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Factbook for the Most Serene Republic of Rather Minor Deities

Rather Minor Deities
22-11-2006, 10:12
Quick Factbook of the Most Serene Republic of Rather Minor Deities

Geography: This Most Serene Republic is located on a small chain of islands in the East Pacific, not unlike the obviously fictious islands of Hawaii. Each resident of the Republic has a small patch of land, which, depending on the resident’s power and emotional state, may or may not conform to the general climate of rainforest, bogs, and shrublands.

People and Population: Any survey of this most unusual nation must address its unique population. The Most Serene Republic of Rather Minor Deities is composed, as the name might suggest, of minor deities. Every resident had, at one point or another, believers whose mere existence granted the deity some measure of power. Most are now rather bitter at the one called the SF (‘Supreme Fascist’), colloquially known as God in the rest of the world, who has been grabbing up believers at an obscene rate. Due to their shared history and resentment, the residents of the Most Serene Republic tend to resist forces of globalization. However, they are so prejudiced against monotheistic religious fundamentalists that they sometimes hypocritically embrace certain modern ideas out of sheer perverseness.

History: The Most Serene Republic of Rather Minor Deities has been around in some form or another for thousands of years. In 312 AD, when Emperor Constantine took the throne of the Holy Roman Empire, a number of residents held a riotous Night of Commiseration, which is repeated annually on February 27th. The current republic was founded in 622 A.D. (“Never again!” was the rallying cry), and adopted as its motto, “There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Fun.” Historians generally attempt to avoid speculating too much on the significance of this new national policy so as not to alarm the general public of the rest of the world.

Economy: The economy of the Most Serene Republic is rather behind the times, as it arose out of a primitive bartering system of I.O.U.’s. Today, each citizen ‘sells’ favors (granted according to his, her, its, or their function as a deity and culture of origin) for a certain number of ‘divine iou’s’; a good english translation of a fifty-two word passage of latin for a college student by the Terribly Talented Tutor of Troubled Latinites (formerly known as Consus, a Roman god of the harvest) might go for 23 divine iou’s. One reason why the Most Serene Republic has had trouble developing its economy is that the conversion rate between divine iou’s and other forms of currency is dependent not only on how much the world values the other currency, but also how much the person attempting to make the transaction values the other currency. Thus, one US dollar for a poor man might be 50 divine iou’s, while the same amount for a moderately wealthy man might only be 0.5 divine iou’s.

Military: Currently, the Most Serene Republic of Rather Minor Deities has no military. Some residents may occasionally act as vigilantes, but they are discouraged from doing so within the boundaries of the Most Serene Republic.

Government Structure and Political Structure: As its name might suggest, the Most Serene Republic is indeed a Republic, similar to that of ancient Rome (which it is modeled after). It has a Senate (whose official title varies so much day to day that only the words ‘Senate’ and ‘most’ are always included) of two official elected representatives of each island, and a coalition government of the three most powerful political parties rules its elective branch.

Communications: The Most Serene Republic of Rather Minor Deities uses a series of temples as official communication posts. Messages to the government itself are burnt at the altar on the right, while requests to private citizens are burnt on the altar on the left.

International Relations: The residents of the Most Serene Republic have developed complicated ways to amuse themselves. The most recent consists of formally participating in international politics, beginning with establishing as many embassies as possible and joining the UN.

Foreign Embassies Present In the Capital:
Avenue D: lot 43: Dynasti of Kamasha
Monotheistic Meander: lot 3: Gospel of the Holy Divine Trinity.

Embassies are established in: Dynasti of Kamasha (temple of Indian goddess Tara).

Pending Embassies: Gospel of the Holy Divine Trinity (temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus).

Alliances: n/a

Trade Relations: Informal and pervasively international.

Recent News: A prominent members of the Winsomely Warlike Deities resigned in protest yesterday over the beginnings of embassy talks with the Gospel of the Holy Divine Trinity.
A government worker who wishes to remain anonymous disclosed today that the Most Serene Republic may soon establish an international trade port on the Island of Kilikala, though the Department of International Trade refuses to confirm or deny this prospect.
22-11-2006, 10:36
The Dynasti of Kamasha would like to welcome this new nation into the Internationale world. The dynasti will take stepps so that the economical, military and political power of Minor Deities continue to grow. One step will be to establish Embassies in both nations as well as ship foreign aid, of whatever type Minor Deities wishes.
Rather Minor Deities
22-11-2006, 11:09
The Most Serene Republic of Rather Minor Deities thanks the Dynasti of Kamasha for its most generous offer of an embassy exchange. Although the party of Winsomely Warlike Deities wished the Most Serene Republic to take great offense at your offer of foreign aid, the Most Supreme Senate ruled to gently reject it, and offer thanks for the spirit in which it was offered. The Dynasti of Kamasha may have lot number 43 on Avenue D in the capital to build its embassy.
Once the Dynasti of Kamasha provides a similar plot of land, the Most Serene Republic of Rather Minor Deities will build a temple to the Indian goddess Tara there; messages to the government of the Most Serene Republic may be burnt on the altar to the right of the main altar, while requests to private citizens may be burnt on the altar to the left of the main altar.
Holy Divine Trinity
22-11-2006, 11:21

Angelic choirs fill the sky, and sounds of incredible beauty appear to be basically everywhere.

All in all, there's rather few people about (On the other hand, the general view is quite amazing - a beautiful park, with all so slightly overadorned architecture gracing the landscape), though the occasional angel can be seen, multiple pairs of wings losing feathers everywhere they go, largely for the purpose of covering fuzzy litte animals with them.

In the midth of it all, Her Most Revered, Holy Divine Trinity, also known as 'God' (Or 'The Lord') sits - well, not on her throne, but in the grass.



"... Oh, shut up."

"Hey, you are the one with multiple personalities."

"We are, if anything. Anyway... Damn. They must still hate me."

"Well, you did screw with them..."

"In all fairness, my dear spirit, I was... Indisposed."

"Having your period didn't require you to set Sodom & Gomorrah on fire, did it?"

"I had it for several thousand years?"

"Well, you might've a point... But the Kanaanite genocide was still overkill."

"C'mon. Their gods were no better. Granted, maybe they're still angry that I ordered my followers to set their temples on fire..." Here, God blushed, half embarrassed at her at that time somewhat questionable temper, and half because she still liked the memory.

It had been very pretty bonfires, after all.

Ah, heck. Gabriel? Gabri- Ah, there you are."

"Yes, Ma'am?"

"... 'My Lord' is unfashionable, or what?"

"Well, this is the twenty-frist century, now... Servitude is indeed unfashionable."

"If this goes on, I'll have to do my nails myself..." God sighed. "Ah well. Heard of that 'lil reservation of those-who-were-before-me?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Mrm. Good. Informed as ever, I see. Anyway. Might be worth re-establishing relations..."

"With all due respect, Ma'am, but we never had relations. Sometimes, their followers set ours on fire, and sometimes, our followers set theirs on fire. Throw in some wild animals, crucification, rape and pillaging, and that's about it."

"Oh, right... Well, maybe we should start having some..."

The discussion continued for a while, but eventually, Gabriel left, his six wings causing a veritable hurricane of feathers, which promptly made the fuzzy little animals squeal with glee.
22-11-2006, 11:35
A large building is under construction in the capital of Kamasha. This shall later be given to the government of Minor Deities to be used as a embassy. The building will have space for 150 employees including 15 diplomats. The garage under the construction will have space for no more then 20 vehicles. Kamasha officials is sorry if there use of the word "foreign aid" has offended anyone, but only refers to Minor Deities own official documents that states the economy of Minor Deities as "rather behind". The aid was meant in no other way than to help this nation to reach a economy level that would better reflect there hopes of the future, in the way of establishing trading relations which both nations would greatly benefit from. And it would hopefully be given in such way as to construct harbors, airports and giving away older trading ships.

Kamasha officials.
Rather Minor Deities
22-11-2006, 11:38
The Most Serene Republic of Rather Minor Deities tentively endorses the idea of a embassy exchange with the Gospel of Holy Divine Trinity, if only to have a place in which to officially register complaints. On good conscience, the Most Serene Republic must remind the SF that there is no police force in the Republic with which to protect the embassy of the Gospel of Holy Divine Trinity from viligantes.
The Gospel of Holy Divine Trinity may have lot no. 3 on Monotheist Meander. Should a plot of land be offered in return, the Most Serene Republic will build a ridiculous ostentious temple to Jupiter Optimus Maximus there. Messages for the government of the Most Serene Republic may be burnt on the altar to the right of the main altar, while requests to private citizens may be burnt on the altar to the left of the main altar.
Rather Minor Deities
22-11-2006, 11:42
The Most Serene Republic of Minor Deities thanks the Dynasti of Kamasha for its wonderful words of wisedom; the Minister of International Trade with Nations Beginning with D adds that if money were to be tucked away behind the altar to the right of the main altar in the atrium of the new embassy, it would contribute to her efforts to establish a decent seaport on the Island of Kilikala.
Holy Divine Trinity
22-11-2006, 12:34
My dear minor deities,

It is with great joy that I hear of your decision not to hold old grudges (Much), but to pave the way to a new future - with me on top of it, but still.

Some things just can't be changed, now can they?

In any case. You're indeed free to raise a temple for the minor deities in heaven - tolerance being the new Schtick within the majority of our various churches -, though I fear that it wont be terribly well-visited...

Yours sincerely,

~ Her Holy Divine Trinity

PS: I'm male, damnit. Trinity indeed... ~ Jesus

PPS: Teehee. ~ Holy Spirit


The spot of 'Land' (Not quite the appropriate term, but...) allocated for the Ridiculously Ostentious Temple to Jupiter Optimus Maximus was located in a beautifually looking spot of sandy dunes, with the occasional crab in the sand - needless to say, it was also in a deep-cut valley, hard to reach (Well, when on foot, anyway), and somewhat confined by the valley being mildly narrow.

At the same time - 'Time' being a mildly meaningless concept in heaven, but hey -, the Seraphim began to sing (Well, continued to sing, but differently) with their beautiful voices, a chorus to their god and creater, praising her deeds and faith, causing a storm of beauty and faith, unmovable, impossibly determined faith and raising a church, nay, a cathedral to HER glory at on Monotheist Meander No. 3.

It'd probably get egged, but lower angels could deal with keeping it clean.
22-11-2006, 12:50
the foreign minister of kamasha laughs as he writes

"The best construction workers in Kamasha are on there way. As well as the required materials. We expect the seaport to be ready for use within a period of six months. I have ordered our top ingenieur to lead the work. He will arrive one week before the rest of the crew in order to make a plan of what is needed to be done.

Foreign minister of the Dynasty of Kamasha

PS: the name of our nation is Kamasha. Our title is Dynasty. I would find it most appealing if we were to be sent to the minister which handles nations starting with the letter K.