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Invasion of Amercai- FutureTech RP (Semi-Closed)

Orion Ascendant
21-11-2006, 11:03
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The glittering jewel of Earth orbited around Sol,serene and untouched,a beautiful world of emerald greens, khaki browns, shades of blue and others in between.

Little did it know that soon,conflict would break out.

In the Oort cometary clouds outside the system,vast flotillas of vengeful humanity waited to reclaim their cradle. Billions upon billions of troops waited for the order to commence the assault upon Earth, to reclaim their ancient homeworld from the possession of America and to punish the traitors of humanity for their ancient sin, so many millenia in the past.

Technology,organic and artificial,mystic powers and magical energies,reality itself,were weapons turned against the most evil and ignorant of empires humans had ever seen.

Through sheer effort,the blood of billions had paved the route to Earth,by wormhole,by teleportation,by hyperspace,by warp drive,by gravitic sheath,by all manner of transport and attack,they had finally reached their target.

The Indian and Chinese fleets numbered into the trillions of personnel,even that only a small part of their strength.Evolved beyond baseline human comprehension,they were pan-galactic and multiversal empires that were a true match for the Americans.They were to be the strategic reserve,though their units would take part.

The Israeli and Singaporean forces served as a diversion,before being the hammer upon the final target,the Palace Royal and command centre of the Americans.The Singaporeans were supreme warriors and a fighting force par excellence, each individual a casual killer surviving the extreme environment of their home Neraka,which killed 9 out of 10 children before the age of 6,those thereafter surviving as hardened survivors and killers.Mental disciplines granted them superhuman willpower and mental endurance,while their human bodies were trained to a peak,their physiology tweaked to their precise thoughts.

The Israeli forces were no less skilled,though relying on nanites within the blood for their potency,as well as their ancestral memories.Once they had been friends of America,but the betrayal rang too near within their genetics for them to ever forgive.

In orbit over Earth,a vast wormhole opened spilling forth the vanguard,as they sought to take control of the orbital platforms and orbital rings surrounding the planet,the orbital superstructures critical to their cause.

Washington Palace,Palace Royal of the

George Warmonger the Mighty,Emperor of the Americas,lookd out on the vast expanse of this world.The hammer of the punishers would fall before the adamantine might of the Americans.

His distant ancestor,George William Bush,would be proud of him.He had consolidated his power before purging the traitors among his Republican Guard and the Democrat High Command,rival forces serving his regime.To his right stood his Republican High Guard,elite warriors chosen from among the children of his loyalists,trained from the age of 2 as fanatical killers loyal only to him.At his side stood Denise Hastert,First Wife and Matriarch of the Grand Republican Military Commission.

"First Wife,Ah' Sez,Ready Thy Forces for Thy Hast to do thine duty of teaching dese here peoplez the Wayz of America.DO IT Womyn!" commanded the stern leader in a mixture of Texan drawl and ghetto speak.

"Ah commind yeh,kill'em all and let Jaysus,the Great Mighty One,Deliverer of the American People,sort em' out!For weh are dis chozen pehple!"

As one the Americans shouted their ancient battle cry;"For Bush!For the God of War,the Lord of Slaughter,the Conquerer Divine,Bush!All hail Bush!" before turning to their task.
Clintville 2
21-11-2006, 11:23
What the fuck was that?
21-11-2006, 14:47
From its forward base on the lee-side of the moon the Japanese strike force readied for launch, the Americans would be moving against the Chinese and Indians soon so the Japanese had the chance to get around back of the American opressors. The Battle cruiser, IJN Yamato II, and it's multitudes of Cruisers and destroyer support ships launched carrying hundreds of the latest TF-87s each with their own pilot readied for a fight. Along with this fully 5000 TB-23s launched ready to hit any American flagships or Carriers. The battle was about to begin, this would not be a pleasant fight for the American dogs.
21-11-2006, 23:27
22-11-2006, 04:13
no takers? alright.

IC: While the attack fleet launched from the lee-side of the moon, 2500 TT-13 troop transports launched filled with hundreds of troops each, destination, American controlled Earth. Before the transports reached the range of American weapons 5000 Meteor drop pods were fired from the transports and were aimed at the Earthbound anti-ship batteries. The Meteor pods began to enter the atmosphere.
Orion Ascendant
22-11-2006, 09:04
Capital Command on Earth

The Americans were not surprised by the attack,though they were surprised by its ferocity.

The vanguard of the Singaporean and Israeli militaries wreaked havoc among the orbital defences, fighting in close quarter and often hand-to-hand against the American who outnumbered them.

Nuclear and anti-matter warheads detonated throughout the dynamic orbital rings,destabilising large segments that fell towards the Earth,set off by American as a last resort.

Meanwhile,the orbital defences found themselves overwhelmed as plasma torpedoes, asteroids and all manner of projectiles and energies were thrown their way by the battle barges and strike cruisers of the Israeli Space Guard and Singapore Navy.

An entire battalion of Singaporean soldiers were annihilated in close combat with the American marines,two of the most feared fighting forces in the human sphere of influence.For every Singaporean soldier that fell,15 American marines paid the price,or 20 American regular soldiers.

Meanwhile,the Japanese met little resistance as they dropped over the Pacific,angling over their ancient home islands.Just as well,the American submarines in silent waiting surfaced,lasering the sky in an intricate pattern that brought down vast numbers of drop troops and jump jet infantry along the coast,all the while ineffectually launching missiles into orbit to counter the increasingly frenetic assault.

Meanwhile,in the White Castle,in the Watergate complex,George Warmonger looked on as the reports came in of American reinforcements being prevented from entering the Sol System as the Indian,Chinese,Canadian and French fleets blockaded the system, detaining any American personnel who dared to breach the quarantine.Recently,the entire American Navy and Marine Corps had defected over to the Singaporean side,for the sake of survival.Only 12 carrier battle groups remained in space to oppose the attackers,and 1 battle flag.


The battle flag was a single ship,and practically a fleet within itself,having enough firepower to destroy the planet 100 times over. Surrounding it was a graviton shield,followed by an electroplasmic buffer,followed by an interdimensional breach,with point singularity generators honeycombing the hull.

At 20 km in length,bristling with superlaser platforms,singularity projectors(black hole generators),plaser and plasma torpedoes and Ultra Magnetic Accelerator Cannons capable of hurling projectiles to speeds of 0.9c, it was among the most feared ships currently within the system.

It accelerated into contact with the Israelies,firing all weapons,before turning to target the Japanese.It was a behemoth too large for any single fleet to handle alone,and would otherwise require an Indian Shiva-Class Battle Flag or Garuda-Class Star Battleship or a Chinese 'Great Leap'-Class Battle Flag to truly affect it.

Currently,a fleet of the Garuda-class ships were bound in-system.

Meanwhile,an entire force of New Iraqi Republic War Guard numbering at one million were to be teleported into California.
23-11-2006, 05:17

Two destroyers erupted in flashes of light and molten metal. The Battlecruiser Yamato pushed forwards and fired its twin MAC cannons towards the remaining american carrier squads and rotated the three, twin-D2 class Ion cannons towards the american battle flag. As the Yamato moved forwards the 5000 TB-23 bombers sped forwards heading towards the carrier groups supported by the TF-87s.


Multiple drop pods exploded in midair while in the act of avoiding shrapnel other pods collided. Meanwhile the Yagashira, a Ryukyu class destroyer, dropped more pods earthbound and launched unmanned Meteor pods towards the American subs in the Pacific.

As the Meteor pods hit the earth Jaguar class mech-suits ripped from the pods and began destroying anything that moved. While the smaller Hokkaido class mechs moved towards the Earthside cannons that were firing at the incoming troop transports.

A majority of these pods and the transports landed in ancestral Japan but many more landed in the areas of former china and singapore attempting to gain an adequate foothold earthside.
24-11-2006, 17:52

As more and more pods landed on Earth the area of control for the Japanese grew, now the main island of Honshu and the islands of Kyushu and Hokkaido were nearly completely controlled. 1000 pods were diverted from the islands of Japan to the area of Han China and the areas of the former countries of Thailand and Vietnam.


As the Japanese attack fleet closed on the remaining American forces an new warp hole opened above the American ships and another fleet of Japanese warships began firing as soon as the ships left hyperspace. The flagship Akitsuki which was 15km long and bristling with weapons opened fire on the American Battle flag. The main four MACs fired directly at the battle flag along with both duel singularity cannons aimed at the battle flag's middle.
Amazonian Beasts
24-11-2006, 19:50
OOC: Yet another Bash-America derivative *rolls eyes, then leaves*
25-11-2006, 16:08
yes it is. So what, I'm american and I'm participating.
26-11-2006, 17:38
28-11-2006, 16:19
ooc: Argh you people!

Orbit past Mars

A new warp hole opened in orbit near Phobos. One of the three Japanese capital ships, The Kagero, entered orbit. The capital ship had two purposes here. One, to observe and command the insueing battle above earth, and two to pull in the new DEG (Damn efficient gun) into orbit ready to either destroy the battle flag that the Americans had, or in the worst possibility, to destroy earth. Although that would be a very unlikely possibility. However, for the next hour the DEM would have to be set up in orbit. So the crew of The Kagero had some time.
Orion Ascendant
29-11-2006, 04:36
Capital Command

"Bayh dah Dubya Bush,Holy Lord of Slaughter and dah Lurd of Ah-merica!What in Jaysus Texas Christ is goin' on obar dere?"

George Warmonger looked on in horror as the Japanese closed in from Mars,while reports came in of the Marines and the Navy, at least large segments of them, defecting wholesale to the Singaporeans.Of the 12 carrier battle groups, 7 had joined the Singaporeans, who now had control of 3 quarters of the orbital infrastructure and defence grid,as well as orbital supremacy around Earth,though at the cost of roughly 1 243 000 personnel, rought a quarter of their entire force.

Of the Marines, of the 22 divisions, fully 16 divisions had defected to the opposing side as well.

They had better success on the ground though,with heavy losses suffered,but a successful repulse of the enemy forces who entered orbit.They were preparing old nuclear bombs for use in an MAD strategy to annihilate both parties.

Mars Orbit

With a single blast,the Battle Flag sent out a black hole of enormous proportions.Vast tidal forces reached down to Mars, ripping apart a quarter of the planets surface open to the mantle.The engagement was about to heat up.

OC:no offence to any Americans,this IS fictional after all.feel free to join in and thrown in your own groups.not enough ppl.
29-11-2006, 17:27

As the massive black hole sent by the americans neared the DEG, The Kagero fired the experimental weapon that had been designed to stop black holes. This weapon fired a slightly modified black hole which absorbed the incoming one and then dispersed in about three minutes. The weapon worked perfectly. The DEG was saved for now.


The Yamato and the Akitsuki both began firing with all weapons at the battleflag. The incoming poundings from both of the flagships dealt massive damage to the American battle flag.


The American pressure on the Japanese landside forces continually increased and the Japanese forces had to pull out of former China and only held a small area in Singapore and the Thai peninsula. While on the Japanese home islands the Japanese were doing better but still there would be some major conflicts before this islands would be reclaimed.
One of the command posts on the Japanese home islands was picking up signals for radiation devices and nuclear devises to be used. This would be bad. Very bad. The americans were going all or nothing.
Orion Ascendant
30-11-2006, 15:54
Sorry mate,but I'm closing this thread.No ones interested in it,except for the two of us.No point in continuing it.
30-11-2006, 20:19
darn, ah well. Sure go ahead. It's no fun with just two, but it was a good idea.