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LifeWyze Announce Psychological Warfare Division

01-08-2006, 10:20
It was publically announced last night that for the past three years, LifeWyze has been developing psychological warfare techniques and technologies.

Whilst no one official was available for comment, the initial statement is available;

"LifeWyze Corporation, an innovative leader in advanced weaponry, has created the Psychological Warfare Division (PSYWAR) in an effort to produce less physically harmful methods of waging war."

Currently it is unknown exactly how many people are working in this PSYWAR Division or where such a division is located, though many suggest Maraque. It is presumed that the first sales of PSYWAR products will be available within the next year.

LifeWyze is also in the news regarding its highly controversial 'GM' foods produced by the BioFarm Projects group and its' refusal to cease the production and sale of chemical and biological weaponry.
04-08-2006, 00:40
Despite current controversy over the BioFarm Projects, LifeWyze Corporation has unveiled its' line of psychological weapons.

Reports indicate the PSYWAR Division is established in Maraque on a plot of land that has been developed over the past year. Further information provided by an inside source indicate that there are current seven hundred scientists, manufacturers and soldiers in the Division.

Further information on this can be found here (

PSYWAR by international definition is the practice of using non-physical methods of inciting rebellion or surrender in victims.