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The Indian Federation (SYAE)

26-01-2007, 21:31
Factbook and Embassy Thread

Capital:New Delhi

-India: 3,166,414 km²
-Pakistan: 803,940 km²
-Bangladesh: 144, 000 km²
-Myanmar: 676,578 km²

*-Andorra: 468 km²

Total Area= 4,791,400 Km2

Total Estimated Population: 1,470,125,800


Viceroy: Shadif Pagatna

Prime Minister: Indira Rasiv

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Muhammed al-Bakiri
Minister of Economics: Hasid Absina
Minister of Education: Jessminda Brahtma
Minister of Health: N/A
Minister of Culture: N/A

*Andorra is an autonomous part of The Indian Federation with its own Prime Minister, Parliament, and Capital. Although it is completly surrounded by Eurasia, The Federation maintains a strong military presence there.

To apply for an Embassy simply state the requirements for your Embassy and your Ambassador's name.