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Are we there yet? (FT Aphotic, attn NE, ND, Abh, Yukatania)

29-03-2007, 07:56
(Following the events of Orphaned (

On the very edge of Inferno space a massive fleet of warships and non-combats alike entered into the Aphotic Galaxy.

Celric Sunfist stood leaning against a railing on the observation deck staring out at the stars. He sensed his friend approach behind him. "I'm glad to see so many stars back. I feel so vulnerable in space, travelling between planets and stars feels like falling from one moving target to another. None of that compares to travelling between galaxies though. I've never felt so cold and alone. Curse that Aodh forsaken space, it's good to be back among his avatars." (ooc: the main god of the Tidani Celts, Aodh is the sun god and similar to the Light from warcraft)

Admiral Kadus Starfall stood beside Celric. "That's what I've come to tell you. We've entered the Aphotic Galaxy now and will be entering No Endorse space shortly." They both stared out at the stars brightening the display screens that had been much darker for the last few months. "I would like you to join me on the bridge when we transmit the message. Unfortunately I can't allow anyone from any of the other ships to come here because of the quarentine, otherwise I would bring the King and leader of your Order here in person. I can't risk the plague still living amongst your people and causing an outbreak here amongst my brothers. We are the last of the Hyren on these few ships and I'm afraid I must continue to isolate us from your people until we can be sure they will not unintentionally harm us."

Celric lowered his head, leaning out over the railing he stared at the deck below. "I understand. What happened to your people was horrifying. You and your race can rest assured that my people will do nothing to harm you or risk your safety. You took us from our abandonned ship and raised us up as if we were your own family and children. We owe you everything." He rose again and looked into his friend's eyes. "The survivors of the plague will forever be honored amongst my people. If you should ever need anything from us you have but to ask."

Kadus stared out into the display again. "It seems we were right adopting your people, for one day every child will take care of their parents. It seems as though that day has come for the Hyren." He shook his head and then ruffling his feathers pushed off of the balcony railing moving a few steps toward the door. "Let's go send that message before the Inferno becomes suspicious."

The exile fleet passed over the border into Inferno space. It took half a day for all the ships to enter. A message was sent on to Sactuary declaring their presence and purpose, as was polite to do when one's entire nation arrived on someones doorstep.

<Government of the Inferno of No Endorse, Sactuary:

The nation of Tidan requests safe travel through your territory and the oportunity to resupply while in your space. This is a time of great sorrow and despare for Tidan but even in this time the past friendship of the Inferno has not been forgotten and we made this journey to your space in the hopes it has not been forgotten here either.

King Kerain I of Tidan
Knight-Lord Camlin Raylance of The Knights of Aodh
Admiral Kadus Starfall of the Hyren Survivors of Tidan>

(ooc: my nation is currently making its way into and then through the Aphotic Galaxy to where they will settle. Currently only No Endorse is involved but after we leave his space we will be moving through New Dornalia, Abh, and then around The Erobers and Godulan space to Yukatan space. I will be contacting each of you as I move into your territory and what ever you want to happen can also happen as I move through. Anyone else from the Aphotic is welcome to join in at any point they may wish as long as you keep in mind that we are in someone elses territory and that I have basically my entire nations navy as well as huge amounts of non-combats here. My ships arn't crewed with many experience people but they arn't stupid and there are a lot of them. Also I'd rather not have someone try to kill me off yet, thank you.)
29-03-2007, 08:08
OOC: Oh. Is that a new wind I feel....?

Anyway, Ill wait till you get a little closer. Probably NE will inform me you are on your way and it could start sooner.
29-03-2007, 08:29
Hey, this is exactly what I did when I moved Azaha to the Aphotic. Packed up from the MWG and did a mass exodus into the Aphotic. I haven't done an RP for it yet, but Huntaer has accepted it.

I'll join in at some point....

You got a new MSN Tidan?
29-03-2007, 18:23
OOC: Oh. Is that a new wind I feel....?

Anyway, Ill wait till you get a little closer. Probably NE will inform me you are on your way and it could start sooner.

Ya only NE is in it right away, but as I move through I'll be passing though the rest of you, so I decided to attn you all. NE and the others will probably alert you that I'm coming but I will be also when I leave Abh space.

Hey, this is exactly what I did when I moved Azaha to the Aphotic. Packed up from the MWG and did a mass exodus into the Aphotic. I haven't done an RP for it yet, but Huntaer has accepted it.

I'll join in at some point....

You got a new MSN Tidan?

Great, I look forward to our meeting. I still have the same one I just never use it anymore, to be fair I havn't used my personal one either in about 3 months.
No endorse
18-04-2007, 05:07
.... Sensor Spikes Detected
.... Isolating
.... Isolated. Bringing on screen.
Well well, what do we have here? Dale depressed a few contacts and brought the probe readout into sharp relief. A massive fleet screamed across the 'border' of No Endorse space, Tidani colors everywhere. "HEY SAL!" The computer readouts continued to flow, extending to holographic representations of the fleet and estimated trajectories.

"WHAT IS IT?" Screamed a somewhat annoyed voice from the next, and only other, room in the small station. "Forge, seems like every time I want a little rest around here, you come screaming for me!" A mass of shockingly red hair shoved its way through the doorway, swiftly followed by a towel covered body.

"Sunlamping again?"

"Shut it."

"Ah'm tellin you, you're just inviting cancer."

"At least I'm not as pale as you are. 'Sides, I thought I said shut it. Now who are these guys?" Dale pressed a few holographic 'buttons' and the message appeared near her head. "Oh, Tidani." Sal scanned the page, 'pressing' the close icon as soon as she was finished. "Wait, the NATION of Tidan requests safe travel? This is their whole nation?!"

"Seems so Sal."

"Get me a line to Sanctuary and holo me up a uniform."


Hush! The transmitter is queuing up. It's on? Bah, typical.

This is Lt. Sarah Goss of Border Station Alpha-57, relaying reply from Sanctuary Control. You are to have any and all supplies necessary to get wherever you're headed, and are welcome to dock in any public or military port in the nation as necessary. This includes this border station, though we don't have much. If you would like to discuss more, you can shoot this station a tightbeam. We've now apparently been cleared as ambassadors, so whatever you need, give us a shout, and we can come over as fast as possible in our little shuttle. Otherwise, please proceed to Sanctuary. Before I go, I'd like to express sorrow at whatever is causing your trouble, and I hope it passes quickly.

Alpha-57 out.
23-04-2007, 19:57
A few of the smaller ships had limited cargo space and were beginning to run dangerously low on supplies after the long journey. These ships were sent to the border station to get them out of the red before they could move on to more heavily populated areas with better supply.

A frigate approached the border station with a small group of the ships in greatest need behind it.

Alpha-57. This is Commander Banner onboard RTS Everburn.

I would like to come aboard so we can discuss and organize what assistance you can give to the ships under my command.

The rest of the fleet headed on to the core of Inferno space. They fanned out slightly not wanting to overtax any single destination planet. The flag ship, RTS Gallant, headed directly for Sanctuary. The leadership wanted to thank the Inferno for their help and make some inquiries.

When it arrived in Sanctuary's system the Gallant entered orbit and transmitted a message to the No Endorse governement.

Greetings and blessings to the citizens of the Inferno. King Kerain I of Tidan wishes for a meeting between himself and his counterpart here on Sanctuary. His majesty awaits news of his request with great anticipation.