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Friendship of Steel (Alliance Conference) (ATTN: AMW)

Space Union
10-08-2006, 22:20
Chancellor Satpul Singh sat observingly in his conference room. So much had happened since his election to the office years before. He had witnessed the fall of France, Spain, Russia, and Italy to Catholic monarchies while watching the rest of the world begin a period of hostility with the newly formed Holy League. He had also seen Germany pushed back as her neighbors turned hostile against her and she found herself lone in Europe.

But this was going to change. The only way to ensure that Germany would survive, it needed allies, and fast. German people were always under the fear that the Holy League would invade them even if the nation had not proclaimed itself openly hostile toward the league. Germany could not withstand the full onslaught of three nations invading it at once. And for that reason, it was nessessary to hold this conference.

Nations around the world had been invited along with their leaders to come to the conference. If all worked out well, a new alliance would be formed out of the ashes of previous alliance that had long gone inactive and left a power vacuum. At the moment, the nations of Britian, Southern Confederacy, Israel, South Africa, Australia, Japan, and Austria had been invited to the conference and had accepted the offer. The nations of Ottoman Empire and the United States had expressed interest but had not confirmed their invitation to the conference.

It was time to make history.
The Gupta Dynasty
10-08-2006, 22:35
The Ottoman Empire hastily confirmed their acceptance of the invitation and would arrive later, when they had time to make a proper post.
AMW China
11-08-2006, 00:22
for now, a tag.
11-08-2006, 18:42
As usual Maxen spends most of his time wishing things happened and then never had enough time to do them. The Chinese where ready to start diolouge over in Vienna but a potential Tri-State Pact member played the act of the figmental "carrott" more so than the Chinese.

So taking the Autobahn Maxen speeds off to meet with the German elite and Chancellor with hopes to finally establish the Tri State Pact. If that doesn't work at least hopefully Maxen could encourage German elements to work more with their Austria opposites.

Of course this meeting will only be attended by the Austrians for a day, maybe two, before the pre-aranged Chinese metting was to be held. So, Maxen hopes to get in and out.

Stepping out of his car, he walks up the regal steps to the German Chancellory building. He camly requests to be escorted to where ever his German opposite is directing the show.
11-08-2006, 18:45
As usual Maxen spends most of his time wishing things happened and then never had enough time to do them. The Chinese where ready to start diolouge over in Vienna but a potential Tri-State Pact member played the act of the figmental "carrott" more so than the Chinese.

So taking the Autobahn Maxen speeds off to meet with the German elite and Chancellor with hopes to finally establish the Tri State Pact. If that doesn't work at least hopefully Maxen could encourage German elements to work more with their Austria opposites.

Of course this meeting will only be attended by the Austrians for a day, maybe two, before the pre-aranged Chinese metting was to be held. So, Maxen hopes to get in and out.

Stepping out of his car, he walks up the regal steps to the German Chancellory building. He camly requests to be escorted to where ever his German opposite is directing the show.
Walmington on Sea
11-08-2006, 19:00
(OOC: At last! I tried all morning to post this damn thing. Ended up adding all sorts of nonsense to it while I waited! Blasted forums.)

"Br... well, that's us. The Cape colonies are expected, I notice. It's about time, have they got rid of the ANC, at last?"

"I'm afraid I'm not quite sure, sir. I don't think so... erm, but I notice that the Australasians are expected, what?"

Deputy PM Wilson tried to stear the Prime Minister away from the embarrasingly naive and innocently meant but borderline racist territory into which he could see Mainwaring stumbling once again.

"Ah, yes. Good lot. You know, my father served along side an AWIAC outfit in the war. He used to tell me about one young Aussie, whom he met at El Alamein. My father asked him, you see, 'Have you come to die?' ...and the young recruit replied, 'Nah, mate, I come yester-die!'"

A heavy pause descended, during which the PM looked expectantly at his deputy. Shortly, Wilson stopped counting his teeth and his eyes returned to Mainwaring, having been very much averted during the PM's story-telling, particularly the bit where he'd attempted an Australian accent, and the Deputy PM forced a laugh.

"Ah, I knew you'd get it, eventually. Now, who else are we expecting to see?"

"Well, the Germans, of course, sir."

"THE GER... mans, oh, of course." Said the PM, collecting himself. He'd slipped for a moment back into his romantic vision of the past, with visions of men such as his father fixing bayonets and marching through ranks of Nazis.

"I suppose we must expect the Austrians, as well, then. I don't trust that lot. Shoddy empire builders, apt to change their minds, can't even keep the Yugoslavs in check. But, I suppose, the Germans will soon put some discipline back in them.

"What about the Palestinians?"

"I believe we're calling them Israelis, now, sir."

"What? Oh, of course, Israelites, well, I shouldn't think there's much need to worry about what they bring to the table. It can't be much of anything. Now, Japan."

"Sandle-wearing goldfish tenders!" A grunt from the corner of the office. Sir Henry was awake, belching Scotch and bygone prejudice.

"Sir Henry is still bitter over how the unfolding Japanese economic miracle is threatening his domination in..."

"Yes, all right, Wilson, we're all aware of Sir Henry's financial troubles. The fact of it is, they're our best friends east of Bombay..."


"Get a handkerchief, man, at least cover your mouth. Ah, and they're only going to become more important, what with the communist threat in India. Now, this matter of the Confederacy."

Mainwaring was prodding the papers hard with his index finger.

"They're a rum lot, wouldn't you say?"

"Oh, yes, if you say so, sir."

"Don't trust them as far as I could throw them." Muttered Sir Henry, "But they've minerals out the..."

"Yes, thank you. I suppose it couldn't hurt to peg them down. Get them into a civilised agreement. If they break it, an assembly of this lot" said Mainwaring, holding up the papers listing the talked-about nations, "would starve their economy before they could say boo to a Buenos Aires tango dancer. Yes, I suppose we can work with them, at a stretch."

"The Quinntonians are expected, sir."

"Ah, the yanks. We've had our troubles, and I rather feel that their day in the sun may be coming to an end, but they're not done yet, and will help us through this one last war. I don't think we've any reason to continue confrontation with them, hm?"

"Quite, sir. Very wise."

"Are you getting this, Chaspot?" Said the PM to Sir Henry, who was near to passing out again. "You're going to have to remember who you're dealing with. It's a matter of national security. For the whole Empire.

"That just leaves the sick man. It won't hurt to offend them, so we needn't worry, but a horde of Turks might be a distraction to a horde of Russians, hm? And there has to be some strategic value to the Empire. Geographically speaking, of course."

Wilson just hmmd in recognition.

"Markets." Said Sir Henry. "Sick man maybe, but that just means they can't resist once we get a foot in the door. Must make sure the [British] Empire's in at the get-go. There's no sign of Elias, lately. We could make a killing if we open up the Caliphate."

"I think the Calipha..."

"Quite right, Sir Henry. Well, get on with you, man. Do you know how much it costs to keep Concord just sitting on the runway? There is a war on, you know."

So, Sir Henry Chaspot Wayne, richest man in the Walmingtonian Empire, with more assets, even, than His Majesty, was off to Germany. Though he owned his own fleet of aircraft, Sir Henry flew aboard the government's Concord (no E since the outbreak of war with France), outfitted with a few million pounds worth of countermeasures and escorted by a pair of RAF Typhoon.
Dai Nippon Koku
11-08-2006, 19:43
With Prime Minister Minase alongside Foreign Minister Shimizu in Washington and various ministers spread across the planet on various endeavours, Finance Minister Kihara turned to the only readily available authority in Tokyo for advice on his trip to Berlin.

"Shirai, we really don't get to talk much. How's the family?"

Kihara momentarily looked down as Emperor Shinseiki beamed at him. "Fine, Your Majesty, thank you for asking. I am here to request your advice; as an experienced statesman, how do you think I should approach the conference in Berlin?"

"Well, make them feel good about themselves. If anyone mentions 'the war', remind them that we also fought and lost in it. Always remember my Golden Rule, accentuate the positive similarities. Also remember my Platinum Rule."

"Platinum Rule?"

"Don't sign anything without reading the fine print. If you're not sure about anything, just call me."


Minister Kihara was soon on his way to Berlin with hopes of adding yet another nation to Japan's diplomatic portfolio. Shinseiki had coached him well on what to say and when to say it, so he felt quietly confident about his chances.
11-08-2006, 19:43
As Maxen walked along he noticed that he really didn't know what he was going to do. Well at least not about anybody outside Germany-SC-NS circle. So he promptly called one of his little intern, Wallen Vadenkampf, and asked for a general briefing while he excused himself from a cheerful discussion with some little German intern.

So Wallen, give me the run down.

First off there is the Slavs. For the most part they're all right people, so don't get to uppty on their little backward selves.

Sounds easy enough, next?

Well if any Confederate people show up keep in mind they still might sing the Tri State but at the moment I think we should keep with th Germans, honestly we need to get off that boat because they supported those backward Morrocoians.


If any of those Aus- er however you pronounce them, show up make sure to remind them that we got the Europack for their Darwin Workshops. Make sure you try and be polite.

I won't, why ask?

Then come Quintonnians, nice in a sort of don't expect them to do all that much unless you get them pissed off way. They they get your head, then sho-

I get the point. Next.

Well then the Swiss, they won't show up but in case those bankers finally decide to part beyond walking distance their gold bullion I highly doubt it.

Same goes for United Elias, instead it's oil.

After that comes The Holy League, if you can try to work on Spain the most-

Don't worry, I'll just tell them how I think they were born, why, and with whom. I'll keep it civil, I won't mention anything beyond that, well. Maybe where their head can go, but other-

Sir, don't get carried away. Then comes Cameroon, if they show up actually try to act friendly. They are one of the only nations there not wanting to cut our heads off and then stick on a spear for their next new years party.

Same goes for Somailia. Also remeber to include capitalism, logic, and moderation too. I cannot stress the capitalism part enough......
11-08-2006, 20:30
The luxury jet touched down on Berlin’s International Airport. The flight had been long, but Foreign Minister Gabriel Ortegal had been on some that required much more endurance. The delegation quickly disembarked from the plane and manned a motorcade of armoured sedans, escorted by German police and Confederate security forces. While on the drive to the Chancellery, the delegation was quickly going over the main points.

“There’s a couple things that are important and must be stressed or avoided”

“Indeed, with almost no exceptions, I think we get along rather well with everyone”

“Yes, but we must avoid talking with the Australasians about the Buenos Aires situation negatively if the show up. And the Moroccan scandal might still some clearing up with some nations.”

“If the Chinese show, someone should take them aside and ask why those deliveries keep getting suspended on and off, its really annoying, I can’t imagine of anything that we’re doing that might be bothering them.”

“Yes, but that’s minor, let us go back to the main point of this conference, we must give our total support to Germany, and try to strike some sort of alliance with them.”

"Quite, oh, we're here"

The motorcade stopped in front of the Chancellery, and the delegation promptly got out.
Space Union
11-08-2006, 20:34
OOC: Guys, I'm going to begin the conference on Monday since I know a couple of people are busy with RL and should be cleared up by then. I hope that doesn't bother anyone.... :)
The Silver Sky
11-08-2006, 22:11
Berlin International Airport

President Maddox watched from the window of her private jet as her escorts, 4 GF-1 Eurofighter IIs (IAF Designation: F-1I Phoenix), pulled off and the plane began it's descent.

President Maddox was excited about her first major meeting with world leaders, but felt a pang of guilt because she couldn't meet with the Chinese envoy, she was hoping they were still there when she got back, as the Chinese we a major potential ally, as with Japan.

The plane landed and taxied to a waiting limo, President Maddox stepped out of the plane, she was followed by six guards and 2 assistants. They entered the limo and soon arrived at the conference building.
AMW China
13-08-2006, 05:55
After a late reply, General Chang arrives in Berlin after taking a day off since his conference in Raleigh.

Aside from hearing what the Germans wanted to say, Chang also wanted to arrange a meeting between the Confederacy and the Australasians. The constant bickering between the two nations had caused a great deal of headache and potential arms sales lost.

Still, that could wait until after the conference.
14-08-2006, 17:44
South African President Thabo Becki got comfortable in his chair at the conference table; he thought the conference so important as to attend it himself. This was finally the answer to the Holy League, if only the attending nations could throw aside their differences. As he sat down in the large leather chair that accompanied the equally large oak table, Thabo looked over the attendance list once again:

Britain - Hmm, the SAF's old 'motherland.' While not particularly fond of their Prime Minister, they would make a powerful ally. Their naval assets in particular. We already allow their subs to dock on our shores.

Southern Confederacy and Australasia - Wonderful nations. If they could learn how to get along with each other, they would be very powerful allies. Along with the SAF we could dominate the South Atlantic. They also have large food reserves which the SAF could use.

Israel - Ah Israel, they are already very good allies. It is only natural for them to attend.

Japan, Austria, and the Ottoman Empire – These three nations the SAF hadn't has so much contact with. Indeed Becki hadn't even talked with anyone from these nations for quite some time. He hoped they would bring something of value to the table and that they would be good allies.

China and Quintoria (America) - The SAF would love to increase ties with these economic giants. As a quickly growing economy, the SAF needed traiding Partners.

Germany - As with Israel, they were very good allies. But they are also a very important economic provider for the SAF. Thabo was glad that Germany was heading up the conference.

[[ OOC: Tag more than anything else. :p ]]
Space Union
14-08-2006, 22:41
The echoing of the door opening and closing filled the room as leaders entered the room and sat down at the rectangular desk. The room was at an eary silence but yet everyone was mostly relaxed. This was not a meeting of enemies, but of possible allies that could work together to ensure a successful alliance against the Holy League.

As the delegate from the South African Federation entered the room and doors shut closed, Singh surveyed the room. Delegates and leaders from Israel, China, the United Kingdom, South Africa, the Ottoman Empire, the Southern Confederacy, and finally Austria were present. The only delegates that were missing were from the United States and from Australasia. The conference would begin without them then.

Clearing his dry throat, he signaled for the guards to leave the room and allow the secret proceedings to begin. It was so sensitive that no one besides the delegates and their aids would be allowed to hear this conference. If the Holy League became aware of it, they might become openly hostile and begin a war. So it was made top priority for the German intelligence community to make sure no information was leaked from any points, no matter what.

"On behalf of the Federal Republic of Germany, I, Chancellor Satpul Singh, welcome you to the city of Berlin. I am pleased to see that most of our invitations were accepted and this shows that everyone hear is committed to ensuring democracy and the filth of the Holy League does not spread any further."

"I have brought all of you here for only one reason: defence against the Holy League. Every delegate hear knows that their nations are opposed to the alliance that has found itself full of radical catholic monarchist nations. The former great nations of Russia, France, and Spain have fallen into the pit of tyranny. This can not spread any further. We must join together to ensure that democracy and liberty are protected. For too long has there been any real alliance that could do this, but together we can make history."

Singh glanced around the room at the varying expressions amongst the delegates. Most of them were relaxed and showed no surprise at the announcement. Many were already ready to sign but there were a couple of problems still left to attend.

"I realise that the only way this alliance could work is if all our members watch each others backs. But with this, I know that there is at least one problem: the Southern Confederacy and Australasia disputes. These two fine nations that both oppose the Holy League, are in a current dispute over territory. I believe that therefore the first act of this conference shall be to figure out this mess. I wish to have everyone suggest a course of action on the matter. I'm aware that the Australasia delegate is not present, but perhaps they will be arriving a bit late. In the meantime, we can accomplish much."

Finishing his short speech, Singh sat down in his chair as the sound of murmurs grew amongst the delegates and their neighbors. The room fell silent as one delegate stood up to voice his opinion and take the first steps to change the course of history.
Armandian Cheese
15-08-2006, 00:04
[OOC: I don't honestly see how anyone could view the Holy League as large enough of a threat to raise such a hullaboo about it. Everyone and their mother's cousin is just jumping onto the anti-HL bandwagon because it's fashionable, but to me it seems too much like the mainstream NS dogpile rather than any sort of reasonable foreign policy decision. What the hell do South Africa, Israel, and the Southern Confederacy have to fear from the HL? Do the citizens of those nations honestly believe the outgunned and overwhelmed HL has the capacity to launch an invasion force at them?]
The Gupta Dynasty
15-08-2006, 00:13
(OOC: I think that AC has a point. I mean, the Ottomans have liegtimate reason to be afraid of the Holy League [or, more importantly, a militant Tsar just to the north], but they have other reasons for coming as well [mainly relating to religion, the Combine, and Depkazia]. I have to admit that I was surprised when I read who was coming, but then I supposed that it would do no harm to have a meeting...but this seems more like a full-fledged alliance. I don't have any real problem with anything, but I was planning on have my delegate fight about having an alliance the sense of the word...Ottomans like to have a fuss. Oh, well, something to think about.)
15-08-2006, 14:39
President Becki was the one to stand up. His white shirt, gray sports jacket and slacks made him look more casual than his peers sitting around him, indeed Thabo was pretty casual through most anything. As he began to talk though, his aura turned to a more serious tone.

“Yes we can Chancellor. I have watched the situation with dismay quite closely as the South African Federation has ties to both the Southern Confederacy and Australasia. They both are wonderful allies and I do not want them to go to war with each other.”

With this, Thabo looked directly at Southern Confederacy Foreign Minister Gabriel Ortegal and meet him eye to eye. Gabriel would know he meant business. “There is no reason for this kind of foolish conflict to even happen. You both are squabbling over land, when you fail to realize that it would be in all parties' interests to work together and become a stronger South America. The Southern Confederacy in particular has been fueling this conflict, but that is also not to say Australasia is without fault as well. Much of this is due to an apparent arms race, which Australasia has appeared to been trying to at least slow. This is what I think needs to be worked out. We need to settle the land dispute and we need to have the Southern Confederacy and Australasia both stop this arms race mindset. If they don't have any reason to attack each other, an arms race would not be valid.”
15-08-2006, 22:15
Berlin, Germany

Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Spader ( pushed his way off of the Quantas flight out from Raleigh, followed by a pair of plainclothes Marine bodyguards dragging suitcases. He himself carried an attache case, filled to bursting with papers, a letter to his girlfriend and an edition of Penthouse. The incongruity of the two last items didn't particularly bother him as he ran onto the airport drive and chartered the first and second taxis he saw. He leapt into the first and told the second to wait for his bodyguards, who would take his stuff to the Hilton hotel.

"Get me to the Reichstag, as fast as you can." Spader's German was accented, but otherwise perfect. The ride was a bit exciting, but nothing like one that he'd been on in the Dominus Christi, which had been a bit like being flushed through hell's sewage system. Good God, but the roads in Quinntonia!

He arrived at the Reichstag about twenty minutes late, and had to shuffle through security. He presented his attache case to the security scanners twice. The first was at the door, in a line of overweight Quinntonian tourists, Walmingtonians with bad teeth and cheerful, if unplesant smiles and a few supercillious Australasian families, irritated at the idea of waiting in line. The second was deeper inside, trying to gain access to the actual working bits of the building. The scanning devices were guarded by large, German men with large, German guns who looked at him suspiciously, as if he was going to kill the German chancellor with his increasingly heavy attache case.

Upon sending his case through the scanners, he recieved amused looks from the guards both times. Spader could only assume that they had seen the ill-concealed Penthouse magazine. He scowled back and marched down the halls of the huge building until he found the correct door and again proved his identity with a passport, a document or six and a few snarled words of threat.

And when he burst into the room, pea coat billowing behind him, he saw a large number of extremely important people looking at him with irritation.

"Hi there," he said cheerfully. "Sorry I'm late."

OOC: Stealing characters from TV shows FTW!
16-08-2006, 02:03
(OOC: Just a tag, because it has nothing directly to do with Depkazia, but, if nothing else, I'm interested in what the Ottoman are up to! On the dogpile thing, it is a shame, but it also makes sense that these nations would want to throw their lot in with the winning side. Consider the number of minor nations, such as those in South America, that declared war on the Axis in, what, 1945? Of course they didn't even end up doing anything, and probably weren't capable in any event, but they made the right noises for the sake of political and economic relations in the post-war environment.
In one example here, the SAF, a neighbouring state with a different ideology has already declared war and sent troops to fight the Holy League. If the capitalist SAF does nothing while the socialist UAR has actively fought, could it be regarded as a propaganda coup for the left in Africa when the Holy League is finally driven out of the ECOWAS nations? Probably the capitalist powers would be courting the minor/middling nations for commitment lest it appear that the Soviets and their allies are primarily responsible for quashing the League.
Oh well, that's just the view of an opportunist Islamo-Statist autocracy.)
16-08-2006, 03:02
[OOC: Point well made, Depakzia. I think that what Armand is concerned about, though, is having someone like Franberry's SC or TSS' Israel (as examples, not specifically) actually try to engage in major combat ops, as if Argentina had sent a bunch of soldiers to Italy in 1945, rather than just declare war. It wouldn't make sense, and it would screw up RP. If it comes to that, I'll just have Spader be all: We have things well in hand, go invade Beth Gellert if you want a fight.]
16-08-2006, 03:06
(OOC: Well, all right, I can't argue with that line of thinking! I'll step back out now.)
Quinntonian Dra-pol
16-08-2006, 22:53
The Quinntonian ambassador to Germany, Rev. Hienrich Schultz, was in attendance, but no one higher up the pike was interested, especially with the dignitaries in Washington right now. He was just to watch and answer questions for now, as a major Quinntonian presence at an anti-HL meeting seemed superfluous with the war already in full swing on many fronts.
But a presence was required even at the most strange of conferences, and it seemed that this was exactly what this was. A very strange conglomeration of nations with nothing to do with each other coming together, hmmm.

Nova Gaul
16-08-2006, 23:02
((Damn straight AC, thank you for saying it while I wasnt here. The HL has no BLOODY cares about Germany at all, much less, SA and Israel for goodness sakes. AC you said it better than I could. Germnay could have had fine relation with the HL and NATO and everyone instead of hopping on up against France. I make no bones about it, if an irrationally large collection of forces (ie the whole world) invades me I will use all Frances Nukes, which theyve been proven to have, and most are in France itself and subs. So dont think youll all have a grand adventure, its not good play IRL and its ruining months of top notch rp IC.))
16-08-2006, 23:37
OOC: Well it seems Gugu-(well you get the point), and Depkziah are both saying the same thing, just in different, words, I am not going to poke holes OOC though.


After the whoever Prime Minister from wherever sat back down, Maxen just had to look up as the Raleigh appointed diplomat appeared, mumbling something or other Maxen didn't really care, as he had already recived word of his coming (Cheers for the SDU!) and he returned his attention to scanning the room.

As no one yet looked like in a debating, or really talking at all, mood Maxen decided to take the meeting down a slightly more self-critical approach.

"Delegates", giving a nod to the room as he stood up. "I actually think that Austria is not currently on the same square as the German Chancellor is, we were under the impression that this was a German related meeing and I am greatly displeased to think that this has turned into a meeting devoted to the HL.

Sadly, even though Austria and myself both hate the Holy League, we dislike them more from a emotional standpoint than any defining idealistic point. Mostly concerning the Yugoslavian "Incident" of last (year?).

We actually have more sympathy and pity for the Holy League than any other idealism (note does not include more wordly systems, like capitalism), sorry but we feel that the issues which have led the more "Old World" nations against the Holy League have been proper and have considered all paths and avenues to war.

You on the other hand, you "New Powers" (I consider Yugoslavia; the nation, Austria, Switzerland, and maybe Franberry as "Middle" powers) on the other hand seem more like a pack of jackals eager to get some territory, power, and gold at the expense of your young men's life. That is even more highly distrurbing than the belief that Monarchy is a respectable type of government.

I, at the moment, sadly do not consider this gathering of nations at all a realistic approach to the Holy League and I must confess that I am doubting the actual "evil" name branded to The Holy League to be totally restricted to them.

To wrap this up, Austria has not fully accepted the new German government, and will not fully recongnize any countries which will accept any measures wrought at this meeting unless more moderate and internal affairs can be brought to the forefront of this debate.

So, tell me when you decide to actually do something, for me, I just can't stand the though of getting wrapped up in these quite pointless talks about who wants to jump on the anti-Holy League wagon.

In plainer than my already spoken English, I must take my leave.

Gentlemen," nodding to the Walmington, Washington and Raleigh appointed were seating*.


Maxen leaves the building, nodding to several of the German security milling about several leave their stations and rip of their German flags with a beatiful Austrian SDU flag underneath. (

Seeing this the security guards were understandbly a little jumpy but a couple well placed glares and some (very) audiable metallic clicks from the newly "found" Austrian sub-machine guns kept Maxen from having to stop at it.

For the sake of rubbing their noses in every single Austrian bodyguard happily went through the metal detectors, setting off a nice piearcing shriek from the sirens.

OOC: For the record I actually didin't know of the other guy's (Nova Gual's) post, or really past Dpkziah, must now go back and post in the Quinntonias somewhere.....

*Just naturally thought the most closely related would sit together (and just "happen" to be the people Maxen was trying to make an impression on.
17-08-2006, 03:34

Spader raised his eyebrows at von Bismarck's rather inflammatory speech, but took his seat without comment. He looked around the table, trading affable smiles with Sir Henry Wayne, Reverend Schultz and a few others. He saw a pile of delegates whom he didn't recognize, and then he saw one he did.

The delegate from the Southern Confederacy was seated in his chair, his face a neutral mask after Bismarck's rant and subsequently over-dramatic exit. Spader winced internally. What the hell was Ortegal doing here? And why, in all the hells, did anyone expect this conference expect that they'd be able to broker an agreement? Least of all, Thabo Becki. But he hid his irritation with a generally vacantly cheerful 'game face' and rose to his feet.

"While I don't think that I can match Mr. Von Bismarck's theatrics," he said conversationally, "I do suppose that we can, indeed, talk about the border concerns between the Southern Confederacy and the Free Colony." He unzipped his attache case, and deftly removed the papers he needed without exposing his 'reading material'.

"I'm sure that you are all aware of the situation," he said. Nevertheless, he outlined it anyway. "The Southern Confederacy has maintained troops at the border between Australasian Buenos Aires and the surrounding countryside after the 1982 Falklands War. After the recent buildup, we in the Colony are understandably concerned, and have fortified the surrounding area with earthworks." That was it, in a nutshell. He left off the bit about the anti-tank missiles hidden inside said earthworks, and the Roycelandian Guardsmen in the city.

"Australasia captured the city from Argentina's military junta while engaged in the defence of an ally. In these past twenty years, the people inside Buenos Aires and the surrounding countryside have gained representation in Parliament, full rights as citizens and have benefitted from a series of improvement projects funded by our government. Crime is down, income is up. The people are happy, and they have become so on Australasian tax dollars. We see no reason to relinquish what has become both a thriving city and a major Australasian port to what was only two decades ago a military junta intent on starting illegal wars." Spader thought for a moment before continuing. His next point wasn't exactly stated government policy, but he didn't see a major problem with it.

"With regards to the Holy League." He chewed his lip for a moment, almost indetectably. "While we are indeed grateful for the groundswell of support, fact is that we don't especially need it. The Holy League will fall quickly and easily, and there is no need to form a massive, multinational force to do the job. It's simply more complicated than it is worth. After all, you hardly need a dozen of lumberjacks to fell a single rotted tree. Two or three will do just fine, and it'll get done more quickly."
Space Union
17-08-2006, 15:26
OOC: To be honest, I made this thread because of the rules. I noticed you guys said we can't have diplomatic conferences and such without a good reason or such like that (other than that you want to establish relations), so I picked the most logical reason. I would have made this conference just a diplomatic one if the rules allowed it....
Armandian Cheese
17-08-2006, 18:52
[OOC: Rules? I think you misunderstood. We said that it would be irrational to have an alliance without RP to establish and all that, but having a diplomatic conference simply for the purposes of establishing relations and alliances with other nations is fine.]
Space Union
17-08-2006, 19:01
[OOC: Rules? I think you misunderstood. We said that it would be irrational to have an alliance without RP to establish and all that, but having a diplomatic conference simply for the purposes of establishing relations and alliances with other nations is fine.]

Oh, from the way you guys worded it, it sounded like you had to have a purpose beyond "I want to establish ties". How about we just retcon the apart about the Holy League and just establish this RP as a relation building between nations. Is that fine everyone? Or is it too screwed over?
17-08-2006, 19:23
Hey, that's fine with me. Does Franberry know about this thread, BTW? I don't think I've seen him post.
Space Union
17-08-2006, 19:33
OOC: Yeah, he posted in the thread on the first page.
17-08-2006, 20:54
Fine with me! I know I shouldn't of made Bismarck get all raving and whatnot, since I want him to be more potrayed as the ever calm guy that just loses his cool , on purpose, to get other peoples attention.

Watch out Gugu, don't be dissing vonny, he's a good guy underneath all those un-explainable mood shifts and poor scripting elements that are the usual tell-tale signs of my writing.
Armandian Cheese
17-08-2006, 21:21
[OOC: I hate to clutter this up with OOC, but I have to say that I actually like the Von. That was one of the funniest things I read in a while, and AMW needs more interesting and oddball characters.]
18-08-2006, 00:25
We should make an OOC thread. And I do like Bismarck, he's nifty. It's just that the Deputy Foreign Minister doesnt mind pointing out other people's flaws to make his points (my government has lots of nasty ministers. For example, you haven't met the finance minister yet). Also, I needed a segue, and I took it.
19-08-2006, 01:02
We should make an OOC thread. And I do like Bismarck, he's nifty. It's just that the Deputy Foreign Minister doesnt mind pointing out other people's flaws to make his points (my government has lots of nasty ministers. For example, you haven't met the finance minister yet). Also, I needed a segue, and I took it.

Oh, I understand.

*Looks consoled*

Space Union
19-08-2006, 02:00
OOC: I'll get an IC post later. Sorry for all this delay guys. :)
19-08-2006, 13:58
[[OOC: Two things, my post really didnt have much to do with the HL so it can stand. Other thing is that we might just want to make a new thread and start from there with less clutter.]]
Quinntonian Dra-pol
19-08-2006, 18:59
Reemember that you are all invited to jion the Diplomatic Summit in Washington, D.C. at teh White House, as many of the most powerful world leaderts are there right now, it might raise your international profile a bit more, and you could hob-nobb with the big boys.

Space Union
19-08-2006, 19:21
OOC: Why not. I'll just edit my first post and post a new thread up guys. It'll be up in within a half hour. :)
21-08-2006, 01:07
OOC: Back, looking for that thread...
Space Union
21-08-2006, 01:11
Damn, forgot to post the thread. I don't have any time right now so I'll do it tomorrow morning. Sorry everyone, my apoligies. :(