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Fear The Kraken [MT Closed, Silver Sky & Aralonia]

08-08-2006, 04:07
Fyre Sea, approximately 2,575 nautical miles off the coast of The Silver Sky

The merchanter ship Venucci pushed itself through the calm waters of the Fyre Sea, bringing it's cargo of iron and tungsten to The Silver Sky. Why it couldn't be airlifted doesn't matter, what matters here is a good story damnit. Moving on, a crew member looked out through the observation tower, observing the beginnings of the Arx Dei project. He said to his companion, "Wonder what that thing is."

"I hear it's one of those superships, ya know, like the Renoon the Whyaticans have?"

"Na, man, dey build those in Questers. I betcha it'll be a big oil rig."

"Too big for that."

Under the sea, a sleeping giant rose. The sounds of the vast amounts of ships and machinery finally descended to the depths of the Fyre, where creatures rested that no man ventured to see. There were wrecks of personal submersibles at the bottom, where reckless Whyaticans and other men went without knowing the risks, and were subsequently killed for it. The ocean floor seemed to shriek in terror, quivering as the beast awakened. It stretched its mighty appendages, causing scores of smaller fish to make a mad dash away from it, fleeing for their lives. It looked up.

Machinery scoured the ocean below it, reverberations crashing as the massive mechanical epidemic of Man fouled his ocean. It saw the Venucci. Powerful jets of water blasted from beneath it, sending the Beast up through the sea. It hovered briefly underneath the Venucci. The Beast's tentacles slivered underneath the keel of the ship, almost caressing it. It had to be subtle, so as not to warn the Men of it's presence until it was too late. Once it obtained a firm grip, it yanked backwards.

The men in the observation tower felt the ship gradually slowing down. One of the bridge crew was considering tagging Engineering to see what the problem was, but he didn't get a chance to before the ship jerked back, sending him to the hard floor. He felt his arm creak and snap, and the man was wracked with intense pain. The other crewman said, "What the bloody ell was that?"

The first man didn't respond. He was too busy screaming in pain, ignoring the tentacles that were slowly making their way onto the deck, putting the Venucci in a death grip. Crewmen on the deck slowly retreated back to the superstructure of the ship, panicking as the appendages swept across the deck, knocking containers and men alike off, sending cargo crashing down on the deck, trapping and killing several crewmembers. To make matters worse, the Beast began to apply pressure, buckling bulkheads and crushing the structure of the ship.

The Kraken was awake.
The Silver Sky
08-08-2006, 06:03
Fyre Sea, 2,570 nautical miles off the coast of TheSilverSky
0500 Hours

Silence, the ocean is a vast expanse of silence, in the calm nothing can be heard for hundreds of miles, but what's this? The noise of propellors and machinery sliced through the undersea and spread deep throughout the ocean, someone, something was bound to be aware of it's presence.

A 'Marlin'-Class Patrol Corvette, the SSRS 'Hood' chugged through the waves, it's CODAG engines pushing it to a respectable 23 knots, it's sleek hull cutting through the waves with no problem. On deck were two men conducting the nightly cleaning brigade.

"Frank, tell me again why are we're out here the middle of the bloody night?" Spat one of the sailors in disgust.

"I told ya Rob, I bet our day shift in a game of poker, I had four Kings!!! how was I supposed to know he had four bloody Aces, now shut ya trap and help me clean this bird shat off the deck." Responded the other sailor, who was apparently named Frank, a creative one aren't I?

"Ya ya," said Rob (creative huh?) as he sat a pale of water down and got the mop wet. "Why is our ship out here? Wasn't it some Whyt'can ship that sunk all myst'erous like?"

"Ya, lost radar contact few hours 'go, command wanted us to check it our, lazy asses."

"True that."

Beneath the waves the monster stirred, still hungry, stil hunting, it's last meal, though huge as killer whales are, was not nearly enough, it need mored. Then, the sounds of the mechanical scourge of man again reverberated through the depths of the ocean. The beast looked up, and where man saw a machine, it saw a meal.

The Kraken was hungry, and it found another meal.

On the surface the ship came to a halt, it had gotten orders to search for survivors at first light, it was a sitting duck.

"Frank, I'm gonna go clean up the some bird shat over by the gun, ya finish up here." Said Rob as he picked up a bucket and mopp and walked towards the bow of the ship leaving poor Frank alone, the jerk!

As Frank turned towards the superstructure to clean some gunk off the side a single slimy tentacale steathly slittered up the side of the ship, in the darkness next to the ship, the gigantic eye of the Kraken had found a tasty snack.

Frank only had time to yelp as the tentacale's suction cups stuck to his body, all he could feel was the seering pain of the suction cups as he was drug underwater. Rob instantly heard the noise and ran over to where frank was to only find nothing. He looked around and called out his name a few times as he staggered back towards the front of the ship, he stoped in full view of the officer on deck.

Slowly and silently a tentacale slid towards Rob from the opposite direction he was looking. The bridge crew yelled and waved at him to run, but it was all in vain, he couldn't hear them, they watched helplessly as Rob shreiked in agony as the tentacle pulled him into the depths. The officer on deck gave the order to man battle stations and go to flank speed.

Just as men ran to their stations the Kraken lifted it's self partly out of the water, men on the deck were swept off and devoured immediately, the remote heavy machine guns and 76mm cannon were literally smashed and ripped from their stations as they turned to fire. The ship could not budge from the creatures iron grip as it lifted it's self from the water and smashed down on the bow taking it and the bridge clean off the ship, men spilled out only to be eaten by the Kraken as the ship slipped beneath the waves.

There were no survivors, the Kraken slipped away just before the sky began to glow with color.

A monster was loose.