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28 Days Later (America)

31-07-2006, 21:47
Midwest, America

In a small lonley quiet town life was simply about to change. The world had suddenly been infected with somthing knowen as pure rage and refugee's began huttling towards america for freedom. The American government had closed all borders and now people were attempting to jump the borders from Mexico or Canada, all with deadly concequences. The Americans let out a new law that allows all border patrol, which was under control of the military, shoot anyone entering the country illeagally. The threat became way to real and yet they could not hide from it forever.
As for the small town, it was the birthplace for the end of America...

Nearby Airport, America

A plane touched down followed by several F-16 fighter jets. The plane opened up to the people inside and out flocked hundreds of survivors from the UK. The plane trollied to a parked location and sat waiting to go out again. The survivors were all stopped by military officials and some were taken away, even shot. The site of what was happening was grusome, but precautions had to be taken.
The airport began to suddenly come to life as soldiers poured out to the plane that just parked, guns could be heard firing as people ran in every direction to escape. The bodies piled up and suddenly panic burst out. The soldiers were beginning to get infected and turn on their fellow brothers. The airport was now infected.

Small town, close to hot zone.

A man stood in his front doorway to see panic in the streets. Cars were zooming through the residential area at well over 60 MPH hitting many people on their way out. The man looked around and turned on his TV to hear the reports.

"Virus has come to america...escape while you can, your area will be quarintined."

Military trucks were already loading into the town and soldiers were getting out and from where the man was standing he could see them breaking into houses. The man was spotted and the soldiers came over to him.

"Halt...are you okay, have they come here yet."

The man looked puzzled but responded.

"Have who come here...whats this virus everyones screaming about and why the fuck are people killing others to get out of here."

"Calm down sir, what is your name..."

"My names, Andrew...Andrew Volker. Sir."

The soldier kept talking to Andrew and finally asked him to come to the town square where people were being transported out of the town. He calmly went willingly after going inside to grab his jacket, an old vietnam coat he charished like a son. His pants were long and a little baggy and he slipped a pair of black leather gloves into his pockets after placing his ciggrettes and lighters in his other pockets. Two packs of he needed them he this sorta time, he might as well quite...after he finished off the packs. Andrew left his house behind and began to follow the soldier who had givin him name at Lt. Charles Bluntswith. Andrew was close to the square when screams made him stop. Lt. Bluntswith turned and signaled him to continue walking, but Andrew became hesitant. Andrew's eyes grew wide as suddenly from behind Bluntswith a man in a black suit grabed the soldier and began biting into his throat. Andrew ran toward the small downtown section and slipped into a store. The infected ran past the store in a mass and Andrew slipped away into a backroom...
31-07-2006, 23:20
OOC Nerotika wants to let everyone know - This is open IC.
31-07-2006, 23:27
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31-07-2006, 23:46
The small band of soldiers were going from town to town warning people of the virus on their Humvee when they just hit by a crazy people in a car.

"Holy sh**," yelled Captain Reig. "Fu**, this town's infected. Everyone out."

Suddenly, the band of soldiers jumped out of the humvee jumped out as it exploded into a pile of scrap metal.

"Shoot them all."

After a few minutes of fighting the small band was reduced to 3 soldiers because of the infections.

"Guys follow me to that car. It might be our only route out of this place."

Right as the soldiers were running, the infected soldiers took out their weapons and gunned the 3 soldiers down.