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Operation Thorncliffe (The Peoples Earth Closed)

26-01-2007, 18:47
OOC: Dominion Annex of Iceland!!!!!!!!

As 7 CF-18 Fighters speed towards the approaching coastline south of Reykjavik the radio crackles into life:

"Ranger 1 to Command"

"Go Ahead Ranger 1"

"ETA to Target 5 Minutes. Approaching Icelandic Air-Space Request Final Authorization Command?"

"Authorization Granted. Ranger 1"

"All Rangers form up into formation. Do not fire unless fired upon. Even then fire to remove the combatant. Understood?"

A chatter of "rogers" came from the fighters. A few minutes pass before the radio breaks into life again....

"Ranger 1 to Command we are over Iceland all is calm. No contact at this time. We can not observe any threat at this time. Recommend Land Force Deployment."

"Command to Ranger 1. Roger that continue mission and report accordingly."

"Ranger 1 Roger and Out"


Atanlantic Ocean 7 Miles south of Reykjavik....

A small fleet of Ships......

- 4 Halifax Frigates
- 4 Kingston Patrol Ships
- 1 Iroquois Destroyer
- 2 Assualt Ships

Their Orders where simple take control of Iceland and the Capital of Reykjavik. Intelligence stated that besides a police force their was no real defence unit in Iceland. As a result the troops wern't expecting much of a tough mission. It wouldn't be long now.
26-01-2007, 20:42
OOC: Seen as their has been little or no protest to this. I have RP'd the take over as quick and painless:

As the two assualt ships hit the beach. The troops within immediatly ran with no defence the beachead was secured within 10 minutes. The battle-force code named snake (if you could call them that) moved out towards Reykjavik. People on the coast just looked on some took photographs but besides all was quiet.

It took Snake Force just 15 minutes to reach Reykjavik even then they had a police car escort them through the town. Some people stopped and looked on most however carried on like this was normal. As the reached Icelands Government building the troops dismounted their vehicles and secured the grounds and buildings the Icelandic President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson stood waiting at the bottum of the steps.

He approched Commander Gerrad of the Vetakan Military Icelandic Battlegroup shook hands and spoke loudly over the noise:

"Good Afternoon welcome to Iceland. You have our unconditonal surrender. We hope The Dominion will treat us well?"

Gerrad shocked it how easy this had been replied....

"The Dominion thanks you for accepting this. Your government will not change neither will your way of life. You will continue to have elections its just now The Dominion will verify this and The Dominion will have the overall Decsion in matters. Your police force will continue to operate as normal. To be honest everything will remain the same except. The Dominion will now be defending you and we will be constructing a couple of bases in the nation. To show you that we mean you no harm my troops will shoulder their Rifles also The Flag of the Dominion will not fly above yours but just below it. Thank You for not fighting."

"Your Welcome now ive secheduled a press conference to the nation. Would you mind joining me and repeating that?" replied the president.

"Of course" said Cmd Gerrad.

That was that Iceland had been invaded and surrended without a shot being fired. It had taken just 55 Minutes from the Time Ranger Squadron had entered Icelandic Airspace for the Nation to accept that it had a better future as part of The Dominion of Vetaka.
27-01-2007, 00:56
As the President and Cmd Gerrad climbed the stairs into the Icelandic Political Building Cmd Gerrad walked into a small room where a secure line had been established between between him and Dominion Central Command. He fitted the small head-set and awaited the line to be made. A young officer then gave the thumbs up signal.

"Command this is DBF Snake Copy?" Gerrad spoke into his mic.

"Command Copy. DBF Snake request update on current Situation is the Capital Secure? Country Secure Update?" Came a voice into his headphones.

"Capital is secure we have the full co-operation of the Icelandic Authorites here. Our Forces are pushing out from the Capital to secure the country. Naval Forces backed up by the Rangers are securing out-lying islands. We aim to have secured the entire country, air space and waters within 12 hours. I am about to address the nation. Advise that the boss either visit or make a statement within 48 hours. Base construction could begin at this pace within a day? Snake Over"

"Roger that Snake Continue as ordered. Update in 6 hours. Command Out"

"Roger that Snake Out" Gerrad now removed the headset. Composed himself and briefed his staff.

He then headed out into the corridoor and into the press room where he gave his speech to the new people of the Dominion
27-01-2007, 01:20

Nice and slick.

Your lucky you got away with it.

TBH the RSU couldn't care less, mainly because its on another continent therefore another problem.
27-01-2007, 01:42
OOC: Indeed. If I where to pursue it would you be interesting within forming an alliance?

The Dominion Battleforce had taken Iceland without having to fire a shot. Much of Iceland had now been secured their was a few out-lying islands still to go but all in all. Iceland was pretty much under Dominion Control. Many had questioned as to why the Dominion had pushed to secure Iceland so hard. The truth was the Dominion simply wanted a base from which to operate its Atlantic Operations in the air and on the ocean more effectively.

The International Community had paid little or no attention to The Dominion's action. They had their own problems and agenda's to attend to. Furthermore Iceland was hardly a massive place so they had turned a blind eye. It had taken a force of less than 4,000 personnel to secure the nation in very little time compared to other situations in history.

Once Operation Thorncliffe was completed The Dominion would begin to get down to business. Prime Minister harper had already authorized the construction of a large Naval and Air Base which the Dominion aimed to have completed within an absolute maximum of 6 Months.