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Snix Is Truth Factbook

Snix Is Truth
21-11-2006, 15:54
Snix Is Truth

Current System: Empire
Current Leader: Samuel Noldan Ix (Snix)
Official Title For Leader: Lord Of Truth

Government Positions
Slavery: In it's negative sense, no. We do not believe that any person should be forced to work without pay of some sort. That pay does not have to be monetary though. The could get paid with their lives, houses, sand, even small bits of lint. As long as that item has some worldly value. We personaly house, feed, and clothe our labor force.

Death Sentance: We do not kill the moraly injust, we instead send them to a re-education facility. There they are promptly brain washed and sent to the labor sector.

Foreign Policy: Each nation we come in contact with shall be given one chance to prove themselves worthy of our admiration. If they can not, our business with them shall be limited.


OOC: This is basicly a place holder, additions to come after my vacation.
Snix Is Truth
21-11-2006, 15:56