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You can have it all. My Empire of Dirt. [Closed]

11-08-2006, 05:08
Persephone, Nova Nihon

You can have it all...

The Nerotikans were forcing the meager resistance, what was left, deeper and deeper into the center of the Capital City. Shells were falling everywhere in the Suburbia of the City, taking out schools and hospitals and several homes. Sites of Child's playgrounds were now littered in dead bodies and empty casings. Blood was the new color which painted the streets, goar stretched out in alleyways and beneath fallen debris. The very definition of the end was spelled by such a sighting, something never thought to have been discovered ins such a country ever. Her Imperial Highness had been missing for several months, leaving Nova Nihon in somewhat of a frail instability of Anarchy and a fight for survival. However, there was a darker side to the story.

In your head, they are fighting...

Corporal Masamoto took cover behind a stone cobbel waist-level wall. All he could hear now was the ringing in his ears and slightly the explosions that went off near-by. What he could not hear was the rolling tracks of a Nerotikan beast of steel, as their tanks have become known, creeping up to his little minor shelter. A Private yelled at him, and in seconds his head was gone. He heard the slight roar of the turret, and turned his head slightly. He paniced, and threw his body up into a running motion. He felt something sharp enter his back, above his right kidney, but kept going as if nothing had hit him. Even with all of his Imperial Standard Gear, he was running as if he was going to win an Olmypic 400m dash. He lept forward over another wall, and looked to his left. Nothing, nothing at all. He looked to his right, however, and found the body of a slumped soldier. What he found interesting was the weapon that lay near him. Something similar to the American SRAW, not caring he crawled towards it. He looked at it and made sure there was a projectile inside of it, and sighed. He could still hear a ringing noise in his ears, not sure if he were deaf or not. He stood onto his right knee, however, and aimed at the tank. Oblivious to the three men running from an angle, he fired. It hit the barrel, blowing it off leaving the tank without a main weapon, however still with it's turret machinegun.

And that, that was a rude awakening. He could feel another rip in his should, which sent him on his back. He yelled, or atleast he knew he was by the trembling in his throat. He scrambled for his rifle, and began to run opposite.
11-08-2006, 06:47
The middle of combat...

The nerotikans had gained reinforcments in the last year and pulled into the pyschotikan mainland three months before and the combat in urban populated areas have become the attraction for all news media. Nerotikan soldiers, having fought in mainly urban environments held a high advantage over the pyschotikans who could not keep up with the fast past movment of the Nerotikan elite divisionary SET teams who went in and out within hours in each city. Now as Nerotikan M1A2 Abram tanks entered Persephone the pyschotikans began to flee into a panic, the Nerotikan Marines which hadn`t seen action in this area for almost the entire war had now been placed in the headcharge of this attack and were doing a well number on pyschotikan resistant troops in the city.

A man and his gun...

1stLt. Karl Iseala II sat on the back of his companies lead tank. The tank train headed into a red zone near downtown Persephone and consisted of four others behind the leader. There were several Marine's on each tank hitchen rides to the battlefield where rocket explosions and gunfire could be heard between the eight miles of road that had to cross. Iseala's tank had already received some heavy fire and two of his six men got hit by gunfire as the tank roared forward and escaped the area. They were now entering 7th St. which had the highest recorded combat damages in the fight, the road was littered with bodies and burned out car shells, two distroyed enemy tanks laying about the street. The lead tank that Iseala was riding on screeched to a stop as the others followed the same order. Iseala and his remaining men got off the tank along with the other Marines behind them. The group leaders gathered infront of Iseala as he gave the orders out.

"We need to clear this street, heavy pyschotikan resistance has been reported here and from the look of this area I dont dout it at all...Shultz, your squad along with Hues squad are to follow the tank train and make sure they get through, stay on foot though. You`ll be more useful that way. Donovan, Mewes, your with me. I lost a few guys back there so im disregarding the hold position order for you Mewes so you can join us. Alright lets get a move on it, we gotta clear out these buildings."

The tank train began to level ruble on the ground as it moved forward, the lead tank took some gunfire and turned its turrent to the left firing a shell into the second floor of a 10 story hotel. The shell exploded and the mutilated body of a dead pyschotikan came flying out of the hole it made in the wall. Iseala, Mewes and Donovan along with their squad separated from the group and crossed over to a large park like area that was dimed out and scorched. The entire park had several bodies laying on the ground, some from nerotikans and few from pyschotikans which gave an ominiace feeling to the group. They moved slowly because of the size of the group and suddenly the ripping sound of an MG blew the distrurbing silence and three marines fell to the ground bloody and dying. Donovan had been hit along with two of his squad members, one of which were dead the other crawled to a wall next to a high hill that seperated the group from the MG. The group fell to the ground and returned a slight bit of fire but had to fall back due to the high amount of gunfire being returned to them. The group sat for awhile and waited for the gunfire to cease.
11-08-2006, 15:38
One More Time...

As long as the Nihonis had their historians, the historians will then glorify the defensive. It all started over a quarrel, which never really ended in all the years of the two nations in the making. Thier very first war, a desert war. Some say the Desert drives man crazy, well those same people shall be rewarded for the truth. Perhaps it had driven both countries mad, sending them to become eternal rivals. One was Socialist, one was Fascist. That alone spelled for disaster.

As far as one may tell, it had only been 8 month since the Nerotikans landed in Nova Nihon. Somewhat out of surprise, and rebuilding from a prior Civil War, the Nihoni armed forces were somewhat of a mess. Being pushed out of their footholds throughout the Country, losing all Islands in the first 5 Months. The Nerotikans bragged over the airways, calling it a war of Liberation. However, it was just a game of show and tell. More or less, the Nihoni allowed the Nerotikans in so far. Somewhat of which was designed as a trap. Nerotikans boasted about Urban combat being on their side, however they had forgotten the prior Civil War and the first Desert War. Not only did Nerotikans train in such combat, but Nihonis trained in it much harder.


The Corporal kept running towards the yellow zone, which was deemed Nihoni. He took cover, being noticed immediatly by a young medic. He saw the blood comming out of his back and leg as the Corporal looked around. He rushed to the Corporal, and began to speak to him. But it sempt the Corporal could not hear him. The medic began to yell at him, still no response. The Corporal looked at him, purpously trying to force out the sound of his voice. The ringing was still there, but he could hear the man fine. He took a lighter and grabbed a bit of gauss hanging out of the medic's front pocket. He lit it on fire, and pressed it on his wound. Despite burning his index finger, and he held it there. He took it off, looking down at the wound. He smiled, and stood up. The leg wound had stopped bleeding on it's own, and now the hole on his back was just fine as well. Suddenly he heard an explosion ring out behind him, and he turned.

A Number of Nerotikans were crossing the same park he had just come from, which was only 3 blocks or so away. The explosion came from the tank, which had been shot by an unknown source. He squinted, and then raised his rifle and yelled to the medic next to him who ran to a machinegun which lay attached to a small wall. There was no longer any real rifle for the Nihoni Army, however there were excess AK-101s and G3s from prior encounters and wars. The Corporal had a G3, and it was just fine without the aimpoint scope. He looked down it's site, and shot. A man fell, and others scrambled to him. He suddenly heard a bullet wiz past, so he got down lower. The machinegun began to kick up, spitting an array of bullets at the Nerotikans. However, it seemed the Medic was only partly accurate.

He looked around him, not sure what he was looking for. The Corporal, that is. He was searching, actually, for a radio. He saw a mangled body in the roadway with a rather large pack. He ran towards the body, hearing a bullet plummet into the ground next to him. So, he dragged the body back. He picked up the radio set, which surprisingly was not damaged. He began speaking into it, yelling into it infact. There was a small Tank division just 2 miles the other way of them. He was yelling for Armored Support, being as the Air Force was busy already taking out much of what it could on the other side of Persephone and perhaps elsewhere in the country. The man on the other side of the frequency, ignoring all Military Protocol, affirmed it and would be there in 7 minutes. But it wasn't enough for the Medic, the Corporal, and the 11 others who were holding. Not to mention, 7 of which were wounded pretty badly.
11-08-2006, 20:53
Can't, Take much more...

Over the years building to this point the Nerotikan government had caved to several pressure points as into putting forces in several spots near pyschotika. The High Chancellor, an frail old man now, who use to rule the other chancellors with, as they put it, an iron fist was now listening to them and that spelled disaster for all they wanted was to rule Pyschotika out of the picture. Land was all the Nerotikan state chacellors wanted, it happened in A Lesser Land and now they were doing it to Pyschotika, it also didn`t help that Nerotika and Pyschotika had a small amount of political history when it came to their military history against each other.

The entire thing came crashing to war when Andrew Volker died and a new High Chancellor took over out of the collection of state chacellors, Vicktor Ianage. Vicktor immediatly began setting to stage for war as he built up forces in neutral territory around Pyschotika while the civil war was being fought out. Once that ended the Nerotika's took the advantage and began to build up bomber forces. The bombers began to do fly overs and dropped thousands of payloads each time on random islands. Suddenly Pyschotika caught onto them, at least from their perspective, and attacked the territories they were on. In a responce the high amount of Nerotikan forces in the areas pushed the enemies out with ease and began their own assault.

Beaten, what for...

Iseala rolled to Donovan who was screaming over the mg fire, he yelled for a medic several times but it turned out the dead man laying slumped over the hill was Donovans medic and the other one working in Mewes team was working on the other wounded man. Iseala's medic had been killed when the lead tank they were on took fire.

Iseala put pressure on the wound all the while ducking from sight of the gunners, he began to wrap the wound then he took his rifle, an FN SCAR, and loaded in a grenade into the attached grenade launcher. He aimed it and fired seeing it hit then quickly ducking again. A member of his squad began to pull the bipod of his M249 SAW and let out a barrage of bullets for cover fire as the heavy gunner from Mewes team ran to a bridge wall, that faced the gunnars on the other side of the park, and set up his own SAW mg. The group crawled to the top of the hill to return fire as Iseala left Donovan, who clearly was going to die, and took two mean on the hill with him. The three of them ran behind a clump of trees to the left of the enemies. They began to lay down cover fire gaining a perfect vantage point that saw clearly the enemy MG Gunner along with several wounded men laying against the back side of the wall.
11-08-2006, 23:32
Seventeen Years...

In the the making of it all, it was always just...too much. It started with the great deceit, and spawned from the deceased. A great man had died, leaving a great scoundrel to take his place. It wasn't expected, however it should have been. Over the years, it began to take a toll. The masses became more blind, the enemy became more powerful.

Face to Face...

The Corporal kept edging his head up to look out in the somewhat hillish, from the craters, field. He could hear a slight scream from a far, as his hearing came back, and ducked down as he heard bullets pepper about. He looked over again, noticing a man sticking out for a moment. He heard and explosion to his left and looked on at it, then looked back. The man was taking cover again. He didn't bother looking at the explosion site, just at the Nerotikans. He saw a few stand up and sprint this time, up to a more 'strategic' location. He moved himself quickly, finding cover and trying to devise a way to counter this. He could hear from a distance the humming of tanks, though, which seemed to boost his spirits.
12-08-2006, 00:02
Bring down this wall...

The Nerotikan forces had drawen from the assault that the 'pyschotikans' hit them with on the now non neutral territory and they had then pushed into the islands surrounding the mainland. The pyschotikan forces were scarce on the islands untill that landed on a large militaristic island that seemed almost impossible to take. The island was a large defensive trap that took many Nerotikan lifes, this was when the Nerotikans decided to send both Elite SET teams into the island to clear out dug in defence bunkers, along with ShadowOp teams that could fight as well as in night as they could in day. The pyschotikans knew of the Nerotikan Elite SET's and were prepared for them but the nighttime c4 assaults on the bunkers by the ShadowOps who killed without mercy, both with close range Knifes, pistols and SMG's and the more powerful assault rifle. The ShadowOps gained an advantage on the pyschotikans who had no inclanation of their exsistance. The Bunkers were clear within twenty-three days of the ShadowOps landing, a slow progress but with many enemy casualties that stacked higher than those of the Nerotikan Marines who took damage on the first twelve days of fighting on the island. The Island though held no strategic points for the Nerotikans and to ferther inspection nothing could be built on the island, no airstrips or basecamps except for the ones already built and the Nerotikan pride forbidded them from using the enemies campsites.

Killin' in the name of...

Iseala looked back to see a medic closing Donovans eyes along with the wounded soldier next to him. Iseala looked to his left were one of his soldiers, a young private, was hiding behind a tree, his eyes blinking rapidly as he waited for orders. The other soldier next to Iseala fingered the trigger of his rifle then looked to Iseala who nodded knowenly of his thoughts. He turned slowly out from behind the tree and fell to one knee, then aimed. Iseala blinked through his sites then fired seven single shot bursts turning the gun each time and watching an enemy fall every shot until fire was returned forcing him to hide. He knew the only people he killed were already wounded but that would be a few less enemies to deal with.

The noise of tanks rolling toward their position gave Iseala reason to get scared as he turned and saw a shell crash into the bridge where one of his men were firing his MG wildly at the oncoming tanks. Another tank rolled out from behind the first on and the gunner ontop of it fired at Mewes team with now consisted of Donovans few remaining troops. The bullets sputtered up dirt that made a line strait toward a soldier who watched it then realized he was doomed. He struggled a bit before take at least twenty hits to the back then dying. Iseala loaded in a grenade which he aimed carfully at the front tank's gunner as the two men he had with him gave cover fire at the wall the enemies were cradled behind. He fired the grenade and watched it his almost perfectly into the gunners hole and saw the tank shudder and the gunner fall forward dead. The tank turrent turned and Iseala yelled over the gunfire for the other to move, the Private turned to run and took a bullet to the back of his kevlar helmet which broke open but protected him as he fell to the ground from the impact. Another bullet wizzed past as Iseala and the other soldier ran, the sudden shock from a tank shell hitting their old position sent them forward into a ditch made by an artillary shell earlier. The tank rolled forward then took a shell to its side as the tank train the marines left awhile ago came rolling from the enemies left side. The lead tank look damaged from the second enemy tank and came to a halt as the crew got out of the damaged vehicle. The crew took fire from the enemies and two of the crewmembers fell dead. The last one jumped into the gunner seat ontop and checked the gun. Before he could fire though he took a bullet to the neck. The other tanks behind the leader moved forward past the now dead tank and began giving the enemies a barrage of shells.
12-08-2006, 01:13

Beaten back, the Nihoni returned to their homeland licking their wounds like a beatan pack of dogs. However, it was only the beginning of it all. The fighting, that is. The General kept with one notion - Death before Dishonor. It was a common thing to see a man take cyanide in capsul form, and fire off as many shots as he could before his heart stopped. Cyanide was the new opiate for those who would lose, as it was propogandized that captured soldiers would only be slaughtered off. However, it wasn't that much of a common thing as the Nihoni were not losing constantly. Several areas were reported to have beaten the Nerotikan forces, and infact proven the menacing armies were not that strong after all. But, behind the curtains, lay a dark secret to such victories. 'Bere-chi' or 'Bere-ketsueki' were behind most of those victories. A secret organization of militant beings. The common Colonel wouldn't have heard of such an organization unless shot shortly afterwards. With the Bere-chi came the consequence of suffering their plague, something which had given them their name. 'Uxirusu' or 'Bere-Uxirusu' or simply 'BU' was a weapon which one would never find ammusing, of course if you weren't sadistic atleast.

With this, the Nihoni had finally gained the upper hand...for a time.

The Clincher...

And the scythe had been raised, and the incumbent of battle was left to the Armored Fury of war. Several men were crawling, mostly due to leg wounds, towards the Corporal's position as they finally realized their hiding spots were useless. Disregarding the tanks, they looked to die slowly at this new position. One carried dog tags, well several did but this one carried a special pair. They read -

'Private First Class Saito Hiro' -

it was their medic. He could tell, because when they were first brought over they were covered in some ashy soot from the burnt clothing and dirt and slight blood stains. The Corporal sighed, and stuffed them into the pocket. As he did so, the man who brought them over passed on. The only one seeming to survive this entire mess was himself, however there were plenty of others througout the City...just too far off. He heard a tank to his right recieve a hit, and multiple syncronized shots towards his left. He thought back to the Nerotikan who took no mercy for the obvious wounded who could not fight any longer, and gripped at his side arm. Then he thought, and glanced down at his knife. He wasn't a man of emotions, no one in this Army was, but he was a man of Bushido. And with-in Bushido carried revenge, and for him he would make an exception for some of the rules. He stood, holding onto his rifle. A bullet wizzed past him, but he didn't even flinch. He turned around and noticed a door nearby, he ran to it and kicked it down and soon ran in. He could hear the sounds of war in a more shallow pitch, explosions sounding more far off. The room was dim, only lit by the sun which was making it's descent to the other half of the world.

Looking around even more, he saw a back door. He ran to it and bashed it open, not taking into account that he could very easily be killed. He looked up with his rifle pointed, and then began climbing at the hill. His wounds were finally bugging him a bit, but he tried to ignore them. He was going to find this Nerotikan and kill him, but he would do it like a man. To do so to make himself even better and above the coward. He patted at a pocket to check for his 'pills' then continued his ascent.
12-08-2006, 23:37
That’ll be the day…

The Nerotikans had lost a few battles, not being proud of it though. They fought as hard as anyone else but not to much avail when the pyschotikans put their full force into the fight. Cities were lost and won again as the fighting roared to missile launches and artillery strikes, the cities were then forgotten under the ruble. The war was taking it’s toll, physically and mentally. Though the Marine forces in the mainland were centered on several locations the Elite SET’s had to do most of the work inside cities. To prove their worth though, the Marines took the job in Persephone and promised a victory before the end of the 2nd month, which came and soon was going. Tanks were being utilized more in this fight though and if the marines weren’t enough, the tanks might just win with sheer force.

I will make you hurt…

The M1’s were doing a number on the enemies which seemed to scatter as the tanks rolled into the park after finishing off the second enemy tank. Iseala now had a blood splattered onto his jacket after the private who was with him took several shots into his back, Iseala tried to save him but was too late and under heavy fire. Iseala’s gun strap bounced up and down on his shoulder as he jogged to the remaining marines along with Mewes, who was injured. Mewes was gasping for air as his eyes slowly closed then his body slid down and stop moving. Iseala though, began to take ammo from mewes’s pouches and told everyone to load up before they moved out again. They were in a bombed out crater now, only snipers could see them, but snipers in this area were scarce seeing as how tanks came through quite a bit causing the death of anyone who took a shot at them. Iseala turned his head to the wall they were taking fire from awhile ago, nothing anymore, no gunfire or anything. Iseala was only concered with the soldiers around him now and how he was going to get to his designated position.

He was suppose to be in a townsquare of sorts but could not find out how his now low amount of marines were going to do much help there. The fight had cause alot of pain around the group and now being down to six members left Iseala had to decide quickly or else his men would be dead before they could do anything. Iseala stood up a little higher but with a slight lean and looked around. The enemy had given up on him and his marines and were now firing what they had at the tanks that were giving them all hell.

"Ok, follow me guys if we go through allyways and buildings we shouldn`t have much trouble."

Iseala crouched down and began to walk slowly with the others following him, gunfire erupted from his left side and the group fell to a roll then lay flat to the ground and returned fire. Several pyschotikans now lay dead for their mistake, they had been firing a peice of brown colored paper that was rolling in the wind, this mistake got them all killed. The Nerotikans were now laughing in their heads which could be seen in their faces, all of which held broad smiles. They had made it across the park and were entering an allyway when a tank shell slamed the building next to them. Two of the marines fell over dead from impact of shrapnel or shock, Iseala didn`t want to find out as he and the others ran into the allyway and into a door that led to a restuant inside. As they entered they realized everything outside was muffled giving an ominece feeling to the place. Inside voices speaking foreinge tounge could be heard down the hallway as the marines followed Iseala strait to them. He stopped and ripped a Flashbang out of his belt, the pin fell to the floor making a loud clank, then he tossed the flashbang into the air on the other side of the wall. It exploded brightly as the Nerotikans turned the corner to find four enemies blinded and one covering his eyes and turned the other way. The firefight began as tables were turned up and the Nerotikans jumped the counter to a bar and took turned firing over it.
17-10-2006, 21:02

It's been so long -_-

and if I remember, I don't like parts of this anyways because they are done a bit incoherently.

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