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Arms Deal Sought

Cape Libertad
31-03-2007, 20:17
From the Desk of the President of the People's Republic of Cape Libertad and Dependent Territories:

Greetings Comrades,

Following our successful overthrow of the injust absolutist monarch regime in our fledgling nation we are looking to dispose of the contents of the former Royal Treasury, consisting of some billions in monies, overseas accounts, overseas real-estate, and jewels and artifacts. We look to put this bourgoise mass of wealth into good use through modernisation of our armed forces and also where possible modernise our medical, educational, agricultural and transportation services. We look to the international community to establish any trade deals possible, please note that we do not wish to be approached with any suggestions of nuclear, chemical or biological weaponry agreements.


President W.F Belizon of the People's Republic
31-03-2007, 20:28
The Imperial Arms Corporation would be pleased to provide you with whatever you might happen to require.
Some sort of listing of the items your require would be useful, however. Main battle tanks, artillery, infantry weapons, and so forth, or other items? IKO is of course, ready to provide all of these should your request it and, of course, if you have the money.
Cape Libertad
31-03-2007, 21:03
Many thanks for your proposal, we are of course prepared to make a considerable purchase. We currently seek an assortment for our arsenal. Infantry weaponry and armour as well as techincal equipment such as laser-sight, night vision equipment and small explosives are required. Heavy artilary and invasion-prevention artilary and support vehicles are also needed. In particular we need to establish a modern air-force and would be interested in both light and heavy assault helicopters and fighter jets. Some bombers would also be useful. The below order sums our requirements and we await your recommendations for fulfilling these:

Personel armour: 10,000 units
Assault Rifles with grenade capacity: 6000 unit
Pistols: 7000 units
Anti-tank mines: 3000 units
Light-armoured vehicles: 300 units
Heavy-armoured vehicles: 300 units
Light tanks: 250 units
Heavy tanks: 300 units
Land-air missile technology: 200 missiles and launch equipment for 5 sites
land-sea missile technology: 300 missiles and launch equipment for 10 sites
Full available range of equipment for 10 military sites including radar equipment, missile launch technology, missile guidance technology, advanced IT equipment with secure encoding technology, master operating system to over-ride all military installation computing equipment, missile storage equipment, re-inforced building supplies, missile assembly equipment if available.
Military jets with maximum missile holding capacity: 100 units.
Attack helicopters: 50 units.
Military bombers: 10 units.
Military jeeps: 400 units.
Grenades: 5000

This is our pre-limenary list for rearmament. All payment shall be made through liquidation of the former Royal Treasury and paid into any specified account. We have a large lump-sum of disposible income since deposing of the monarch, we expect the best technology and reliability possible.
31-03-2007, 21:39
Ah, this is most fourtunate. Dontgonearthere is happily in possesion of most of the items you seek.

((G1 = 2USD, just so ya know)

In terms of ballstic vests, we can provide 10,000 units at a cost of G350 per unit. Said vests provide good protection from most modern weapons rounds at ~200m, and this protection can be enhanced with the addition of rigid plates within the armour.

We have 10,000 AK-47 assault rifles for a price of G150 per rifle, or 5,000 AK-74 assault rifles for G220 per rifle.

8,000 TT-33 pistols for G75 per pistol. They are older models, but, like the AK-47, they are quite reliable and rugged.

We have a number of BMP-3 and BTR-80 vehicles. The BMP's go for G120,000 per unit, the BTR's G250,000

We have no 'light' tanks per se, but the BMP can be employed as one.

'Heavy' tanks, we presume this includes main battle tanks, include the T-55 (G1,000,000 per unit), T-62 (G2,500,000 per unit), T-72 (G3,000,000 per unit), T-80 (G4,000,0000 per unit) and T-90 (G5,500,000 per unit). Obviously more advanced tanks cost significantly more than less advanced models, quality or quantity is up to you.

By way of Surface-to-Air missiles, the S-300P provides excellent coverage in a heavy air defence platform at a going rate of G4,500,000 per launch unit and G750,000 per missile. It is designed more to take out ground support aircraft and helicopters than fighters.
A lighter platform is the 'Tor', going for G2,500,000 per launch unit and G250,000 per missile. It is significantly faster, and more geared towards jets and other fast aircraft.

Anti-Shipping missiles include the RPK-6 Vodopad missile system, going for G2,000,000 per launch system and inlcuding the missile. This provides a decent anti-shipping missile, although it is not suitably modern to take out the top of the line ships employed by most of the modern navies, it will, however, work quite well against any enemies you are likely to face.

The MiG-29 should prove suitable to your needs in terms of a fighter aircraft, it performs well in most case and is not expensive at G24,000,000 per unit.

Perhaps it would be wise to resolve these purchases before moving on.
Cape Libertad
31-03-2007, 22:08
We accept 10000 ballistic vests at a total cost of G3500000

We accept 10000 AK-47s at a total cost of G1500000

We do not wish to continue with purchase of pistols at this point

We accept 300 BMP-3 and 300 BTR-80 vehicles at a total cost of G111000000

We accept 300 T-90s at a total cost of G1650000000

We accept 5 s-300P launch units at a total of G22500000

We accept 200 s-300P missiles at a total of G150000000

We accept 5 Tor launch units at a total of G12500000

We accept 200 Tor rockets at a total of G50000000

We accept 300 RPK-6 systems at a total of G600000000

We accept 100 Mig29 Jets at a total of G240000000

Total Due: G2841000000, or $5682000000USD

Please specify to where this payment should be made. Please note that we expect the strictist confidentiality of this purchase and would like the matter to proceed as smoothly and quietly as possible.
31-03-2007, 23:03
FYI, NS tracker gives your defence budget at S$124,346,147.52, and an exchagne rate of S$22.1144 = $1.
Which gives you a total defence budget of...5,623,977.70
I never liked the exchange rate thing anyway though, so we can go with the first number if you like. I can do installment payments as well if you like, but 5 billion USD is a bit out of your range.)
01-04-2007, 07:37
The Commonwealth of Tolvan can supply you with 3,000 surplus MAV-37 AT mines for a total cost of US$19 million.

Nearly 80% of the MAV-37 is plastic or composite material, making very difficult to detect. The MAV-37 also features built in anti-tampering devices to make removal difficult. The mine's warhead consists of a 22.5 explosive forged projectile and is capable of stopping even the most heavily armored vehicles. The fuse has variable settings to allow to choose what weight class of vehicle the mine will engage. (In other words you can lower the weight setting to take out cars or reaise it to only engage tanks.)

Samuel Ryan
Minister of Defense
Commonwealth of Tolvan
01-04-2007, 09:11
i can supply wit:

20,000 M16A3 for 15 million
300 javelin anti tank launcher for 20 million
100 M1A1 for 150 million
200 lav 25 for 100 milion
i can give u how ever many uh-70 helicopter for 5.9 million a heli
80 f-16 for 90 million
500 avenger anti air rockets
and also can give military support if needed.
sect. of defense of angoar,Tracy booker
01-04-2007, 10:20
Due to certain, ah, changes in terrain, Norausa no longer needs a great many of its war machines. We will be willing to sell our armored vehicles to you, but we'll let you takea look before we discuss prices. Note that Norausan armor is known more for its speed and maneuverability than its "power".

NorArms M42 Lamorak Medium Tank
Power Plant: Ceramic internal-combustion engine, used to charge heavy ionic batteries. Batteries can be recharged by direct electrical input or through special solar panels.
Drivetrain: Electric-impulse with magnetic suspension
Dimensions: 7.5 x 3.7 x 2.15 meters
Weight: 50 tons
Max road speed: 85 kph
Sprint speed*: 100 kph
Effective combat range: 325 kilometers
Armor: Up to 2.5 cm of Chobham2** composite armor at glacis and turret; reactive explosive plates
Main weapons: 1 x M1402 105mm smoothbore high-velocity cannon
Secondary weapons:
-2 x 20mm autocannons, mounted on side of the turret. Anti-aircraft.
-1 x 12.7x100mm machine gun, linked to main cannon system
-2 x 7.62x65mm coaxial machine guns (commander and driver)
Tertiary weapons: 1 x 30 megawatt laser point-defense/APERS cluster
-Excellent NBC life-support system
-Mark III Multi-Method Fire-Control System
-Millimeter-wave radar, infrared, Doppler-shift, and enhanced-visual sensors
-FireWall Mark IV point-defense AI suite
-2 x six-barrel smoke-grenade launchers

*The M32 can engage a supplementary drive-linked power plant for a limited amount of time; prolonged use can result in burnout of the drive
**Chobham2 consists of layers of steel, boron carbide, and carbon nanutubes. Outermost layer is 50mm of durasteel, a composite itself of steel, titanium, and carbon nanotubes.

Armatech M31 Uriens Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Power Plant: Ceramic internal-combustion engine, used to charge heavy ionic batteries. Batteries can be recharged by direct electrical input or through special solar panels.
Drivetrain: Electric-impulse with magnetic suspension
Dimensions: 6.6 x 3.5 x 3 meters
Weight: 35 tons
Max road speed: 90 kph
Sprint speed*: 120 kph
Effective combat range: 280 kilometers
Armor: Up to 1.75 cm of steel/aluminum/silicon carbide composite armor at glacis and turret; reactive explosive plates
Main weapons:
-1 x M1301 30mm autocannon
-2 x 3-missile turret-mounted 102mm missile packs (TOW or autoguiding)
Secondary weapons:
-1 x 7.62x65mm coaxial machine gun (driver)
-Limited NBC life-support systems
-Laser and Radar-based fire control
-Millimeter-wave radar, infrared, and enhanced-visual sensors
-1 x 6-barrel smoke grenade launcher

*Like the M42, the M31 can engage a supplementary drive-linked power plant for a limited amount of time; prolonged use can result in burnout of the drivetrain

Armatech M6A1 Wildcat Recon Vehicle/M6A2 Lynx Light Support Vehicle/M6A3 Cougar Fast-Strike Vehicle
Engine: Ceramic internal-combustion engine; 440 horsepower
Dimensions: 4.5 x 1.85 x 1.6 meters
Weight: 2.45 tons
Max road speed: 190 kph
Effective combat range: 315 kilometers
Armor: 9.5mm steel/aluminum armor.
Main weapons:
-1 x 12.7mm machine gun (M6A1)
(or) 1 x 30mm multipurpose automatic grenade launcher (M6A2)
(or) 1 102mm TOW anti-armor missile launcher (M6A3)