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Benkoation arms

01-08-2006, 01:46
Benkoation arms is a custom weapon company located in beakon just tell us the details maximum price and anything else

rules are simple no service to enemies

do your own math or 100000 will be added to your total

25% off on july 16th

here is a list of upgrades for you

ba nce software 890 rucks

fold up stock 45 rucks

laser scope 50 rucks

laser in gravings 3 rucks a letter

built in first aid kit 100 rucks

ba also offers several pre desighned s

pistols ba rapture magnum 400 rucks

desert eagle 450 rucks

xm9 500 rucks

uzi 400 rucks

luger (upgraded) 350 rucks

akm 400 rucks

ba 20 450 rucks

ak 74 415 rucks

b 36 (weapon of choice of the benkoation army)400 rucks

ar 15 455 rucks

abbliterate 500 rucks

know too benkoates specialty nuclear arms

ba hy1 100000 rucks

ba appocolypse (aka super mega chuck norris ) 10000000

ba utron 10000