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Stirs of Return (FT)

Valley of the Giant
02-08-2006, 05:22
With the trade treaty and the Mutual Defense Pact with Cravan, teh Drow have re-opened relations. Once a plague on the human race and a threat to the larger nations, the Drow have promised a less hostile foreign policy. Drow goods can now be found on the shelves of the nations Cravan, Naggeroth, and Zi, and Drow technologies are being traded for new ones with the same people. But Alyae is not satisfied. The Matron Queen is eager to put aside old hatreds from the Burning Trail and years of rivalry between Humans and Drow. The Drow are willing to begin trading once their Merchant Fleets are finished.

Master Houndril Claddate is a powerful Dark Jedi who runs a small school for aspiring Drow Dark Jedi, and his powers with the Force are immense. Houndril is inviting Sith and Dark Jedi for seminars on the Force, as well as a few practice lightsaber rounds.

Two centuries ago during the Burning Trail, a fair sized chunk of Drow Elves left the Queendom in favor for the Chronosian Chaos Gods, and their wereabouts are unknown. Matron Queen Alyae is excited to tell them that they are free to return to Sch'naggio with news of these new Gods.
Valley of the Giant
03-08-2006, 05:04
Valley of the Giant
05-08-2006, 06:59
The construction of the Drow fleets are moving ahead very well. The Drow have created the First, Second, and Third Merchant Fleets, which hire out to individual companies to export to other nations and other colonies. The First Colony Fleet is already moving the Drow off of Sch'Naggio and onto the other inhabitable planets in their system.

The Drow have also constructed a small military fleet, large enough to defend Sch'Naggio, but not big enough to conduct out-of-system operations. The Duregar have been hard at work with a spaceport, which is expected to be finished in 16 months. It is open for light business.