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Imperial General Headquarters makes request to SUAF

31-01-2007, 22:13
Article 671, or to give it its full name, Act to Preserve the Aerospace Forces of the Imperial Military, was passed on 14th September 1944, directly after the Doomingsland war, where Questarian aircraft had proved inferior to their Doomani counterparts; the Imperial Questarian Naval Air Service and Army Air Force was well trained and disciplined with good carriers, but their aircraft were indigenous and inferior. It wasn't neccessarily the fault of the doctrine or the pilots or the commanding officers; in fact the current system held up durably and was dynamic, often scoring victories in the early war, but Questarian machines were outperformed in every way by the Doomani Air Forces.

The first aim of the act was to procure aircraft, mostly in domestic production, which was done and planes and DPR were acquired from SUDI, one of the best aircraft exporters in the known world. Secondly though, while the IQNAS and IQAAF were well disciplined and well trained, they only had limited training, though it was the best that Questers could offer. Now Questers had vast reserves of top-quality aircraft, well disciplined and inspired pilots, a sound doctrine, and now all it needed was decent training.

Which is why, on 1st November 1944, the Questarian Imperial General HQ, with support from the Government, requested to their strong Sovereign League ally Space Union, that the SUAF would do the following:

1.) Set up 20 academies across Questers for pilot training.
2.) Return in 20 months to set up a further 30 acadmies
3.) Train extensively all existing 210,000 pilots to a level of a first class airforce over a period of 5 years
4.) Sell to the IQNAS and IQNAAF the flight simulators used by the SUAF.
5.) Undertake some practice wargames.

The SU Government would be paid upon completion of Stage 3 of the Act to Preserve the Aerospace Forces of the Imperial Military, a grand total of $20 trillion for their services in upgrading the Questarian Air Forces to that of a world class standard.
Space Union
07-02-2007, 20:30
To: Questers Military Command
From: Defense Minister Manjit Kaur, Space Union Armed Forces
Subject: Air Force Training

We are honored to have the Questerian nation, one of Space Union's closest allies, come to us for training of their air force. We are proud to hear that you have vested your trust in our air force and wish to have our trainers instruct your nation's air fleet. After having your request extensively viewed in our defense ministry, we wish to inform you that we are more than willing to provide the nessessary resources to allow your air force to be one of the best trained in the world.

In order to facilitate the training, we have been authorized to send a large group of trainers to one of your air force academies. There the trainers will take notes and extensively survey your current infrastructure and system and sending us a complete report on your air force's training capabilities in the current state. From there, we shall set up a system similar to our own in which we will have multiple simulators and flight training equipment shipped to the academy. From there, we shall have the best pilots from every wing of the Questerian Air Force attend the academy instructions. There we shall teach them how to operate their aircrafts most efficiently, new air tactics, and other quirks to help them against an enemy nation.

Once the first batch of pilots have been trained, we will then have those pilots become the first batch of Questerian instructors. These instructors will be sent to the numerous academies that we shall build all over your nation to then instruct another generation of pilots in order to further expand the knowledge base in your air force. From there our instructors will increasingly give more and more power of the tasks to your instructors till they are no longer needed and we find sufficient approval so that they can return back to Space Union.

While they teach your pilots how to fly, we shall also have the Space Union Defense Industries (SUDI) corporation to come and begin building a chain of air force academies across your nation so that by the time the first generation of trainees are ready for instruction, they will be able to be sent to other academies to instruct more of your pilots. In this way, we can build a solid base for your nation's air force training program that will allow you to become self-sufficient eventually, something we are sure the Questerian nation wishes to achieve.

I hope that these terms are acceptable to your air force and once the green light has been given, we will quickly begin the program and hopefully lead to a stronger allied air force so that we can better cooperate in future military operations. Long live the friendship between Questers and Space Union.

Defense Minister Manjit Kaur