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Satellite Imagery of Eralineta's War Factories (MT-OPEN)

29-03-2007, 05:38
"Sweet Zombie Jesus!"

"Oh god! What the hell are they doing!?"


A pile of pictures from a satellite pass over Eralineta revealed startling pictures. As ARM had dug in last year into the dense forests of the east a steady supply of a armament has been dissappearing for months on end. At first thought to be groups of soldiers on patrol after the public outcry about their issue with slavery, ARM has been using scare tactics to build a massive army.
Satellite imagery just a few hours ago recording a parade in the capital city of Hamack. Hundreds of MBT-23 C1's crowded the streets as they paraded ARM's premiere tank designs. Dozens of SCUD launchers moved down the street flanked by dozens of offiers of ARM. The military parade began at 9:00.

Live video coverage of the time showed Emperor Black from his office urging on everyone to cheer for the troops and the three militaries of Eralineta. Morale was high as the new nation put on a fablous display that rivaled the superpowers.

It all began with scores of trained soldiers in bright khaki shorts clutching rifles and marching with the ARM band. Drumming out steps and walking with great discipline. Followed closely by MBT-21's, 22's and 23's. APCs followed with the men as ARM displayed its proud military forces for the nation.

Though quickly after the APCs had past slow-moving SCUD launchers with missiles on their backs moved slowly down the street, a bold symbol for a nation to publically show, but nonetheless the crowd cheered as various kinds of light vehicles and cargo trucks passed by with soldiers marching with their weapons in uniform or dress uniforms in distinct groups.

Followed closely by ARM was MAM's military parade. An aerial show of helicopters and small jet craft flew overhead with streams of pink, blue, red, white, orange and violet trails. They flew around in the air putting on a display of MAM's aerial accomplishments as several groups of light vehicles passed by, similar to ARMs.

However nothing was more unusual then the parade that had seemingly drawn up to a hundred thousand troops for a 8 hour parade to celebrate the nation's birth, then it was what the satellites would reveal.

Scud launchers lined in the trees. Tanks lined up in rows on hillsides. Massive groups of 20-50 tanks would be on the training fields lined up as crews on the ground were working and carrying on. Sometimes the tanks would be moving onto or off of a training field. No less then several tens of thousands of vehicles were lined up near newly built warehouse complexes and even brand-new military command centers which were being built only half a year ago were standing proudly now. ARM had clear-cut the forest and paved a massive area to hold proving grounds for vehicles and tanks that at first appeared to be runways.

A massive paved runway filled with small jet fighters similar to the MiG-21. Eralineta's second company had been busy apparently. Overnight hundreds of airplanes filled the runways, hangars were sometimes left open or were seen having an airplane being towed out. Most disturbingly was some large bomber planes that had never been seen before. They lined the runways from one side to the other, outside of their hangars.

Even the waters of Eralineta normally crowded with cargo ships had mysterously seen the arrival of small craft and even cruisers anchored to the dock that looked like off-shoots of the newly made Oceanus ships that patroled Eralineta's waters constantly.

Eralineta had over 100,000 pieces of military vehicles outside today. Over 240 planes. 230 ships and over a hundred thousand men in the parade alone that sent the entire nation into celebration. Fireworks launched into the skies constantly through the day.

Though the absolute biggest surprise came at the end of the parade as all the hundreds of tanks in the parade turned their guns skyward as Emperor Black emerged from the Kavan. A thunderous deafening blast resounded as the tanks began firing their guns into the air. Blank charges that sounded like the real thing gave a thundering 'trumpeting' blast that echoed in the hills and rolled around for awhile before calming down. Truly, Eralineta had declared its weakness over.
29-03-2007, 11:54
Somewhere in Allanea

In the meanwhile, in the United States, the economy has not yet quite recuperated from what would come to be known as the Pilonese crisis. True, kind foreign donors and practical investors had poured more money into the economy then has been taken out by the Pilonese – and yet, the trust of the ordinary Allanean in his economy still has not been fully restored.

It was to counteract this lack of certainty – to make a display of Allanean economic power and military might while combating unemployment – that the Allanean government has decided to continue with the personnel increases outlined under the Miriel Plan.

And so were created many more additional divisions – in practice, fifty more mechanized infantry divisions – and it so happened that their first parade coincided with the day of the Eralinetan parade.

The divisions – 50 in number – comprised a full million of troops, a tiny number when compared to the sheer amount of Allanean ground forces. Still, this would likely look rather impressive to foreigners, as the infantry, clad in combat uniforms, marched past the cameras in a series of coordinated parades in Liberty-City, Port-Allanea, Heston-City, and Progressi.

The troops marched in their famous Samson armor, bayonets fixed and shining, flags waving – the Old Glory, the division banners, stitched upon with gold and silver, the Royal Banner with it's eight-pointed stars.

In this one day, more tanks and armored vehicles were put on parade then the entire armored complement of the Eralinetan army – this, too, was part of the economic plan. Pour money into the defense industry – create jobs at the Kriegzimmer and Allanean Arms factories.

And yet, the Allanean government wasn't doing this because of the Eralinetans.

It was their own plummeting approval ratings that they were concerned about.