hear them..."

"Oh, right, sure thing [mumbles]"
Blackhelm Confederacy
04-06-2007, 07:08
"We have recieved reports of your ships setting up checkpoints, as well as frightening passengers aboard vessels moving into and out of the Confederacy. Confederate High Command have given us new instructions. We are to escort you away from currently active sea lanes, and we will remain in communication until further notice"
Hurtful Thoughts
05-06-2007, 04:59
"Hmm, I don't see any harm in that... Though, for the record, it was never our intention to frighten any of your people, rather, to set up a dragnet so that further misunderstandings could be prevented in the future, I'm sure this move makes everyone feel nice warm and fuzzy inside at the moment, but chances are, we'll be back where we started 15 years ago... Regardless, we shall comply, Captain Greenglass, sir. But what about the submarines?"
Blackhelm Confederacy
05-06-2007, 06:06
"They will need to move from the sea lanes as well"
Hurtful Thoughts
05-06-2007, 06:19
Crazies on submarine... (

"Yes, but how will they know where to go? Oh, right... on it..."

For a moment, the communications officer had footten that submarines can pick up low frequency SONAR pimgs quite well... He just hoped the whales won't mind and that the crews knew Morse code...