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N.A.T.A Begins Investegation.

New Asiria
27-03-2007, 20:48
A New Asiria Communications (N.A.C) Report.

'Last night, the 26th of March 2007, the Royal Cruise Ship (R.C.S) Anastasia collided with the Royal Freight Ship (R.F.S) Zander killing more than 1,200 passengers and crew and seriously injuring thousands more. New Asiria Transportation Authority (N.A.T.A) officials arrived on the scene shortly after the disaster occurred though did not comment on the situation, however this afternoon called for international help to uncover the true cause.'
'N.A.T.A official Lisa Gerrard said in a statement "The Anastasia could carry more than 5,000 passengers so you can imagine the immense size of such a ship. The Zander is dramatically smaller which leads us to believe that the collision was not the only cause of both ships sinking with 3 hours."'
'The Anastasia was struck by the Zander just outside Shannon Islands Paradise Port; the Anastasia was entering the dock area when the Zander ran along side her. Prime Minister Charles Manner delivered the call for international help last night along side top N.A.T.A officials saying "we want to bring justice to those who have died and to those who are now suffering from the trauma of the event"