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NS WW2: The Dominion of Russia

The Dominion of Sweden
04-08-2006, 18:29
Formal Name: The Allied States of the Dominion of Russia
Common Name: The Dominion of Russia
Ruler: Charles the 13th
Ruler Title: Emperor
Currency: Dominion Denarii (Dd)
Language: Dominion Common (Mixes of Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish)
Capital: Greater Moscow
Population: (give or take had to make it large due to land size) 140 Million

The Allied States of the Dominion of Russia were formed in 1697 after a coalition of states formed together. These states were originally from the Scandinavian countries and immigrated to Russian lands. The Population has been steadily growing from that point. There have been two major wars, one in 1730 after the Scandinavian Union (Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark) tried to retake their colonial possessions and were fought off by the Dominion Soldiers. The second war of 1767 was another war which shattered the Scandinavian Union and pushed the Dominion to its current borders. Lately the Dominion has been on a course of full industrialization and has been receiving an influx of immigrants from Southeast Asia which is leading to the recent population boom.

Political Structure:
The Emperor has full power to do as he pleases, but there is a delegate from each state (of which there are five) that keeps the Emperor in check by giving support or retracting it. Most times the Emperor maintains a strict control and does what is necessary

Industry and Education:
The Industrial Boom has lead to many markets in the Dominion. The main sectors are Arms Manufacturing, Farming, and Travel. Because of the large population work is done quickly with many workers who get decent pay. Medical care is provided by the state for a 45% tax on all income. Education is provided through college level, where there is no pressure by the government in what its citizens do.

The Military is thriving in the Dominion currently there are 3 services.
DA (Dominion Army)
Infantry: Each soldier is trained for 1 year with high standards to be met in a final test.
Weapons: Submachine Gun: PpSh
Rifle: K98
Heavy Machine Gun: MG34
Light Machine Gun: DPM28
Assault Rifle: Researching
Mortars: light 40MM medium 60MM and heavy 80 MM

Artillery: A healthy mix of 100 MM, 76MM and 56MM guns are deployed many are now in development to be mechanized or self deploying.

Anti-Tank Guns: 75MM (long barreled) 50MM Pak 37MM Pak.

Armored Units: Tanks: (10000 built) T-26 Light tank, T-28 Medium Tank, T-34 (in development) Medium Tank, Char B1 Heavy Tank
Assortment of Half-Tracks used for Inf. Deployment.
Trucks used for Supply.

DN (Dominion Navy)
The Dominion Navy is rather small considering its responsibilities it consists of roughly 65 submarines, 200 Destroyers, 75 Cruisers, 10 Pocket Battleships, and 10 Battleships and 6 recently built carriers. These are deployed evenly over all the water surrounding the nation.

DF (Dominion Flying Corp)
The DF is huge and actively provides aerial cover for the entire land mass of the Dominion. its consists of 6,000 planes of which 3000 are fighters (Mig 3's) and 1000 are Close Air Support(CAS) (IL-2), 1000 are Tactical Bombers (JU-88) and 1000 are Strategic Bombers (Lancasters).
The Dominion of Sweden
05-08-2006, 01:04
The Army stands at 12 million active soldiers along 5 million trained reservists.

The Artillery section includes Anti-Air weapons
The Dominion of Sweden
05-08-2006, 03:34
The Dominion of Russia's Natural Resources:
wide natural resource base including major deposits of oil, natural gas, coal, and many strategic minerals, timber