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Movies are hard to see in the dark ((OOC/Signup Thread))

Valley of the Giant
16-08-2006, 06:26
I want to do a different RP here. This will be a character RP about wannabe Drow actors who have very little to do. One of the Drow Elves convinced a few Nobles to found their project, promising them fame in the human world. For material, they've picked a Drow version of Romeo and Juliet, where two 'Softie' Drow Elves of opposing Drow Houses fall in love and try to hide their affair, which is inevitably their doom.

This will be both an RP about the movie recording and what happens off-screen. This is to be a Romatic-comical RP. Remember that Drow Elves are incredibly proud, arrogant, female-dominated, and worship a chaotic diety known as the Spider Queen. I will RP any and all unclaimed characters.

Lymenolu of House Baenth, RPed by Valley of the Giant, the director of the movie. Has no film experience. Has no idea he needs cameras to record the movie. Also wrote the script. A commoner of House Baenth.

Jareral Baenth, RPed by nobody, a Noble of Baenth. Founding the project and so is technically the producer. He also plays Targloth Fre'alep, a Noble Wizard equivelent of Juliet.

Zilvaedra of No House Worth Mentioning, RPed by nobody, a fallen Noble and hides her identity. A quiet and shy priestess of Shar. Has an actual crush on Jareral, who is oblivious to it. Plays Minala Aleana, a Priestess in House Aleana, the equivelent of Romeo and Second Daughter in her House.

Garaful Greenstone, RPed by nobody, a local Duergar Dwarf brawler recruited for the part of Biggler Killstone, the equivelent of Friar Lawrence, who promises to sell them an exotic surface spell that will allow Minala and Tergloth to allow them to go about their relationship without intereference, but faisl to deliver as events are uncovered and both lovers somehow die. Knows of Zilvaedra's identity and is blackmailing her, as she knows that he's killed a prosperous human Merchant protected by House Baenth, but she has no idea she knows, and he only refers to it as "The thing you saw!"

Gaussavin Kilval, RPed by nobody, a young Drow Noble woman who's very loud and proud and is very self-absorbed to make her presence known, although she only does this to make sure people notice her and to get a place of worth in life. Ironically the best actress. Attractive to Jararel, but attracted to Teb'aril and is open but discrete about it, although he gets the message. Declared she wanted her part before reading teh whoel script, and will be none too happy to discover her character dies early on. Plays Mercyrl of Claddath, the equivelent of Mercutio and a favorite cousin of Phaereari Claddath, the Matron Mother of House Claddath, and close friend to Minala Aleana.

Teb'aril, RPed by nobody, a Drow Rogue Mercenary who's doing this just for the pay. Has a longing for Zilvaedra, although he doesn't know it. Plays the Ssivah Nesst.

Shi'nacice Baenth, RPed by nobody, little sister of Jareral. Demads respect, being a priestess, but is young and is shown a mask of repsect, but is truely given little. Airheaded. Thinks she's attracted to Lymenolu. Plays Phaereari Caddath, the Matron Mother of the First House, the equivelent of teh Prince, who demands that the war end before House Caddath gets pissed and wipes out both Houses.

I know it all sounds Cliche, but it'd be entertaining to see what mayhem draws out onstage and off. There are other characters, but I'm fresh out of ideas for other characters. Pick which part you want your character to play and make your own. Remember all characters are Drow save for the Friar equivelents, who are Gray Dwarves. For reference on Drow Names, use this site ( to come up with names. I will RP unclaimed and unnamed charcters as ananomous Drow Elves until I come up with more characters.

Remember that most of the characters (The actors) have never seen a movie, and only heard that it involves acting and becoming famous and only Gaussavin has any real talent, but she's the classic Movie Actress: A royal bitch.

Lesse...The characters and their equivelents in the movie...
Romeo: Minala Aleana (Female) (Zilvaedra of No House Worth Mentioning)
Juliet: Targloth Fre'alep (Male) (Jareral Baenth)
Prince Escalus: Phaereari Claddath (Female) (Shi'nacice Baenth)
Mercutio: Mercyrl of Claddath (Female) (Gaussavin Kilval)
Capulet: Matron Fre'alep (Female)
Lady Capulet: Ghaunaxle Fre'alep (Male)
Montegue: Matron Aleana (Female)
Lady Montegue: Sszzar Aleana (Male)
Friar Lawrence: Biggler Killstone (Duergar, male) (Garaful Greenstone)
Friar John: Fiider Killstone (Duergar, Male)
Balthasar: Bhinorvir (Male)
Apothocary: Lloth Priestess (Female)
Peter: Pellanryna (Male)
The Chorus: Ssivah Nesst (Mean Voice Man, by the way)(Male)(Teb'aril)

Anyone up for doing something different? There's a lot of resources on Drow Elves. This will be RPed in my nation, so we'll have technology, even if it's somewhat limited, but the Movie's setting will be Old Fantasy, as in classic DnD style. The city the movie is set in is called Graerdra.

Anyone interested?