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Incomming Radar Contacts....

02-11-2006, 15:38
OOC: This is open, lets see how it evolves

14:36 GMT

The newly restructured Fuggalanian Defense Command (FDC) has detected multiple unknown multi engined aircraft approaching our airspace. So far all attempts at radio communication have failed.
As a result four F-8E "Crusader" fighters have been scrambled to obtain visual contact with the approaching forces.
02-11-2006, 18:04
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02-11-2006, 18:10
As the Spitzville Quick Insertion force dropped down to 10,000 feet to begin their bombing run, they saw the enemy aircraft and brought up their fighter escort. A dog fight began...
02-11-2006, 18:18
The F8's closed, the enemy aircraft had been in tight formation with the larger aircraft and hadnt been seen, outnumbered, the four fuggalian fighters lit their burners, picked tthere targets and attacked.
Meanwhile another 15 F8's launched, formed up and headed for the flashpoint.

All over Fuggalania, the alert goes out.
02-11-2006, 19:57
Some where close to Fuggalania

It wasn't unusal for a Crookfur navy Battle Fleet Group (BFG) to be somewhere near a new customer for the Nation's arms industry, but it was unusual for the Fleet Air Arm AWACs to actually pick up anything interesting and as such the detection of a some what large intrusion into Fuggalanian airspace was met with much excitment at first although it quickly calmed as the various service men of the BFG realised that Crookfur would, as usual, very politely await a request for assitance before getting of her arse.

In short if you want help you can have it, although i can fully understand if you would wish to limit participation.

Oh and i have a Crusader upgrade proposal ready if you are still interested.
04-11-2006, 08:46
As the spitzville fighters see the group of interceptors coming towards them they do there best to mount a reasonable defence of the bombers. After a long battle the spitzville escort eventually turn tail and flee back to safe airspace. But the bombers dont get the message. They keep going towards the Fuggalanian capital with a 20 megaton bomb in their cargo holds. Spitzville had spent years researching this bomb. They were giving it a small test
07-11-2006, 14:42
The bombers continue on their course, fuggalaina missle defense systems light up, sending patriot missles streaking for the slow lumbering bombers....

This is the Fuggalanian Defense Force to all allied forces, nuclear airmed aircraft on approach, requesting assistance...

OOC: in otherwords Crookfur, if you can, engage the Spitzvillians!
07-11-2006, 20:10
As soon as the Fuggalanian message was received, AWACs paltforms began vectoring some of the Fleet's defensive air cordon onto headings to intercept the intruders. Even At maximum speed the Seadragon fighters would find it difficult to sucessfully engage the bomber force, but an attempt had to be made. On the other hand the retreatign fighters were well within reach...

Even as the Crookfur forces reacted, the "take" from various strategic surveilance assets was being sifted in order to find a source for the air raid. so far they had nothing appart from the fact that the raid had been launched from somewhere within fighter range and so far no tanker or support aircraft had been detected.
09-11-2006, 18:50
The Spitzville bombers saw the two fighter groups coming towards them at speed. They did what they had been training for years to do. They dived. From 10,000 feet to just 250. They knew what they were doing and hoped to lure the fighters down. The bombers had a little suprise.
09-11-2006, 23:16
The enemy bombers suddenly dropped in hight, causing the FAF fighters to pull up to ajust their attack run, however the order came to hold back.
The bombers had dropped to such a low hight, it had put them into the kill zone of the flack cannons and quad guns that dotted Fuggalanias coast.
A murderous streak of lead was fired towards the bombers...
11-11-2006, 11:40
The lead plane took a direct hit on its left wing and veered sharply to its left. It lost its height and plowed straight into the the suburbs of the the target city. More bombers hit the ground, killing thousands. Still some continued towards their target. They were within two miles of it when the bombers scattered in all directions, throwing up chaff and flares to confuse the enemy missile sites. They turned in all different directions, trying to shake off the missile lock. It took time but one did. It made a last dash to the target. It would take a miracle to stop it now.
11-11-2006, 12:28
Miracles are not soemthing someone should find themselves relying upon, but when one present's itself one make good use of the chance it creates. The Crookfur pilots knew this and when the incoming bombers dived low it gave them a slim chance to catch up. Watching with envy as the groudn defences made short work of the incoming bomber they almsot missed the single aircraft that made it through, but one eagle eye pilot caught it and smilied grimly as the threat indicator flashed from red to gold announcing a positive lock and has he shouted to anouce the missile release 2 hyper sonic missiles lept from his fighters internal weapons bay and flashed towards thier target.

Out at sea the fighter group chasing the enemy escorts trottled back thier engines as they were ordered to tail the intruders and see where they went. It was acknowledged that the intruders were likely to be aware of the fighters on thier tail and woudl soon be faced witha stark choice, either lead the fighters directly to thier home base, thier tanker support or simply ditch into the sea when they ran out of fuel.
11-11-2006, 15:21
The bomber saw the missile and tried its best to shake it. It ducked, dived, rolled and pulled up sharply, still pumping out flares and chaff. Over the encrypted band radio, the fighters heard from one of ther miltary sattelites that they were being followed. The leader gave the order to break formation and go in different directions. He also ordered 5 of the escort to stay and hold the enemy back. Meanwhile the bomber gave up its plight and the pilot gave the order to bail out. As his crew jumped from the plane, the pilot set the plane to fall to 1000 feet and then drop its payload in 1 1/2 mile, right over the city centre.
11-11-2006, 20:40
OOC: Just to let you know, don't say that your crashing bomber killed thousands, thats up to me to decide. As it is, this is the case.

As the fuggalania fighters dove in, the could see what was happening, as the Crookfur naval fighters were tied up, one bomber had slipped through.
Out of ammo, low on fuel, the lead Crusader pilot lit his burners, got alongside the bomber, and tried to roll it over with his wing tips.....
14-11-2006, 19:21
OOC: Sorry

The bomber struggled to keep his wings level and on a stragiht course for his target. Eventually the fighter got the upperhand and rolled the bomber over and away from its destination. It was away from the city centre but its nose was still pointed toward a pretty populated place. If he was going down, by god he was taking some of them with him
14-11-2006, 21:32
Striken, the lumbering bomber smashed headlong into the "Sterling Tower" a large building that housed many law and finance firms. Exploding, the half mile high tower rained debirs down on the cities commerical district, starting many fires.

The Capital city of Elysium had been saved, but at a terrible cost.
Thousands were dead, reports were still flooding in and the dammage was thought to be it the Billions.

The fuggalian F8 fighters landed, the pilots had saved millions, but all they had in mind was revenge.

At another airbase, the squadron of F-105 Thunderchief strike bombers were being prepped for combat. Once the enemys identity and home base had been discovered by Fuggalanian and Crookurian forces, they would set off on a mission of retribution.

OOC: Ok my dear spitzville, you want war? :D
14-11-2006, 23:46
Flight Leftenant David Adams stared in disbelief as his helment mounted display revealed the enemy fighters spliting up with one group obviously manouvering as if turning to engage his squadron.
As the SeaDragons were flying with thier radars switched off, relying on AWACs paltforms to provide tracking and targeting information until the enemy aircraft came within range of each fighters IRST system, they would eb very dificult for the enemy aircraft to lock onto, of course the Crookfur pilots weren't going to let them have a chance to even try.
18-11-2006, 16:55
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