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OOC: Building designs.. Rebuilding the Plant..

Raven corps
21-11-2006, 23:37
I was thinking about remaking the Massive plant that was destroyed by Vaylka(SP?). It has been sometime, and I can let good land go to watse. So I have been making some designs for better defenses. I would like sme feed back on how effective you think they would be.

Defensive walls

more to come check back often...
Raven corps
22-11-2006, 00:51
This post for next design
22-11-2006, 00:57
Yeah, spikes are a no-no. They just give anyone trying to scale the thing a hand-hold. Pneumatic spikes aren't any better, as they're absurdly expensive and easily avoided. And could be replaced by a nice, cheap, M32 light machine gun sentry turret. Buy now and receive a FREE copy of Alien vs Predator II! *Ahem* Sorry, now that I've gotten the shameless plugging out of my system...

I'm also not quite sure how this thing would even stand up, what with the massive amount of weight suspended in mid-air. By all rights, it should crumble to a stiff breeze. God forbit a bomb or shell were to hit it.

Also, what exactly does HAESB stand for?
Raven corps
22-11-2006, 01:06
The Drawly is a bit off as I am sick and cant see striaght.. but the top would be farther back then the bottom the base would be larger then the top in other words. and the H.A.E.S.B. stands for

High Altitude EMP SAM battery

Which uses a duel action missile that can act as a direct hit type anti air missile or be used as a EMP pulse emitting flak missile. the Battry itself uses no radar but uses DOMar- which is a system that emits a weakened EMP dome that travels out and makes contact with objects, the object appear as shilloetes of the objec and a computer reads them as hostile or friendly.

this a quick explianation And I am currently working on the full version still