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The Embers of a Pheonix (Intro FT Semi-Open)

09-08-2006, 12:39
(OOC: More to come. Will open to limited first contact later)

"“With Heaven's aid I have conquered for you a huge empire. But my life was too short to achieve the conquest of the world. That task is left for you”"

~Genghis Kahn


Millenia ago, an Empire stalked the stars of a flar-flung galaxy, a breath-taking dominion of a thousand stars, a million planets, and countless citizens. Subjugated species were held in commodity and contempt, trampled and held underfoot by a vast imperious military force that utilised the technology of the Gods themselves to impose their will upon the weaker.

But then the Empire crumbled, and the subjugated rebelled. Desperate to save their species from the onslaught of a billion enraged slaves against their former masters, the Leaders of the Empire secretly sent forth a hundred mighty vessels in all directions, intent on the protection of themselves, their technology and their way of life, so that the Empire should last longer than the stars themselves.

One such vessel entered the Milky Way Galaxy around the time that humanity was developing into its Neanderthal stage. Impacting in the Cygnus Arm on a habitable planet, the survivors of the Empire began redeveloping along the lines of a pre-planned Codec written a hundred years before, utlising technology loaded upon the vessel to assist in the imperial redevelopment.

The species developed itself into three large Hive cities upon the planet's single large continent, rapidly developing its agricultural and industrial capabilities to the point of late 20th Century Earth within 500 years. By the time of technological advancement to primitive space travel, the structure of society and the Codecs of organisation had reached a holy reverence, shaping the society as they religiously followed their pre-planned instructions for Empire.

Like the Embers of a Pheonix, the Torethor Dominion took to the stars, and found they were not alone...