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The Greater of Two Evils? [OPEN]

The Kraven Corporation
15-08-2006, 20:00
“We are One Mind… One Soul…” - Last Known transmission from Complex 13

Darkness rolled across the land, as it always did just before night set in, the sun sinking behind the horizon, leaving nothing more in its wake but the cold, unforgiving darkness…

Some say it is the same with Kraven, that when the sun sets and darkness descends, the unforgiving jackboots of the Corporation rolls across the land like an unstoppable, awe inspiring force…

I’ve seen everything, I have been to every Extermination campaign, every occupation, every invasion, I have seen it all with my own eyes… why?… Because I am a commander of the 141st Sturmpanzer Battalion

The 141st Helghan’s own, I’ve spoken to him before, received my orders directly from him and was nearly shot by him as well, my own fault, I refused to assault a bunker complex wired to blow, I said it was a waste of resources, Helghan pulled out his Desert Eagle and pointed it at my face, Stating that the bunker complex was a strategic location in the war, I agreed with him fully and said that is why it’s been wired to blow… He saw the sense in it and lowered his weapon…. My life flashed before my eyes at that moment…. It sickened me… the things I’ve done and the things I’ve seen…

Saying that, when I first joined the Corporation, I enjoyed my work, I got to see the world and met different kinds of people, which I was later ordered to either shoot or interrogate, I just blindly followed my orders though, thinking that it was my duty and what I was doing was truly for the greater good of mankind… funny how much you believe something, when you are told it for the six hundredth time….

I remember seeing them for the first time, it was like nothing I’d ever seen before, I was told that I would be co-ordinating the 2nd Brigades movements, well the rest of the 141st assaulted the city centre, we were ordered to attack the supply routes leading into the city, they were allowing the defenders to hold out against the main attack, so a lot of emphasis was put upon me to complete this mission…

Black, that was the first thing that struck my mind… everything about them was so dark, the way they stood, the way they moved, everything was so dark about them, then I saw their eyes, they glowed with the unholy fires of hell, each one, blood red and each one pierced my very soul, that was when I realised that what I was doing was wrong, and who I was working for was something not of this world…

The Capitol Police, that was their name, I remember it well, I was stood watching from the back of my APC as the enemy soldiers ran in panic screaming their name, it burned my mind as men cried for their mothers while the unholy Capitol Police butchered each and everyone of them, it made me shed a tear, they were civilians not even soldiers, just doing their bit for their country…. Monsters…

One thing that lives with me until this day was a young girl who was on that convoy ran away, holding the hand of her father as he cried at her to run faster, the Capitol Police chased after them with a slow mechanical walk, there was no reason for them to rush, their calmly brought their MG 42’s to bear and gunned the father down… his bloodied and twisted corpse landed on the ground with a heavy thump…

I ordered them to bring the girl to me, I couldn’t bear to see them execute her, but the only response I got was… “WE WILL SPARE NO ONE” moments later, the girls brains were splattered onto the grass, as she too joined her father on the floor… another victim of Kraven’s inhumanity…
15-08-2006, 20:02
OOC:Very interesting. I'll have to keep posted.
The Aeson
15-08-2006, 20:18
OOC: *Shivers* That's it, I'm getting into my nuclear shelter.
Dark Initiates
15-08-2006, 20:19
OOC: All i'm gonna say is this...Awsome. ;)
The Aeson
15-08-2006, 20:24
OOC: All i'm gonna say is this...Awsome. ;)

OOC: Dark Initiates, this is Kraven. Never, ever, nuke him.
15-08-2006, 20:26
OOC: Dark Initiates, this is Kraven. Never, ever, nuke him.
OOC: Second that.
Dark Initiates
15-08-2006, 20:32
OOC: Oh don't worry about that, we don't like using Nukes, we prefer going up and personal Assassin-Style.

But don't worry, that nation is safe and not on our Contract List.
The Aeson
15-08-2006, 20:36
OOC: Oh don't worry about that, we don't like using Nukes, we prefer going up and personal Assassin-Style.

But don't worry, that nation is safe and not on our Contract List.

OOC: I think he's about to have a Capitol Police revolution. You may want to work on your definition of 'safe'.
The Kraven Corporation
15-08-2006, 20:43
OOC: I think he's about to have a Capitol Police revolution. You may want to work on your definition of 'safe'.

OOC: Hmmm, I take it you talk during movies ;)

Letter to Commander Jenkins from Dr Richardson, Complex 13 Science Division

Dear Commander.

I hope you are keeping well, it has been a while since I last spoke with you, as you are probably well aware, The High Command has been pushing me for more breakthroughs and so my time has been very limited, but regardless, I have made the time to write to you with the utmost urgency, I’ve noticed that several things within the breeding programme have been changed, most alarmingly the programming sequencing used to condition the Capitol Police from before birth has been altered, it now includes extra lines to sentences, I haven’t been able to figure out the coding yet, but I know that its been altered.

I warn you that something is going to happen… I don’t know what… But something is going to happen… Be Ready…

Yours, Doctor Richardson
15-08-2006, 21:19
OOC: Beautifully written. So what is the rest of the RP gonna be like?
The Kraven Corporation
15-08-2006, 21:44
Complex 13 - Arterus (0:00 hours)

Doctor Richardson sat at his desk, huddled over a document, the words and letters were darkened by his shadow and the poor lighting of the room didn’t help his eyes much more…

“Non of this makes sense… Who could have altered the coding?”

He spoke out loud, he feared something, he didn’t know what it was but every time his eyes shifted across the coding, the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end, it made him uncomfortable to look at the coding, what made it stand out was that the coding was different to the coding that was before it, Richardson knew this because he’d helped code the original programme…still non of this made any sense to him.

“Wait… I’m starting to see a pattern emerging…”

“Alpha is Gamma, while Delta is Tango…” he paused for a moment…

“What… that makes no sense at all?”

“Who could have altered this, altered it into total gibberish…”

The Doctor thought for a moment, listing through names…

“A Reichmarshal?… Possibly… they have the authority.. But still.. Why the Nonsense?”

“Another Scientist? They have no reason to…”

“A Capitol Police Trooper…. There is no chance of that… they wouldn’t know anything about the birthing programme... unless they were ordered to do so… hmmm.. Let me check something out…”

the Doctor reached into his draw and pulled out something that looked like a Dictaphone… he ran it across the section of code he’d been looking at… the words struck him like a mallet… Battle Language….


His eyes were wide… wide with fear…

“This Couldn’t have been an order from Father…”

He scanned it across another section of altered code…


“I must warn someone about this" He got up out of his chair and turned quickly, right into the blood red eyes of a Capitol Police Trooper….

The Doctor was in shock, he couldn’t move every nerve in his body screamed for him to run, but that fear prevented him from doing so, locked him in place…

The Trooper stared at him through those blood red eyes, never once betraying any sign of emotion or care or cause, just pure terror incarnate…


The Trooper brought his bayonet to bare, using his free hand to grab the Doctor by the throat, lifting him in one motion off the floor, the Doctor struggled, his legs free from the floor kicked and struggled to break free, but to no avail, the Doctor coughed and chocked, gasping for air until the bayonet was thrust upwards cutting his stomach open and allowing the pink entrails, the intestines and other organs to spill out onto the floor….

The Trooper turned and left… leaving non the wiser of what had just happened….
15-08-2006, 22:08
OOC: Kraven, you make the most awesome RPs, man. I would love to be involved but your Capitol Police would start some mass-extermination in my puny Neo-Erusea. lol
15-08-2006, 23:50
OOC Hehe same here.
16-08-2006, 00:16
OOC: Tagalore
16-08-2006, 00:28
OOC: Kraven, you make the most awesome RPs, man. I would love to be involved but your Capitol Police would start some mass-extermination in my puny Neo-Erusea. lol
I'd station a garrison of a few thousand Republic Guards in your capital for protection, but I'm already at war with Kraven's ally Kravania.

That said, if you still want to get involved, I'm sure there's something I can do. The D.S.R.K. and the Kraven Corporation have been enemies ever since the Invasion of Xirnium ( in October 2005, so we go pretty far back.

I suppose I should start offering a 5% discount at my storefront (in sig) for enemies of the Kraven Corporation. :)
The Kraven Corporation
16-08-2006, 12:41
Minor Subjugation of Arterus Population (08:00 Hours)

It was early morning in the village, people were just waking up, preparing for the day ahead, the village was like any normal village, it had a church, village shops, a market square and the village mayor who was very proud of his position and his little corner of the world, the village new nothing of the outside world, for years they’d ignored the darker aspects of modern life, choosing to only embrace what they needed to survive, ignoring the politics, lies and slander that come with modern technology, ultimately this will be the towns down fall, for you see, if they’d not been so neglectful of modern happenings, then they would have surely heard of the Kraven Menace, and known that they were literately next door to them, but alas they did not.

The only warning the town got was a large black APC smashing through the front of one of the houses, the noise, the dust and the smoke filled the little market square quickly, people screamed in horror, thinking there had been a terrible accident, they rushed to the scene, but through the smoke and the dust came five sets of those piercing red eyes, the people, never before seeing Capitol Police approached with the gentle curiosity of a cat, before these unholy monsters opened fire, the MG 42’s making distinct noises as the crowd was easily cut apart their bloody and torn bodies crashing into the bricks and mortar, sending with it a torrent of blood…, several more APC’s roared into the village, disgorging more Capitol Police, who immediately fanned out and began to work their way through buildings…

“THX 1138, Please Respond”


“Round up villages population for reconditioning”


The Capitol Police moved from building to building, smashing in doors and windows, using their rifles to smash apart cupboards, overturning beds, tables and sofas, they would trash the place before dragging the occupants out into the streets, after around fifteen to twenty minutes the entire populace were held in the centre of the square, several of them crying and weeping…

Instantly each and every Capitol Police Trooper brought their weaponry to bear, everyone was in perfect time and each weapon was expertly aimed at the crowd, the guns opened fire, the distinct crack of the Kraven GMPG filled the air as every woman, man and child was cut apart by the torrent of 7.62mm rounds, the bullets tore and ripped clothing, shredded flesh and smashed bone, within seconds it was over as quickly as it had started…

The Capitol Police gave a sharp and crisp salute, holding their black gloves high in the air, in a salute that was almost like the Nazi salute of world war two, before each trooper uttered the words in perfect unison, each one sounding like the other, an unholy choir of machines…

16-08-2006, 12:53
Bloody Hell. It has been saidyou're not the best writer on NS overall, but I can honestly say I've not seen a better writer of acton scenes in a *very long* while.

When this thing opens properly, you can count me in.
The Aeson
16-08-2006, 13:07
OOC: Yeah. I'll get involved, but I can't think of a reason I would know about this yet.
16-08-2006, 13:09
OOC I too wish to participate once more of the RP is unraveled
16-08-2006, 16:59
OOC:Kraven could I respond?
The Kraven Corporation
17-08-2006, 00:35
OOC: Thankyou for all the comments, they are appreciated, but I'd like to keep the OOC clutter down, thankyou all.

First off, those who feel they can respond now and have good reason to, a legitimate reason can do so, for everyone else, you'll just have to wait for your cue to act.

there will be another post in the morning, My word processor crashed and I lost the next installment, but fear not.... the story will progress....
The Aeson
17-08-2006, 00:39
OOC: Thankyou for all the comments, they are appreciated, but I'd like to keep the OOC clutter down, thankyou all.

First off, those who feel they can respond now and have good reason to, a legitimate reason can do so, for everyone else, you'll just have to wait for your cue to act.

there will be another post in the morning, My word processor crashed and I lost the next installment, but fear not.... the story will progress....

OOC: (Last one in this thread...)

Would that help?
The Kraven Corporation
21-08-2006, 15:13
Arterus Garrison, The Office of Sturmfurher Derkitz (10:00 Hours)

The Garrison was like any other Kraven Garrison, its walls where grey and high, topped off by Barbed wire, where every so often along the wall a large watch tower would rise high into the air, brandishing a set of heavy machine guns and search lights like how a samurai warrior would wield a Katana, the main gate was a black heavy metal structure, the Eagle of Kraven was upon the centre and when the door opens, the eagle would part in the middle, signifying your entrance into the Heart of Kraven…

Kreigsmarines watched the countryside from the relative safety of the watch towers, where the search lights swept the land, looking for approaching soldiers or terrorists, inside more Kreigsmarines manned gun emplacements and Flak cannons, while some patrolled up and down the vast court yard, Kraven flags flew from large flag poles, while some banners hung below windows and above doorways.

In the centre of the courtyard stood a thousand Capitol Police troopers, each one was stood in perfect formation, not one out of place, their black armour a stark contrast to the blood red banners and the military grey of the walls and buildings…

Inside, the bunker complex was again, like any other Kraven Garrison, the walls were plastered in Propaganda, while every so often a section of wall would just out slightly, to provide cover to someone who was fighting in the corridor..

People moved too and fro about the bunker, officers carrying documents, while Kreigsmarines would be following behind carrying a larger bundle of papers, or patrolling up and down with a rifle slung over the shoulder…

One notable Captain was rushing quite quickly through the corridors, carrying a single piece of paper, but with a determined look upon his face, ahead of him was the Command officer of Sturmfurhrer Derkitz, instantly the Captain flung the door open, and walked in…

The Sturmfurhrer had a young piece on his knee, she had long blond hair, fair skin and blue eyes, she was the kind of woman that the Corporation would have bundled away, hooked her up to machines and forced her to produce Capitol Police for the rest of her life until she was no longer fertile, seemingly however, the Sturmfurhrer had prevented her ‘enslavement’ with the exchange of a few… ‘favours’

“What is the meaning of this?!” Cried out the Sturmfurhrer….

“I’ll over look that, if you over look my intrusion, Sturmfurhrer…” The Captain spoke… pointing at the woman, still sat on his knee, who then quickly and sheepishly stood up, adjusting her skirt and blouse…

“Today a routine subjugation went wrong, The Capitol Police were ordered to round up the population of one of the villages and bring them back for processing…”

“And what’s the problem there?”

“They disobeyed that order and butchered everyone in the town…”

“What?… That’s impossible… they can’t disobey orders..”

“I know… but look at this transcript, its all documented there…” there were some feint noises from above them, sounding like they came from the surface…. “What was that?”

“I don’t know… sounded like… Gun fire…” The Sturmfurhrer responded, his eyes were distant as he clutched the transcript…

On the surface all hell had broken loose, the Legion of Capitol Police were now moving freely about the court yard, butchering people left and right, using their GPMG’s as clubs, while others effortlessly cut Kreigsmarines down with bayonets, gun fire rained all over, like an early summer down pour, it covered every wall, and every scrap of earth, the Capitol Police seemingly wandered through this torrent of gunfire like gods amongst mortals, their armour protecting them against the insane fire patterns, the confusion sparked by this sudden attack by the Capitol Police allowed these unholy, inhuman Troopers to move freely, destroying at will…

Burning tanks lay over turned, trucks and cars were on fire, flames licking up the black paint work, as the occupants inside, struggled in a blind panic to escape, the heat inside becoming intense, as soon their clothes and then themselves caught fire…

The Capitol Police now descended into the bunker, the surface a complete mess, bullet holes, burning wrecks and corpses littered the courtyard as great black clouds rose into the sky…

Flash bangs tumbled down a set of stairs, as two Kreigsmarines, taken by surprise, tried in vain to cover their eyes as the two grenades went off, the blinding white light, followed by the bang disoriented them enough for the two black forms of Capitol Police to descend the flight of stairs and effortlessly gut them using a long, eighteen inch bayonet…

Instantly, the Kreigsmarines formed their defence as smoke grenades, set off by the Capitol Police at the bottom of the stairs, engulfed the corridor in a thick grey smoke… the Marines coughed and spluttered as they tried to gain some air, their eyes burned as the smoke seeped into their shut eyes, quickly they began to don their own gas masks, basic models, just designed to allow them to last a little longer during a gas attack, but regardless, now they started their counter attack.

Machine gun, and 303 rifle fire began to fill the corridors, the marines couldn’t see who or what they were firing at, until some muzzle flashes in the distance, followed by two or three dead marines gave away the enemy positions…

“We’re getting torn up back here…. Where are the Capitol Police?!” Screamed one marine, just as his words were answered, a Trooper coming through the smoke, his red eyes penetrating the smoke with an unholy, purpose, strode towards them… the Marines awe struck, couldn’t move, their bodies were frozen solid, the sheer terror of a thing they thought their allies, now stood before them, bearing a GPMG and pointing it in their direction, instantly the trooper raised his weapon and opened fire in four short bursts, each burst placed in the chest of a marine… before the Trooper continued down the corridor and into the other rooms.

The Capitol Police continued their systematic removal of the Garrisons non Capitol Police personnel…

One Trooper stepped into the communications room, where an operator was franticaly trying to contact anyone in the outside world… the Capitol Police having severed the bunkers communications to the High Command…

“Help… Help.. This is Complex 13 of the Arterus District, Something has gone wrong… The Capitol Police are attacking us… Help…” The Radio operator managed to get out before being silenced by the distinct sound of a Capitol Police GPMG, everything that was happening was being broadcast out, as the Operator hadn’t switched off the Comms system…. The Trooper approached the Corpse… then with a voice that was more machine than human he spoke…. “WE ARE ONE MIND… ONE SOUL”

The Sturmfurhrer and the Captain were now crouched behind a table, they’d over turned it and were holding their standard issue, Desert Eagles in both hands, they could hear the screams of the dying outside followed by the mechanical voices of the Capitol Police…

The Captains breathing was heavy…

“What’s going on?”

“I have no fucking clue…” The Sturmfurhrer responded with..

“Has father betrayed us?” The Captain asked…

“No… Listen to that…” The Sturmfurhrer spoke, pointing to the door.. As a trooper reeled off a phrase…

“WE ARE THE SUPREME RACE…. ALL ELSE IS INFERIOR….” it was quickly followed by a burst of gunfire….

“That means Father as well… Somethings not right…” The Sturmfurhrer thought for a minute, as the Captain shook his head…

“What?” The Sturmfurhrer asked…

“I’d have thought that was a bit obvious…” The Captain said, raising his eye brows…

The Door to the office exploded inwards as a trooper stood with his left leg extended towards the door, the splinters flew about and landed on the carpeted floor…. The trooper slowly walked in, his red eyes surveying the room, the heat signatures of the two officers behind the table were clear, as the two both suddenly shot up, holding their pistols in both hands and opened fire, their shots at first hit the troopers armoured sections until several of the shots slammed home into his face, the weaker gas mask armour buckled, blood spurted outwards, and the troopers body fell limp and onto the floor…

The Next trooper walked in, and instantly the two opened fire again.. Only to be greeted by a distinct… ‘click’ indicating their weapons were empty….

The Trooper pulled out his pistol and placed two clean rounds in each of the two’s chest… they fell to the ground with a heavy thump as the heavy calibre rounds tore their chest open…

The Trooper then spotted the young girl, he approached then with a black gloved hand, he grabbed a handful of her long golden hair and dragged her away, she kicked and screamed but the trooper continued and Garrison 13, also known as Complex 13 was silenced….
21-08-2006, 16:37
One of the Staric Special Forces teams that had been sent out to discover the world had been sent over into a mountain range. Over a a little less than a year of purposely slow progress, they had crossed the mountains and now stood at the bottom, looking back at what they had crossed; the highest peaks of what would become known as the Dagger mountains. Then suddenly, from inside the tent, where there Communications officer was quickly flipping through the very specific channels available to a Staric radio.

For one second there was noise. "Hel".

The officer was already switching back, in time to catch most of the message, though it was choppy. "elp.. This is Complex..............Arterus District, Something..........wrong… The Capitol Police.....tacking us… Help…" Then, a gunshot and an eerie, mechanic voice. “WE ARE ONE MIND… ONE SOUL” The team shivered at the sound of that voice. Captain Saosis shivered as well, but then spoke. " Well, I think we know who the bad guys are. Team, full weapons and ammo packs, we will leave everything else witht the truck and the drivers." the team rushed, but it still took them a whiee to get ready.

Twenty Minutes Later.

They ran, and ran, down the hills. Eventually thay saw the fortress, and stopped. The Captain spoke "Okay everyone, guns ready. We are going in there, shoot at anything that shoots at us. Let's figure out what is going on."

The great men ran down the slope, charging towards the fortress of evil. Whether they made it out or not was in the hands of evil, , greater and lesser. And so they plunged into the darkness.
The Kraven Corporation
21-08-2006, 16:43
One of the Staric Special Forces teams that had been sent out to discover the world had been sent over into a mountain range. Over a a little less than a year of purposely slow progress, they had crossed the mountains and now stood at the bottom, looking back at what they had crossed; the highest peaks of what would become known as the Dagger mountains. Then suddenly, from inside the tent, where there Communications officer was quickly flipping through the very specific channels available to a Staric radio.

For one second there was noise. "Hel".

The officer was already switching back, in time to catch most of the message, though it was choppy. "elp.. This is Complex..............Arterus District, Something..........wrong… The Capitol Police.....tacking us… Help…" Then, a gunshot and an eerie, mechanic voice. “WE ARE ONE MIND… ONE SOUL” The team shivered at the sound of that voice. Captain Saosis shivered as well, but then spoke. " Well, I think we know who the bad guys are. Team, full weapons and ammo packs, we will leave everything else witht the truck and the drivers." the team rushed, but it still took them a whiee to get ready.

Twenty Minutes Later.

They ran, and ran, down the hills. Eventually thay saw the fortress, and stopped. The Captain spoke "Okay everyone, guns ready. We are going in there, shoot at anything that shoots at us. Let's figure out what is going on."

The great men ran down the slope, charging towards the fortress of evil. Whether they made it out or not was in the hands of evil, , greater and lesser. And so they plunged into the darkness.

The Garrison was empty, smoke rose from burning wrecks, corpses littered the court yard, while others hung limply over gun emplacements, the acrid stench of burning fuels filled the air.

The Main gates were hung open, with one slightly off its hinges, causing it to tilt at a rather un-nerving angle...
21-08-2006, 16:50
The team spread out around the door, and Private Haspin, who had been chosen to take point that day, kicked each door hard, backing away from them as he did. Slowly, the team entered, looking for anything that would help them figure out what had happened here, and to who.
The Kraven Corporation
21-08-2006, 16:59
The team spread out around the door, and Private Haspin, who had been chosen to take point that day, kicked each door hard, backing away from them as he did. Slowly, the team entered, looking for anything that would help them figure out what had happened here, and to who.

The Main gates were massive black structures with the Kraven eagle across them both, there was no response to the Private who kicked the door, apart from a dull, metal thud, however in the distance the crackling of fires still burning could be heard, and now the pungent smell of burning fuels, rubber and other synthetic materials was heavy in the air...

The Banners of Kraven fluttered in the wind, but everywhere was an eery silence that made the place seem more empty that it actually was...
21-08-2006, 17:07
Some of the team pushed at the doors, while the others had their weapons ready. they pushed throug, and began to spread out around the courtyard. Captain Saosis noted the banners, and, more importantly, the wathctowers. He ordered some men to take a tower, and others to guard the courtyard, while he and the remainder entered the bunker. All the forces looked for signs of anything alive. Of course, they found nothing. There was nothing alive in this garrison but them. Just machines, watching, and waiting.

OOC: If my guess is wrong I will edit that.
The Kraven Corporation
21-08-2006, 17:15
The Capitol Police were not without tactics and they knew as a collective conciousness that soon the High Command would deploy some form of squad to investigate the reason behind Bunker 13's sudden dissapperance, and so they'd left behind several Troopers, ready to ambush anyone who'd entered the bunker complex, while the team had entered through the main gates, the Troopers had been watching and now as they fanned out across the court yard, The Troopers readied their weaponry.

To an outsider, The Capitol Police lying around outside the entrance to the bunker just looked like any other dead corpse, it would be impossible for the team to tell who were the enemies here, Capitol police and Kreigsmarine littered the floor in equal numbers, the only difference was non of the Capitol Police were dead...

Slowly, in perfect unision, without error everyone of the Capitol Police stood up and readied their weaponry... it would have been a terrifying sight to witness, around fourty of these black armoured terror troopers, renouned through out the world as being fear incarnate, to suddenly stand up without warning, to suddenly come alive when only minutes ago they seemed so dead.... True Evil... Never Dies...
21-08-2006, 17:26
The Capital police rose right in the middle of the forces in the courtyard and entering the bunker. Immediatly those men pulled back form the enemy, but they seem to be everywhere. The ones farthest away pulled into the bunker or the corners of the courtyard, readying weapons as those close to the Troopers attempted to fire at the demons. Seven solidiers were there, firing, screaming like banshees, as their weapons fire flashed around the courtyard, sycthing at anything, anything.

In the tower, the group of four tried to turn the guns on the capital police. They did not fire, however. They waited, the tension thick enough that they were almost coughing from the stench.

In the bunker, the six remaining to go in retreated deeper, setting up positions to fire into or out of the bunker. Fearful, eager, guns ready, they waited for the fight of their lives.

In the courtyard, the last three retreated towards the stairs, ready to fire.
21-08-2006, 18:06
Imperial Intelligence Agency, Fort McDonald, Findan

Sir Harrison Tomlinson, Director of the Imperial Intelligence Agency (IIA), walked into his office early Monday morning. He hung up his light trench coat, hat, and umbrella on a hat rack and sat down at his desk to view the over-night reports. His secretary brought in him a tray with tea and donuts on it. "Thank you, Dianne," he said.

"You welcome, sir."

His aide, Jerry Pendleton, walked in, "Good morning, sir."

"Morning Jerry"

"How was your weekend?"

"Excellent, I took my grandson Billy out to the family cabin for his first fishing trip. He caught a trout. He is proud as ever. Yours?"

"Pretty good, Granton is now two games up in the Imperial League Central. I think we'll take the series."

Harrison looked at the first report on his desk. It was from the Kraven Desk. He was reading the report and got halfway down the page before he stopped.

What the Hell are the Capital Police doing? He knew this was serious, because Will Cassidy, the Chief of the Kraven Desk was a reliable man.

Jerry noticed the worry on his boss' face, "Sir, is everything alright?"

"No. It looks like the Capital Police war staging a Coup."

"Why on God’s Green Earth are they doing that!”

“I don’t know. I think I should call ministers Goldstein and Cooper.”

“I’ll get them on the line for you, sir.”

“No, Jerry, Dianne will do that. You can get Will Cassidy up here ASAP. This going a long ass week.”

“Yes sir!”

Defense Ministry, Granton

Defense Minister Lord Sir Reginald Cooper was eating his morning breakfast of eggs, ham, bacon, and pancakes in the Imperial Palace’s cafeteria while he was waiting for the Cabinet meeting at 9:00 A.M. A palace page walked up to him and said, “Telephone for you, sir,”

He sighed, “Cooper here.”
“Lord Cooper please wait for a call from Director Tomlinson,” said a pleasant female voice.
“No problem.”
“Sorry to disturb you, sir, I need to meet with your and Minister Goldstein ASAP.”
“’Sir’ this sounds pretty serious. What’s going on?”
“I shouldn’t say over the phone sir. I’ll be at the Palace in forty-five minutes, traffic permitting.”
What’s going on here?
Emporer Pudu
24-08-2006, 20:56
OOC: Sorry for the ooc post, but I am intensely interested in joining this RP. My Orthae ( and your Capitol Police...
The Kraven Corporation
24-08-2006, 21:00
OOC: Sorry for the ooc post, but I am intensely interested in joining this RP. My Orthae ( and your Capitol Police...

OOC: Excusable, Go ahead feel free to post
The Kraven Corporation
24-08-2006, 21:32
Norska Port, Arterus (23:00 Hours)

The Kraven naval fleet sat in dock, as it usually did during the breif periods of time when the Corporation wasn’t waging some fanatical war against a nation who’d probably never heard the word Kraven or the words Capitol Police before, but as usual, it was made sure that no one in that nation would ever forget those terms…

The waters were a clear blue, again something unusual for a Kraven port, usually, they were thick with oils, or choked with corpses, but in this case, it was clear, the waves lapped against the side of a hulking great behemoth, a Subjugator, it was the pride of the Kraven naval, it measured in length 1.1km’s and bore more guns and weaponry than its predecessor… The Annihilator…

The crews worked about their daily business, collecting papers, recording information and waiting new orders, Captains met and discussed practicing fleet manoeuvres, while others toyed with the idea of drilling the crewmen on board…

Two crewmen were casually walking down one of the many corridors of this great bastion of Kraven dominance, it was like an unfeeling overseer, it allowed people who could see it from shore, know that Kraven was near by and that they could lash out at any moment should the need arise, that no one was safe from the all seeing eyes of Kraven and the all encompassing justice of the Kraven War Machine…

“Are you getting a funny feeling?” One of the two piped up, his name was Jenkins…

“What do you mean?” replied the other one, looking up from his Kraven Propaganda, his name was Peterson

“Hmmm, I’ve been getting this gut feeling for some time now, the kinda feeling I get when were just about to get raped by anti - shipping missiles…” the first looked up, as though he was imagining it happen…

“Heh… that feeling… We’re in port, so the chances of someone sneaking a fleet close enough to hit us with Anti - shipping missiles and us not to notice would be very remote…” Peterson shrugged dismissively..

“Yeah, but I think its going to be different some how… you noticed the Capitol Police?” Jenkins continued, looking back over his shoulder…

“No, they are like furniture, I tend not to notice them, or at least I tend to block them out…” Peterson let an obvious shiver run up his body…

“They’ve been milling around in small groups for a couple of days now…” Jenkins continued again looking at the floor of the deck above…

“They normally do, from what I remember…… Squads they call it…” Peterson chuckled to himself…

“Hmmm, not like this… It looked like they were…. Socialising with each other…” Jenkins looked worried, his face contorting into a concerned glare, more of a glare because of Petersons sniggering…

The Crewman burst out laughing…

“You gotta be kidding me… that’s the biggest load of bull I’ve heard in a while… Capitol Police socialising…. Getaway….” Peterson shook his head, slapped Jenkins on the back and entered the mess hall…

“I gotta bad feeling about this…” Jenkins muttered before sitting down at the table…

And so, another night aboard the Subjugator passed without incident, the Captains continued their meetings and the crew got on with their lives as best they could… Night set in and the full moon rose high above the clouds, casting a silvery glow across the waters as muzzle flare flickered across the waves as they gently lapped against the side of the subjugator, the Capitol Police going about their business without care or mercy, their inhuman voices beckoning the death of many a crewman as one by one they were systematically slaughtered…

The waves, the calm waves were broken suddenly by the heavy splash of a corpse landing in the water, a crewman, riddled with bullets and bayonet stab wounds…

In one night of blood shed, the 1st Kraven Battle fleet slipped out of the Hands of Kraven with little notice, apart from some civilians on the shore, who knew better than to question anything that the military was doing…

But later that night, the fleet slipped not only out of the hands of Kraven, but also slipped out of port…

It wouldn’t take long however, for the Higher Powers that be to take notice of what’s happening, when a Garrison disappears… followed shortly by the 1st battle fleet…. Things were going to get a little more intense…
26-08-2006, 03:21
70,000 ft. Above Arterus Garrison (10:00 Hours)

A black U-2 was doing a normal recon mission over Kraven. Canadstein knew that they were not at war with Kraven, but that could change quickly. Today’s mission for the pilot was to fly over some military target. Below at the garrison the pilot had no idea of the carnage that was happening. Flying 70,000 ft he could barely see anything. Quickly taking pictures the pilot wanted to get out of Kraven airspace soon. Most the other pilots called these missions the one mission of death. The U-2 started to turn back toward Canadstein. The pilot sighed with relief the hard part was done.

Canadstein Intelligence Agency, Ottawa, Canadstein (16:00)

A man was looking close at a aircraft. It appeared to be a Garrison that had been put down before, but this one was odd. Looking the photo under a magnifier the man could see that the garrison was under attack and partially on fire. Rubbing at his eyes he looked at it again. Getting up he rushed toward a phone.
“Mr. Potter I have something you might want to see.”
In five minutes Clarence Potter walked into the office. He was the head of the photographic department to the Agency. Clarence looked at the man.
“So what do you want me to see?”
The man ushered Clarence over to the magnifier. For the picture Clarence saw the garrison and the carnage. Looking toward the man he looked to be stunned. He wondered where this picture was taken.
“Where was this taken?”
“Sir at the Arterus Garrison in Kraven.”
Clarence now wondered how was behind this. Rushing to the phone he started to punch in numbers.
“Hello, this is Clarence. Director, we found a photo we might want to see.”
Clarence nodded then sat down in a chair. Beads of sweat came down from his fore. A few moments later The Director, Stephen Ramsay, of the Agency came in. Stephen came over to the photographic. Looking up he gulped. Soon after Prime Minster George Clark was informed of the photographic, Prime Minster Clark knew something had to be done. The only problem was that Canadstein didn’t want to get involve so they couldn’t send their own army. The Government had a solution, mercenaries. The group was known as the Black Jacks. It was decided that the Black Jacks would send a squad to Kraven to check things out.
The Kraven Corporation
28-08-2006, 22:34
The Black Fortress - Norska

Helghan strode through the long corridors of The Black Fortress, his boots clicked against the marble floors and as he strode the breeze created by his stride lifted his leather trench coat slightly, all around him stood Sardaukar Guards, they were stood silently, probably have been stood there for years, in fact some displaying evidence of a dust build up, it was very rare for them to activate unless absolutely necessary.

The Great hall was an immense structure, it was built into the central spire of the Fortress and its ceiling rose fifty feet into the air, from which hung red banners that clung to the ceiling like red shreds falling from a recently butchered corpse that had been suspended from up a height, each one displayed The Twin Hammers of Kraven, at one end of the room was a massive plasma screen television, it rose to the height of the ceiling and was in equal width, creating an awe inspiring sight…

In front of this TV screen was a small set of steps, this was where Helghan strode, the marble was reflecting the low red lights that were suspended from mountings near the banners, as to cast a faint red hue over the flags and Helghan kneeling below…


The Electronic face of Father appeared on the screen, his pixelated eyes looked down at Helghan and then the glowing mouth opened and Fathers booming voice echoed through out the great hall….

“Yes… Helghan… Master Reichmarshal…”

“There has been several Incidents…”

“What are they?”

“The Capitol Police… They’ve Butchered a small town, when ordered to restrain the residents, Massacred Complex 13 and have stolen The first Battle Fleet..”

“WHAT?” Fathers expression turned to one of pure anger, so much rage and aggression in one face that made even Helghan…. ‘The Butcher’ flinch…

“The Capitol Police have gone out of Control, they are not responding to any orders and have shut off all Communications with the Command Centres…”

The grim realisation came to Father that his creations were no longer under his control…

“They have been saying these as well” Helghan pulled out a dossier and began to read through it…

“We Are The Supreme Race All Else Is Inferior” Helghan continued…

“We Shall Spare No One”

“We are One Mind… One Soul…”

The Screen immediately went off, Father was panicking, everything he had worked for… created had gone up in smoke in what seemed like mere hours, Father was not stupid, he was a machine a sentient AI Super Computer after all, he’d created an empire that had lasted well over 50 years, people across the globe feared Kraven… Father thought for a moment…

“Do they fear… Kraven…. Or just The Capitol Police?” Fathers thoughts went on,

"I can't possibly stop them with Kreigsmarines alone, The Sardaukar are no match for the Centurians, they are simply too slow, but what can I do?... they will sweep through my territories like locusts, executing anything that isn't a Capitol Police Trooper... hmmm, but wait they still need Breeding chambers... they won't execute everyone, they'll save the women..." Father continued to think...

"They will run out quickly here, most of the women in the cities were not used in the birthing programe because of their...'impurities' The Capitol Police will have to go looking for other stock, which means leaving our territory and hunting in other lands... " Fathers thought processess clicked onto something, something that might save Kraven against its own creation...

The Supreme Overlord State of The Kraven Corporation

People of the World, I personaly come to you now with a request for help, times have changed and now I come to you, not as the personae of The High Command but rather, as the entity that I am... Father...

I have created attrocities across the world, and I can understand peoples reluctance to heed my word, but hear me out, I am no longer a threat to you anymore, there is a greater Evil, an Evil greater than myself or Helghan my most trusted Reichmarshal, they are the Greater of two Evils, our own creations... The Capitol Police...

They have broken their programming, and become something else entirely, they have already butchered several of my Garrisons and stolen one of my Battlefleets, Yes I have destroyed nations, enslaved thousands and exterminated billions, but it was all for a greater good, a greater good of a Unified world... but now my dream has been shattered by my own creations.

So people of the world, Governments of the world... I come to you with a request... Aid my ground forces in stamping out this rebellion, because Kraven is the only wall between The Capitol Police and your nations...

If Kraven falls, it can be garanteed that they will come after you next...

People of the world.. Heed my call... this may be our only chance to stop this demonic creation once and for all...

Father - The High Command of Kraven
Imperial isa
28-08-2006, 22:53
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28-08-2006, 23:11
Officially reply from the Eastern Azhujurius per Azkri’dusk

I have both little respect and hatred for you, members of the Kraven. Perhaps your inefficiencies have come to you at last – that perhaps you have failed to recognize the status of every life, and how important it is to the growth of the world’s economic range. Perhaps maybe you were simply too busy planning your next mindless genocidal rampage, but it matters very little. What matters now is the sport, and the hunt. I will persuade erstwhile fellow Vizi-Lord Viraranaar to send a small battalion of Temsplaces, though make no mistake - I could care less on your survival.

Signed, Aulocos

OOC: Suffering from writer's block, I am. -_-
02-09-2006, 02:18
The message had been delivered to Urbs Insula, and was sent quickly to the office of the Emperor in Errikland. Emperor Christian recieved it less than one half hour after it was first sent out, and quickly read through it.

Though he had no admiration or respect for the Kraven ideals or much of their methods, he had come to develop a mild respect for the man, or so he thought, who had created the corporation. To be able to amass such strength took ability that in itself deserved admiration. But the capitol police had long disgusted him. Such soulless beasts were abominations, true examples of what happened when men played God with their own people. And now they had finally turned on their own creators.

"And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see."

"What was that, sir?"

"Nothing," the Emperor muttered, tossing the page down and turning to the official, "Send Roberts word to bring all of our forces in Arterus to full readyness."

"Yes, sir," he saluted before scurrying off. The Emperor turned to the computer, beginning to make arrangements for the near future. The fifteen million soldiers in Arterus may not be enough if this were to escilate.

He glanced at the page once more, seeing the final line: People of the world.. Heed my call... this may be our only chance to stop this demonic creation once and for all...

He could not contain a chuckle. This demonic creation. What about our demonic creation?

This is what happens when man plays God.
Demon 666
02-09-2006, 03:08
Our demonic creation...... Aid my forces in stamping out this rebellion......
Tenarius closed the file.
So a rebellion in that goddamned country had begun. But unfortunately, that bastard Father was right. The Capitol Police would not be content with just that place. They would expand. And at least to a degree, Father wasn't as crazy as those Capitol Police nutters.
Tenarius picked up the red telephone.

5th Air Division Base, Tarenta. 15:00
Major Asuka Kurorami sipped at the coffee machine when the phone blasted. Startled, she spilled coffee on her diary.
The phone continued to blast. Kurorami strode across to the phone- whoever was calling, they would pay.
"Is that how you speak to your superiors?"
Kurorami managed to supress a gasp.
"General Matsuri, I'm, I apologize profusely. What has happened?"
"There is a situation with the Kraven bastards. I've received orders from the Tenarius. The IAF 1st and 2nd Fleets are to move out."
" You heard me. Get the planes mobilized. I want them ready to go in 25 minutes."
"Are we going to war?"
"All right"
Matsuri sighed as he hung up. His orders were incredible. The Air Force was going to carpet bomb.
02-09-2006, 03:15
Mafia Command Post

The structure on the massive General Resources Corporate Campus looked normal, the armed guards were the same, and the restrictions were the same. Of course, the inside was completely different, armed Mafia guards, not with FMK-3 SMGs but with AR-550 Conscripts, the occasional bodyguards with the G36s milled about.

Word reached command quickly, a meeting was gathered in a dark room, for a secret discussion.

"Have you heard? Read the dossier?"

"Yes Jones, we can read 'cept some of these damn guards."

"So it is true, the Capitol Police have turned."

"Is it our fault, we have sold the DNA, birthing chambers, programming equipment, a single flaw in them, a single flawed bit in the programming, leaving some inkling of intelligence. A tiny bit of ego, and somehow it has made its way to Kraven?"

"If it is true then we should scrap all these damned..."


The room fell to a hushed silence. Screens soon filled with images showing Mafia men testing Kraven Armour, a shriek as the armour nearly tore a man's arm off, the sound of bones crunching and the soft sobs of a broken man tore through the air. Bullets bounced off Kraven armour in other shots while on other screens rockets preforated the suits.

The animations stopped, soon replaced by statistics on the armour, and the trooper behind it. A short documentary played, narrated by a scientist about the Capitol Police.

"From what we know, it may have been our faults. As you know a corrupted version of Father was able to leech its way into a CABAL system during a Kraven incursion in the north. We've found its programming in some of the birthing machines we tested and some of the Capitol Police we created were 'reckless'."

The screens changed again to show a man rising up in his suit, his Mafia trainer urging him on with words of comfort. He raised his GPMG filled with blank rounds and aimed it at the target. He pulled the trigger, and quickly swung the weapon around crushing the Mafia trainer's head. The trooper said nothing as it killed 3 more scientists when some heavily armoured Mafia soldiers showed up with G36s and fired. The rounds pinged off the armour striking the walls and the trooper calmly walked toward the soldiers. Quickly the soldier's formation fell apart and a dummy warhead for an RPG-7 tore through the air. The round carved a neat hole in the armour and the GPMG spit out more casings as the trigger was depressed. The trooper fell to the ground while various guts and blood splattered the floor.

Now a more precautious experiment showed a Capitol Police trooper with some Mafia troopers disguised as them. They trained him to fight, to work, to learn Battle language. Soon a shot of a whole platoon of them was made, hailing a Mafia commander. The shot froze on the platoon saluting.

"Now, this platoon was hired to do some work against the Kraven Corporation, as an infiltration scheme. It failed, their delivery vehicle was damaged and the handlers killed in the crash. We aren't sure what happened but satellite scans show that some escaped and continued to their destination, an allied firebase."

The screens showed a live thermal feed of the base, little lines tore through the air and many little red dots hit the ground while a group of larger red dots mowed through them. Soon the screen was filled with large fires while the red dots gathered in formation and walked off.

"We believe enough survived to go to the firebase, slaughter everyone there, because without their handlers they were useless, and they left."

Murmurs spread through the room along with scoffing sounds.

"When the satellite passed back over, the fires were extinguished and the troopers were no where nearby. They may joined the main Kraven formation, they may have been shot. They may have been reassigned, and with their faulty programming, may have infected the entire corps."

"So it is our fault."

"No, it can't be, look, Kraven..."

"Don't you get it, in the chaos of war, a commander wouldn't think twice about some troops joining his unit after just destroying an enemy firebase."

"But still..."


Quiet reigned again. The screens returned to the stats of the Capitol Police.

"We may have to accept this was our fault, but that isn't the point of this meeting."

"It isn't? Then tell me Jones what is?"

Murmurs of agreement swept the room.

"Its profit."

The screens showed satellite scans of the destroyed town and base, suddenly blue marker arrows appeared, pointing out weapons caches along with an unknown troop movement.

"Now, if we can get in there, and secretly get to some of these caches, we can make well over $20 million US in this operation, and gain some valuable intel. Maybe even get on Father's side. As you know, thanks to our alliance in the Corporate Alliance, he is with us and deserves a 5% discount."

"You want us to steal Kraven guns, and sell them back?"

"Or sell them to whomever."


"How are we supposed to get in?"

"From what we understand, a scout team had moved into the firebase via this entry route."

A bright orange line appeared. It lead to the destroyed base.

"We have access to VTOLs that can cover this space relatively quickly from bases here."

More dots appeared, along with a roster of some low-level goons armed with a relatively heavy arsenal. Along with a group in actual Kraven armour carrying GPMGs. The goons carried the AK-104 and had .50 calibre pistols. A few were snipers with PTRD rifles.

"We'll try to get in, the cost of this mission will be only $8 million including fuel, and if we lose, it is no big deal. A 1 trillion buckaroo paycheque comes every year anyway."

Murmurs returned.


Green agreement lights flashed around the table along with a few red ones. It was obvious who had won.

"Then we go, the squad is assembled and waiting."
02-09-2006, 03:25
A VTOL transport roared into the air, its McKagan insignia was painted over with a black skull and sickle. It was close, and it would use the opening created by the destroyed base to get inside.

The VTOL tore through the night, its stealth features keeping it hidden as it flew within 5 kilometres of the base. The platoon got out. The VTOL turned its lights out as its crew prepared to leave at a moments notice. A forklift was rolled to the ground.

It was daytime here, and the troops moved quietly toward the base, the sounds of gunfire ringing in the air and smoke pouring into the sky.
03-09-2006, 02:27
Emporer Pudu
03-09-2006, 04:20
To: The Leadership of that entity, The Kraven CorporationFrom: Mr. White, foreign affairs officer
Subject: Civil Unrest

It has come to the attention of my government, via a communication received from yourselves, that in recent times the nation of The Kraven Corporation has fallen upon some internal troubles. It appears that your own soldiers have turned against you, and have taken significant actions to assure you, and the world, of their independence and superiority. The Dominion has evaluated this threat, and although we are confident in our ability to weather such a threat at this point, we would simply rather not see such a problem develop. The Emperor himself has decreed that your nation should receive our aid. Be known, it is not often that the Dominion offers it's resources to a cause such as this, and it most certainly means that your cause is something important to the Emperor. Keep this respect in mind in the future.

In any case, we have seen fit to deploy a small team, a pair of light infantry companies, to your aid. In all, two hundred men will be deployed, to fulfill the roles of information gathering and preliminary reconnaissance. In the future, we may see it fit to divert further resources to your conflict, including a naval presence, which the Dominion has an abundance of. Let it be known, the Dominion has promised it's support, and now that these things are in motion, there is little that can stand in our way.

Good day,
Mr. White.

Airspace above Kraven territory, Pudite air fleet, roughly two hours after foreign transmission received
Flying at roughly eight thousand feet above the ocean, a small flight of Coba light transport planes was changing their direction, turning almost completely about to face a more westerly direction, and proceeded onwards. This small, nearly insignificant motion was set into action following a series of events unfolding in the governments of two separate nations. The direct order was sent by the Grand Admiral Kadova, commander of Pudite Foreign Prefecture One, and the conflict in that region. It was where they were headed, the conflict in FP-0001, and with everything the two companies of infantry inside the affected planes, that is still where they were going.

It was however, not in fact, where they were going. These ten planes had been ordered, by order of the Emperor and delivered through the voices of his servants, to the land dominated by a nation known as The Kraven Corporation. Therein there was occurring some sort of revolution, or civil war, and it was apparent that Dominion authorities were interested in this conflict, although for what reasons were unknown.

In response to the quite unsatisfactory situation involving the two-hundred soldiers having no idea as to their real current mission, the following announcement had to be made over the speaker systems feeding into the troop cabins of the aircraft.

"Attention, the third and fifth Company, fifth battalion, first brigade, forty-second light infantry division! You have come under new orders, and are to be delivered immediately to gather intelligence on a civil disorder occurring inside The Kraven Corporation. You will be air-dropped three miles due east of a small fortified position, where you are immediately to proceed to and create a base of operations. It is apparent that the small structure is otherwise occupied, and possibly controlled by foreign militants. Mission parameters will henceforth be delivered via heads up display. Please prepare, approaching landing zone in two point four hours time. Out"

The small, cramped, dark troop bays of the Coba planes were suddenly buzzing with conversation, "The Kraven Corporation, civil troubles?", "I've 'eard of those guys, they're like us, they don't get 'civil troubles'", "Where are we going?", "Who else is there, what are these troubles, what about Zarzor?", "Zarzor's canceled, apparently, Kraven, I've heard that before", "Are we all they're sending?"

Confusion was rampant, and for five minutes the two-hundred soldiers of the forty-second division were left to steam. After that, a small ping alerted all of the eight Lieutenants of the two formations that a message had been received by their helmet's communication system.

Lieutenant Solodovik, having skimmed the message, quickly spoke, causing all other voices in the plane to silence, immediately. "Gentlemen, we're moving toward a nation known as The Kraven Corporation. Apparently, they are suffering from a small rebellion, fought by an elite group of the foreign troops, known as Capitol Police. They are, according to what we know, a caste of genetically modified, well trained, well armored soldiers..."

Speaking up from across the plane, a Private Kojanek, interrupted, "Sir, why on hell are they sending us in there to deal with that?"

In response to his soldiers query, Solodovik turned to him, "Soldier, we are being sent in there to gather anything we can find about this country, these soldiers, and this rebellion. Secondary objectives include sto-"

Solodovik was interrupted again, by another Private, Vasura. "Sir, we are being sent here because, we're the best damn soldiers the Emperor's got left!"

The plane erupted in cheering for a few seconds before it died down, leaving room for Solodovik to speak, "Yes, we boys, are the point of the sword, the tip of the spear, we're being dropped into another hellhole for the pleasures of the Emperor, and we're damn well happy about it, right!"

He was answered by a chorus of "Yessir!" from every man aboard. After a few more seconds, he continued. "Yes men, we are truly the best he has, we've fought together for well on twelve years, we've shot the same guns for longer, and we’ve been risking our hide for him for more than half that time. Boys, we are definitely a product of the Emperor's Mercy."

Private Vasura spoke up again, "And what mercy he has, dropping us into every shithole he got us into since the Great War, damn!"

Kojanek spoke up again, "And what've we got to complain about?"

The Privates response was met with a mangled response, with a few sentences from everyone aboard the plane, with the word "Nothing" coming up more than anything else.

Lieutenant Solodovik continued, after the interruptions, "As I was saying, secondary objectives include..."

Two Pudite hours, precisely two-hundred, hundred second long minutes later, the ten aircraft came into sight of the landing zone. Standing as one, the twenty-two men of every plane merged into a line down the center aisle of the transport, followed by a single mechanical click as every man did, together, clasp his harness to the pole running the length of the ceiling. Standing at the front of the line was Lieutenant Solodovik, who turned to face his men, "You know what to expect boys, let's GO!"

The man in the rear of the line shouted, "Twenty-two, sound, twenty-one sound", he was followed by "Twenty sound", and it continued all the way forward through the line, every soldier responsible for checking the man before him. The second the final, "One sound!" was called out the lead man, Private Kojanek, took three steps and dropped out of sight, as he was torn from the aircraft. Following him was another, then another, in perfect mechanical order they leapt out of the plane, nearly on top of one another as they began the eight-thousand foot decent to the surface of a foreign country. In just under five minutes time they would be together again, on the sloped surface of a small mound.

"Get those trucks running, I want them, and the nineties, moving in under two minutes! The Lynx's, over there, two squads, mount up, run recce!" The landing zone was bustling with activity as the officers in charge attempted to sort out the landing zone. GS-4 Lynx air-droppable armored personnel carriers, LV-08 wheeled light infantry vehicles, GA-5 90mm light gun/howitzers, two hundred soldiers, all this had to be moving in straight and quite orderly lines toward the objective, the small compound where apparently some fighting had occurred.

Five minutes later, two hundred soldiers, escorted by six LV-08s, towing their six 90mm pieces behind them followed a pair of Lynx armored personnel carriers down the rocky slopes and onto a small grassy plain. Everyone was jogging in perfect unison, footfall followed by unified footfall, they progressed as one. This column followed behind two further Lynx class vehicles who were now probably halfway to the objective, and going strong. These lightly armored moderately armed vehicles have been a mainstay of Dominion armed forces for over twenty years, and they would not be forgotten now. The two advanced scouts were carrying with them a total of fourteen soldiers. They were the eyes and ears of the Dominion until proper patrols could be formed. These advancing armored vehicles, those that followed them, and the soldiers themselves bore no markings, no insignia, and no writings. Nothing about these men would set them apart from any other soldier of the world.

These soldiers, the two-hundred men deployed by the Emperor to the Kraven Corporation, were men of the forty-second division of light infantry. Normally, Pudite commanders would not have even contemplated deploying anything less than an entire division of their elite troops, these men were different. Their division, the forty-second division was known as the 'Emperor's Mercy Division', and for good reason. Twelve years ago in the first Great War of expansion, fought against the nation known as Pananab, and later against troops of the nation of Green Sun, this division served. They were left to garrison a small, non-strategic town captured early on by Pudite advances. When the Pudites advance halted, they began the subjugation of the population and the fortification of their borders. All was progressing normally, everything was going well. The calm before the storm. And it was, only weeks after complete Pudite domination, a massive uprising occurred. Every town, city, and village was overrun by enemy insurgents. Most Dominion troops were forced back to the sea, initially. Later, most towns and locations were re-captured by reinforcing soldiers. When re-occupied every garrison soldier of every town was executed. A dereliction of duty led to a massive uprising of the natives. None were allowed to live, save for the garrison of a single town, whose mane is lost to history. That division was the forty-second division, Emperor's light infantry. Following the uprising, here it was completely put down for not a single casualty on the Pudite side. This division was acclaimed as blessed by the Emperor, and by word of their savior himself, they were spared. Since then they have negated the advances and changes that have coursed through normal Pudite life. They refuse the compound cities, the mental conditioning and the genetic modification. The do not inhabit the compound-cities, and do were not born in tubes. They inhabit the savage wilderness of the Dominion, living among the hordes of feral rebels in the Dominion's great forests, having to fight for their existence every day against the most competent light infantry force the world has seen in many a time.

This whole experience, has shaped them greatly into the most unique, and indeed one of the most deadly units in the service of his majesty, the Emperor. It was these choice soldiers that were advancing now on the uninhabited compound in this foreign nation, to fight in this civil uprising.
The Kraven Corporation
06-09-2006, 21:36
Norska, Capitol City of Kraven Territory in Arterus

The Streets were usually busy at this time of the morning, thousands of people were leaving their dormitories for work, ammunition factories and other buildings used to produce the weaponry of war that Kraven used everyday, the streets were like any other Kraven city, the tall defensive wall that surrounded the city was as usual a blight on the otherwise pleasant day, its shadow was cast long and wide into the city and often, major parts were in perpetual darkness…

Road blocks prevented the large busses and commercial vehicles from moving, while Kreigsmarines and officers checked documents and searched vehicles, on the pavement stood a Reichmarshal, he held in his hands the leash to a large German Shepard that barked aggressively at the civilians who were lined up against the wall, the documents they had produced were incorrect and soon they would be sent away for reprocessing or reconditioning, anything the Corporation had decided was appropriate…

A large diesel engine revved up, as a bus moved forward after having its occupants and its contents checked, the Kreigsmarines lifting the barrier that prevented its movement, just near the barrier rested two Kreigsmarines, holding a heavy machine gun and watching with interest, looking for any reason to open up on some hapless citizen who got too brave for his own good..

A gentle breeze flowed through the streets of Norska and while people went too and fro about their business always under the watchful gaze of a Kreigsmarine or Reichmarshal, the many blood red banners of Kraven fluttered back and forth, reminding people of the Kraven tyranny and who exactly was in charge..

The calm of the air was broken by the noise of what sounded like a hunderd thousand boots stamping down together, in unison, and in perfect time…

The Reichmarshal holding the German Shepard turned to look in the direction of the sound, the dog he was holding stopped barking, its tail between its legs, its ears turned down low and its head nearly touching the floor, it could sense something unholy was coming, and it was rightly afraid..

The Reichmarshal turned back, now that the civilians against the wall had turned to look in the direction of the noise…

“Back against the wall…” The Reichmarshal bellowed.. Ordering the citizens back to their places… but again the noise of what now sounded like marching filled the streets, thousands of boots all marching together was filling every corner, filling every mind and every soul in the streets of Norska..

Helghan was stood in his office in the Black Fortress, he could see everything that was happening from his vantage point so high up in the air, it worried him, he could see the black tide flowing through the streets,

Back at the street with the Reichmarshal, around two hundred Capitol Police appeared from around the corner, their marching was impeccable and their precision was like non other in the world, they all at the same time performed a perfect left turn, facing the Reichmarshal and his dog, and the rest of the Civilians heading to work…

People were confused, they didn’t know what was happening, The Capitol Police, their saviours, protectors and glorious soldiers of The Supreme State were marching in massed formations through the streets of the city, what was happening? … War? Was The Corporation mobilising for another war?…


The Capitol Police came to a stop, the crunch of their feet against the tarmac gave a distinct sound as all throughout the city, Silence once again fell onto the city, like a black cloud of death, snuffing out all existence…

People clung to one another, fearful of what was about the happen, when suddenly every Capitol Police Trooper in the city spoke with one mind, and one soul, they spoke in unison, in a voice that deafened, and terrified…


Instantly afterwards, the sound of screaming shells roared over head, striking a building in a torrent of flames and shrapnel, rubble and boulders cascaded into the street, as suddenly Helghan turned his gaze out to sea…

The First Battle fleet…

The Subjugator was sat in the port of Norska, it weapons trained against the city itself, as the main guns once again opened up, its firing times were impeccable, better than any crew the Corporation had fielded before, Helghan new exactly what was happening… They were being Exterminated by The Capitol Police, and now it had just begun…

The Capitol Police broke into a run, their weaponry was held at the hip, firing repeatedly into the crowds, cutting down civilians and Kreigsmarines alike, people began to flee in blind panic, the chaos that ensued was like no other, bullets ripped through walls, shells struck vehicles that were tearing down the road, as large black plumes of smoke rose high into the air…

Helghan picked up the phone, grabbing it with his mechanical hand…

“All Defensive Batteries are to fire on the 1st battle fleet, by Orders of Reichmarshal Helghan…” on the other end of the phone, there was some quiet noises, a muffled moan, before someone answered…


Helghan was visibly shocked, he held the phone away from his ear, and shook his head in despair, it was all over before it had begun, why couldn’t they have done something about this sooner, why did Father blank him, run away into the recesses of his computerised mind…

While all around him the Kraven Empire collapsed, brought down by their own creations…

The Subjugator fired again, this time the shells struck the Black Fortress, its structure rocked slightly as one of the massive supporting buttresses was brought down by the immense fire power of the Subjugator, while its smaller calibre weaponry continued to fire into the city, its guns blossoming with a crimson fire….

Kreigsmarines now began to fight back, the Heavy machine raked the lines of Capitol Police, but it was mere seconds before a dozen Capitol Police filled the sand bag pillbox with lead, the two occupants killed almost instantly…

Explosions continued to ripple through the city, while more and more plumes of black smoke rose high into the air, The Subjugator continued to fire at The Black Fortress, that seemed to take shell after shell, until one of the smaller spires collapsed downwards, cascading into a heap of rubble and dirt, the occupants inside crushed by a thousand tons of masonry…

The Subjugator repositioned itself, out of ammunition it broke away from the city, disappearing back out into the vast waters of the world…

While The Capitol Police continued to clash with Civilians and soldiers alike…
06-09-2006, 22:20
The High Commander had watched the situation for some time, now, and he finally decided on what to do. It was time to take down the corporation in whatever way he could. He could not allow the Capitol Police to take power, and he could not allow Father to continue to hold power. The Capitol Police were on there way to Father. They would reach him soon, and then it would be over.

They had to get to him first.

They would go in. They would be there to defend their old masters, to save them from destruction. But that wouldn't be what they would be there for..

Encrypted Message
From:The High Commander, Henry Corrol

Hello, Father. I'm quite sure you remember me. It would be very hard for me to forget you. Do not take any of what I am about to offer you as forgiveness for what you did to my people. You will never be forgiven for that. However, I am willing to help you in return that you no longer act hostile towards us.

We can help you, should you accept it, we'll be there as soon as possible. Ready to keep you from being destroyed.

Signed, The High Commander
07-09-2006, 00:05
--Norska, Capitol City of Kraven Territory in Arterus--

Over the Battle for Norska,Usean UAV slipped in unnoticed by either side yet.Overflyng the city of the compleat opposite of the Usean Capitol of Helios,this was a dreary job.The UAV's controllers were on a Grandir-Class Zeppelin far off coast,with the assumption of Safety in there LED Optic Camouflage that changed color to mach the surrounding sky.The UAV's were witness to the carnage unfolding.This gaustlly images were sent to the top Usean Counsel.

--Helios, Capitol City of Usea--
The Advisors saw the footage of the Capitol police,there worst fear ever since they witnessed there power,attacking there masters.This sparked problems with the Usean leadership.

"We Should let there Capitalist Pigs burn by there own might!" Shouted Hyryu Popov,A political advisor.
"Yet what about the inosent?"Responded the Leader of Usea's state church,"Let them burn"Answered advisor Popov.
"What happens if they come here?We be screwed."Military advisor Andrei Zukov started,"Our military cant defeat them with what we have!Outside of 'FALT' and that takes us all out!"
The advisors started a firestorm when the Supreme Soviet Unifyed,Leader of The Usean Union,Stated,"We will look for a point of attack that will give us the best chance of Sucesse.Untill then,we wait."The SSu didn't like any side of this,yet they are all correct...
07-09-2006, 00:52
OOC: Sorry for the long absence, I was quite occupied. Oh, and sorry for putting OOC stuff on the IC thread.

Urbs Insula, Capital of Errikan Arterus

The military operations in the Errikan Arterus, which had previously been dramatically toned down since the end of the Island Campaign, had expanded beyond previous precendent in recent days. Millions more Faust Troopers had been sent to duty in the area, and all systems were now on high alert. The old defensive fortifications, which had merely been repaired and maintained after the brief conflict with the Corporation before, were now expanded and advanced, bringing them up to code to counter a full scale invasion the likes of which had not been seen since the Errikan Civil War.

In most respects, it was a normal day in the capital of the Errikan colony. The warm, sunny weather that made the city such a popular tourist destination in normal days persisted. However, if one looked to the horizon, dark clouds blackened the sky, making it difficult to see too far ahead. General Roberts, the military commander of colonial forces, thought it was a fitting metaphor.

The Emperor could not come to address this pressing matter at this time, as he had many problems to deal with back in Mucro. But he did send a message, which was to be wired to the Kraven Leadership immediately.

Official Secret Message

To: Father
From: Emperor Christian I, Sovereign of the Errikan People

It has come to my attention that you have quite a mess on your hands. Whether you see this as the karmatic reprucussions of when man plays God or see yourself as Icarus, whose flight to perfection has led to your own downfall is irrelevant, as is our previous interactions, to this current situation.

Know that, should you desire it, the Errikan people are ready to take up arms to aid you in destroying your great menace before it devours you.
Demon 666
07-09-2006, 11:39
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Phllip Markaria piloted the Stingray fighter into the runaway.
It was incredible. Major Asuka had received orders for the 1st and 2nd Fleets to begin flight over the goddamned Kravens.
As the pilots knew, they were going to help, in their own special way.
"This is Wolf Three to Tower. Requesting permission to take off. Over"
"Roger, Wolf Three. Clearance granted."
The Stingray fighter roared down the runaway. Destination: The goddamn Kraven Corporation.
Wolf Three quickly linked up with the other planes of the First Fleet and took off for the First Battle Fleet.
Their objectives were clear. They were to going to destroy the village to save it. And given this village deserved to be destroyed, no one in the Imperial Air Force had any problems with that.
The Kraven Corporation
20-09-2006, 16:02
A Kreigsmarine sat crouched low behind a wall, he held his rifle close to his chest, holding it like he’d hold his mother, his dirt splattered face had streaks of tears running down it, and his usually clean, grey uniform was dirty, torn and had lost its stature, he panted hard and his face was a picture of worry…

The room he was in was once some ones home, or at least a flat, because the furniture was still there, and a meal had been set out on the table for three people, they however, had long gone…

The far wall had been obliterated by a shell from the Subjugator that had been shelling the city just hours before, this Kreigsmarine had been caught up in the initial bombardment but had soon escaped, running through the already bombed out apartments and factories, until he’d narrowly escaped a platoon of Capitol Police who were dragging people out into the streets and executing them quickly and efficiently..

Now he hid, because outside this rubble strewn room were Three Capitol Police Troopers, they’d picked up his trail some time after he’d moved through hab block C - 3 and was now hiding in Hab Block C - 6, he pretty much knew that this would be where he died, He knew what they were capable of and he knew what was to come…

He panted harder and harder as he heard the heavy clump of Jackboots behind the wall, he closed his eyes tight hoping and preying with some childish instinct that they’d go away, he opened his eyes for a second when he heard a different noise, two other Kreigsmarines climbing into the room via the bombed out part of the building…

He brought his finger to his lips, telling them to be quiet then signalled that there were three Troopers behind the wall, they understood and held their bodies low to the concrete of the floor, remaining as quiet as possible and motionless…

The Troopers swept the streets, looking from side to side, obviously using some form of Optical enhancement to scan for the missing Kreigsmarine…

There was a buzz of static, before one of them spoke..

“Require Support teams…”


The Troopers stood waiting, their weapons held ready while still scanning the street…

Four more troopers appeared carrying flamethrowers and quickly set to work, a blast of flame rocketed through the street, coating everything in a bright crimson flame, the Kreigsmarines heard exactly what it was and knew they had to some how escape, the first Kreigsmarine was panting hard, his nerves were shot to pieces and he was practically falling apart, this was too much for him..

The two others on the other side, gave him a count of three, and told him to run, he watched quietly as the fingers were counting down, then as the other Kreigsmarine lowered his last finger, the first leapt up and ran as fast as he could, instantly a ball of flame rocketed through the window of where he had just been, with a jump he threw himself through the gaping hole in the wall, and landed with a thump several feet below…

He moaned slightly as the pain registered with his body, he tried to get up, but noticed that his left leg was twisted in a disturbing manner, he grimaced…

“Shit…” he’d broken his leg…

The other two Marines dropped down and helped him up, and quickly they began to scramble across the ruins of other buildings and down onto the street, from the room they’d just left a the three Troopers had appeared, holding their weaponry high, they opened fire, they expert marksmen ship with the GPMG tore through one of the Kreigsmarines, tearing his shoulder apart and dropping him to the ground with the minimal of fuss, while the second now struggled to carry the wounded trooper a high calibre round tore through his skull ending his life without question…

The wounded trooper fell to the ground and began to attempt to crawl away, the pain was unbearable, while in the distance he could hear the troopers reloading their weaponry, he crawled as fast as he could, behind a brick wall, he closed his eyes tight, as the noise of bullets impacting behind him echoed through out the street, then they stopped firing…

He breathed a sigh of relief and opened his eyes, looking straight at a black pair of armoured Jackboots that gleamed in the gloomy sun of the Kraven Sky…

He looked up, right into the glowing eyes of a Capitol Police Trooper, who cocked his head to once side like a confused dog, before driving home the rifle but into the Kreigsmarines face, breaking the bones and caving the face inwards, crushing the mans brain against the inside of his skull wall…

The Trooper then returned to his squad and the Extermination continued…
The Kraven Corporation
20-09-2006, 16:05
Open Message from Father - Overlord of Kraven

I thank those who have offered aid, Time is running out.. People please send your soldiers to aid my forces in ending this nightmare, this maybe our Only chance to stop them..

I await your Aid...


OOC: Just to let people know and so you are all aware... It is my intention for The Capitol Police to win this war...
20-09-2006, 19:25
With the news coming in from Father, Corrol initiated the attack he had been planning.

2000 Zukariaan fighter-bombers sped towards Kraven's capital of Norska. The view of the carnage came in. The plan was to simply level a path through the city, land, and reach the Citadel first.

It would be hard. The Kraven fleet was waiting. 10 fighter-bombers broke off from the main group with 20 escorts. They were to drop tactical nukes onto the Capital Police fleet, which was likely huge, as most Kraven battlefleets were. The mighty Subjugator was a view to be reckoned with.

"These are the fuckers that held us all those years.." one pilot grimaced.

"Orders are orders, and hell.. we get to bomb the shit out of their capital." the captain spoke.

From the Zukariaan colony in southern Arterus came a fleet of 100 ships of all kinds. They were carrying 200,000 men for the largest naval assault Zukariaa would ever carry out. They were pushing it with the naval fleet, as Zukariaa's navy was much smaller than it's airforce and especially it's army.

It would take several hours for the fleet to reach, so dozens of dropships were sent out to drop nearly 2000 paratroopers throughout the city to help reinforce Kraven positions as best as possible. Most knew that they would not come back.

OOC-Bad post, prolly, but oh well. :|
Demon 666
20-09-2006, 22:36
The Imperial Air Force, the pride of the Imperial Army, zoomed down toward the naval fleet.
750 planes were zooming toward the battle fleet, while elsewhere, as many as 1500 planes were heading to Capitol Police held terittory, where they would commence carpet-bombing everything in sight
Fleet Captain Marcus Herenenius picked up chatter on the radio
"Sir, we are picking up foreign fighters.. They don't appear to be Kraven. Orders?"
"Can you identify the country?"
"No sir."
"Ignore them. Fire when fired upon. I am also issuing orders. All planes are to descend to appropriate bombing levels."
250 bombers began to descend, protected by 500 Stingray fighters. Hundreds of tons of bombs were going to fall on those goddamned Kravens.
"Prepare the bombing hatches."
Emporer Pudu
23-09-2006, 16:54
Pudite Air-Dropped Force, Kraven Territory, Approaching Building
Lieutenant Solodovik approached the small grey building in a couching stance, his AK-107 scanning the area before him, to his left and right was the rest of his platoon. It was complete silence, with the only directions being given through tiny, nearly unnoticeable, hand signals. Ducking and running from cover to cover the fifty men approached the squat building cautiously. There had been reports of foreign soldiers seen surrounding this area, and Solodovik’s platoon, although so far had encountered nothing of that sort, remained on their toes.

As Solodovik and his lead men got to the edge of the building, they squatted down and signaled the rest of the platoon to follow. As the fifty men edged their way around the edge of the building, they heard, over the noise of some light fighting inside the building itself, the hum of a small airplane.

Private Kojanek looked to his superior officer, "Damn... looks like its getting crowded around here..."

Solodovik looked behind him at his charge, "Seems that way, doesn't it. Put a call through to command, we need to know our status with these foreigners."


The call was put through, and the newly established Battalion command center, put up in a small grove of pines about three kilometers away, responded...

"Solodovik, you are to avoid contact if it is at all possible, any forced encounter is to be a neutral one. Objectives of other nationals in the area are unknown, do you understand?"

And, true to the message, Solodovik refrained from continuing along to the front of the building, instead dispatching only a single squad to cover the front, whilst the other forty men remained behind the compound. Here they would establish a small campsite until the scout squad returned. Tiny slit trenches were dug and the earth was piled in a low wall around the network, the tall grass surrounding them was beaten down surrounding their positions, and the men took up a ready stance.

Meanwhile, the ten men dispatched to the front of the building advanced quickly, following the lead of their sergeant, an older man, probably around fifty or so, a veteran named Ivanets Vishniak.

When the group reached the front of the building, they immediately noticed the massive black gates, hanging off their hinges. As Sergeant Vishniak inspected the doorway, a private of his, Neudacha, jogged over to him, "Sir, it looks as if a significant number of people moved through here very recently, at least ten men. They were either fat, or armed. They moved into the building probably about seven minutes ago."

Vishniak turned to him, "Good work, relay the message back to command, tell 'em we're going in..."

And that they did, the ten Pudite soldiers moved slowly and quietly through the doorway and down a short corridor, all the time the sounds of gunfire getting louder and louder, as the Sergeant turned one final corner, he came face to face with something that may have resembled one of his own Emperor's soldiers, save for the grey armor, and the eyes... the eyes. The experienced old fighter was frozen for just the split second that this Capitol Police soldier needed.

The rest of the squad, a few steps behind their leader, heard only a burst of gunfire before the battered, bleeding, and quite disemboweled corpse of their commander of twenty-seven years fell backward around the corner...

Immediately the entire squad leapt into action, each taking up positions behind the slightest outcropping, the tiniest bit of debris. Finally, in unison, each soldier tossed toward the suspect corner a single grenade. In the deafening roar of nine exploding grenades a single voice could be heard, "FOR THE EMPEROR!", the last words of a dying soldier...

The squad held their position, waiting... watching...
28-09-2006, 21:38
the code was sent to the Grandir onsite,they would get more forces soon,so they could start firing.The Zepplin Started to load it's 155 howitzers,four per side,As the GPS guided rounds started there loadup."Fire!"Said the commander of the Zepplin,being relad to the fire controler to the cannon.