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Asperitas Welcomes new Diplomatic Ties

10-08-2006, 00:43
The natural ore rich nation of Asperitas began to poke its head out of its metaphorical hole as it had almost entirely closed off all diplomatic communications for over half a century. The even though its economy and technologies departments prospered while its culture remained completely intact it lacked even further expansion of economy though other nations merchants and goods. As well as the need of allies and so the current Presidnet of the armed diplomatic nation let out a message though the world wide television network which spanned the globe.

President Madden rose to his feet infront of a grand croud of officials and diplomats as he then began to read to camera the spech he wrote. "The grand nation of Asperitas seeks once again for diplomatic ties with other nations to further this Nations legacy and so we are looking for perhaphs Trade policies and alliances? If you are to respond fellow leaders send me an E-Mail." And as he finished reading he let out a smile and finished it with a simply god be with you all as the communcation then ended and he walked off the stage and along with his bodyguards to the limosine which waited outside for his arrival.