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Neo-Erusean Military Industries Storefront

01-08-2006, 01:51

Welcome all nations to Neucom Inc's storefront. Neucom Incorporated has been created by Neo-Erusean Military Industries ind Keryan Corp. Now it is the sole manufacturer of Neo-Erusea's military weapons. Neucom Inc has a variety of equipment for your nation to buy. All prices are in US Dollars. We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and we will not penalize you for not doing the math. That's right. We will do the adding for you and its free. their is no charge for shipping and we will send you your products via air cargo or ships. Any products from Neucom Incorporated come with a lifetime guarantee. We will send you advisors to train your military how to use the equipment. If it breaks down or doesn't work we will replace it, free of charge (exceptions are if it is destroyed in combat or by neglect). Any advice or feedback is gladly appreciated.

Of course, we have discounts for certain nations that fit in these categories:
5% off for nations with a population under 50 million
5% off for nations with a population over 1 billion
10% off for nations with a population over 5 billion
20% off for nations in Dun Eideann 2
50% off on 5/6, our Liberation Day

However, you must stay true to your defense budget. Failure to do so will result in a ban from the storefront. You can check on it here (

Future develpments:
G10A Main Battle Tank
NSA-1 low-to-medium range SAM
NP-2S Armored Personnal Carrier

Click on product name for more details


MiG-21 Fisbed (, lightweight fighter- 6 million USD
MiG-23 'Flogger' (, swingwing fighter- 9 million USD
MiG-25 'Foxbat' (, high-speed interceptor- 10 million
MiG-29 'Fulcrum' (, air-superiority fighter- 28 million
MiG-31 'Foxhound' (, advanced high-speed interceptor- 46 million
Su-27 'Flanker' (, air-superiority fighter- 40 million
Su-37 Terminator (, air-superiority fighter- 65 million
NF-12 Ribbon (, air-superiority fighter- 52 million *Neucom Inc Original*
X-02 Wyvern (, air-superiority fighter, switch blade- 100 million *Neucom Inc Original*

MiG-27 'Flogger' (, swing-wing fighter bomber- 30 million
Su-24 'Fencer' (, High speed fighter-bomber - 32 million
Su-25 'Frogfoot' (, low altitude attacker- 30 million
Su-34 'Fullback' (, two-seat fighter bomber- 54 million
Yak-38 'Forger' (, VTOL fighter-bomber- 35 million
Yak-141 'Freestyle' (, supersonic VTOL fighter-bomber- 60 million
NA-15 Raincloud (, low altitude attacker- 36 million *Neucom Inc Original*

B-52 Stratofortress (, long range strategic bomber- 65 million
B-1B Lancer (, supersonic bomber- 100 million
B-2 Spirit (, stealth trategic bomber- 2 billion
Avro Vulcan (, subsonic bomber- 40 million
Tu-16 Badger (, long range strategic bomber- 50 million
Tu-95 Bear ( turboprop long range strategic bomber- 55 million
Tu-22M Backfire (, supersonic marinetime bomber- 75 million
Tu-160 Blackjack (, supersonic strategic bomber- 140 million
NM-442 Jackhammer (, supersonic strategic bomber- 120 million *Neucom Inc Original*

Mi-6 Hook (, the RL world largest operational helo, can transport 90 troops- 36 million
Mi-8 Hip (, transport helo- 16 million
Mi-14 Haze (, ASW helo based off the Hip- 18 million
Mi-17 Hip ( improved Hip- 20 million
Mi-24 Hind (, attack helo with transport capability. Slow, but 50cal bullets won't even chip its paint- 27 million
Mi-26 Halo (, heavy transport helo- 40 million
Mi-28 Havoc (, next generation attach helo- 38 million
Ka-32 Helix (, naval assault/ASW helo- 20 million
Ka-50 Hokum (, next generation attack helo- 36 million
NH-4 Hydra (, light attack helo-30 million *Neucom Inc Original*
02-08-2006, 20:44

BMD-2 ( Air dropped amphibious infantry carrier with 30mm gun- 40 million
BMP-2 ( Amphibious infantry carrier with 30mm gun- 37 million
BMP-3 ( Amphibious infantry carrier with 100mm gun- 46 million
BRDM-2 ( Armored wheeled vehicle with 14.5mm gun- 24 million
BTR-80 ( Armored wheeled carrier with 14.5mm heavy gun- 34 million
BTR-90 ( Armored wheeled carrier (see entry for arnament)- 49 million

2A65 ( 152mm towed howitzer- 14 million
2A45 ( 125mm towed anti-tank gun- 12 million
M1974 ( 122mm self-propelled gun- 10 million
M1973 ( 152mm self-propelled gun- 16 million
S25 ( 152mm Self-propelled howitzer- 18 million
M106 ( 107mm self-propelled mortar- 11 million
M107 ( 175mm self-propelled gun- 20 million
M108 ( 105mm self-propelled gun- 18 million
M-109 ( 155mm self-propelled howitzer- 22 million
M109A6 ( Advanced 155mm self-propelled howitzer-24 million
NM-3 "Rhino" ( 203mm self-propelled howitzer- 28 million *Neucom Inc Original*

Challenger ( tank with 120mm gun- 40 million
Challenger 2 ( tank with improved armor and 120mm gun- 58 million
Leapard ( tank with 120mm gun- 45 million
Leopard 2 ( with improved armor and 120mm gun- 55 million
M1A2 ( tank with depleted-uranium armor and 120mm gun- 80 million
T-72 ( Main Battle Tank with 125mm gun- 30 million
T-80 ( MBT with 125mm gun-35 million
T-90 ( MBT with 125mm gun- 50 million
G7S ( MBT with advanced armor and 140mm gun- 54 million *Neucom Inc Original*


Gepard ( ADV with radar and two 35mm guns- 34 million
ZSU-57-2 ( Air Defense Vehicle with no radar and two 57mm guns-12 million
ZSU-23-4 Shilka ( ADV with radar and four 23mm guns- 22 million
2S6M Tunguska ( ADV with radar, SAM (SA-19 Grison), and two 30mm guns- 45 million
SAM (Missiles sold with transport)
SA-4 Ganef ( medium to high altitude SAM- 25 million
SA-6 Gainful ( low altitude SAM- 20 million
SA-7 Grail ( hand-held SAM- 8 million
SA-8 Gecko ( low altitude SAM- 22 million
SA-10 Grumble ( long range low to high altitude SAM, able to engage tactical ballistic missiles- 52 million
SA-13 Gopher ( low altitude SAM- 34 million
SA-15 ( Gauntlet low to medium altitude SAM- 40 million
SA-18 Grouse ( improved handheld SAM- 10 million
SA-20 Triumf ( ABM with capabilities of locating and targeting stealth aircraft- 80 million
02-08-2006, 23:29
OOC: Hmm.... this might be a good time to stock up on equipment to help any of my buds down the road and for training purposes.

2,000 T-72's
300 SU-25 frogfoot's
300 Su-37 Terminator's

20% off for nations in Dun Eideann 2
03-08-2006, 20:36
OOC: Since the war is over and Neo-Erusea's government has lifted the weapons embargo, you are now NEMI's first foreign customer.

IC: Thank you Ustia. That will be a total of 70,800,000,000 USD. Deliveries will be completed our Il-76 and An-22 transports in three NSmonths (Six Hours).
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bump- Feedback or advice would be nice
23-08-2006, 00:23
Most times people bump on the forums so that their threads go to the top of the list .
The World Soviet Party
23-08-2006, 23:24
I'd like to order 2 Mi-35 HIND E for $74,000,000 USDs
23-08-2006, 23:32

Order confirmed. The two helicopters will be flown in by Neucom An-22. We will put them together for you.
26-08-2006, 23:01
The United States Of Fattyacids would like to buy,
5 - Challenger tanks
5 - Mi-24 Hind

I think the total is $335,000,000 but you can check just in case
28-08-2006, 21:19
OOC: Sorry I was busy for the past few days.

IC: Thank you for your purchase. Since you are a new nation under 50 million you qualify for a 5% discount. The total is 318,250,000. Thank you.