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Life of Stonemarten Village

12-08-2006, 22:02

For a long time I have wanted to RP the life of a whole village. Who were they? how did they live? what did they look like? Well I don't know so I need your help to find out. If you are interested in RPing this small village's everyday life then join. Post who you are and what you work as (IC) then you probably can join. The year will be around 1300 something (right before the plague). We probably need a priest, a Blacksmith, guards, people working on a farm outside the city, a major, some poor people some rich people as well as ordinary citizens. also Thugs, bar keepers, Police officers +++ (just add) If the small villages had it in the start of the year 1300 then its no problem. Hopefully we also get a stranger entering the village making some trouble.
13-08-2006, 21:48
West Corinthia
13-08-2006, 21:50
Sounds like fun...I'll join if you can get more people.
13-08-2006, 22:18
I'm intrested
13-08-2006, 22:26
It sounds interestingly different. I think I might join.
West Corinthia
13-08-2006, 22:27
I'll either be the village idiot or a thief or something like that.
13-08-2006, 22:32
Nice just post who you want to be. if they are on of the citizens it would be nice if you posted some of there Background. (what they are working as, do they have family, where do they come from and such). Remember that they still might have dark secrets that you don't need to reveal. We are building a community so the more details the better. Other than that its up to you.
13-08-2006, 22:39
So are we all just going to be village commeners or could we be roylaty. It's fine with me either, just checking. Also would you like us to put up profiles of our characters? (Name Age Gender etc.)
13-08-2006, 22:50
commeners or roylaty? were you trying to say commoners and royalty?

yes profiles would be great. Just remember that you don't need to tell all let there be some "unknown" aspects.
13-08-2006, 23:39
right sorry commnors
14-08-2006, 00:32
Here's my character:

Name: Mark Farrier

Age: 31

Occupation: Farrier (Most people's names at that time derived from their work. Hence his last name is Farrier. That's the reason the most common Westerner name is Smith.)

Wife: Elisabeth

Children: Son; Luke

Sample: Mark grabbed the piece of iron from his forge with is tongs. He placed it on his hardy anvil and began to shape it. It was tedious work but it was work. He was the town farrier and had been so since his dad died when he was 16. He’d been born, raised and worked in Stonemarten. He knew there was an entire world out there. Different villages, different cultures and entirely different lands, but he knew none about. I t didn’t matter if he did or didn’t, It wouldn’t help his everyday life. That’s the it was with everyone. Only a few learned scholars actually made it around the world.

But Mark wasn’t thinking about any of that. He was only thinking about the fact that this was his last shoe of the day. Soon he’d be at home having supper with his wife and son. Work in the Farriers shop was dull, and only a few times in his career he’d seen something interesting. But for the most part, it was shaping iron, trimming hooves, and shoeing. So at the end of the day he enjoyed the rest at home. Or at least what little he could get.

He continued beating at the shoe, placing it in the forge and beating it more for nearly ten minutes. He set the shoe in a bucket of water and took off his heavy apron. He closed the air vent on the forge letting the fire die down. After organizing his tools back to their places, he closed the doors of his dark wooden shop.

The walk to his house was a short one, and soon he was back home. His wife Elisabeth was already waiting with dinner when he entered through the front entree. The aromas an warmth of his home were welcome. Mark walked to the dining area. On his way, he passed his padlocked cellar door. Peculiar odors seeped through the bottom of the doorway to him. He observed to make sure that his wife wasn’t watching, then shoved the rug into the crack, stopping the smells from extending to the rest of the house. Once this was done, the large burly man proceeded to the Dining table. Soon supper was on and all of his working woes of his day were departed.

I hope that's kind of what you were looking for.
14-08-2006, 00:44
right sorry commnors

Even after the edit you still didn't get the spelling right. :p
14-08-2006, 00:56

Name: Paul Earl Johansen

Age: 30

Hair Color: brown

Wife: Natasha (25)

Children: Thomas, (14) Leo, (13) Luke,(10) Molly, (10) Karen-Anne (6)

Occupation: Farmer

Religion: Catholic
14-08-2006, 01:23
Name: Cyrus (Don't ever reveal last name)
Age: 26
Hair: Dark brown
Height: 5'10
Weight: 180Lbs
Occupation: None, Cyrus is the village drunk
Bio: Not much is known about Cyrus the village drunk of Stonemarten Village. Some think he may have been a rich count, or duke from the west that had reduced himself to a life of drinking for what ever reason. Cyrus lives in a small shack on the east side of the village, expect when he passes out where ever he feels right..some think he spends more time on the ground in random places than he does at home. It remains a mystery how he gets the money for his booze, but he is never without a drink in his hand.
West Corinthia
14-08-2006, 01:40
Name: Guillaume de Anjou
Age: 25
Occupation: Merchant
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 183
Eyes/Hair: Brown/Charcoal

Bio: Guillaume was born in, you guessed it, the county of Anjou in France. His father was a soldier who was killed in battle when Guillaume was very young, and his mother had to remarry so she could afford to feed her family.

Guillaume had enough schooling to be accepted as a merchant's apprentice in his hometown. He was very successful, and was finally granted the title of journeyman. Rather than stay with his master, he chose to wander abroad for a new place to set up shop. Finally he stumbled upon Stonemarten Village. With his innovative techniques of selling, he quickly became the wealthiest merchant in town, forcing most of the others out.

Guillaume is generally well-liked, though some people claim he engages in nefarious activities at night, such as dealing with bandits. These are just rumors at the present, though Guillaume has a tendency to go on long walks in the woods, sometimes lasting hours at a time.

Guillaume never married, and left his last girlfriend back in Anjou. What he seeks from Stonemarten Village is wealth and perhaps a wife.
14-08-2006, 14:57
Ok I'll be the priest.

Alberto refered to only as "the priest".
39 years old blue collored eyes and thnin white hair.
since he is the priest he has no wife but he have adopted a girl age 13 called Isabel. Came from northen spain and have setteled in the villige after the old priest was found dead in his bed with a crusificks throu his hart. Belives that the once who opose the words of god must be taken dealt with. Not well liked by the villigers but he is there only way to heven and the after life. Holds preaches every sunday all villigers have to atend if not they will end up in hell (acording to Alberto). Power hungry and gready. Has hige influens among the richer parts of the village.

OCC: If you want to be royalty no problem as long as you find a throust worthy reason that they live a village far away from the rest of the world.

(sorry for all misspells. No spell check at this coumputer :()
14-08-2006, 20:42
Ok I'll be the priest.

OCC: If you want to be royalty no problem as long as you find a throust worthy reason that they live a village far away from the rest of the world.

(sorry for all misspells. No spell check at this coumputer :()

Actually, Having royals near is completelt plausible. What's hard to explain is why there is a village that far away from civilization and a castle. The 1300's were a peak time in the feudal systems, and towns practically didn't exist away from castles. It wasn't safe or economically plausible. At that time, the only European villages without castles were the few celtic ones left
14-08-2006, 20:48
He he sorry for my lack of knowledge ;) Ok you can be royalty if you want :)
West Corinthia
14-08-2006, 20:49
OOC: Shhhhhh, don't tell anyone.
14-08-2006, 23:02
West Corinthia
14-08-2006, 23:15
Guillaume left the walls of Stonemarten Village from the South Gate. An arab-looking man was coming up the dusty dirt road towards the village. The Arab was leading a mule, packed to the brim with exotic goods. Guillaume and the Arab talked for close to an hour, and finally Guillaume handed the Arab a small bag of coins. Satisfied, the Arab headed into the city to find an inn room.

Guillaume, meanwhile, took the mule by the reins and began following the Arab into the city. But rather than going to an inn, Guillaume would be returning to his shop. Gauillaume's shop was the only one in the village. It had everything one would need, from food to spices or even home furnishings.

As he walked back to the south gate, he saw a farmer plowing a field nearby, and he decided to strike up a conversation. "Ho, there!" he called, to get the farmer's attention. "I don't believe I've seen you around the village before. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Guillaume de Anjou. I am the local merchant in town. And you?"

OOC: That's you Kanami, BTW
15-08-2006, 01:38
Is there a seperate thread for the IC?..or is this it too?
15-08-2006, 21:25
I was thinking of making a IC thread but if you want to use this it's no problem. It's the same to me.
15-08-2006, 22:04
Name: Sasha Purin

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Golden Blond

Eye Color: Deep Blue

Position: Nobel (duaghter of a Count)

Hieght: 5'5

Sasha is the daughter of Count Edmund Purin, and Countess Edwina Purin. She's a very classy girl, doesn't have much in the way of a super work ethic. Very clean, and very tighty, bathes every day and night. (Highly unsuall at that time) She often consults a magican to see whom her love will be.
16-08-2006, 16:59
what do you want a separate IC thread or use this?
16-08-2006, 17:06
there is a seperat IC already
16-08-2006, 17:19
hehe the one where I have written "This thread was never supposed to be posted forget that you saw it, her is the real thread"?