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Radical Political Movement

21-01-2007, 12:33
Statment from Mr. Hirito Kane, secretary to Gurdesh Sidhu

Last week a military uprising took place in the small, Oligarchic state of St. Lucien. During a few days of fighting between loyal soldiers of the Left Free Peoples Movement and the few remaining militia of the King, The leader of the LFPM, Garret Loyd James, was shot and killed. He was replaced with his deputy Gurdesh Sidhu who has now taken over the former state of St. Lucien.

St. Lucien is now formerly known as Gurdengrad. The move has created unrest among many bourgeoisie nations. A collective movement is propsed where each and every nation is an equal, where rules of friendship and loyalty prevail and greed is banished. If you show alligence to Gurdengrad and the memory of the great Garret Loyd James, a new order can arise from the ashes of the fallen empire. We propose a break with the cold, hard and impersonal face of larger regions.

A region has not yet been created, but by sending through a telegram we can ensure that if there is interest, a region will be formed along the lines of the desires of everyone involved.

Gurdengrad wishes you peace.