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OOC: Super Alliance, allies wanted

28-03-2007, 23:24
Hello everyone. I quit NS foruming for a year or two because of a deleting mishap that wouldn't let me log in to my forum account. Besides that, I began to find it extremely boring because everyone had switched to future tech and were doing these really long, boring-ass RPs where people had names like Kai'sh'me'th'ri and Cthulhu. I tried to have fun using just the game mechanics and make an invader organization but I got bored of recruiting and all the God Damn defender organizations kept finding me out. I recently came back because I was bored with life and I'm beginning to realize I'm pretty big, from a population standpoint.

What I really want is an awesome super alliance, like I remember GDODAD used to be, except even more awesome. For some reason I have this idea that people will want to join up in an alliance with me just because I'm pretty big and old.

So I need people to join my new super alliance. I want to call it Team Awesome but if people who want to join don't like it we can come up with something else. After a few people join up we can do the rest ICly, with cool applications and characters and dialogue and everything.

Sorry for doing this OOC, but I'm in a rush and can't really bother with thoughts and emotions and good writing.
28-03-2007, 23:35
I'd join. Eralineta definately could use the support anyways.
28-03-2007, 23:54
OOC: I know how you feel, I joined back in early '04 and my nation was delted due to inactivity. Actually, several of them. Although I never really got into the Roleplaying. I'd be interested in enlisting in an Alliance, but it depends on what it stood for.
28-03-2007, 23:57
I may be interested in joining, depending on the political viewpoints of the alliance, and also upon who the other members are.
Amazonian Beasts
29-03-2007, 00:11
Depending on your stipulations and beliefs of said alliance, I might be interested...I'm in no current alliances, since it seems like no alliance these days wants a good ole' autocracy around.
29-03-2007, 00:34
When it comes to political views, I really don't care. Oppression of civil rights isn't really a favorite thing of mine, but monopolizing political power is okay. I don't really have much of a vision for this super alliance except that it will be awesome.

My plan now is to make a region, call it Team Awesome(hopefully it's not taken) and leave it open for the time being. Tomorrow morning I'll throw up a password and from then on entrants will be application only and it can be a formal IC thing.

So as of now if you're interested move to Team Awesome(in at least a few minutes after this post) and we can mold the alliance from there.
The Royal Marine Corp
29-03-2007, 00:36
The Royal Marine Corp is willing to join if our view on goverment agree
29-03-2007, 00:41
The Royal Marine Corp is willing to join if our view on goverment agree

What is your view on government?
29-03-2007, 01:09
A Message from the Foreign Office of the Royal Kingdom of Philthealbino

We would like to express a keen interest in such an alliance, we believe that it will serve all member nations well to unite under a common banner.

Should such an agreement to link our great countries under a common alliance i further suggest we exchange Ambassadors to help us learn more about each others great and rich cultures and heritages.

We understand that different leaders rule their countries differently and accept that, however we will not be party to deliberate oppressions of peoples, in some cases we are prepared to 'liberate' peoples from leaders we deem as unstable.

Yours Faithfully

Sir Jones of Fazeley. Foreign Secretary for the Royal Kingdom of Philthealbino
29-03-2007, 02:21
29-03-2007, 17:24
There will be an IC thread coming soon, where your nation can apply in character to join Team Awesome. Applicants will not be judged very stiffly, it's pretty much just bureaucracy. Hell, you can probably just telegram me for the password and I'll let you in. If you turn out to be an idiot you probably won't stay long though.
29-03-2007, 17:56
Can I join in? Me name's Mussleburgh n i'm a lenist state.;)
30-03-2007, 17:30

The IC Thread is here

Feel free to jump in, telegram me for the password.
31-03-2007, 01:03
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