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Operation: Magic and Guns (Closed)

The Transylvania
27-03-2007, 06:17
It was a stormy night over the massive military fortress that is Castle Von Wolf. Anything less then millions of soldiers would need to take on the Count within his colossal castle. No Dominionites would every try something as crazy as attacking their Caesar. A foreigner's army would be the only ones dumb enough to do that. That is, if this foreigner's army wouldn’t use those cheating weapons like high-yielded nuclear weapons. It would be a death wish to attack the Count in his nation and his lands.

Anyways, it was perfect night for planning invasions. The Count wanted war with somebody, but he want to attack somebody that was corrupt in nature. The reason was to make the United Dominion look somewhat good as the dishonest regime is toppled.

And he wanted to have fair fight with this nation. His newly formed WW legion needed to be tested in warfare. Soldiers need to fight, not stand around without something to do. Nobody in their right mind would attack the United Dominion for the fear of the counter act that the Count would launched.

Anyways, back to the point. The Count wanted to use his werewolf soldiers of the WW legion. Werewolves asked to form this newly legion. Nobody was forced to service in the United Dominion Armed Forces or any other branch of the United Dominion Military arm.

The Count even wanted to see the use of dragons in warfare again. Thousands of years have passed from that day as dragon riders flew into battle with ground forces and aerial forces with enemy dragon riders.

So…he need to find the perfect target for this war. That’s why he had called his son, Crown Prince Khaldun, to meet with him. To weight the options of these nation that has magic basic elements in them. To search through the list of nation will other non-human races within in them. To find that corrupt nation.

“I want war, Khaldun.” said the Count as lighting flashed across the sky, his eyes looked out the glass covered window. He was focused on the mountain behind his castle.

“If we could find one of those orc nations, then those little freaks would be the best target.” said the Crown Prince. The Crown Prince, the Grand General of the United Dominion Armed Forces, was dressed in a all black suit with his hair tied into a pony tail.

“But those things haven’t been seen in years. Same thing about those dark elves, too.” said the Count, taking a Cuban cigar out of his duster.

“I know, father. I want this war as much as you do. But I think we have found that nation. Our prey.” said the Crown Prince, taking a folder from his jacket. In red letters was label ‘The Grand Duchy of Konsekai’.

The Count ran his eyes over the paper within the folder. He scanned every piece of info that was there. He saw the word dictatorship and smiled. He placed the paper on a little table next to him then lit the cigar. He puffed a few clouds of smoke before looking back at the paper.

“Strong influences of kleptocracy. That’s only makes this better. It will be righteous fight on our side. The United Dominion will free the people of Konsekai.” said the Count, he turned to face his son. “This nation will be the perfect target for us to use our monsters of the night.”

“So, will I lead this campaign?” asked the Crown Prince.

“No, you will lead the campaign from the home front. Your sisters will be leading it for their father and their nation.” said the Count, looking over at his Egyptian son.

“Which ones, father?” asked the Crown Prince.

“The twins. They will be to the opening attack after the official declaration of war.” said the Count taking puff from his cigar.

“Ah…as you can see from the satellite shots, the shore is on the east/south-eastern side. That’s the swamps.” said the Grand General.

“Yes, I know it will be hard for our forces to move across those lands. The main plan is head to Jenoi and take Maress Klien and his regime out.” said the Count. “Then we’ll need to get a army together that can get that job done. Lets plan, my son.”

Father and son sat down to figure whom is going in to aid Princess Elizabeth and Princess Lilli in this upcoming war. This would be a fight for the ages. The United Dominion would use mix of fantasy type warfare and modern warfare to combat this enemy.

After what looked like twelve hours or long, the military was all done on paper. The Caesar and the Crown Prince had created a massive armed, air, and naval forces to combat the forces of Klien. A mix of modern naval vessels, aircrafts and other modern things were part of this United Dominion force with wooden boats and dragons. Strange, but in a pure fight with a modern nation, the dragons wouldn’t be needed. The ground forces were mix of normal human with werewolves, dragon riders, mutants, and magical users.

It would take time for this force to mass together and set sail to Konsekai. Then that would take more time to arrive anywhere near the waters of said nation.

Four-eight hours after the planning…

The fleets coming together, the soldiers were waiting to be loaded on their transports. Within the metal vessels of the United Dominion were wooden ships that you would think as pirate’s ship from the old days. There were even long wooden vessels with a flat top and as long as a Hood class battleship. Oh my, what is the United Dominion up to.

The messages within the United Dominion was that these forces were traveling to one of the many colonies of the United Dominion. The people didn’t care as long as they show those ships being load. Their soldiers boarding those transport.

The Caesar would only give the official declaration of war until the fleet was in striking range or very close to it.

As the last of the soldiers boarded the transports, the fleet moved out to open sea with the people cheering. As they cheered for some unknown reason, hidden within the clouds were dragons and their riders. There were five Dragon Lords, with have command over fifteen dragon riders, within the dragon squadrons above the fleets.

War was coming…

Sixty hours after the planning…

Aboard the African Dragon, an Agamemnon class battleships within the fleets, were the twins. They were in the captain’s quarters, looking over reports about the nation they would be soon be attacking. The only thing that would be strange about two commander about to lead a war that would go down in the history of both nation is that both of them were almost naked.

See through purple and pink nightgowns over only matching thongs. They were topless because their night gowns didn’t really cover of anything as they are see through. Good thing the door was locked and that the girl already seen themselves naked.

“We have to win this to make father think we aren’t useless like he thinks.” said Lilli.

“True. So what type of opening attack are you think of doing?” asked Elizabeth as she looked over a map of the shoreline.

“Hurricanes sound fun to cause mayhem in their ranks. We can create a few large ones and send them towards their coast bases and destroy them that way.” said Lilli.

“That’s good. If we gain a good foot hold, we’ll get to deal with those swamps.” said Elizabeth.

“Yup, that swamp will be hard to deal with. We’ll find a way.” said Lilli, pulling out another report to read over.

Elizabeth got a remote and turned on stereo on as some rock music started to play.

Fifteen hours away from Konsekai

The fleet, which number in the large hundreds, was ready to attack the nation. The twin were standing on the very front of the African Dragon. They were in dark purple coal with hoods on them. They had on pure white masks that looked like doll faces. Lifeless masks as the two young women looked ahead at the water.

“A few more hours and the war will be on.” said the twin at the same time. They turned and moved back inside.

As the fleet was ten hours away…

The Count would deliver a message to Maress Klien and those people her government took money from. War was now.

Maress Klien,

Greetings, I don’t you know me, but I know of you. I know what your government does and is. For that, the United Dominion is now out war with your nation. I’ll free your people and allow them to use their money how every they want to. There is already a fleet on the way to chase with your nation and your soldiers. Be smart and give up now.

Count JWolf

He send a message to Klien and to other places within Konseka, be it a newspaper or whatever. Even his soldiers would tell the people that they are there to help free them.

Anyway, it was on.

Ten hours away from Konsekai

The twin were back at the front, looking out at the waters. Dragons were waiting on those long wooden ships as their metal brothers, fighter jets, waited on the carrier. The sounds of footstep came behind them. It was Iron Jake, a man that looked more buccaneer then a United Dominion Navy offers. He wore a dark red long buccaneer style coat with a black buccaneer style hat. He had black hair and a black goatee, his gray eyes looked at the twin.

“War is on. The attack can be started now.” said Iron Jack.

The twin smiled behind their doll mask and closed their eyes. Opening them up, there was gray fog over them. Only on the inside of the eyes. They were focused in creating a hurricane a few miles in front of the fleets.

Iron Jack watched as a hurricane formed out of nowhere and moved forward ahead of the fleet. The twin hoped that this hurricane would gave more powers as it got nearer to the nation. Anyway, they would keep it over control until it was time.

Anyways, the war was on.
28-03-2007, 17:17
Residence of Maress Klien

“Your Grace. A message has just arrived from a Count JWolf.”
”JWolf, where have I heard that name before. Oh yes, that nut-job of the The Transylvania. Lets have it, thought I can’t imagine what he’d want.”

Breaking the seal she quickly read the letter. “Get the general staff up as well as notifying the relevant peoples. It seems the idjit wants to go to war with us.”

As the aid headed off to ensure that the various ministries and military personnel were doing their jobs, Maress rolled out of bed and away from her present boyfriend nee boy-toy. Grumbling she muttered, “I wonder what Wolfies’ preferred brand of boot-polish is.” The last person who’d been arrogant enough to disturb her semi-annual vacation had been given a sustained and in-depth journey into the culinary delights of boot-polish.

The Hex

As the editor of one of the most commonly read papers in Konsekai received the declaration of war from The Transylvanian leader, he yelled out in a thunderous voice, “Maria, get in here and bring the board.”
As his aid, a diminutive mousy woman that looked like she’d fit in quite well at a bibliophile anonymous meeting, had such a support group existed or been at all necessary, scurried in pushing a large white board that held the next edition of the paper, the editor lit a cigar. “Scrap the front five pages and take this to the writers. Make sure that Oswald, Jerry, Mark and Ann get a copy. I want their finished products in five hours.”

The morning edition of The Hex would spread the word of the invasion from the United Dominion.

Weather Office for KNT

“Interesting, we’ve got an unpredicted hurricane coming up on the coast.” The operator commented as he switched systems. It was time to contact the weather bureau to get them to call up a couple storm-breakers over in the afflicted area. With any luck the hurricane would get broken up over the ocean so as to minimize any damage to the land, even if most of the area was simply swamp. The majority of towns and cities that choose to reside along the coast were a bit north of the swamp, if only to avoid the insects, reptiles and other creepy-crawlies that infested swamps.

Martial and Magical Agency

“We’ve received word that The Transylvania has decided to declare war on us. As intended point of invasion is most likely sea-bound, we’ll have to wait. Magri, have your scryers see about finding out where, when and with what they’ve decided to come after us with. Miguel, send a mobilization notice to the guard in the Sijn province. Also, all of you work on your areas to see if you can provide anything for tomorrow’s meeting.

Sijn Province, Weather Correctional Office

”It seems we have an unforeseen storm coming up which means likely as not, someone’s tampering. It appears it just sprung up two hours ago. You all know the procedure so lets get going.”
With a cheer the group of men and women, clad in rain-gear got up and headed out to begin the process of breaking up the storm. An individual storm-mage or weather witch tended to only be able to alter the weather in minor ways but working as a team, it took a great deal of muscle for a storm to continue existing after they started breaking it.
The Transylvania
29-03-2007, 20:12
Eight hours away from Konsekai

Twin looked at their monster, a hurricane that has grown in two hours bigger and stronger. They smiled at the hurricane as the fleet was unharmed by it as it was still a couple of miles behind it. Waves did hit some times as they were created from the powerful winds. Then they changed their moods.

“I know you feel that, right?” asked Lilli to her twin.

“Someone is messing with our baby.”

“No, more then one person. A group.” said Lilli.

The twin could feel the hurricane dieing as the weather mages combat it. Something would have to be done and done fast to keep this attack alive.

“We need help.” said Lilli.

Elizabeth looked back and eyed Iron Jack. The man was commander of this whole fleet, so he could help them by calling in support from other magical beings within the fleet.

“Admiral, we will need the best wizards to aid us in keeping the storm alive. Order the fleet into battle formation, too.” she said.

“Yes, Princess.” said Iron Jack, whom pulled out a black radio and issued orders in it. Elizabeth turned back to keep the storm from dieing off.

The modern element of the fleet was already in a battle formation. The supply ships and other smaller vessel at the rear with the transports. The air defense ships on the outer edges. The battleships near the front. The carriers and missile ships somewhere in the middle.

The wooden vessels, which flew the United Dominion’s flag, their gray sails moving in the wind, weren’t in a battle formation until now. The wooden vessels formed around the outer edge of the fleet before they slowly began entering the air. The dragon carriers were the only ones not entering the air.

As the wooden vessels flew in the air like it was nothing for them, wizards in different color robes moved to the front of the ships. Their skin were of different colors, too. There were wizards that were white, black, dark tanned, and even few that had dark red scale like skin. Each one raised their wands, one on each of the flying wooden vessels, and pointed at the hurricane. They all said the same spell, one that aid in keeping the storm powerful, and a green lightning shot from their wands, which not one looked like the same, and into the storm.

The hurricane even turned to a bit north of the swamp with the help of the twins. The power of the United Dominion would strike the nation.
30-03-2007, 00:29
Weather Correctional Office, Stormbreakers

The members of the stormbreaker team staggered almost to a man, and women, staggered as the wizards who were part of the invasion fleet buffed the hurricane. "God damn it. Someone, or more likely someones, are fucking with the weather. Hendricks, contact the authorities, and the EMTs."

The youth headed out to get in touch with the necessary groups. The authorities in question was the provincial goverment and they would be, with any luck, start thier own analysis that would lead them to warning citizenry in the projected path of the unnatural weather system. The EMTs would be the more important, even if they did have other important duties for the Emergency Magic Teams whole reason for existance where to deal with natural disasters, and the unnatural ones. Most of the time they dealt with talented who weren't identified early and suffered particularly violent or destructive crackings.

While Hendricks was busy alerting those who needed to be alerted, the active members of the local stormbreaker team were working on deflecting the storm toward a less hazardous locations. They'd realized they were overmatched in pitting power to power, but they were quite skilled in thier talent and field and still stood a fair chance of keeping the storm away from those that they were trying to protect, family, friends and neighbours.
The Transylvania
31-03-2007, 02:56
United Dominion Navy Fleet

The twins could still feel the people messing with their baby, their storm. As they born with their powers over having to learn them, they could feel everything happening to their storm. They could feel the forces of their enemy trying to change the path of their bringer of death and chaos. Something had to be done.

“We need a powerful Telekinesis mutant” said Elizabeth.

“One that can lock on this beings messing with our storm.” said Lilli.


“The Black Heart of the House of Wolf. He is with us, right?”

“Yes, brother made sure he came along.”

“Lovely,” said Lilli, turning to face Iron Jack again, “Send word to Lord Salvador Castillo-Saint Clair to come to us, now.”

Iron Jack pulled out his radio and said a few orders under the howling of the hurricane. The bringer of death and chaos was growing every thirty minutes, it was already a level above a topical storm and by the time it hits land, it was be strong as biggest hurricane ever reported.. The twins would use this storm to show what power the United Dominion had under her hands.

Anyways, a few minutes pasted by and Salvador (, wearing a black leather jacket with a matching hood, a black half mask, black cargo pants, dark blue riding boots, and gold lens goggles, walked up behind his two younger aunts.

“What am I need to do.” he asked, as Iron Jack was looking at the fully customized Burning Fox (.45ACP) pistols in holster on Salvador’s outer legs.

“We need your talents. We have a problem.” said Lilli. “Your mission is to kill these problem makers. They are messing with our storm.

“Very well.” said Sal, he placed a hand on both of his aunt’s shoulders, Elizabeth’s left shoulder with his right hand and Lilli’s right shoulder with his left hand. He focused his Telekinesis powers to lock on the problem makers. It didn’t take me long to find them in a city in the storm’s path.

Without saying anything, the Black Heart teleported off of the ships, only leaving black clouds and the heavy smell of brimstone in the air. Another one of his powers, he can teleport by propelling himself out of synch with reality and then realigning with our plane of existence at a different point of space.

Anyways, he had to do a number of jumps to make it to land. One a few miles in front of the fleet, which he exited into open air and the raging waters under him. One was half from the fleet and the land. The last one was five miles away from the land, meaning he would appear near his targets next.

Sal land six feet behind his targets, a part of the local stormbreaker team, with Burning Foxes in each hand. In one quick and fluid move, he raised his pistols and started firing at the heads or chest of he people in front of him. The heavy smell of brimstone filled the air as he fired round after round into his prey.
01-04-2007, 06:05
Sal's actions were both highly effective and utterly useless at the same time. His first round sliced into the leg, or what quickly became the remenents of a leg as the round shattered bone and shredded flesh, while his subsequent rounds went wide as he found himself waist deep in terrain with the general consistancy of thick pea soup. Or rather he'd have been waist deep if he managed to land in the soup murk directly rather than landing on a very slippery rock.

An effect that the invading Dominionite who'd gone after the storm-breaker team hadn't considered was that messing with the weather could lead to potentially dangerous consequences and no prudent manipulator of the weather would do it in a town or city. They had relocated to a small area outside of the city that had a small portion of dry land surrounded by swamp.

One of the quicker reflexed magi turned and seeing the smoking gun cast a cantrip that should have the effect of binding Sal's hands behind his back in a manner similar to manacles. Meanwhile another rushed to the side of the dreadfully injured woman.
The Transylvania
01-04-2007, 06:33
All Sal did was smile at the magi whom tried to binding Sal's hands. He just looked at the magi and laughed, his pistols still in his hands. His hands were useless, but that would stop him. He yelled “You think that’s going to stop me!”

Without warning, he unleashed an attack on them. Small rocks hovered for a few second around him before send an unseen wave at the storm breakers. The wave was created from his telekinesis powers, so it was blast of telekinetic matter or energy or whatever you want to call it. The force of this strange attack would be like a semi-truck hitting you. So, it would be that fun when it hit you.

The last thing the storm breaker team would see is Sal’s black cloud and no more Sal. He did a few quick jumps and regain the control over his hands. He reappeared on the African Dragon.

“The storm is messing with the stuff inland.” he said. “I need something else then my pistols.”

“Bombs!” said Lilli.

“Sounds good.” he said, looking over at Iron Jack. “Think you can get some C4 for me, O’ Jack.”

“I think I can get you some.” said Iron Jack, he picked up his radio and started the search for some C4 within the invasion fleet. Ha, that's funny!
01-04-2007, 20:06
Storm-Breaker Team

Some few of the stormbreakers rode out the wave, or bent it around themselves as the inherent properties were sufficiantly akin to that that made up the wind to be manipulated, but only a few. Most of them were battered and tumbled, bruised and in a couple cased broken as they had limbs broken against tree limbs or rocks.

EMT Center, Sijn Province

Hendrick's call had alerted the EM team that there was a problem arising which prompted a number of actions, including demanding information from the MMA, commanding the local governor to begin evacuations and emergency preparations.

One of the powers intrusted to them was a partial form of martial law that could be enacted at any time, for any reason, with only a full declaration of martial law suspending thier authority. They rarely had to use it as just the mention was frequently enought to get co-operation.

Meanwhile the team was being assembled to handle the problems. Elizabeth and Lilli thier problems would soon be increasing quite a bit in trying to keep the storm going.
The Transylvania
02-04-2007, 05:37
Minutes would turn into hours as the search for C4 and other explosives through out the fleet was underway. The C4 and other explosives were turned into weapons for Sal to used. He would teleport in and drop them before teleporting out. The Black Heart would unleash more attacks on those trying to force the hurricane to break apart.

During this time, Elizabeth and Lilli would feel more people fighting their storm. More wizards were called to keep the storm alive. Each of the flying wooden ships had two or more wizard shooting more green bolts at the storm via their wands.

The storm continued on its path as the twins fought to keep it alive. With the wizards as help, the fight wasn’t that bad.

Sal had his hands on the first of many bomb being made for him. He looked at the dangerous bomb made from some C4, a small clear box full of steel nails, and a timer. He placed a hand on Lilli’s shoulder and tracked down the first of the storm breaker teams.

He jumped and jumped and jumped until he was over his target. Dropping the bomb, the timer clicked from five as it fell to the earth. Sal teleported out before it the timer hit zero. The homemade and cruel bomb exploded, sending nails in every direction.

The storm stay on its path, nearing the land in every minute.
02-04-2007, 19:10
Whilst the first group had been effectively neutralized in thier attempts to disrupt the storm of the twins, there were two other groups. Both were later arrivals as they'd been drawn from further inland that had taken longer to get ready and get to where they could work with a better chance of success.

Sal would find himself in a new local as he popped into being atop a small rocky hill that seemed to almost serve as a border between swamp and plains. Fortunately for him and unfortunately for his targets, so involved with thier work the team failed to notice him dropping his improvised hand-grenade and 'porting away.

The blast sent nails scything into the nearest of the team while the further were affect very little save in the trauma caused by the brutal death of friends and neighbours. While the tactics of the Transylvainian soldiers were effective in thier goal they were also engendering hatred, something that was almost always to the detriment of 'liberators'.
The Transylvania
04-04-2007, 01:33
Sal lands on the African Dragon, looking over at his aunts. This actions were of the evil side and he knew it. The twins knew it. Iron Jack knew it. Those attacks would have to stop, if the United Dominion was going to be seen as liberators over monsters.

By now, the storm would be three to four hours away from the shore. That close, the storm would be already causing mayhem to the lands. Large waves and even other storm like things would be happening because of this huge hurricane.

“Admiral Jack, to the city to give up with their actions to kill the storm or face their deaths. If they side with that dictator, then they can be killed.” said Lilli.

“Yes, Princess.” he said, bowing his head before heading to the bridge. The fleet had stopped and the storm even stopped. The twins made it hover in one spot until they got a message form the city in the hurricanes path.

On the bridge, Iron Jack would issued his message to the city via the ship’s radio and even Sal’s powers via Sal’s vice.

“Attention, people in the city in the path of the hurricane, give up as we’re not here for land or even your riches, which you own government takes. They favor your rich over the common man within your nation. Your leader is a dictator, don’t loss your life to save her life. She is an un-honorable person. “ said Iron Jack, he took a pause.

“To those trying to kill the storm, it will only be a major defeat to you. To the leader of the city, declare yourself on the side of the rightful liberators of your nation or death like those loyal to the tin-pot dictator. That is your choice.”

As Iron Jack finished, Sal send out the same words with his telepathy powers into as many heads within the city.
04-04-2007, 22:34
Shortly after Iron Jack and Sal's transmissions, they were bombarded with ham-radio transmissions. Numerous comments were directed at Iron Jack, with 'Arrogent, idiotic, bastard' being about the kindest. While the messages differed, the general sentiment amongst most of the populace was that of any populace when told they were being invaded by 'Liberators', especially when they didn't view themselves as being particularly oppressed.

It was the vanishingly rare populace of a given nation that didn't have some complaint about thier goverment, provided of course they wouldn't face a death squad for the slightest dissent. However the vast majority of Konsekians held at least enought nationalistic sentiment to prefere to remain as they were rather than as 'Liberators' wished to make them.

ooc: Telekinesis is moving objects with the mind, telepathy is inter-personal mental communication.
The Transylvania
05-04-2007, 21:31
“My, my, those people need their eyes open.” said Iron Jack, his gloved hands behind his back, as he walked back to where the twins were at. His gray eyes looked out at the hurricane. Sal walked behind him a few steps to his right side.

“They will have their eyes open.” said Lilli, her voice full of coldness as she eyed the storm.

“Prepare the Dragon Lord and their riders, they will move in on my command. Prepare our transports to move in under fighter cover. Prepare our werewolves to engage our enemy.” said Elizabeth, her tone as cold as her sister‘s was..

“Anything else, my lady?” asked Iron Jack.

“The fleet will follow our storm until it is two hours away from the land. The Strom will moved on its own after that.” said Elizabeth.

“Very well.” said Iron Jack, whom then started issuing order thought the fleet. A few minutes later, the fleet moved out following the storm.

“Sal, tried to place as many images into their head about what happens in a free country. Somehow it will not be the way these people live in.” said Lilli.

Without saying anything, Sal started place images of free countries in as many head within the city. This would drain his powers, but maybe it would get the people to sign the light.
07-04-2007, 06:10
Of those Sal attempted to contact, only a few would prove receptive. Of these, the majority were the peputually dissatisfied, the oppotunistic and the sycophantic. Of the majority however the images were viewed as curiosities, with some traces of obscene imagery included. Considering that the needs of the people, dietary, residential, social, religious and govermental, were being met by the system in place, radical change that promised mass upheavel with no guarantee of actual improvement was not entirely welcome.

Meanwhile the military, magical, and civil defence forces had begun mobilizing with those in the effected region being further along as they awaited the actions of the hostile forces.
The Transylvania
13-04-2007, 03:22
The fleet continued on as the twins added power to the hurricane as the time passed by. The sailors, soldiers, pilots, and the others were ready for combat. At the end of the day, more blood would hit the dirt of this nation. Poor Konsekai for having a dictator as a leader and that the Count wanted a fight for his nation.

Two hours away form heading land, the storm was creating havoc to the fleet. The twins had created the most powerful hurricane in the whole world with the aid of the wizards, but it was time to free that beast before the fleet was placed into too much danger.

Before it was freed, Sal ran another mission for the twins. Using whatever was left of his telekinesis and telepathy, he jumped to land for the last time via teleporting. The next he would walking off of a transport ship.

But back to his mission, he locked on one of those storm breaker team and moved towards them. After doing a few mini jumps, he teleported right behind one of those storm breaker. A female from the looks of it. Wrapping his arms around her before he was known to enemy mages, he teleported back to the African Dragon with this mage as a tag along.

On the African Dragon, the mage was dropped to the feet of the twins and Iron Jack. She would feel like being held in one place by a pair of wizard at her sides.

The hurricane was released and the twins smiled behind their doll faced masks.

“Do you have a name?” asked Iron Jack.
13-04-2007, 20:50
The woman looked about for a few seconds before a stream of incomprehesible language burst out. The language may have been one that the twins nor Jack knew, but the intonation, candence and volume made the meaning infinitely clear.

After a number of minutes, the time it took her to exhaust her vocabulary of swears, she calmed slightly to ask, "What the bled'ing hell do ya think your doing ya flat-brains?"
The Transylvania
13-04-2007, 21:10
Iron Jack smiled, his white teeth showing through his thick black goatee. The twins just laughed at the woman, whom looked like see was freaking out until she calmed down. The skies above the fleet began growing darker every second passed by.

“Show her.” said Lilli as the sun was blocked by their dark cloud.

Sal stand from behind Iron Jack and raised his right hand at the mage. He forced her to her feet then spun her around. She was pointed at the sea and the hurricane. He held her at that position with the help of two wizards and their wands.

“You see, miss,” said Lilli moving the mage’s right side with her hood lowered and mask off, “We are freeing your people from that dictator in control. And that storm is only part of the power the United Dominion had control over.” She smiled as moved close to the woman’s right ear. “And don’t lie to me about what your leader is. She is a dictator.” she whispered.

Stepping back, she, along with the rest, waited to hear what the words of the mage on their ship. In thier hands, the female could do a thing to get free.
14-04-2007, 00:08
"Look Gil I don't know what you're smokin', but her Grace ain't no dictator. Not by any definition you'll find floating around her." She growled at Lilli. The general definition of a dictator that she grew up on was of those who killed thier people for little reason, waged war for no reason save ego and generally interfered far more in peoples lives. That and they took power rather than being born to it.
The Transylvania
14-04-2007, 01:28
Lilli moved into her face and growled at the mage. She show her fangs to woman to make sure she got the point across that ‘Don‘t growl at me, bitch.’ “Her Grace and those in her government favor the rich over your nation’s poor. They even take money for their poor to give to the rich.” she said, backing up. Lilli was the firecracker of the twins.

“Now, I’m going to ask this again. What is your name? And are you a weather mage?” asked Iron Jack.

The hurricane raged on in front of them, not being held back by the twins. The storm breakers would have to work harder to make it harmless before it raised land. The twins both thought it will made it about ten to twenty minutes before it was killed off, but that close would still get the point across.
14-04-2007, 02:16
"Show me a goverment that doesn't, Gil." She replied with a slight sneer. It was perhaps fortunate that the it was a mostly untranslateable insult. She looked over at Iron Jack and her sneer mellowed ever so slightly. Unlike the twins, she didn't take an instant dislike to them and the fact that he was attractive helped. If it were him alone, he'd likely have a better chance of getting his questions answered.

"What'd you care?"
The Transylvania
14-04-2007, 02:35
“For one, my father’s government doesn’t. He gives to his people, not takes from his people.” said Elizabeth, whom had her mask off and her hood lowered. She eyed the mage before looking at the storm as it moved on its way.

Sal smiled as he spun her back around to face them. Using his free hand, he lowered his own hood and moved his gold lens goggles off of his eyes. He was better looking then Iron Jack. “Because you don’t want me in your head. I have enough power to invade your mind for the answers of Admiral Jack’s questions. “ he said.

“And miss, we are invaders of your lands, but please be respectful to the princesses.” said Iron Jack as nice as he could. “Give me your words that you will not harm me or those other me and I’ll give you my word that you will not be harmed. I don‘t being held in place is that fun.”
14-04-2007, 03:52
"Oh, so he pays for the privilage of ruling? Ha." She commented as the only way Elizabeth's statement could be taken as fact was that her father periodically gave funds to each of his citizens which would only ensure that no true Konsekian would even associate with the 'invaders' and even if they managed to win, they'd get hopelessly ignored.

Scowling at her abductor, she replied in her native tongue before adding, "Bite me space-case."

"And what possible reason would I have to believe your word is (worth) anything? I will agree to leave you alone if you get them out of here." She added to Jack gesturing to Salvador and the twins.

ooc: Do to speech patterns the word would normally be ommited, however for ease of reading it has been included.
The Transylvania
14-04-2007, 20:22
“No, he doesn’t pays for the privilege of ruling. He make sure that his people don’t have to go with medical care. “ said Elizabeth, rolling her eyes at the mage. “He funds honorable causes like the cure for AIDS and etc. That is how he gives back to his people.” She almost want to slap the mage for her behavior with her and Lilli.

“Free her, but kill her, if she move toward one of us.” said Lilli, her tone had was cold and full of darkness.

Salvador lowered his hand and stepped back to stand next to Iron Jack, the wizards did the same thing with their wands. The mage would feel herself free to move.

“I would be a fool to be allow with you, a person I don’t know what can do or can’t do. Plus, Princess Elizabeth and Princess Lilli can be here because they're under control of this fleet.” said Iron Jack. The dark clouds grew darker as the twins messed with them.

“So, miss, you will tell me what your name is.” he said, his left hand tapping the hilt of his pirate cutlass.
15-04-2007, 06:12
"And you don't have to pay taxes for your health care. At least our leaders are honest about taking payment for services." With a curt laugh, she added, "Ya, like I have a death wish. You're loopy if you think I'm some sort of threat. Even without your ghues, you could flatten me."

"Ability wise, I'm a weather witch, and while I'm sure you don't know or likely care what that means, it means that unless you let me take the trouble of sticking a ten foot metal pole to your back, you're in no danger. Anyways I'm sure your pet wyhi would keep you safe anyways."

Crossing her arms over her chest, she stated, "Get them to leave the immediate vicinity and I'll tell you."
The Transylvania
20-04-2007, 05:23
“Ah…she wants me to be alone with her.” said Iron Jack with sigh. He looked over at Sal and did a half smile like Elvis did. “Maybe she’s wants to fuck me. Take her to the brig as that’s the only place safe on this whole ship for the enemy.”

Sal smiled before he teleported out and Iron Jack looked back over at her. “I’ll see you there in a little bit. You‘ll like there. Metal surrounding you and the weather can‘t help you.” he said with a small laugh at the end.

Before she could answer or even talk, Sal comes back into the real world behind hr in the air. Grabbing her left shoulder, the two disappear from the deck of the battleship. The female mage would like what happens next and it would because of her not answering the questions.

Sal releases her in mid-air in front of the cell and send her flying into the cell. So…the female mage would get to say hello to the metal wall on the other end of the cell. It wouldn’t kill her, but it should hurt really bad. With a smile, Sal shut the cell door after his feet hit the floor.
20-04-2007, 20:26
The girl went livid red at Jack's comments, which as far as she was concerned just about beyond the pale.

Sal's actions just further increased his unpopularity as she was sent flying. She cracked her head against the wall and passed out. Waking up a few minutes later, she was partially out of it but was certain that the invaders were completely insane.
The Transylvania
21-04-2007, 00:51
Iron Jack smiled as he stared at her. His arms crossed arcos his chest, he stared at her as she woke up in the cell. His eyes did show some craziness in them. He was dressed as pirate.

”Good, you’re alive. And we’re alone, so answer my questions.” said Iron Jack.

The hurricane raged on towards the land. The United Dominion fleet hasn’t ran into any enemy naval fleets, but their crew did have an eye looking for the enemy fleets. If they didn’t exist then it was good news for the United Dominion.
22-04-2007, 06:01
"My name is Caroline." She replied flatly as she glared somewhat at Jack. The fact that a group of lunatics would kidnap her and invade her country didn't do a great deal to inspire trust.

The fleets wouldn't find any fleets for two reasons. The hurricane being one and a form of natural defence being the other. During low-tide or sufficiantly storm-tossed seas, long stretches of coast line were made nearly inaccessible to anything with a greater draft than a few meters thanks to a profusion of sand-bars and rocky out-croppings. As a matter of national policy and to discourage smugglers and illegal immigrants, cartographers were strongly encourged that it was in thier best interest to leave that section alone when it came to drawing maps.
The Transylvania
23-04-2007, 03:00
“Well, Caroline, you could have told me that early, but you didn’t and end up being seen as a hoe and throw into a jail cell.” said Iron Jack with a smile. He stepped closer to the cell, to get a closer look at her. “As you told me your name, I’ll tell you my name. I’m Jack Koren, Admiral of the United Dominion Navy.”

He tipped the end of his hat towards her before he said “And you’re the first prisoner of war. Plus, we have a feeling the storm with only make it ten to twenty minutes away from the land. We‘re crazy, but wouldn't cause that much damage to a nation we‘re trying to free.”

The United Dominion invasion fleet moved onwards, still a hour and half away from the land. The storm about ten to fifteen minutes ahead of the fleet.
23-04-2007, 06:21
"A garden implement?" She asked with a puzzled stare that still retained its glare at Jack. "And with any luck, soon the tables will be turned on you." She added with a slight lessening of her glare as at least they didn't seem intent on causing overly massive death.
The Transylvania
24-04-2007, 03:55
“Sorry, but we know of the sand bars and rocky out-cropping.” said Iron Jack with a smile. He cocked his head to the side and continued to stare at her. “You see the United Dominion has things called satellites, which are up in space. They zoom in on things on Earth and can picked out the sand bars and etc.”

He straighten his head back up and laughed. “The tables will not be turned on us because of the natural defenses of your land.”
24-04-2007, 05:05
"Your sarcasm is neither welcome nor particularly well done." Caroline commented flatly as while she would have prefered if the invasionary fleet ripped the hulls out, it wasn't what she'd been talking about and unfortunately for Iron Jack, what she was talking about wasn't satellite observable.

Salvador had done slightly better than he might have guessed when he abducted her as she knew more than the others of her team owing to the fact that she was the team leader, and while she knew something of the further defences it was insufficiant to compromise them.
The Transylvania
24-04-2007, 18:40
“You’re a smart one, but I don’t think you were talking about the sand bars messing with us.” he said, taking a few steps closer to the cell. Placing a hand on his sword’s hilt, he started to tap it as he looked at her. “To make sure that you come out of this safe and unharmed, you’ll have to tell me everything you know. Or we can go with the second option…”

He smiled before moving on. “I can call Lord Salvador back and get what is need from your mind, but that wouldn’t be good for you. He will force himself into your mind almost mind raping you. It will leave you in a messed up state.”

“So…it is your choice, option one or option two.” he asked.

Meanwhile, high above the fleet was dragons, whom were launched after the hurricane was freed by the twin. The Dragon Lord’s dragon was a Spanish Black Tyrant, which midnight sky color scales fit with the dark red armor on the massive male’s body. It’s wing span was over sixty feet wide. It was a true beast of the sky.

Within this Dragon Lord’s squadron , there were other dragons then Spanish Black Tyrants. There were four Swedish Rare Hightalons, five German Burrowing Darkwinds, two German Stingertoothed Terrors, two Russian Daybladed Lightstorms and two Yugoslavian Gianttooths. Each dragon had a set of medieval armor in black or gun-metal or some other color. A good group of Dragon riders and their trustworthy dragons.

This group would be the first to attack after the hurricane is gone.
24-04-2007, 20:39
"Alas, I can tell you little. I know there are things in place to deal with fools who get it in thier heads to invade, but as to what, I'm afraid those are kept as state or military secrets and I don't fall under either catagory. All I can say is you won't enjoy finding out as it'll only be the hard way, unless of course you decide to leave off this invasion."

"However if you wish to further blacken yourselves for no gain, then it is your choice."


Meanwhile various defences were being further readied thought they were not visible by satellite nor most other methods of detection owing to clever construction and planning. The first line was almost ready however and would bring death and destruction to those who had the gall to bring war against Konsekai.
The Transylvania
26-04-2007, 19:30
“Maybe I got ahead of myself early and called you a smart one.” said Iron Jack, his voice in a dark and cold tone. His eerily gray eyes staring at her from under his hat’s shadow. “You act like this first defensive line is all powerful, but you have no idea what it will have to face. My dear, both sides don’t know what each other have. So, don’t be cocky” He smiled as his hand tapped the hilt of his sword.

He steps back and uses his free hand to take his hat off. Throwing down the small hallway, he looked back at her. “Blacken ourselves for no gain? No, there is a goal for our forces and that is to free your people from that dictator’s rule. No person should rule a land and have no power for the people.” he said. He closed his eyes like he was a little bit of pain. “The rich and elite rule over Konsekai and doesn’t need to be.”

He stepped back and unbuttoned his coat. Dropping on the floor, he opened his eyes, which were wolf like. “I wasn’t picked to lead this invasion fleet because I’m a good leader. I was picked because I’m the number one werewolf of the sea.” he said with a smile, showing his sharp fangs. “Do you want see what your leader will get to see? Maybe it will scary you, so I’ll leave you in this cell for the time being.”

He smiled, picking up his coat and walking off to get his hat. “Have a nice stay.” he called down the hallway.
26-04-2007, 21:55
"And you think to impose your standards on those who do not desire them or ask for them." She just about growled as her country was good in her eyes. Sure some things could be better in some areas, but politics wasn't one in her mind. Those who ruled did so because either they or a close ancestor had the skill, drive, foresight and ability to rule. A saying was that life was survival of the fittest and thus the fittest ruled and since money was the scorecard, the rich ruled.
The Transylvania
28-04-2007, 01:29
She wouldn’t get an answer as Iron Jack didn’t care to answer her. He knew his orders and nothing will change them unless it came form the Caesar himself. Iron Jack would death to free this nation, even if the people didn’t know that they were ruled by a dictator. The United Dominion would free this nation and use things that haven’t been used in war for a long time.

She would only feel the waves under the African Dragon as the fleet moved forward, every second getting closer to land. The hounds of the United Dominion were ready to be unleashed. The soldiers and others had the order to fight those that get in the way of the goal. Their goal was to dethrone Maress Klien and free her people. The people need to rule their own lands, not some rich lady that got her power from her money or however she got it.

The fleet moved across the ocean, following the hurricane, towards the land. There was already one Dragon Lord and his squadron in the air and another one was ready to enter the air as the escort of the transport ships.

Forty five minutes from land…
28-04-2007, 03:04
As the fleet neared the outskirts of the natural shipping hazard it would find a much more significant threat waiting within the graveyard of sunken vessels. Hidden near and within wreakages were SSASTLs*. The weapons systems were partially buried within the seafloor and scattered within and near metal wreaks to further disguise them. Utilizing fiber-optic cables trailing to outposts on shore which processed the satellite feeds and provided the firing solutions, the system was one of stealth and brutality for targetted vessels.

As the vessels passed into the optimum range a third of the launchers opened fire on the fleet that were floating, soon to be sinking. The heavy torpedos, designed for ASUW work, would almost certainly be getting at least a few new neighbours.

ooc: Sub-Surface Anti-Shipping Torpedo Launchers. Highly similar in physical appearence to the NASAMS system.
The Transylvania
02-05-2007, 03:48
And here comes in play that saying ‘Both sides don’t know what each other have.’ The attack, which was the official first attack of the whole war, was picked up on SONAR as the torpedoes neared the outer edge of the fleet jointly SONAR system. So orders were sent to a person on one of the Jolly Roger class combat ships, which was near the front of the whole fleet.

This man was dressed in a dark brown duster, pants, boots, well everything was made of dark brown leather clothes. The strange thing was his skin wasn’t human, a closer look would show it being thousands of pieces of sand. He was Misfit, his whole body was made of sand. He was going to be try and save this fleet form loosing a lot of ships.

This man was blessed with more powers then his strange sand skin, he could turn his body into whatever shape he wanted and earth manipulation, which is the ability to control earth; sand, stone, rock, lava, dirt, or minerals.

Raising his hands, this man started to command the Earth to form wall like object to block the incoming torpedoes. These wall things were made of stone and sand form the bottom of the sea. He created them from pulling upwards from the floor of the ocean.

Torpedoes impacted into the stone walls, blowing themselves up at the walls fell back into the waters. He blocked most of them, but some got through his Earth made defensive line.

Those torpedoes that escaped pass the stone defensive line hit fifteen Jolly Roger class combat ships, and two Daring class air defense destroyers. As those ships started to sink, Orders were issued to rescue the survivors from the sinking vessels as the sand person returned the stone back to the Earth. The sand man lowered his hands and smiled. He did his job, now it was up to Iron Jack to unleash hell.

On the bridge of the African Dragon, Iron Jack pin point where he thought the subs or whatever fired the torpedoes were at. Torpedoes don’t have an unlimited range, so he picked an area in front of the fleet that was a known limit of a torpedo. He ordered the attack of the patch of sea.

All twenty Ticonderoga class missile cruisers started launching missiles at the area. The first missiles would blow up right above the water, to create an opening in the water for the next missiles. After the first set hit, the second ones would enter the water and head towards the bottom to blow up and destroy whatever fired the torpedoes. This attack had over two hundred missiles being fired.

If the sand person was closer, he could have used the Earth to take out whatever fired the torpedoes. but he wasn't, so Iron Jack had to do what he did.
03-05-2007, 12:23
Many throught not all of the missiles simply created additional debris as wrecks, reefs and rocks alike were destroyed, however a third of the firing launchers got removed from the combat equation. This was due to the fact that they remained spread out along the coast. Should the fleet remain on its relatively limited approach vector, they'd remain fairly safe from another torpedo barrage.

Meanwhile a couple lighthouses began sending thier powerful lights out to sea in what appeared to be a fully automated action, however this too would would eventually promise ruin for Iron Jack and his fleet.
The Transylvania
09-05-2007, 20:33
The invasion fleet stopped in their tracks as the pirate werewolf, Admiral Jack Koren, sent an order throughout the fleet. The battleships down to the transport ships were halted in their tracks. The fleet wouldn’t move anymore until it was cleared to do so.

On the bridge of the African Dragon, Admiral Koren looked over at his bridge crew and the twins. He smiled as Sal walked into the bridge.

“We need to get some eyes in the waters. Are there any mutants that can breath underwater?” asked Iron Jack, looking around at the people staring at him.

“Twelve, all Misfits.” said Lilli.

“And the magic users can cast spells to breath under water.” said Sal in a matter of fact tone.

“Well, get those Misfits in the water and look for more torpedo launchers. Get the wizards and witches into the play, too. We aren’t leaving this place until all of those launchers.” said Iron Jack.

The bridge crew got to work and orders were sent out. Soon, all twelve water breathing Misfits, which some had fish like skin or reptile scales and gills, started jumping in the water. They’re either dark green or light green in color. Two of the flying ships even more forwards with a Dragon Lord and his squadron as escorts. Those remaining torpedo launchers were going to be found and taken out of the picture.
09-05-2007, 22:41
The Misfits would find an enviroment rich in a variety of animal life as well as growing reefs. To the detriment of a couple of the Misfits the warmish waters that were akin to both the Indian Ocean and the Carribean, housed a number of predators with the most dangerous being the salt-water crocodiles and Great Barracudas.

Two of the misfits found themselves under attack by the large predatory fish for thier scales looked remarkably like the barracudas' food source. Other than the usual underwater hazards and the predatory animals the Misfits and wizards would find few major problems in locating the majority of the launchers within the vacinity though a couple were either sufficiantly camoflouged or just naturally obscured to make detection next to impossible.
The Transylvania
13-05-2007, 18:45
One of the Misfit didn’t see his attacker until it was too late. He was more focused on his mission in looking for those ungodly weapons that would harm his friends on the naval ships. The Great Barracuda moved in on its prey and launched an attack, taking the Misfit in its mouth. Blood entered the water as the teeth dug into flesh.

Even though the Misfit was bleeding out, he drew a knife, a Killer Whale Diver Knife on his left calf, and stab in the water beast’s eyes and brain. He would kill his attacker before it would harm anybody else. After few stabs, the Great Barracuda’s jaws were loosened as its life was ended.

But the Misfit also lost his life. He would be mourned by his family, his friends and the United Dominion as he died in the protecting the life of Dominion service men and women. His body was found by one of the wizards and taken to the surface to be placed on one of the two flying ships.

The other Misfit hear his attacker coming and saved his life. He moved like he didn’t see or hear the Great Barracuda. He was drawing the beast in for the kill. As the Great Barracuda near him for striking distance, he acted by swimming down fast and coming up under the big fish before it could do anything. This Misfit had more powers then his gills and scales, he had bone spikes that come out of his forearms. He rammed them into the under part of the fish’s head, causing it a quick death.

With that done, he moved off and joined with a pair of wizards with bubble mask like thing, which was done via a spell for people to breath underwater.

They would find all of the torpedo launchers until they were called off or they found them all. They would look in the whole waters, if need. Anything that looked like it was man made, it was looked in at.
13-05-2007, 19:28
Unless the Misfits and wizards were willing to put in far more time than was remotely practical or feasible, they would be unable to find all the launchers. The vast majority were findable but a few had been so well hidden that even the maintence crews that were given the precise location of them oft had difficulty finding them.
The Transylvania
13-05-2007, 19:45
After four or five hours of looking for the weapon and killing those evil fishes, the remaining Misfits and wizards had had found a lot of the launchers. They marked their locations on magical water proof maps of the nation’s water. They lot they found them all as there was a vast majority of the found.

The Misfits and wizards surface to get aboard the flying ships, which were starting back towards the fleet with the dragons in tow. When they arrived back into the safety of the fleet and out of the way of the missile ships, the locations were sent to Iron Jack.

Then the missiles started flying again. It was the same like before. When it was done, he would order the fleet to move forwards slowly towards the land and have the SONOR and sand person ready, if they missed any of the torpedo launchers.
14-05-2007, 19:44
The targetted launchers were destroyed by the volleys of missiles. The slowly moving fleet was however an open target to the few remaining launchers. Each fired its full complement of torpedoes at effectively point-blank range, each concentrating on one of the large vessels. While they would be effectively destroyed in an instant in retaliation, they would be certainly be joined by sailors and soldiers and sea-hulks.