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The Lands of Cisleithania and Transleithania (191)

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The Dual Monarchy of Austria-Hungary

Imperial Majesty: Franz Josef

Royal Majesty: Charles I

General Chief of Staff: General Franz Conrad von Hötzendorf

Chancellor: Count Leopold von Berchtold

Navy Minister: Anton Haus

First Army: General Baron Viktor Dankl von Krasnik
The First Army was formed in 1909 due to a masive mobilization of Austria-Hungary due to several incidents and diplomatic friction. Under the command of Viktor Dankl it is composed of the First, Fifth, and Tenth Corps, originating from Krakow, Presburg, and Przemyœl, respectivly.

Second Army: General Oskar Potiorek

Third Army: General Rudolf Brudermann

Fourth Army: General Moritz Auffenberg von Komarow

Fifth Army: General Baron Viktor Dankl von Krasnik

Sixth Army: General Oskar Potiorek

Seventh Army: General Karl Pflanzer-Baltin

Sections of The Empire: Austrian (Imperial)

Kingdom of Bohemia: 6.769.000
Kingdom of Dalmatia: 646.000
Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria: 8.025.000
Archduchy of Lower Austria: 3.532.000
Archduchy of Upper Austria: 853.000
Duchy of Bukowina: 800.000
Duchy of Carinthia: 396.000
Duchy of Carniola: 526.000
Duchy of Salzburg: 215.000
Duchy of Silesia Opava: 757.000
Duchy of Styria Graz: 1.444.000
Margravate of Moravia Brno: 2.622.000
Princely County of Tyrol: 946,000
Littoral Küstenland Trieste: 895.000
Vorarlberg: 145.000

27.761.000 Austrian (Cisleithanian) Souls

Sections of The Empire: Hungarian (Royal)

Kingdom of Hungary: 18.265.000
Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia: 2.622.000
City of Fiume: 48.800

21735 Hungarian (Transleithanian) Souls
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Twists of History:

Austria-Hungary never initiated "The Pig War", in which they refused to import any Serbian pigs. Whose exportation is/was 90% of Serbia's exports.

Due to lack of real infomation in people and their names some names are moved backward from 1914.

As stated above the "Tribune" movement to make Austria-Hungary a Tri-Monarchy of Austria-Hungary-Croatia is a real and breathing movement.

While I usually appreciate having as many grammical symbols in my posts as I can, I feel having the older "Buda-pesth" is a touch to much, so I just keep it in this RP to regular Budapest.

In a movement to calm certain minorities the Upper Houses are open to election, three main parties involve themselves in politics. The Federalist Party, The Nationalist League, and The Tri-Force Movement. All platforms are quite self-explaining; Federal States, Monarchy, and Tribune respectfully.

The Tegetthoof Class Battleship project was started in 1908 and finished sometime later. Because I am slightly bored I initiate the project in 1909-1910. Certain aspects also change; no ships will be built at the Hungarian shipyard Fiume ( and better yet Imperial (Austrian) forces have thrown there weight around and seized Hungarian coffers to pay for a 1.3 ofthe price anyhow. The name Szent István will be used as to show Imperial "appreciation" for the Royal (Hungarian) forward thinking*.

* :rolleyes:
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Map of The Divison of Austria-Hungary (

Map of Tribune (Proposal, submitted in 1902 by Alexi Duth-Hullow): (