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War Interest Thread OOC (MT)

01-04-2007, 02:25
Eralineta is being careless now. Its been 12 years since Emperor Black called the mass of land a nation. The nation is now large and a model of business excellance and military boiling point. The nation is about to burst out in civil war as the three military companies all seek to be the best and only in Eralineta. This has lead to an silent warcry and uneasyness in all facets of the government. This boiling point is about to burst into flame.


Emperor Black the leader of Eralineta has declared ARM the best in Eralineta and buys much of their 'business' products. Leading MAM and MOM Corp to be spiteful. Frank Benlata the leader of ARM has been watching the other 8 of Eralineta with spite as Emperor Black in effort to quell the boiling point has purchased from MAM and MOM Corp. However the business underworld is cruel and Frank Benlata has been searching for a way to absolve himself and take care of Muha Jinn and Martin Ken.

Frank Benlata has been planning 'accidents' and other situations to knock them off, however security and skepticism is tight. As the military fights a cold war with itself. The companies are endlessly building at an unnatural pace. They have become sub-nations of themselves. The North under ARM. The Coast on MOM Corp. MAM with the south.

Muha Jinn and Martin Ken have formed a union to destroy Frank Benlata or kill Emperor Black in a public display or some method which will not lead them to suspicion.

Side companies such as REGO, FLOT and ECC have witnessed this build up and are afraid to take sides, but it is clear the inner politicals of the nation has split even the side groups. ECC has been having the biggest building spree of their companies history. The Metaldome was their special project, but now they have been building like crazy. Support of ARM has yielded billions and they are under the protection of Emperor Black.

The big 8 are the secret group of Eralineta. Representative of each facet. Though in complete secrecy they are suspicious of Emperor Black. The government may be run by Black, but the big 8 control Black.

Concept of War

Assassination Plot by Frank Benlata to kill Muha Jinn and Martin Ken using foreign assassins from some foreign agency.

This is to very complex and be viewed as a detective inside story that gives massive developement to Eralineta's main characters and based on whoever wants to answer the call of Frank Benlata can either pull their nation into war with Eralineta or set up something else.

For the assassination: Government secret agency. Terrorist does not count.
For War: A small nation is best. Eralineta is also small.

Any nation is expected to give information (detailed) about whatever action and will be done in OOC. Same will apply with me. The Metaldome will be the spot for the assassination as Blood Moon plays the Dragon Saga.

The shot will be up to the player or any other character. This shot will be an epic shot though. Similar to Golgo's. So this will be good.

Experienced RPers needed. :)
01-04-2007, 03:51
Buddha C
01-04-2007, 04:42
Wouldn't telling you our plans inhibit a sort of freeplay in the RP? Also, it would cause us a LARGE disadvantage.
01-04-2007, 17:12
Wouldn't telling you our plans inhibit a sort of freeplay in the RP? Also, it would cause us a LARGE disadvantage.

No, first what you are going to do in OOC. I don't use OOC for IC. Then when we actually do it, I want it to be detailed enough so that it doesn't become: 'XXXX heads to the Metaldome. Sets up his gun. Waits for the right moment. Fires.'

We have decent security and you have up to two targets. That is why we have to plan this out, because I don't want this to be another insignifigant RP. Should be a good read for anyone who wants to relive it. :)
01-04-2007, 17:18
I'm interested but I have quite a few other rps going on right now when is this expected to officially begin?
01-04-2007, 17:32
In a few days at the most.
02-04-2007, 10:41
I am quite interested.