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Movement on the Home Front (ATTN: WWA/Allies)

28-10-2006, 20:55
Within seconds and without any prior warning, the mountain ranges surrounding the Jarridian capital, Shelbin, sprang to life, as the Jarridian Military began a massive mobilization exercise. The incredible numbers that were being pulled together for some sort of military action were mind-boggling. Jarridia has not been active in any international conflict for many, many years, and during this time, they had been secretly building a military that was by no means 'laughable.' With a mere 3.5% of Jarridia's total population (203,805,000) being in the military, it could be believed as a force to be reckoned with, especially since it certainly had the infrastructure to back it.

At this time, it is estimated that only 65% of the total military man-power and 56% of the machinery is being activated, but there are hints that this is only the beginning of what is to come out of the mountains and make movement towards the Jarridian ports, in an obvious preparation for a swift and vicious military action.


Presidential Palace; Shelbin, Jarridia

With the concerns building over the sudden military movement and with continuing unanswered questions by the Jarridian government, an emergency press conference was called. However, President Branam would not be attending, in her stead, she sent Kim Shaffir, Jarridian Secretary of State to make the official statement.

As she walked up to the podium on the front lawn, the cameras flashed around her. She quickly whispered something to Military Advisor, Keithan Weaver, before turning on the microphone.

"Good Afternoon everyone, and welcome to the palace. I know there has been a lot of concern and questions over the military mobilization, but rest assured that there are no intentions for this time. This action is to merely exercise the military and increase military preparedness in the event that a strike is necessary.

There have also been accusations that this move is to aid and restore ViZion to its pre-revolution state; however, again, rest assured that Jarridia is not making any threats nor motions towards anything in the Mediterranean. Our promise is that when and if we make any movements, the general populous will be informed and your voice will be heard.

Do not allow the troublemakers of society trick you into believing that the Jarridian Government is not telling the whole story. We are making every effort to secure our nation and rebuild our prominence after our long absence for the world stage. Thank you"

As the reporters shouted questions, Kim nodded her head at Keithan, who returned the gesture, then both of them quickly proceeded off the stage and back into the palace for an immediate meeting with President Kasilyn Joan Branam.
29-10-2006, 00:04
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29-10-2006, 01:28
The Emperor had no sooner finished issuing his orders concerning ViZion when his personal cell phone rang. He looked at the I.D. and said, "Yes, John. What is it?"

His Highness Prince John Strickland, Lord of The Isles of Xeraph, former Supreme Commander of the Xeraphian Forces, shouted into the phone, "Dammit Alaric, what the hell is happening out there? First I get notified that shit is going down in ViZion, then a call from Ric that President Branham over in Jarrida is mobilizing her forces. Almost 40 years and not a peep outta either one of 'em!"

Alaric smiled. "Take it easy, John. I think we've been at peace too long. We've gotten a bit complacent. You know how it was for almost 100 years before things settled down. If it wasn't ViZion, it was Credonia, Twist, TBD, Jarridia or one of ours. Some crisis or another somewhere."

A short silence at the other end. "Yeah, I remember. The good old days. Never a dull moment. Guess I'm getting old. But, what're we gonna do about Ms. Branham and her mobilization?"

"Nothing right now, John. I've put the entire MedSea region on alert, and, if need be, I'll put the whole goddamn hemisphere on alert, too. Why don't you notify Admiral Nelson in Jarridia of heightened security measures. His WarHammer Battle Group may just be seeing some action, even if just a mobilization. Have him place our forces at the use of Jarridia. Just remember: we don't shoot first."

"Good idea, Alaric. I'll get right to it." A short pause. " as excited as I am?"

The Emperor laughed. "You betcha, my friend. Talk at ya later."
29-10-2006, 07:28
In the mountains of ViZion's Italian claims, a band of 46 soldiers were hearing the reports of the Jarridian mobilization over the radio. "Men, it looks like we may be in for a fight. We must begin organizing with the other outposts. We are strong in numbers between our outposts and the underground Loyalist network here in Italy." said General Jack Washintimer. "If the Loyalist from Africa or our allies strike..." he said, before trailing off as he walked away, clearly thinking aloud to himself.
The Lone Alliance
29-10-2006, 19:00
-Council of 20-
"Something's going down with this Jarridia situation."
"Yes a large scale mobilization is underway."
"Do you think this is what?"
"Perhaps, we need to take no chances, I want a full taskforce ready to depart at a moments notice."
30-10-2006, 07:46
Across and throughout the mountains of ViZionarian Italy, armed men and woman, loyal to the old system, amassed in various locations. The groups - each with anywhere from 200 to 2,500 people - had worked for the past three years together on what the plan would be, should it come down to it. Now, they knew, they must prepare, as it may come down to it very soon.
30-10-2006, 16:50
"They're preparing, Kelly." one of her advisers noted.

"Yes, very good, thank you." she replied.
30-10-2006, 17:16
It could be noted that for many years, Jarridia had been known as a non-aggressive democracy. Though it had been involved in many conflicts, the late President Jarrod Branam had taken much care in protecting the vision of Jarridia and producing a nation that was respected for its military actions. This same asset was true; however, President Kasilyn Branam was taking a much more extremist approach in her new introduction to the world stage. During the years hidden away she worked on building Jarridia back to a power that had never been seen in the WWA, and a military to back it up. In her own personal response, she built her charisma and constantly read reports of the actions taking place in ViZion and all over the world. She knew that at some time Jarridia would need to be the one to stand up and say, with one solid voice, "Enough."

Jarridia military officials have spent the last 5 years planning what was going to take place, and amassing this gand military to fulfill its dreams. All throughout the Jarridian territories, Barcelona, to Mediport, ViZion, down to Port Said and into Karachi the military had been practicing and preparing. Now, at this moment, it was time. The coastlines were full of Jarridian ships, the flag flying high and ready to post itself wherever the Jarridian military made land fall.