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Black Christmas RP [IC]

Jartil the King
18-05-2007, 02:54
This is an RP I made. It's mostly MT, but it's a little more advanced.
December 25th, Christmas Day. 10:30, AM
Anaronix reclined in the chair in his office. The year, almost over, had been fairly uneventful. He had executed a few activists to put them in their place, gotten a few billion in bribes from large corporations, used the bribes to fund the military, and scared everyone into submission. Not bad for his first year in office. He smiled. However, his happiness was quickly gone about 30 minutes later.
It had all began with Christmas. The government could not keep this aspect of Christianity out of their nation. Therefore, they chose to incorporate it into their own religion, celebrating the birth of Jartil. Jartil, who's name was synonymous with the government. Not because of their devotion. Because the government disliked having anything in their country that couldn't be either easily killed, outlawed, or bribed to be under control. Back to the day's events. A small group of Catholic tourists had been identified as trying to spread their religion. A group of soldiers had killed them. But this wan;t the trouble. The trouble was that they were acting under the command of General Fronzan Rengol. Anaronix knew nothing of this until 30 minutes after he had complimented his achievements.
"Why didn't he tell me?!" Anaronix ranted, alone in his office. "Why, if he was in here, i'd maim him myself, the dirty lying--" He was cut short by a knock on the door. Anaronix calmed himself, and answered it. It was Rengol, with half a dozen of men armed behind him. He let "Hello, mr. Rengol." Anaronix's eyes narrowed. "I heard about the Catholics."
"So you did," replied Fronzan calmly.
"Why didn't anyone tell me?!" Anaronix screamed in Rengol's face, spit flying from his mouth.
"We believe that it's time for a new dictator." Rengol gestured behind his back.
"What do you mean? There's only a new dictator when the old one die--" Anaronix stopped short when he saw the soldiers raise their guns. Fronzan nodded grimly at Anaronix.
"We're sorry. Actually, we're not." Rengol's men snickered. Anaronix slyly pressed a small button on his desk.
"What? Oh, you must be sending for help." Fronzan smiled. "Surprised that I know your secrets?"
"I would be if you did." Anaronix smiled. "Goodbye, old friend." A small chirp could be heard. Then the section of the floor Rengol was standing on retracted to a large metal plate. Regol's body convulsed, and then lay still. While the guards watched this, Anaronix grabbed a handgun and ran past them, into the hallway. He ran down the stairs, and past the lobby. His secretary pulled a gun out, and shot at him. Anaronix saw the secretary's hand under the desk rising, so he had lie down quickly. He shot at the secretary, and lodged a bullet in his left arm. He got up, and ran out. He quickly ran to his car, and flew through the capital, Erdonis. He reached the outskirts, and ran into a small shack. Inside was a single staircase, leading far underground. Anaronix ran down. Inside, it was like a twisted version of the bat-cave. He heard footsteps from behind a monitor. "Hello, Draylon." A man walked out. He was quite short, and dressed in a navy blue jumpsuit.
"Hello, Anaronix. What brings you here? And please tell me you didn't park out front, because if you did, the entire operation might--"
"I did. No time. Code red." Anaronix said. "NOW!" He commanded.
"Commencing code red. Are you sure about this?"
"Do it!" Anaronix yelled. Draylon hit the button.
"Merry Christmas, animals." Anaronix smiled grimly, as his headquarters was disintegrated by all manner of charges, placed in the foundation. "Draylon. Send a telegram to as many people as possible, requesting help. We're looking at a full scale civil war."
20-05-2007, 01:10
TO: Anaronix
FROM: Emperor Veranon the 12th
Begin Message
The moment that the messenger arrived in my room informing me of your state, I jumped up and got moving. I am writing this telegram while standing next to the messenger who brought me this news. If you haven't already guessed, that messenger happens to be lying dead on the floor, with two bullets in his head. It is my tradition to kill the messenger. Maybe that is why I am running low on them...

On to business. I am prepared to offer you my full army to fight in the war which I am sure will begin soon. I am only issuing this help to you because you are a powerhouse of economy and business in this region, and I really would like to keep Evil People Paradise strong. So, please send me a return telegram with your answer as to whether or not you wish to have the aid of my armies.

Keep in mind, all messengers who bring bad news should be killed on the spot.
End Message
Jartil the King
20-05-2007, 14:31
Anaronix ran over to the monitor. "Wow. All his soldiers?" He was going over the telegram. "Good. Time to send a reply."
To: Veranon the 12th
From: Anaronix Krotan
Subject: Don't shoot the messenger! This isn't bad!
Hello, Veranon. I am glad that you want to support evil people by helping me. I will not meed your entire millita, however. In our nation, we have a three way war ensuring. The only way we (Me and StormX, our resident terror organization.) can win, is if we do it covertly. Please come with a good mix of spies, snipers, assassins, demo experts, and some normal infantry with good speed.
20-05-2007, 14:46
Veranon sat back in his chair as he waited for a reply to appear on the large screen in front of him. When it did, he quickly scanned it, and then began replying. "Ah, the miracle of modern technology..." he sighed, and began typing.

TO: Anaronix
FROM: Veranon
Begin Message
When I looked over what you are requesting, I realized the perfect course of action for myself to take. I am now deploying the Veranon Special Forces, led by my finest commander and tactician Xander. I will stay safe back here. I will deploy them right now. Where can they meet you? I will need latitude and longitude coordinates.
End Message
Jartil the King
20-05-2007, 14:57
Anaronix smiled to Draylon. "Call in StormX. Have them escort Veranon's troops to the bunker." He turned to the monitor, and began typing.
To: Veranon
From: Unknown
Encrypted using level four binary
It is too risky for me to send you the latitude. Just find a large red flare, and follow it. We will provide an escort.
20-05-2007, 15:09
Once Veranon received the code, he fed it directly into his code-breaking computer. A few minutes later, it printed out the actual message. Once he had read it, he deployed the troops. Along with Xander.


Xander stood on the open edge of a large army helicopter. The blades above him were swirling faster then the eye could see, yet they were almost silent. Behind him he could faintly here the five other helicopters who were following him. He looked over the landscape. A war-torn land. He could see little cities and town. He though he could see cars driving around at reckless speeds. Then he turned his gaze to the beautiful skies around him. Clouds floated. And a red speck glinted. "Corporal. Thats the flare!" He shouted to the pilot. He then pointed to it, in full view of the corporal. Knowing what was coming next. Xander grabbed a handle near him. Just in time, for the helicopter banked to the left, and turned to follow the flare. All of the other choppers followed in formation. "Lieutenant, how far are we from the border?" Xander questioned the man sitting at a tactical console near him. "We are just coming up on it sir. You should be able to see the fencing." Xander steadied himself, and let go of the handle. In the distance he could see tall fences marking the border of Veranon and Jartil. "Alright. Time to fly high. Corporal. Time to head up. I want our current elevation doubled!" He shouted to the pilot. He quickly grabbed the handle. The chopper jolted upwards on small rockets which had been activated. Once it had reached high altitude, Xander let go. "Alright Corporal, keep going high like this, and keep on that flare. Everyone, now we are in enemy territory."
Jartil the King
20-05-2007, 15:56
Anaronix had set off a flare near the rendezvous spot for StormX. Jeronix, the leader of StormX, had taken 50 men to that point. Anaronix had taken his car from out front, and hid it in the garage as to deter the attacks of rioting citizens and Rengol's men that did not die, as they were out of the building.
Jerinox waited near the spot. He heard helicopters approaching. "Get down!" He called to his men. He hid behind a bombed building. When the army choppers broke the clouds, he took out a pair of binoculars. "Come out. It's them." he called out. Most took out automatic weapons, and trained them outside of the circles, while the snipers stayed hidden.
20-05-2007, 16:17
At Xander's command, the choppers came down towards the ground where they could see the flare just barely still burning, and 50 troops clustered around it. They landed next to the troops. Xander walked off the choppers, as their blades started slowing down. "Hello." He sad to Jeronix, and the troops.
Jartil the King
20-05-2007, 16:25
Jeronix wordlessly nodded, and signaled for the troops to head west. They traveled to a large, stone, building with no windows. Jeronix walked up to the small, steel door in front, and typed a long code in on the keypad next to it. The door unlocked with a click, and Jeronix walked inside. He gestured for the others to follow. Once inside, he lead the men up several flights of stairs. Occasionally he would tell a few of Veranon's soldiers to go into one of the empty room. Eventually, he reached the top. He gestured to his men. Jeronix led Xander into a small room. It had a single bed, a lamp, and a dresser. "This is where you and your men will be staying. We cannot afford many commodities in this time of war, but a veteran such as yourself probably has experienced much worse." Jeronix said to Xander.
20-05-2007, 20:36
"That is true, and I haven't had much better before either. Where is the command center?" Xander questioned. He was hoping it was close by.
Jartil the King
20-05-2007, 23:53
"The very outskirts of the city. We do have a direct link with them, though." Jeronix said. He led Xander to a small room with a large monitor mounted on the wall, and a keypad. In the center of the room was a square vertical column about 3 feet wide. It had a glass section, with a map of the city encased inside. It had small numbers projected onto it. "That's a tracker for our units. We all have small GPS transmitters, so it can tell where we are. Anaronix spent a load on this."
21-05-2007, 00:29
"Interesting. Very interesting. May I remain in here for a few moments? I wish to speak to Anaronix by myself." Xander asked. He really needed to have a quick word with Veranon though, but he assumed that Anaronix could put him through.
Jartil the King
21-05-2007, 23:58
Jeronix nodded, and pressed a few buttons. A short guy in a blue jumpsuit was on the screen. "Hello, Jeronix. I'm guessing that you want to speak with Anaronix."
"Put me through, Draylon. Is he in a bad mood?"
"No worse than usual. Here he is." Draylon said, as Anaronix came into view.
"Hello, Jeronix. I see you've picked up the Veranon troops."
"That I have. Their chief wants to talk to you."
"Fine. Put him on." Jeronix turned to Xander, and gestured on front of the screen.
26-05-2007, 00:13
Wishing that he could have talked to Veranon, but accepting the fact that it wasn't possible, he moved on. "Hello Anaronix" Xander said to the man on the screen. "I wish to know what your plans are. So that I can brief my troops.
Jartil the King
29-05-2007, 23:29
"Fine." Anaronix replied. "Although I believe that you will be able to help more if you understand our current situation. Our country is locked in a three-way civil war. You know us, of course. The other fighters are the civilians who see this as their only chance at freedom. They aren't well armed, but what they lack in technology they make up for in numbers. Then we have the military. These are the soldiers who I used to command. They hate my guts. Before they overthrew me, I supplied them with the best weaponry I could get, a choice I now regret. I also was drafting civilians, so they're fairly large. They are lead by former captain Doran Certid. He hates my guts even more than the rest of them. The three groups are fighting for control of the government. If the civilians win, then we have anarchy. If my former government wins, then we all die. If we win, then we return to a peaceful, quiet, dictatorship. From there, we're just trying to stay alive. We eventually will lead some tactical expeditions, but for now, we just kill anything that wears camouflage."
03-06-2007, 02:50
"I see. Should I deploy my troops to find the enemy, or should I keep them inside this bunker? Keeping them in here though seems a bit of a waste. They could probably kill anything on the planet, provided some information about it. They are the finest group of soldiers, hand-picked by myself. I am proud of all of them." Xander replied to this lengthy description given by Anaronix.
Jartil the King
03-06-2007, 17:18
OOC: You think that's lengthly? Wait till I really get going.
BIC: "That claim will be put to the test before this war's over." Anaronix replied. Suddenly, he stopped. "Hold on. I think I found some action." Anaronix had found a story about civilian riots. "Read this." Anaronix hit a few buttons, and the file was sent.
On the other end, Jeronix leaned in front of Xander. He opened the file, and began reading.
Downtown Selthor Under Attack
Today a large mob of civilians rampaged throughout Selthor. The area is under lock-down by the military. The riots began at 9:00 this morning, when a local restaurant was burned by a group of young men. More joined them, yet the government did not take action until noon. By this time, the area was completely devastated, and the rioters' numbers were vast. The military only helped to contain the damage, however, they were too late to prevent the massive damage. I cannot believe I'm saying this, but I wish Anaronix Krotan was back in power. With him, the rioters would be either locked up or exiled in an hour. But for now, this is just chaos. We have a witness's report. They wish to remain anonymous.
"I was just getting ready to open up my store, when I hear a crash. I'm in the pottery business, so crashes are never good news in my store. I was in the storage room, and so I quickly ran out front. I saw a group of people , hurling pottery around the room. The original crash was them breaking the window. I quickly turned and ran back into the storage room, and I locked the door. When I felt sure that they had left, I came out. I found my entire store destroyed. I looked outside, and the rest of the city looked mostly the same. I ran out, and managed to leave before the army came to contain us. The riots were worse than anything I've seen before. Why can't Anaronix take over again?"
Jeronix turned to Xander. "Looks like we have a job. Get your men. It's 1:00 right now, we should be able to get there by 1:30. Bring your choppers. Time is of the essence."
Anaronix spoke up.
"Why do we need to leave now? We have a while."
"Because we need all the time we can get. We need to scout the area before we strike. The civilians are mad enough that they held armed soldiers at bay for an hour. If we go running in there, they'll team us. We're not trying to kill them, remember?" Jeronix replied.
"Good thinking. Now go." Anaronix said. He ended the transmission.
05-06-2007, 03:20
Xander headed out of the room, and back to his troops. He didn't give them a very long description of what was happening. It could wait until they were on the choppers. When all the troops were ready, Xander ran back to Jeronix. "Jeronix, we're all ready. Are you bringing land or air vehicles?"
Jartil the King
09-06-2007, 01:06
"I'm bringing land vehicles. That consists of about 10 jeeps, and a few ATV's. My plan is to ditch them outside the lock-down area. We'll go in stealthily, but keep a few men back at the jeeps. We can then break down one border, and then the jeeps can come in. The choppers could wait until a little after our men have gone in, to cause chaos. Sound like a plan?" Jeronix said. He had gathered his men, and repeated this information. He was already in one of the jeeps, holding a grenade launcher and a sub-machine gun. He, and the rest of StormX were dressed in grey and black suits, with an emblem on their shirt. It had a small red box, with an black X through the center. They were loaded on the various vehicles. "Get ready. We're off to see the wizard."