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Nations of the World: The Emir Humza Obidala-Ahmad Seeks a Wife

05-08-2006, 19:27
The leader of the Holy Republic seeks a wife, to help keep his bloodline in control of Julikstan. He is a middle-aged man, who is interested in Islam, politics, musicianship, he is a violinist himself, the poetry of Muhammad Iqbal, and is a fiery fan of football and the newly created Julik National Football Team. He is 6'4'' and 200 lbs. A devout Sunni muslim, he requires his mate to be the same, for he belives that unity of faith is the only way to keep his nation of may tribes together. She must be fluent in Arabic and Juliki as well as "easy on the eyes" and must be well educated in the fine arts.

OOC: I mean football not american football.
05-08-2006, 20:14