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Federation of Independent Trading Systems; FT Sign up thread

Vespeterium Minor
01-02-2007, 19:18
In the centre of the City State of Vespeterium Minor stood the Polar Tower, extending far into the bleak sky. On the top floor stood Reein Sovo Axes Vespeterium, the Chancellor of the City state and nominal Emperor of the Arborian race. Today he had drooped his most formal gown over his spidery 9foot frame and his eyes glowed blue in nervous anticipation.
'Is it ready.' he whispered to another Arborian a few feet away. He held up his bony hand and nodded. 'It should be transmitting now on all frequencies.' he stated. Reein looked at the large holographic screen in front of him, which held the Family Crest, a giant red V imposed over a serpent. He gave it three seconds and then.

Good day, my fellow inhabitants of the Galaxy. I am sending out this message in order to give you an opportunity. You see, while everybody concerns themselves with war and peace, a vital link in the chain is ommitted. Trade. It is what fuels our civilizations, feeds our people, and keeps our militaries fully stocked. I propose a meeting, in thirteen days, in a neutral venue if somebody would be so kind as to offer one, to discuss and sign an agreement to forge the Federation of Independent Trading Systems, an organization that will secure our economic liberty in this ever changing Universe. I will bid you farewell now, but please read the Articles of the Treaty if you do so wish to join. It can be easily found.
This has been a message by Reein Sovo Axes Vespeterium, Chancellor of the City State of Vespeterium Minor.

Articles of the Treaty

1: All trade shall be fair, open and free from taxes above 3% between the members.

2: In times of war trading rights should be retained between members and blockades prevented. Any system that breaks this agreement will be ejected from the Federation.

3: The Federation will defend the liberty of our trading activities from any outside intereference with force if this is required.

4: The Federation will respect the right of systems to refuse the right of trade to the members, unless this conflicts with Article 3.

5: All Federation members will provide a small number of ships to patrol and maintain the trade routes from piracy and outside influence.

6: This is not a military alliance and thus members should respect the neutrality of the other members should they be embroiled in war and not expect military aid. However, should the enemy attempt to blockade any member, this will conflict with Article 3 and force may be required.

7: Each planet and their colonies that are involved in this Treaty will give free passage to ships belonging to other members of the Federation as well as providing provision, fuel and other such commodities with the price set at the suppliers discretion.

8:Should any member renege on any of the above commitments, they will be subject to the authority of the Federation who will decide an appropriate punishment, which may include a fine or expulsion.

Federation Council

The task of upholding these accords will be given to the Federation Council. The council will contain all members and will rely upon a majority vote to decide on such matters. There will be a President member of the Council, a position that will change every three days (normal time) and pass on depending on the date of joining. The President will have power to overule decisions and ask for a second vote.


Should members want to add or ammend certain areas of the Treaty, they should put it foward for a vote by the Federation Council. The article should be approved by at least two thirds of the membership.
Draconic Order
01-02-2007, 23:29
The Dominion of Draconic Order will sign your treaty.
The Garbage Men
02-02-2007, 00:02
The Garbage Men would also like to sign such a treaty and would like to establish Depots (diplomatic status of a Embassy) in all signatory nations as well.
Vespeterium Minor
02-02-2007, 10:51
Hyperspatial Travel
02-02-2007, 10:55
"Sign it."

"Are you sure, Ty-"

"I believe I told you to sign it. Was I wrong?"

"No, Tyrant. You were not."

"Excellent. Just what I wanted to hear, old boy. Now, be a good chap, and go sign the treaty. Now."

One of the aides who had been attending the Tyrant - the elected leader, well, tyrant, of the Starfederation, suddenly found himself with new powers - and a new duty. He moved off quickly, preparing a message to send to Vespeterium Minor.

To: Reein Sovo Axes Vespeterium, Vespeterium Minor
From: Minister for Extranational Treaties, Arillin Vrill, Ministry for Foreign Affairs

We would be most willing to sign your treaty - as is well-known, trade is the lifeblood of any nation. To prosper, we must trade. As such, we are prepared to offer a neutral location - the world of Locarius IV, a stable, neutral system, with sufficient facilities maintained by the Starfederation (as the Starfederation maintains a nominal presence within the system, however, the system itself is independently owned), and a stardock that will be more than sufficient to dock both diplomatic vessels and whatever escorts they require.

- Arillin Vrill
02-02-2007, 20:24
The Synth Corporation of the Atantium State will sign this treaty. And would b happy to accomidate any embassy of trading nations, pls sign in here for Embassy contracts.
03-02-2007, 15:11
We are interested in fair and open trade between nations with one restriction. We have strict environmental laws. We will not trade or accept commerce in items which do not meet our environmental restrictions. As long as our environmental restrictions are met for products we are open to fair trade. If this can be met, we will gladly join your organization.


Dinky Ohyes, Minister of Trade, United Arcologies of Commonalitarianism
Draconic Order
03-02-2007, 19:20
The Jade Star
03-02-2007, 19:57
The Tolarian Academy, while not strictly a national entity, would be pleased to sign this treaty as we are quite interested in trade with other systems, we have several unique products which we feel will find an excellent niche on the galatic market.
Draconic Order
05-02-2007, 03:35
@ Vespeterium Minor: You should make a list of those that have signed thus far.
Draconic Order
12-02-2007, 23:36
Bryn Shander
19-02-2007, 00:38
The Eternal Kingdom of Bryn Shander would like to sign the treaty.
The Island States
19-02-2007, 02:33
The Imperium of New Haven would like to sign this treaty.
Ambrosia Incorporated
19-02-2007, 02:48
The Corporation of Ambrosia Incorporated hereby signs this treaty.

-Acting President T.H. Shlitz
Draconic Order
21-02-2007, 03:42
@Vespeterium Minor: Make a list!
21-02-2007, 03:52
I might join. Can it be used to smuggle arms to insergents, in other nations?
21-02-2007, 04:23
"Hmmm, well this is interesting. First the Dominion Accords, and now this. Seems some nations really want these treaties guaranteeing freedoms. Pah! Pieces of paper do nothing."

"However, they do have a good point here, this could help us. And we need to pick and choose our battles carefully. We fought the Starfederation over the Accords. We should support this. Keep a balance, show that we are not as...uncompromising as we seem to be."

"Alright, it's your call anyways." Vice President Lisa Deimos smirked at her secretary, who wrote out their response to the treaty. She held all the power here. The only person who held more than she did was the Sky Marshal....and the Archon. However, she had a plan to change things...but not yet, she needed time.

"Greetings Reein Sovo Axes Vespeterium, from the Terran Federation. We would like to get the coordinates for the meeting you have proposed, as we are interested in the treaty but not ready to sign just yet. We await your reply."

Vice President Lisa
Terran Federation
21-02-2007, 18:05
Diplomatic Message from Grand Pensionary of Toopoxia and Governor Supreme of the Senate, Lord General Icharus Milus Pax, Representative of the Nine Provinces

The Nine provinces of Toopoxia wishes to express its interest in joining this alliance, we already have a strong trade empire backed by a history of economic strength in trade, find enclosed the co-ordinates of our nations trading outposts.

Grand Pensionary of Toopoxia and Governor Supreme of the Senate, Lord General Icharus Milus Pax, Representative of the Nine Provinces.-