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Diplomacy in the NoF!?!? Unheard of.

Nation of Fortune
11-08-2006, 04:02
The Mercenary State of Nation of Fortune. Few people knew of this contested land, one of pure military strength, everything else was minor and only to sustain the ever growing military. Cyrus was rather shocked at the thought of someone wanting to visit his country, but it was so. At a diplomatic meeting one of his agents had found someone interested in visiting this land.

It was the middle of summer, and the land was hot and muggy. Regardless of this the soldiers kept training with a fanatical devotion.

Cyrus finished typing his message, and sent it off to his hoard of trusty clerks, all of which had been horribly injured in some conflict or other.

Attention All Nations
The Mercenary State of Nation of Fortune humbly opens it's borders at this time for the interest of diplomatic visits. We wish to let as many nations as possible know how devoted to our services we are. Come for a visit, and learn all about the finest private military on the planet.

Cyrus Lanier
Commandant MSoNoF
Raven corps
11-08-2006, 04:16


The Superior Bioweapons Company of Raven corps would like to open a Corporate Rep. Center in your Nation. I do believe that with your great military strength and my weapons production facilties we can increase sells and profit...words I am sure you like almost as much as I. I would like to send a Delegation team to meat you personaly.

As such I end this letter wish best wishes for you.

CEO. Colderon Jason Zion
Raven corps
Nation of Fortune
11-08-2006, 04:27
To:Raven corps
From:Cyrus Lanier

We hope to make quite the impression on your delegation team, and wish for future positive relations between our two nations.

Commandant Lanier
Raven corps
11-08-2006, 04:38
To:Raven corps
From:Cyrus Lanier

We hope to make quite the impression on your delegation team, and wish for future positive relations between our two nations.

Commandant Lanier


I hope you do, as well as us making the impression. The team will be sent at your earlies convenience....

CEO. Colderon Jason Zion.
Nation of Fortune
11-08-2006, 04:59

We can accept your team as soon as you can arrive.

Commandant Lanier
Raven corps
11-08-2006, 05:01
OOC: if you want I can RP the team here or start another thread,,, its up to you.
Nation of Fortune
11-08-2006, 05:04
OOC: if you want I can RP the team here or start another thread,,, its up to you.
((OOC: Do it in here, I'd kinda like to keep this to a low number of threads, especially because this is already a spin from another one. I hope your diplomats won't mind some gore. Also looking at your RP's linked in your sig, you might wanna go over to NS and check out my thread The Ballad of Valerie. It's going to end up something like that.))
Raven corps
11-08-2006, 05:24
OOC:That FT. I am PMT at most....

( Raven corps Corporate HQ. Willink- Terra city)

The small group of busniess men sat around a boardroom discussing plans to open a new branch in a mercenary state....

" The nation is one of great profit and great prospects of profit. Colderon would be please to know if a place like this would be willing to have us concidered." spoke an elderly man with his grey suit pulled tight around his deforming frame.

" This land is dangerous. Assets could be lost in the event of something going wrong. This would not be good." spoke a younger man in his mid -40's after he took a small sip of water from his glass.

"If we sent Security forces to ensure that our assets where not lost would this be suffient enough to allow the venture" spoke the old man.

" I can see what we can give to you and your team. But dont expect anything great." said the younger man.

The elderly man nodded and left the room leaving the younger man alone. As the door shut the young man called Colderon.

( phone call...)

Hello sir-

What are you calling me for you poor excuse for busniess consultant!-

I have talked it over with my other associate and we agree that the venture would be a good idea, but I suggest we send an escort.-

You suggest..... Approved but f this blows up in our faces it will be your fault!-

Of course...-

( End phone call)


Delegation team picks started at the H.Q. in the Ripp garrison. Executive from all over put in for the job but few made the cut.

" I can't believe that " MS. Tits" got the job. Said a disgruntled employee as he got his denial form

" atleast you got your denial form...All I got was this stupid NO! card" said another

" I got the letter!!!" screamed another who was accepted to go.

( Annoucers voice over intercom)

Will all applicant who where accepted to the Delegation team please make you way to the helepad for pick up!

Soon the building was abuzz with the sound of foot steps of the accepted. And a line formed outside the helepad. With three choppers waiting for the group two Orca troop tranports stood ready to escort. The flight was long and tiing but the employees pushed on when they finally got the arrival sound...

( pilots voice)

"This is Raven corps transport delegation group number 50-a requesting an apropriate landing zone"
Nation of Fortune
11-08-2006, 05:37
((OOC:You could just throw in a character, doesn't have to be from your nation. I use projectile weapons, so it could work. I usually RP my nation as being in a transition between PMT and MT. Experiments in genetic testing, don't worry you'll meet the only two successfull attempts at the moment.))

"Delegation group 50-a you are approved for landing," came the voice from over the radio, it sounded like a drone.

The airport, if you could call it that, only had several large hangers. The NoF was not a nation with mass airpower, it only used it's air power for troop and supply movement. On the tarmac of the runway waited a young man, he carried with him a FAMAS. He was wearing a military utility uniform, dress uniforms were not common in the nation. Behind the man rested a Humvee, practically the only vehicle that could be found in the nation. He waited for the delegation to step off of their plane.
Raven corps
20-08-2006, 13:44
The chopper made it approch and landed softyly thanks to the pilots great skill. The doors opened slowly exposing that delegation team. The head of the team walked over to the waiting young man and handed him a paper...:

It read:

Raven corps Delgation team

Team leader:
Harvey Manchanton- Human resourses

Team Chief Delegate of exchange:
Lisa McDunken- Assets management

Misc team members of provisional overview:
Mickeal Tassel- assets lose anaylist
David Osbourne- Law coordination
Greg Hastings- Contract provisionary officer
Bill madden- Misc Employee

The leader then waited for the young mans response....
[NS::]Lincoln Biotech
20-08-2006, 15:13
~Transmission to Cyrus Lanier~

Hello, my name is Paul Lawrence, the director of marketing at Lincoln Biotech. We are currently seeking contracts with militaristic nations such as yourself. We are a corporation that clones humans for a wide range of uses.

A clone from Lincoln Biotech is a guaranteed match for organ donation, blood transfusion, skin grafts, and various other utilizations. Nation of Fortune, being a militaristic nation, would be seeing these types of problems often.

For 5 million USD per clone, you can easily afford to ensure that your nation's leadership is covered. The clones start out as generic human tissue in Lincoln Biotech labs. A sponsor (such as a nation's leader) gives us a DNA sample, which we infuse into the living tissue. After 6 months, an identical clone is created. The clone is created appearing to be your age, and is identical down to the fingerprint.

A clone from Lincoln Biotech can even reduce the aging process! As you age, the body wears out. Our clones can help extend your life up to 30 years.

A nation such as yours should have clones for your government officials, military leaders, and important officers. If we can form a large contract, you will also be given a seat on the board of trustees at Lincoln Biotech.

We look forward to your reply.

Terms and Conditions: All clones are property of Lincoln Biotech. In the event a clone is deemed unhealthy or mentally unstable, a replacement will be issued to the original human (herein referred to as the "sponsor") for no extra charge. Clones may be issued to civilians or government officials. Governments that form large contracts with Lincoln Biotech will be granted a seat on the board of trustees, where your opinion pertaining to recalls or biological advancements may be voiced. Additional terms and conditions apply. All rights reserved, cloning process is patented and Lincoln Biotech is a copyrighted corporation name.

~End transmission~

OOC: Early PMT, so it fits right in your tech level.
Nation of Fortune
20-08-2006, 19:52
"I would like to welcome you to the Mercenary State of Nation of Fortune. My name is Toma, and I will be your guide to our......different nation. Hold on while I call for a second vehicle, we didn't expect there to be so many of you."

He steps aside for a second, and makes a radio call.

"So are there any questions I can answer while we are waiting?"
Nation of Fortune
20-08-2006, 20:02
To: Paul Lawrence
That is an interesting proposition you have made, although that is a mighty steep price for something I feel is uneccesary. What difference could such a transaction make if I were to suffer a fatal gunshot wound on the front lines. I would the trust of my soldiers if they found out I were not actually on the front lines with them. I will have to decline your offer.

However, if you would be interested in forming military contracts for facility protection, or if you were to go to war, both parties could find that transaction incredibly beneficial.

Cyrus Lanier