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Broken World 2027 General IC Thread (BW2027 ONLY)

16-05-2007, 03:34
OOC: This is for all the general IC posts in BW2027. I could not find a general IC thread, so I created this one.
16-05-2007, 03:43
After the war not so far past, the UPSS had continued in its nations former use of the Euro. However, the time has come for the UPSS to distinguish itself from the nations of this world, and thus they decided to create their own currency. Based on the same principals as the Euro, the new currencies base unit (=$1) will be the Norwedark, a combination of the names of the former states who now comprimise the UPSS. On the bill will be a picture of the Seal of the UPSS. It had originally been suggested that President Miller, the first and current president of the UPSS, grace the bill, however he declined, saying that it would appear to dictatorial.
16-05-2007, 16:00
This is Edward Raikov broadcasting from Odessa, the capital of the USO. Today the first carrier strike group is conducting massive naval exercises off the coast of Odessa. It is a truly amazing show of force. The missile cruisers have just launched several missiles at a dummy ship, and... direct hit! Earlier today the carriers' aircraft were conducting an air show which the people of Odessa enjoyed greatly. I have been told that the entire fleet will wrap up exercises tonight and continue onto an undisclosed location for further war games.

Edward Raikov, signing off for ONN.
16-05-2007, 23:19
SNN News Report
Today, on the outskirts of Stockholm, the UPSS conducted its first ever airshow with its modern military planes. On the ground were old relics of biplanes and helicopters that civilians could walk around, observing the what had beens. At approximately 4:20, the show started. Showcasing their abilities were the Green Hunters, or the elite FA-18 pilots, the Purple People Eaters, or the elite F-14 pilots, and the Foxes, or the elite MiG-31 pilots. The stunts and procedures shown were simply amazing. It goes without saying that the UPSS has one of the best equipped and best trained Air Forces in the world. From Stockholm, this has ben Eric Muller for SNN, your home for all things Scandinavian.
17-05-2007, 00:09
OCC- You all do realize that this is essentially WWI with WWII equipment? And I honestly don't know where we are getting oil from. I know the Ukraine dosen't have much. And I am pretty sure Russia's oil is mostly in Siberia.
17-05-2007, 00:12
OCC- You all do realize that this is essentially WWI with WWII equipment? And I honestly don't know where we are getting oil from. I know the Ukraine dosen't have much. And I am pretty sure Russia's oil is mostly in Siberia.

OOC: A) this is what a OOC thread is for, and B) no, the tech is 20-40 years back. That means Nam-80's. But you cant have staight 80s tech. My army is from Korea and Nam, and thus my Navy and airforce are from the 80s.
19-05-2007, 16:17
Construction on the islands of Denmark and Scandanvia is progressing well. The main anti-aircraft defenses have been constructed, as well as numerous airstrips. Construction on Gotland, namely at Visby, has gone particularly well. The UPSS will soon be constructing additions to their already plentiful naval base there, as Visby is the hub of the UPSS naval world. On the other islands, naval bases will be built as soon as the air bases, defenses, and perhaps most importantly, radar stations, are finished.
19-05-2007, 16:42
The German President Volganista Bismarck announced expressive need to unite Germany as it was before the end of the First World War.

((OCC- Its early, and its my birthday. I'll think of something else to put.))
19-05-2007, 16:57
Throughout this month, elections will be held across the UPSS to determine who will lead the nation for the next four years. President Miller is completing his first term, and is up for re-election. Polls had him ahead of the other two candidates- Eric Gollen and James Brown - by a wide margin. These polls did not include the citizens on the islands of Denmark, but these citizens will be voting in the election. They are expected to have little impact, however, as their populace of one million will not sway the other 20 million. They will however, be electing their senators and represenatatives. Stay tuned for more on the elections.
19-05-2007, 19:09
Another BP oil rig reopened in the North Sea

Earler theis week, an FBR naval frigate managed to relocate and board an oil rig in the North Sea previously owned by BP. A Marine platoon is occupying the platform long enough for an oil drilling team to restart operations on the rig.
20-05-2007, 02:34
Preliminary Voting Results are in in the UPSS. Once again the UPSS showed its nationbalism by having over half of its population's votes cast by the end of preliminary voting. The UPSS does not have an electoral college, and the winner of the election is based off the popular vote. The votes thus far stand:
Total Votes:
Miller: 7,054,582
Gollen: 1,453,098
Brown: 3,178,651

Vote Distribution in Former Swedish Provinces (approximate):
Miller: 4,500,000
Gollen: 800,000
Brown: 1,500,000

Vote Distribution in Former Norwegian Provinces (approximate):
Miller: 3,000,00
Gollen: 400,000
Brown: 1,300,000

Vote Distribution in Former Danish Provinces (approximate):
Miller: 500,000
Gollen: 200,000
Brown: 300,000

As you can see, the current president holds a resounding margin over his closest competitor. It is expected that he will coast through the rest of the election and become the first re-elected president in the UPSS's breif history.