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NewAge Arms Manufacturing Inc is open!

New Ausha
05-08-2006, 04:33
NewAge Arms Manufacturing Inc has been the sole provider of firearms, munitions, and vehicles to the New Aushan millitary, since its founding in the year 1902. However, for a limited time, we are now shipping overseas, to all republics, empires, dictatorships, alike. Currently, this is what we are willing to ship. (Prices are for each weapon, grenade, etc.)


G36- 970$ (

AKM- 1000$ (

M16 Carbine- 420$ (

M203 Carbine- 590$ (

SVD Dragunov Rifle- 1940$ (

Tactical shotgun w/flashlight- 320$ (

P99- 85$ (

M9- 180$ (

.45 Caliber Semi-Auto Pistol- 60$ (

M60 Automatic with Bipod- 2700$ (

Ak-47 Assault Rifle- 325$ (

FAMAS- 1360$ (

MP5- 475$ (

Uzi- 90$ (

BE XM8- 1240$ (

M4- 305$

G&G UMG- 780 (

G33E- 1450$

SAW- 2200 (

AR-15 w/scope- 820$ (

To purchase one of our fine weapons, or in volume, please copy and fill out the following order form.



Ordering on behalf of: (Name of country or corporation)

Ordering: (Name of every gun you wish, and a x's mark for how many. EX: AR-15 x250)
Base Cost: (Added together how much your purchase come too)

Sent to: (Place where purchase is to be sent)


1. Is the nation you are ordering on behalf of a member of the United Nations: Y/N
2. Do you have proper authority from your nations respective deparment/ministry/council etc. to be purchasing these firearms? Y/N
3. Does your nation maintain any organization for the purpose for terrorism? Y/N
4. Has your nation been to war before? Y/N
5. Are you satisfied with NewAge Arms Inc's selection? Y/N
6. Will these weapons come under the operation of children (Anyone under 18?) Y/N
7. Has your nations current leadership ever illeaglly instigated a war? Y/N
8. Does your nation posses a Nuclear stockpile? Y/N
9. My nation follows the ____________ political system. (facist, communist, democratic, etc)
10. My mood towards the Peoples Republic of New Ausha is Friendly/neutral/hostile

We thank you for your support of NewAge Arms Inc. And we hope to do bussiness with you.

*All surplus is shipped from the factories in Dytyer, New Ausha directly to the shipping adress. Please inform all of your national border security agencies to allow NewAge arms through. A fee will be added to your overall order.*

*Your order must be confirmed before it is shipped to you.*

We reserve the right to refuse service to any nation/corporation/individual solely based on our judgment.

*Discount are availible to members of the Corporate Alliance, or League of Independant Nations members.*

NewAge Arms Inc. is currently preparing a catalog for Tanks, Anti-Armor, Armored Vehicles, Artillery pieces, Aircraft, Missels etc. Look for our next catalog!
New Ausha
05-08-2006, 06:06
*sigh* why do I bother?