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Aztiluthian Research (FT; open)

10-08-2006, 07:18

As you can see from my nation's factbook, the military and scientific community are performing research into a powerful, but currently unstable and destructive energy source, creation energy. As this research will eventually lead to technology that my military will use, I was wondering if any other FT nations out there would like to RP with me in order to help firmly establish the origin of my fleet's future weaponry. For any nation that does want to rp, just join in on the assumption that the Aztiluthian government sent out an invitation to your government.

IC: Remote Station #3's metal hull gleamed like a pearl would in the sun as the light of Aztiluth's sun hit the station. Normally, the station would have been a busy hub of merchant ships entering and leaving her ports with the occasional ADF or AMC ships passing by. While there is still a small stream of merchant and civilian vessels passing by the station, the majority of those ships had dropped considerably after the arrival of the ADF's 7th Fleet six months earlier.

Why is the 7th Fleet there?

The answer is rather simple. When Project:Creation was authorized by the High Council, Remote Station #3 was chosen as the research site because of it's large science facilities. As such, the 7th Fleet was dispatched to ensure the safety of the scientists and the station.


Aldes Nas yawned widely as he neared Remote Station #3's research facilities. He, like his fellow colleagues, had been here for quite some time now. In the "morning" he would check in with the ADF guards stationed at the entrances and exits to the research section. Ten hours later, he and the others would sign out and greet the "evening" shift of scientists. The work was difficult, but he couldn't really complain. The station itself had an interior that was designed to be aesthetically pleasing and spacious. In addition, the government had even allowed and paid for the housing of the scientists' families. With his family around and the pleasant surroundings, Aldes believed that the station felt more like one of those resort planets than like a research facility.

Noting the presence of the the four ADF soldiers, Aldes greeted them warmly before handing over his identification card.

"So how's it going Aldes? How are the wife and kids?" inquired one of the guards.

"Pretty good. Little Jake scraped his knee yesterday while in the simulators," replied Aldes, chuckling softly, "I think he's learned to be more careful after his mom scolded him about it for an hour."

"Yikes," said the guard," Anyways, you're cleared. Have nice day, Aldes."

"You too, Osman," said Aldes.

Noticing an approaching group of scientists, the guards resumed their duties as Aldes entered the research facility.
Outer Heaven MK II
10-08-2006, 08:09
As the OHD Chimaera departed Subspace, Captain Antares could still not fathom why Outer Heaven had any interest in such a...recent Space Nation.

The ship would be better put conquering the damn Nation, but I do as commanded...

As the blue Subspace Portal closed behind the Destroyer, a flash of light erupted, bathing the 4KM Vessel in pure light, rendering it's impressive arnament visible:

To many observers, the lack of Missile Launchers would have raised a few questions, but under the circumstances, it was felt a little pacifism could do, and the removal of the obscenely large and powerful Launchers was felt best. After all, it didn't hamper the Destroyer's destructive capabilities all that much, and also made it look less daunting.

Glancing across the Bridge, Antares' eyes flicked up to the viewport, and the Planet they were rapidly approaching.

"Operations, send out a message to whatever passes as important to our sensors. Tell them that the Representatives of Outer Heaven MK II have arrived."

Barely caring for the acknowledgement, Antares tapped a few commands into his Armchair Console, and checked that the Destroyer was in prime condition for the up and coming assault.

OOC: There are a few Laser Turrets, Flak Turrets, and Thirteen Beam Cannons (Details will be in my factbook soon).
15-08-2006, 06:36
OOC: Sorry for the late post, I've been rather busy for the last week.


----Inside Remote Station #3-------

Aldes closed his locker and started suiting up in his hazmat suit.

"Can you believe it?" whispered a scientist as he and another were heading to the purification chambers.

"Yeah," replied the other, "With the latest data from the tablets, we might actually be able to maintain a flow of creation energy for-"

Aldes was listening with great interest at this news. But before the other scientist could continue, a calm female voice sounded throughout the locker room and the entire station.

"Alert. Subspace disturbance detected. Incoming vessel detected. Repeat, subspace disturbance detected."

Trading glances with each other, Aldes and the other scientists dashed out of the locker room and toward the central plaza of the station, hoping that more information would be displayed on the large moniters there.

------Outside of Remote Station#3----------------

A squadron of three ADF Gloria class cruisers (, the Quicksilver, the Independence, and the Radiant, were in the middle of their patrol when a large subspace disturbance set off their sensors.

The captains hastily convened using ship-to-ship communications, deciding on what course of action to take.

"We must alert Admiral Wittcomb immediately," said one captain.

"I agree with Nox. What do you think Luther?," asked the other.

"Of course. I'll contact the admiral now. Albel, Nel, keep your crews on red alert. No telling where this ship is from," answered Luther.

"Right," replied the two captains.

Cutting the channels to the other two ships, Luther activated the ship comm system.

"All hands. This is the captain speaking. All hands are to report to battle stations. Repeat, all hands to battle stations."

Turning toward his comm officer, he said, "Nicol, send a message to the Aquaelie. Tell Admiral Wittcomb there is a ship inbound. I'm sure he already knows, but tell him anyways. Also, inform him that Nel, Albel, and I will be intercepting the ship first. Hopefully, it won't be hostile."

"Aye, sir," replied the officer, her fingers dancing over the comm panels.

"Sir!" shouted an officer, "A ship is emerging from subspace. Orders sir?"

Luther was about to snap an order when his tactical officer brought up a 3-d display of the ship. 4 kilometers in length and heavily armed, that single ship was far more massive than any ship in any of the ADF fleets. Even the massive combat explorers and medical ships were small in comparison, measuring in at 2.5 kilometers and 2 kilometers respectively. The Gloria-class cruisers themselves were only 1 kilometer long.

A soft chiming sound caught the comm officer's attention, causing her to briefly divert her attention to her consols.

"Sir," she said, "We're receiving an transmission from the ship. They are identifying themselves as representatives of Outer Heaven MK II. Order sir?"

Pondering the question silently for a moment, Luther replied, "Lower shields and power down all energy weapons, but keep the missile tubes loaded. Open a channel to the vessel."

"Channel open, sir."

"Welcome representatives of Outer Heaven MK II. I am captain Luther Lansfeld of the ADF cruiser Radiant. I must ask that you power down any energy based weapons as creation energy is unstable. Any disturbance or damage to the space-time displayment shields could be catastrophic. Once you are ready, I will guide your ship to one of the hangar stations ( stationed around Remote Station#3 as your vessel is too large for station's docking bays."

Once he was finished, Luther reclined in his seat and waited for a response.
Outer Heaven MK II
15-08-2006, 07:24
"Ops report. We've recieved a message, and sensors indicate three vessels nearby with Guard intent, but they're stood down for the most part. Orders sir?

Antares looked at the Tactical Officer, and grinned. Looking at the view screen, showing the ships and what they assumed to be the hangar stations, he steepled his fingers.

"Play the message, original format."

Waiting patiently, Antares continued to stare at the view screen, and then paid attention to the message.

[Welcome representatives of Outer Heaven MK II. I am captain Luther Lansfeld of the ADF cruiser Radiant. I must ask that you power down any energy based weapons as creation energy is unstable. Any disturbance or damage to the space-time displayment shields could be catastrophic. Once you are ready, I will guide your ship to one of the hangar stations stationed around Remote Station#3 as your vessel is too large for station's docking bays.]

Sighing, Antares looked at the Tactical Officer, who was looking at him intently.

"I'll manually transmit a message...and do as the man says. Re-route all weapons energy to the Engines, but keep our Flak Cannons primed. Power down all Munitions too...just in case, but keep one ulta-low Quantanium Bomb ready in case we need to pull a fast one."

Not awaiting an acknowledgement (Crew were always loyal to a fault), Antares began to tap commands into his Armchair console.


All this had happened in the space of twenty seconds. Thirty seconds after Lansfield had sent off a message, the Radiant recieved a response. Antares' cultured but stern voice was very apparent.

[I bid you greetings Captain Lansfield. I am Captain Antares of the OHD Chimaera. Your request is a large one, but in the spirits of good relations I have complied as best as my crew and this ship can manage. We have set your IFF status to neutral, and we are prepared to follow you at your leisure.]
16-08-2006, 00:44
A soft beeping caught the comm officer's attention.

"Sir, we're receiving a response."

"Patch it through," ordered Captain Lansfeld.

"Aye, sir," replied the officer, "Playing message now."

Carefully listening to the response, Lansfeld ordered for the ships to start heading for docking platform #2. Just as they were about to get underway, the tactical officer spoke up.

"Sir, long-range sensors are picking up a small group of ships heading toward the station. They appear to be moving in regular space. One large merchant freighter and several smaller ships. They're most likely raiders. The merchant vessel is sending us a distress call. Playing now."

This is Captain Aravel of the merchant freighter [I]Ibex. We are being pursued by raiders or bandits of some sort. Please assist.

"I see," muttered Luther, "Open a channel to Captain Antares."

"Channel open, sir."

"Captain Antares, I do apologize, but my ship along with the others cannot escort you at the moment to the docking platform. I've sent you the coordinates for the proper one. The crew stationed at the platform are awaiting your arrival. I and my colleagues, unfortunately, need to take care of some incoming annoyances. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."


The three cruisers moved away from the Outer Heaven destroyer and the station, ensuring that they were a safe distance away before rearming their energy-based weapons and shields.

Twenty kilometers away, a freighter ( twenty smaller vessels ( were closing in and fast.
Outer Heaven MK II
16-08-2006, 05:30
Hearing a beep, Antares blinked as a channel was opened, and Lansfield's voice filled the Bridge. Listening intently, he growled, and looked at the Tactical Station for a moment, before glancing back at the view screen, which was showing the pursuit. Tapping in a command, Antares opened up a voice-link into the channel.

"Captain Lansfield, we are currently looking at the situation you have on your hands. While I do not wish to insult you, I'm sure you and your people are very capable men, I wish to help you dispatch the...Raiders attacking that freighter. As you know we are combat capable, and I think our hangar bays could even fit a few of those ships inside.

"While I will accept denile, I implore you Captain to take up my request. At least it will allow a demonstration of what our vessels are capable of, and how...fruitful any relation you have with us could be."

Sitting back, Antares looked at the Tactical Officer, who was looking at him hopefully.

"Make us fully combat ready the moment the man say's we're allowed to join him. If not, bring us about half speed and take us to those co-ordinates we were sent."
16-08-2006, 05:55
"Captain Lansfield, we are currently looking at the situation you have on your hands. While I do not wish to insult you, I'm sure you and your people are very capable men, I wish to help you dispatch the...Raiders attacking that freighter. As you know we are combat capable, and I think our hangar bays could even fit a few of those ships inside.

"While I will accept denile, I implore you Captain to take up my request. At least it will allow a demonstration of what our vessels are capable of, and how...fruitful any relation you have with us could be."

"Captain Antare, I offer you my heartfelt thanks for your aid. I would be most honored if you were to assist us," replied Luther, "But make sure those ships don't get within ten kilometers of the station. God only knows what might happen if the explosions of those ships affect the creation engines inside the station."

Waiting for the freighter to pass the three cruisers, he turned toward his tactical officer and signalled for all the ADF cruisers to launch a salvo of Blackwidow Interception missiles.

The missiles shrieked through the emptiness of space, hurtling toward the raiders. Once they were within a hundred meters of the ships, the outer casings of the missiles were jettisoned off, revealing dozens of slim missiles hidden within. Soon, the darkness of space was lit as the wall of missiles slammed into a few of the raider ships. Although three vessels were completely destroyed, the other ships escaped fairly unscathed, having nimbly dodged the barrage or deploying other defenses.

Shrieking toward the ADF cruisers and OH destroyer, the hostile ships launched a flurry of laser blasts and rockets in response. For the most part though, the lasers were effortlessly absorbed by the cruisers' shields, while the missiles were intercepted by the ships' small guns.

The cruisers fired from their frontal disruption and phase cannons before launching a flurry of smaller Assiah-class missiles, specially designed for taking down agile but lightly armored ships.

Inside the Radiant, Luther smirked as the combination of cannon fire and missiles managed to either severly damage or destroy several vessels. With only thirteen vessels left, this conflict would soon be over.

"Uh...sir," said his tactical officer, "Sensors are picking up thirty incoming raider corsairs and two gloria-class cruisers following the raiders. They appear to be the two that were stolen from Remote Station #2 several months earlier. I think it safe to assume that they're hostile."

"Understood," replied Luther, "Send a message to Admiral Wittcomb about this. Also, inform Captain Antares of this. Tell him that those two ADF cruisers are to be considered hostile."

"Message sent," said the comm officer.
Outer Heaven MK II
16-08-2006, 06:43
Grinning, Antares held on as the OHD Chimaera sharply banked and came about. Lights turning red, Antares watched as his crew got to work, and the view screen showed a tactical analysis of the situation.

"Tactical, be modest, and bring us in at half speed, lets see what the ADF can do..."

As the Chimaera became a christmas tree to sensors, the battle began, with seven of the Raider vessels being destroyed. A few laser bolts spattered on the energy shields, but as Antares expected, the stray fire did relatively little.

"Alright then, I want a Sweeping Beam solutio-"

A loud beep sounded through the Bridge, and the Tactical Officer laughed.

"Sir! Looks like we have two more ADF Cruisers inbound, but these are hostile. I'd say this is probably the best threat analysis we've had on a Nation before. Permission to perform some ass-kickery of the highest magnitude?"

Antares, grinning, allowed the slip in language.

"Calm down crewman. Bring us to full speed, and charge at those two Cruisers, and sweep a couple of Beams through the Raider vessels, but keep the power relatively low. Make sure to use some Flak as well to take out any of the Raiders daring enough to near us. Now power up all our side Beams, we're going to do a Broadside beta manoeuvre..."

An audiable intake of breath resounded throughout the Bridge. It was a daring way to take out two Cruisers, but if well executed, would ensure the incapacitation of the two unlucky targets.


Accelerating over the friendly ADF Cruisers, the Chimaera was a sight to behold. Two anti-Fighter Beams shot out as it entered the fray head on, the blue high energy Beams sweeping through the Raiders, taking out any ship unlucky enough to be in it's path. Flak batteries opened up on all sides, filling the surrounding area with iridium shards and medium yield explosive charges.

Continuing through the Raiders, hopefully softening them up for the ADF, the two enemy Cruisers loomed ever closer. Altering it's path, the Chimaera sweeped across to the left, aiming to go in-between both Cruisers. Three anti-Capital Beams charged on the Port and Starboard sides of the ship, and as the Chimaera shot through the both of them, six green Beams of absolute destructive power were unleashed, raking across the Cruiser's hulls, going across view ports, weapons emplacements and anything else that protruded.

Shutting down the Beams once they were clear, the Chimaera began to go 'upward', and prepared for it's next assault.

OOC: Unsure how good your ships are, so I'll leave you to do the damage. Just to let you know, the Beams are VERY powerful, and all but dimensional shields have been known to block them to any useful degree.
21-08-2006, 09:03
Twisted steel and random debris flew into space as the Chimaera's anti-fighter beams sweeped through the small mass of corsairs. While the bulk of them managed to weave their way through, twelve unfortunate vessels were caught by the beams. The surviving ships swiftly split into two groups, half shrieking toward Remote Station #3 and the others swerving back to intercept the OH destroyer.

As the Chimaera accelerated toward the two gloria-class cruisers, the Jupitel and the Vermillion, the corsairs darted in and out of the Chimaera's flak fire, launching rockets and laser bursts with each pass. Occassionally, one would explode when the iridium shards sliced into them. The two cruisers did not wait idly as the massive destroyer neared them, launching their armor piercing Bonecrusher missiles and firing their frontal cannons. Then the Chimaera fired.

Three powerful beams slammed into each of the crusiers. The Jupitel's shields flickered for a moment, attempting to absorb the energy given off by the beams, before shattering as the beams overpowered the shields and slammed into its port side. Despite the shields absorbing some of the beams original strength, the blasts penetrated the cruiser's armor, completely taking out three of the four forward cannon positions, portions of the bridge, and most of the engines. As the light faded from the blasts, the remnants of the cruiser hang motionless in the emptiness of space. This was not the case with the Vermillion. After firing its weapons, the ship was hit by the three powerful beams, its shields lighting up as the energy made contact with it. The shields seemed neither to absorb or deflect the energy, but when the beams finally broke past them, they were visibly weaker than previously. Hitting the Vermillion's starboard armor platings, the beams pierced portions of it, but did not cause as much damage as they had on the Jupitel. Swiftly turning, the Vermillion launched everything it had the Chimaera. Powerful jade and crimson beams lanced through space's darkness while every sort of missile on board the ship, ranging from multi-shots to armor piercing, shrieked toward the OH destroyer.

From the bride of the Radiant, Captain Lansfeld watched the destruction of the Jupitel with awe.

"Amazing," he gasped, "Such power."

Turning toward one of the bridge officers, he said, "Have the computer record this conflict. ADF High Command will be interested in seeing this."

"Aye sir."

The bridge fell silent once more as everyone watched the energy beams slam into the Vermillion's shields. Blinking in surprise as the energy beams faded, one officer said, "Sir, w-what just happened?"

Blinking a few times, Luther replied, "I-I'm not quite sure."

There was a soft beeping sound as the comm officer received a transmission from the Quicksilver.

"Luther, my tactical officer just pulled up some data on the Vermillion. According to the records, it was outfitted with what was then the latest model of the space-time displacement shields," said Nel, her voice laced with concern, "While I'm sure several direct shots from the destroyer would eventually destroy the ship, I'm worried that the Vermillion might get in a lucky shot. Fortunately though, Albel managed to pull up some intel from his buddies from ADF High Command. The Vermillion's shields, while strong against energy based weapons, are useless against weapons like missiles and rockets and the like."

Taking a moment to process what she had just told him, Luther replied, "Thanks Nel, I'll inform Captain Antares immediately."

Nodding, Nel cut the channel.

Turning toward his comm officer, Luther ordered, "Send Captain Antares the details on the Vermillion's space-time displacement shields immediately. Tell him that energy based weapons are not as effective against them, but that those shields are faulty in that they only work against energy weapons."

"Understood, sir," replied the officer, "Message sent."

"Good," replied Luther, "Signal the Nel and Albel to move in. It's time to show these raiders that they can't steal from the ADF and get away with it."

"Aye sir."

Within seconds, the three cruisers began to move toward the rogue cruiser, their captains hoping that there weren't any other surprises awaiting them.
Outer Heaven MK II
21-08-2006, 10:00
A small cheer went up on the Bridge as the Jupitel's destruction was reported. View screens showed the destroyed vessel adrift, it's hull torn open on the one side, many major sections taken out.

Unfortunately, a large jolt to the ship snapped the crew back into action. Cursing, Antares held onto his chair.

"Report! Why the hell are we shaking!?!"

As another jolt shook the ship, the Tactical Officer cursed.

"Sir, it appears we have a tail! The Vermillion is...this can't be right!"

As the Chimaera shook again, warning lights began to go off, alerting them that the shields were under 50%. Antares, never a man to like red flashing lights, nearly went off his nut.


The Tactical Officer, shaken by the turn of events, hurried to redirect power from the Beam Cannons to the shields, and then brought up the report.

"Ops report that the Vermillion has taken minor damage to it's hull. It appears that the shields...stopped most of the Beam power sir. We're being pursued relentlessly, and our Flak solution is only at minimal effect! Suggestion: Flip the ship around and fire?"

Sighing, Antares rubbed his temples.

"Go for it, and fire with all we've got!"


One of the things many space faring nations never seemed to gather was that space held no friction, or very little. Because of this failure, many were surprised when ships like the Chimaera, firing manoeuvering thrusters, executed a one hundred and eighty degree turn and faced the Vermillion, it's engines silent. Immediately, the Chimaera opened up, Laser cannons, Flak cannons firing relentlessly, filling the space between it and the Vermillion with green bolts and explosions and iridium shards, while the Shivan Beam Cannon on the front charged up, a large orb of Red forming and lashing out at the Vermillion, aimed right at what was believed to be the Bridge.


Another loud beep sounded throughout the Bridge, and the Tactical Officer cursed.

"Communications from the ADF! Reports say that their shields are space-time displacement, and are unable to resist kinetics, but energy is another matter."

Antares, blinking, wondered why things weren't going to plan.

"So you are telling me that we are wasting power on that Beam?"

There was a silence, and Antares gripped the chair's armests tightly.

"Then lets hope Lieutenant, that it was not in vain. Our shields are down to less than 20% I assume, and this an old class of Destroyer. If they do get through our shields, somehow I think their missiles shall do a bit too much to our hull."

It was with this comment that the Bridge crew looked out the view ports, watching as the Vermillion was pummelled relentlessly. Some of them were hoping that the Flak would work. Some hoped that the Beam Cannon, ten times more powerful than the standard Beam Cannons, would get through and spear the cruiser. All however, were hoping that when this was over, that maybe they wouldn't be executed.
21-08-2006, 15:04
oooc is it ok if i send an acendant class warship
21-08-2006, 15:29
OOC: Yeah I would like to send in something to.
21-08-2006, 23:10
Korranberg, Starenell

Triumvir Mackar Ardriak stepped up to the podium, before thousands of fellow gnomes. His message was also being broadcast to Trolanport and Zolanberg, the other two planets in the Triumvirate, and all places in Starenell, however remote. "Friends, fellow gnomes. Today is a great point in our history. The first of our Zilargo class battleships, the Galifar is ready. The best armed and ready ship our great land has ever seen. Today, with her elemental and planar drives, she will set off, to make contact with the rest of the world. True, we know other space faring nations, but those are just in the GFFA, and the few we know otherwise. The Library may have an extensive collection of known nations, but we have met precious few of them. Today, Starenell steps out of hiding, and shows her power to the world. We ahve made contact with another space nation, which is experimenting with a high power substance. The Galifar is being sent to meet them, from where it will explore more of the galaxy."

Trolanport orbit, Starenell

"Well, that's our que." Kalistos Iokaste turned off the visual and audio feed, leaving the bridge in silence for a few moments. "Let's see if that planar drive does its job. All hands, prepare for extrastellar travel. Navigator" "Yes sir." "Set destination." Yes sir." The planar drive engaged, pulling the ship out to the Astral Plane, and dropping it at the destination.

The trip took two days, where it usually took two hours to get from one solar system to another. The Galifar dropped out of the Astral plane nearby the battle. A little too nearby. "Woah." Said the captain, as bits of wreckage flew towards the ship. "Let's move back a bit." The Zil warship moved back, away from the battle, but towards the ADF station. "Begin transmitting a general communique." Said the captain. While not seemingly a direct order, there was definitly command in the voice. "Yes sir. Transmitting...Now"

Hello to all in this system. This is the Zil ship Galifar, from the Gnomish Triumvirate of Starenell. What is the engagement here?

To all others in the system, the ship would look to be very piecemeal. Formidable, but piecemeal, as each section of the ship was made by a gnome wizard and his apprentices, and each hallway, each turret, was made by an individual. It took a bit for the gunner to get used to the quirks, but once they did their accuracy improved drastically.
23-08-2006, 09:21
The darkness of space lit up in an amazing display of firepower from the Chimaera. The Vermillion's shields lit up again as the lasers raked across them, most failing to penetrate them. Soon after, the iridium shards fired from the flak cannons hurtled toward the ship, passing easily through the space-time displacement shields and cutting into the Vermillion's armored hull. For the most part, the lasers did little to harm the ship, but the iridium shards, on the other hand, cut into exposed gun turrets and cannon emplacements, causing some to explode or at the very least silencing them for the moment.

Despite this though, the Vermillion continued to press forward, firing everything it had. Just as it was about to fire again from all of its operational cannon emplacements, the Shivan beam cannon fired. The crimson beam of energy surged toward the Chimaera's assailant, hurtling toward the bridge of the ship.

------Inside Remote Station# 3 (

While this conflict was playing out between the behemoth Outer Heaven destroyer and the rogue cruiser, the inhabitants of the station were watching with hope as the Chimaera's powerful Shivan beam cannon fired. The beam crackled through space. Just as the beam struck the shields, the Vermillion suddenly fired its maneuver thruster, barely shifting the bridge away from the beams path. When the beam finally pierced the ship's shielding, the Vermillion, rather than losing its bridge, lost one of its engines and suffered massive damage to the one below it.

Aldes cursed loudly at this. While the loss of two engines most definitely was crippling to the cruiser, it was still a threat as long as the bridge remained along with the captain commanding the vessel.

Just then, a calm voice rang across the station's main atrium.

" Alert. Incoming vessel detected. Disturbance in space-time detected. Repeat disturbance in space-time detected."

Cries of horror echoed as some station personnel began to panic.

"S-space time!?" said one scientist.

"W-what's going to h-happen? Is a reinforcement for the raiders?" shouted one.

Mommy!" cried a small boy, breaking down into sobs.

Suddenly, a calm male voice spoke over the PA system.

"This is Admiral Wittcomb speaking. All unessiential members of the station, please report to the nearest emergency shelter. While I expect that this mess should soon be cleared up, I still want all of you to be safe should I be proven incorrect."

While the admiral's words did little give them hope, Aldes and the crowd nonetheless began moving quickly to the station's emergency shelters. Each shelter was designed to safely hold up to fifty people at a time and contained essential supplies that could last for up to a two to three weeks, depending on whether or not they were rationed.

Elsewhere on the station, inside the station's command center, the ADF personnel were hurrying to compile data on the incoming vessel, hoping that it wouldn't turn out to be another hostile ship.

"Commander Eliza," shouted one officer, "We're receiving a transmission from the new ship."

"Patch it through," the commander replied, pushing away strands of dark brown hair that had fallen over her eyes.

"Yes, mam."

Hello to all in this system. This is the Zil ship Galifar, from the Gnomish Triumvirate of Starenell. What is the engagement here?

"Open a channel, Aaron," ordered Eliza.

"Channel open."

"Greetings, this is Commander Eliza Frahm of the Aztiluthian Defense Force's Third Remote Outpost. Three ADF cruisers and an Outer Heaven destroyer are currently engaging some raiders, who are being assisted by what was previously two stolen ADF cruisers. As this conflict is rather dangerous, please move to a safe location. I apologize for any inconvience this may cause and will personally contact once this is over."

While she had been speaking, one officer had quietly made his way over to her and whispered, "Mam, the battleships Aquaelie (, Sanctus, and Libra are currently moving to engage the rogue cruiser."

"That's good," Eliza replied absentmindedly as her pale lavender eyes darted across some incoming data.

"Er...mam. That's not all. Admiral Wittcomb had the experimental Creation Cannon installed on his ship," continued the officer.

"HE DID WHAT?!?" screamed Eliza.

The other bridge officers cringed at her shriek. The admiral was going to get an earful when he got back.

Several kilometer away onboard the Aquaelie, Admiral Wittcomb sneezed, his light blue hair shaking as he did so.

"Admiral?" inquired one curious officer.

"No, it's nothing," answered Wittcomb.

"Sir," said one officer, "We are now within range to fire the Creation Cannon."

"Understood," replied the admiral, "Contact the ADF cruisers and the OH destroyer. Tell them to get out of the way. Fire when ready."

"Aye, sir."

-------- Radiant -----------

Captain Lansfeld ( had just given order for all ships to fire when his tactical officer suddenly shouted.

"Captain! Sensors picking up a massive energy output from the direction of Remote Station #3! It's coming in at magnitude 2! It's creation energy!"

"Quick get us out of the way!" shouted Luther.

"Yes sir!"

--------- Outside of the Radiant ------------

The three ADF cruisers had just barely moved away when a massive pillar of blindingly blue light surged through space. Hurtling past the three ships, it struck the Vermillion, causing the ship's shields to light up once more. Yet rather than simply striking the ship, the massive beam swallowed the entire cruiser. The ship remained within the beam for about ten seconds before the powerful blast faded, the portions of space through which it traveled still crackling with fading blue energy. Where the Vermillion once was, there was now empty space.

The ADF cruiser had been compeletly erased.
23-08-2006, 13:18
Kalistor looked at the empty space where the cruiser one was. "Wow. That is not a bad gun. I want one of those for the Galifar." The other gnomes were speechless, awestruck. Finally one spoke up. "That's... insane. Last resort. But...insane." Kalistor nodded. "How about we go ge those guys on our side?" The gnomes replied enthusiastically "Yes sir."

Kalistor smiled. "Let's get us a superweapon."

The Galifar moved through space, towards the ADF station.
25-08-2006, 08:09
Admiral Stephen Wittcomb was a most interesting figure. Entering the ADF Officer Academy at age 10, he was considered by many to be a prodigy. Graduating soon after his sixteenth birthday, Stephen began his duties as ensign aboard the ADF cruiser Silver. To the surprise of many, he gained the rank of commodore in five years and given command of the ADF battleship Aquaelie. If this wasn't amazing enough, six years after, he was promoted to the rank of admiral, the youngest to do so in all of ADF history.

At age thirty, Admiral Wittcomb had a well established reputation among the crew of Aquaelie of being calm and controlled in even the most dire of situations. Thus, one can easily see why his bridge officers were utterly shocked to see their beloved admiral, leaping out of his seat and dancing around and cheering like some teen high off of sugar.

"Um...admiral?" began his communications officer, "Are you....o.k?"

Stephen danced for a few more seconds before halting, suddenly realizing what he had done. Coughing loudly, he took a few moments to recompose himself and sat back down.

"Of course, Mirra," he replied, "Whatever gave you the idea that I wasn't?"


"Right then," Stephen continued, "Tactical, what is the state of the Vermillion?"

"Um...sir," began the officer, "What Vermillion? It's been completely vaporized. Erased. Eradicated. Exterminated. E-"

"Yes, yes. I get the point," interrupted the admiral.

Before anyone else could say a word, all power in the bridge died, along with the power of the rest of the ship. For a few moments, the entire battleship was completely silent, its carbonic neotide hull blending in perfectly with the blackness of space. Then, the backup power came online. That is to say, the backup power came online for about two seconds before the lights died again. Needless to say, Admiral Wittcomb was more than a little curious as to the reason why his ship's primary and secondary power systems just failed.

"Tactical, what just happened?" growled the admiral.

"Um..just a moment, sir," replied the nervous ADF officer, " we go. I just managed to get power back to the core systems. According to the ship's databanks, the blast from the Creation Cannon completely drained our primary source and about 90% of our secondary power source."

"Do we still have communications?" inquired Stephen.

"Yes, sir," chimed in the comm officer, "I just got power back to the comm systems."

Rubbing his temples gingerly, Admiral Wittcomb decided that it would be best to introduce himself to the OH and Starenell ships before getting his two battleship escorts to tow the Aquaelie back to a docking platform.

"Open a channel to all ships."

"Channel open, sir."

"Greetings. This is Admiral Stephen Wittcomb of the Aztiluthian Defense Force's 7th Fleet. I do apologize for my abrupt entry into this conflict, but I could not allow any harm to come to the station. As I'm sure you can see, the blast from the Creation Cannon has completely erased the rogue cruiser, but alas, it has left my ship unable to make a return trip to the station. As such, I leave it to Captain Luther and his colleagues to guide you to the proper docking platforms. I do look forward to meeting you all later."

Closing the channel, Stephen sent orders to his two escorts to tow the Aquaelie back to Remote Station #3. Groaning softly, he realize the terrible consequence of using the potentially dangerous Creation Cannon.

Eliza was going to kill him.....

--- Radiant -----------

Listening to the admiral's instructions, Luther hailed the OH destroyer and Starenell ship.

" you can see, Admiral Wittcomb has left it to my fellow captains and me to guide you to the docking platforms. If you would, please follow my ship to the proper areas. After which, shuttles will be provided from the platforms for transport to Remote Station #3 proper."

With that, the three ADF cruisers turned and began moving toward several large hangar stations situated at several clusters around the station.

----- Remote Station #3---------

Monitering the blast from the command center, Eliza and the other station officers set about informing the station crew of the results of the battle. Within several minutes, the station started to regain the warm, cheery atmosphere it possessed before the conflict. Despite this, Eliza and the command staff groaned. Peace may have been restored, but now there was paperwork to be done.
Outer Heaven MK II
25-08-2006, 08:26
"Shields are down! Repeat, shields are do-!"

At this moment, a missile struck home about fifty meters from the Bridge. The hull, not designed to take Kinetic hits as such, buckled easily, and a large explosion erupted. The Bridge, near enough to the explosion, shook violently, the floor suddenly exploding loose, sending shrapnel through the air. Two Officers were hit, one through the head, the other in the back.

Cursing as fail-safe systems came into play, re-powering Bridge consoles and stabilising the hull, Antares touched his forehead, and looked at the blood on his hand. Holding the graze across his forehead, he raised his voice.

"Report! What the hell is our status?"

A Tactical Officer spoke up, the sub-ordinate of the Lieutenant who's head was currently spliced open and freely spraying blood on the floor.

"Sir-" The Ensign paused, sitting down at the station, and bringing up reports.

"It appears we're okay. Hull integrity is at 95%, the missile was an unlucky hit. Took out a Quantum Slipstream tube near to us. Fourteen casualties reported...just our two dead."

Antares looked at the two dead men on his Bridge. The one with shrapnel in his back probably died from shock, a large hunk of floor plating lodged in his back where his spine probably was joined. Wiping his eyes, he sighed.

"And the AD-?"

"Ops report! We need to evade, now!"

Unable to say a word, Antares held on tight as the Chimaera swerved hard to the right, moving itself away from the Rogue ADF Cruiser. The Creation Cannon fired, and watching the view screen, Antares gaped.

"By Liquidus' ghost...I think I can understand why we're here."

Regaining his posture, Antares brushed himself off, and then continued to hold his forehead.

"Alright then. What now?"

There was a pause, before a bleep sounded, and Wittcomb's transmission, with Luther's folllowing, was played throught the Bridge. Chuckling, Antares placed his right sleeve across the gash to slow the bleeding.

"You heard the man. Tactical, bring us about, and follow those ADF Cruisers in."


The Chimaera, almost completely recovered from the blow dealt, made it's way to the docking platforms, escorted by the ADF.

OOC: Feel free to take control, and when you meet Antares, his forehead will have just stopped bleeding.
25-08-2006, 16:32
The Galifar moved into the dock it was directed to. A small group was selected to go aboard the station. The captain, the chief scientist, the second in command, and the chief wizard.
26-08-2006, 08:45
While the conflict raged between the ships of the ADF and OH against the rogue cruiser,the merchant ship had glided past the combatants unmolested an was heading toward Remote Station #3.

"Those ADF fools took the bait!" a crew member exclaimed.

"Yes," laughed the captain, "That was to be expected. Yaru, is the extraction team ready yet?"

"Yes," answered a thin, frail looking male, "We're only waiting for the signal from our operative before we move in."

"Excellent," muttered the captain.

Within minutes, the "merchant" ship had docked with the station, a group of ten heavily armed, masked figures bursting into the station. Taking quick glances around, they found the area completely deserted. That is to say, completely deserted except for one lone figure dressed in a white lab coat, walking quickly toward the group.

"Quick," hissed the figure, "We must get out of here quickly. There's no way to be sure that we aren't being watched."

"Ah, Janice. Don't be so paranoid. We gave the ADF the slip. There's no way they could be on to us so quickly," replied one of the figures.

Even so, they quickly reboarded the merchant vessel and withdrew from the station. Slipping silently through the emptiness of space, the ship remained unchallenged for several minutes. After they had gotten underway for ten minutes, the entire crew let out a loud cheer. They had managed to sneak away. they thought.

Just as the captain was about to order the navigator to engage their subspace warp engines, the ship shook violently as several powerful beams of energy surged in front, in back, and both above and below it.

"What the hell is going on?!" shouted the captain.

His question was answered shortly.

Looking through the windows of the bridge, he easily saw a massed force of ADF destroyers and frigates surrounding his ship.

Opening a channel to them, he demanded a reason for this "unreasonable attack" on his ship.

The commodore of the group responded, "You are underarrest for attempted theft of top-secret ADF research technologies and for association with the Vox Organization. Lower your shields and power down your ship. Prepare to be boarded. Any resistance is ill-advised."

Sputtering with anger, the captain was about to shout something when he felt the cool touch of a sharp steel blade against his neck.

A soft female voice whispered in his ear, "Don't do anything you might regret."

------- Docking Platform #2 ------------

As the Chimaera docked, a group of medics, dressed in similar garb as Luther was with the exception of their clothing being completely white, swarmed the ship. Some began attending to those who had suffered the minor injuries. One medic, apparently the leader of the group stepped forward to introduce himself to Captain Antares.

"Hi, I'm Lieutenant Gregory Zanith of the Aztiluthian Medical Corps. My men and I have been given orders to treat any injuries you may have suffered before bringing you to the transports. Are there any questions, sir?"

Suddenly a cry from one of the medics caught Gregory's attention.

"Lieutenant! Two dead have just been located. Judging from what we have found from their injuries, they died recently, most likely from the missile strike that hit near their bridge. Even so, if we can get them back to the station's Emergency Symbological Healing center, there is a chance of bringing them back. Not much of a chance to be sure, but a chance nonetheless."

Nodding, the lieutenant turned toward the captain and said, "Sir, this may sound strange, but we might be able to bring back at least one of your two dead, but only if we hurry. Do I have permission to bring them to the station immediately?"

---- Docking Platform #5 ------------------
As the group exited from the Galifar, they were greeted with the sight of a small group of ADF soldiers. One stepped forward to introduce himself.

"Good day to you all. I am Commander Berial Litif of the Aztiluthian Defense Force. I have been give instructions to guide you to the waiting transports and to then register you into the station's databanks before showing you to your accomodations. If you will, right this way to the shuttle."

With that, he and the soldiers began making their way to the waiting shuttle.
26-08-2006, 15:30
"Pleased to meet you." The gnome party followed the solidiers to the shuttle. "So, what is your country like?" The Captain asked. He was a member of The Trust, and of the Crimson Codex. Information was the most poweful weapon of all.
30-08-2006, 07:40
------- Docking Platform #2 ------------
As the rest of the wounded were treated for their injuries, Lieutenant Zanith fidgeted slighty, waiting for Captain Antares's response.

------- Docking Platform #3-------------

Waiting for everyone to board the shuttle, Commander Litif signalled for departure before grabbing a seat near the pilot. The shuttle slipped silently through space. The interior was pretty much quiet with the exception of the soft hum of the shuttle's engines and the occasional transmission from the station to the pilot. Thus when the gnome captain spoke, Litif easily heard him. Pausing for a moment to organize his response, the commander replied.

"Well, the Aztiluth as a whole is rather beautiful. If you'd like, I'll pull a picture up from the ADF's database."

Pulling out a small holo-pad, he lightly tapped several commands. A moment later, an image (

"This is a picture of an area in one of our more populated cities, Aria," said the officer.

Just as the commander was about to continue, the pilot alerted him that they were about to land in one of the docking bays.

"Hmm...I see," muttered Litif.

Turning toward the Captain, he said, "I'm sorry that I can't describe Aztiluth in more detail with you at the moment, but I'm sure you can learn from any of the others on the station."

Once the shuttle landed, the commander rose from his seat and bowed to his the party of gnomes. Leading them outside, he introduced them to several ADF guards waiting for them outside.

"Captain, these men here have been assigned to accompany you and your group during your stay on Remote Station #3. Any problems or questions you might have may be brought up to their commanding officer, Corporal Scott Anderson. He'll do what he can to make your stay enjoyable. Now if you'll just follow him and his group, they'll lead you to your quarters."

Bowing low once more, Commander Litif and his men left. Watching them leave, Scott was silent for a moment before directing his attention to the gnomes.

"Um..right then. As you know now, I am Corporal Scott Anderson. If you don't have any questions at the moment, I'll guide you to your rooms then."
31-08-2006, 01:13
"No, we are good for now. Though I do believe at some point our scientists would like to talk with yours. However, for now, lead the way." The gnomes were all friendly, and one of the younger ones was almost jumping around with the excitement of meeting a new culture.
Outer Heaven MK II
13-09-2006, 01:59
OOC: Deepest apologies for my absence. I started school, and before I knew it, I was facing preparations for mocks (Which I am finishing) and my internet was even restricted for a few days :(

IC: Antares nodded at Zanith after contemplating the option given. He removed his blood soaked arm from his head, revealing a large gash across his forehead that had clotted.

"We have such technology as well, but our culture usually believes that death in battle is honourable, and we rarely have time to ressurect the dead in battle situations, hence the lack of our Revival Pods.

"Of course though, I will allow you to revive the two crewmembers. Although I'll be interested to see how the one missing half his brain matter will do..."

Turning to his crew, Antares made a hand gesture. The crew that weren't being treated nodded, and turning to their designated stations, tapped in some commands, before their stations went dark with only a few bits of code streaming across the screen. They then stood up, and formed neat rows, as if in a Military Parade.

Turning back to Zanith, he smiled.

"My crew are now willing to take low level orders from you, after which they will be on half leave. If you wish to put them through any sort of scans or treat them, they will unwaveringly comply. And no, they are fully Serpantian, fully sentient. They just obey me."
25-09-2006, 07:21
OOC: ^^ That's alright. I was rather worried that this thread might die.


------Remote Station #3--------

Nodding, the officer proceeded to guide them out of the docking bay and through the various high vaulted hallways of the complex. After several minutes, Litif and the other soldiers stopped in front of a gated corridor.

Withdrawing a a disc from his uniform, Litif inserted it into a nearby computer terminal.

Processing Data........
Restricted Area. Access Code Required....

User:Co. Litif
Password: ********

Processing........Access Code Accepted...

There was a hiss as the steel gate opened.

Gesturing toward the many doors that lined the side of the corridor, Litif said,"Well, this is where I must leave you. This area will be where you will be staying for duration of your visit. If you need anything, feel free to contact either one of my soldiers or me. Our rooms are just down the hall if you need to find us. Also, the Admiral has requested your presence later for dinner. If you choose to attend, my group will meet you here in four hours."

Bowing once more, he bade them farewell.

------- Docking Platform #2 ------------

Nodding, Zanith snapped his fingers. Quickly, a group of medics hurried over and pulled the two bodies onto two nearby stretchers. Hurrying back onto the platform, they boarded a docked medic transport. Once all had boarded, the sleek ship pulled away from the platform and quickly slipped through space toward the station, all the time sending a medical emergency transmission to the station, informing the doctors that they were on their way.

"My crew are now willing to take low level orders from you, after which they will be on half leave. If you wish to put them through any sort of scans or treat them, they will unwaveringly comply. And no, they are fully Serpantian, fully sentient. They just obey me."

"Of course, sir," said Zanith, "If they don't mind, before they board the transports to the station, my medics would like to give them a quick scan to make sure nothing is wrong with them."

Pausing for a moment, he continued, "Oh before I forget. Admiral Wittcomb has requested your presence for dinner tonight."